Fick dich hoch

Fick dich hoch
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This is the beginning of a long story/fantasy that has been twirling around in my head for awhile. Some parts are true, so are embellished. As it goes along, it will become more fantasy and with a lot more interesting twists. This first part is more of a set-up for the rest and is not as filled with sex as other parts will be. I would love any feedback through my inbox or comments. Hopefully you will like this enough to want to read more.

because it will get pretty interesting down the road, I promise! : ) Thank you for reading and any feedback you may give. ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** After twelve years of full time jobs and a million activities with our daughter… 36 hours a day and eight days a week had taken a toll on our marriage.

She was still as sweet and lovely as ever, but constant running had worn her down and it felt like no matter what I did to help, nothing would rekindle the fire. There was plenty of love there but the passion was gone… oh, not on my end.

She can walk into a room and I can't take my eyes off of her.

She is just as beautiful today as the day I met her. Standing just under 5'2" and a little over 100 lbs, she is a wonderful package of sexiness. Amy's reddish-brown hair kisses her shoulders and her Bambi-brown eyes gaze up at me and melt my knees. Spending hours on her feet at work has kept her in great shape. Amy's breasts are a 34DD with small, pink nipples that are quick to stand at attention when she is aroused.

I remember it was her gorgeous butt that caught my attention in the first place… with her tiny waste and toned thighs I am always reminded of me of Jennifer Lopez.

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Even just north of 40, her breasts and butt are still perky. I had to do something and I had what turned out to be the best idea ever. After finding someone to watch our daughter for a week, I kidnapped my wife and swept her away to a small resort in the Caribbean.

It seemed like every hour we travelled away from the hustle and bustle of our everyday life, the weight lifted from my wife's shoulders. She began smiling more, laughing more, and even began to play with my knee and give me kisses.

I was beginning to think that this trip was just what the doctor ordered to bring our marriage back to life boy, I didn't know just how right I was. ***** After a full day of work, rushing to the airport, and a long flight, it was heart breaking to find that some of our luggage had not made it in.

Trudging through the airport with the little baggage we had, we stumbled into a shuttle to the resort. We had barely made it out of the airport when Amy's head was on my shoulder and her breathing had become slow and steady. By the time we had shuffled through the check-in process and made it to our room, we barely had the energy to change and fall into bed.

***** My dream of falling shifted to being enveloped in a warm light and floating… and I slowly began to wake. I look down and I see my wife's head slowly rising and falling as she engulfs my penis in her mouth. A grin spreads across my lips she hasn't woken me up with sex in well over a decade this trip was definitely a great idea! I must have made a noise, because Amy slowly drew her mouth up to the tip. Without removing her mouth, she looked up at me and smiled. Did I tell you that her beautiful eyes make me melt?

Amy quickly rose up and with no ceremony or additional foreplay she slid down on my member and began to slide up and down. And here we go again… for years now this has been what our sex life has been.

She lived by a routine and that included our rare moments of intimacy. She would go down on me for a minute and then climb on top. It was quick, unimaginative, and boring as hell. Because I usually had to wait a month or two in-between, I was pretty much happy that anything was happening at all. And trying to talk with her about it turned into a quiet war and the time between intimacies would at least double.

So I just grinned and bore it. ***** After climbing out of the shower, I made my way into the bedroom. Amy had begun going through her carry-on bag and the small suitcase that made it through the flight.

"So, what's the damage? Do we need to find somewhere to pick up anything?" "Well, luckily I have most of the basics… but my swimsuit is in the other bag.

Do you mind if we go look for a new suit?


I know we were planning on going to the beach today." Honestly, I was kind of glad the suit was gone. I absolutely love my wife's body, but she insists on wearing swimsuits straight out of the 1920's. Heaven forbid she shows any ankle! "Sure, I am sure there are probably some swim shops down on the boardwalk.

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I am sure we can find something there." As I threw on my board shorts and shirt, Amy dug out a cute pair of shorts and a tank top. Grabbing our beach bag, we made our way towards the beach.

There were a handful of stores, a few restaurants and bars, and places to rent surfboards, bikes, and other items. As we were passing one store, Amy commented on some cute swimwear in the window. It was a pair of cute board shorts and a rash guard shirt. It didn't show a whole lot skin, but it was definitely an improvement over her last swimsuit. Amy's eyes lit up, and I definitely thought it was pretty cute… heck even sexy in its own way.

"What do you think? If you like it, why don't we go get it?" I said to her. "I know you were wanting to go surfing. How about you go on down and rent your board and I will check this out.

See those group of lounge chairs and umbrellas?

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How about we meet there once you get your board?" "Sounds great! I will see you in a little bit." I lean and give her a kiss and then we go our separate ways.

***** I am carrying my board onto the beach and looking over the small crowd. I guess we hit the perfect time because there doesn't seem to be that many people out at all. I make it all the way to the water's edge without noticing Amy.

That is strange; I know I would recognize the bright, baby-blue rash guard that she was looking at. I turned from the water and start gazing over the people again. And then I see her. Holy shit! That was definitely not the bathing suit that she was looking at in the window. Amy was laying out the large beach towel and I could already feel a stirring in my pants. She was wearing the board shorts from the window, but she was wearing a very small bikini top.

Tied at the nape of her neck and at the back, I was amazed at the small triangles that barely covered her breasts. The board shorts hung real low on her hips and I could see the bottoms of her bikini peeking above the top of her shorts. The bottoms tied at the hips and the ties hung down over the shorts. I walked up behind her and dropped the surf board. Wrapping my arms around her, I pull her in close.

Nuzzling up to her ear, I whisper: "Mmmm, that is definitely a great choice in suit." She can feel just how much I like the suit and she playfully wiggles her butt up against me. "I am glad you like it." She turns around in my arms and gives me a big kiss.

Her lips part and I can feel the tip of her tongue brush my lips. I dart my tongue out and meet hers; our kiss deepens and my excitement presses into her belly.

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I pull away and catch my breath. "I hope the water is cold, because I am going to need it after seeing you in that bikini." "I know I was just supposed to buy the one swimsuit; I hope you don't mind." "Honey, you never splurge on yourself… and oh my god, you look so sexy! How in the world could I argue with that!" I say to her as I give her but a playful squeeze. "Definitely not saying anything bad here… but what made you choose the bikini?

It is definitely not your usual choice." "Well, I was looking at the outfits like we saw in the window when this real nice lady struck up a conversation.

She showed me the bikini and talked me into it." Something in her slight smile told me there was maybe more to the story, but I didn't push.

"That is one heck of a salesperson. I have been trying to get you to buy a bikini for years." I pulled her close to me and ran my hands across her bare back and up to the nape of her neck.

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Softly wrapping my fingers into her hair, I lean down and kiss her again. Again, I can feel myself starting to get hard again.

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Amy laughs at me and pushes me away. "You better get some surfing in now. I am going to get a little sun before a dip later." I reluctantly pick up the board and head out to the water's edge.

Taking a quick glance back at Amy, I see her start to shimmy out of the board shorts. With her back to me, she bends over to pick up the shorts and fold them. God, her ass looks so amazing in the tiny bikini. I have to adjust myself before heading out into the waves. ***** After a little over an hour of trying to catch some waves in vain, I paddle in to the shore. As I walk up to the beach towel, I see the Amy has turned on her stomach. I lay the board in the sand and quietly walk around to her side.

Leaning over, I quickly flip my hands through my hair and sprinkle cool water on her back. With a squeal, she sits up. "Oh you little shit!" She laughs and scrambles to her feet. I start backpedaling and she chases me back to the water's edge.


Just as I am slowed down because the water is reaching my knees, Amy runs into me. I wrap my arms around her and we twist and fall into the water. Breaking free, I swim a little further out and wait for Amy to catch up to me. She swims up to me and right next to me. I wrap my arms around her and pull her real close. I let my hands run up and down her sides and back… the feel of her wet, silky skin under my fingertips is exhilarating.

My body begins to react immediately, and I know she can feel it poking into her again. I start to back away a bit. "Where do you think you are going?" I am shocked when I feel her hand grab ahold of my penis through my shorts. She gently began to stroke her hand along my 6" member and she gives me a naughty smirk. "What in the world has gotten in to you all of a sudden?" I am not complaining as I feel her hand roam along the edge of the Velcro fly and start to pull it open.

Luckily the water is now up to my chest and I have to hold her close to me to keep the water above her head. Amy wiggles her fingers into my fly and deftly releases my penis; she takes up her smooth stroking again. "Just pretend like we are having a normal conversation… don't want anyone catching on." With that, she wraps her legs around me and I can feel her using the tip of my penis to push aside her bikini bottoms. Slowly she slides down on me until I can feel her pubic bone up against me.

We hardly had to make any movements ourselves.

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The consistent motion of the waves rocked our bodies against each other. After a minute, Amy lays her head against my shoulder and to anyone watching, it looked like a couple hugging in the waves. After a few minutes of waves bobbing us up and down in their wake, I could hear Amy's breathing get heavier. Suddenly her fingers dug into my back and she bit down on my shoulder to stifle her moans of pleasure.

It was feeling great for me, but I could tell that it wouldn't be enough to bring me to orgasm. That is okay because this is one of the most erotic things to happen between Amy and I in a very long time. "I guess we better go get your board turned in and get something to eat for lunch." Very slowly she pulls away from me and I can tell she is adjusting her bikini back into place.

Trying to pull myself together, I begin to follow her out of the water. As I try and think of just about anything to make this erection go away, I can tell that this vacation was just what the doctor ordered.