Lacey and Sophie My First Pink

Lacey and Sophie  My First Pink
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My older brother Ryan recently moved back in with us. He was waiting to hear about contracting opportunity nearby so Instead of finding a place, then the possibly not landing the job, he moved in with us.

Living with my big bro again was fun.

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He moved out about 2 years ago when I was just 12. we didn't have a lot in common, but my interests have changed since then. We were always close but now it's other stuff. Football out in the back yard, awkward talks about girls. Guy stuff. We had just finished with a particularly rough game of touch and were drenched with sweat, despite the breezy weather. We decided showers were a must, and he would go first.

That was an hour ago and I had to wiz. Bad. I heard the water go off, and a few minutes later him walking across the hall to his room. Good thing, too, because I had to piss like a race horse. I rushed down the hall and into the bathroom. The steam was almost too thick to see through as a I opened the door, but it all flooded out almost instantly. I closed the door, went to the toilet and pulled out my limp 3 incher and went about my business.

As I was finishing, I noticed my brothers wallet laying on the floor behind the door. I guessed it fell out of his pants when he picked up his clothes, and I did what any kid would do; opened it up to see what he had. Duh. A credit card, ID, a 5 strip of condoms, library card.

condoms! At 14, I'd heard about guys carrying them, even seen one opened up when some kid brought one on the bus last year. But 5 condoms in your wallet just seems like overkill. And my next thought was where the hell was he doing it. Our rooms are right next to each other, bed against the same wall. I hear the dresser drawers open when he gets dressed.

If real sex is anything like porn, I'd know if he was having it. I took five bucks, and opened it again to grab one of the condoms figuring if he was using them that fast he wouldn't miss one. No clue what I'd use it for but, hey, I'm 14. So I stuffed the money in the waistband of my boxers (I'd shed my shorts after the game) along with the condom and went to return the wallet.

I could have kept it and watched him freak out about losing it, but decided to just give it back. I opened the door and could hear my brother snoring from the hall. He always takes a nap after he showers and the football tired us both out. I started to knock but thought against letting him know I had it at all, what with the stolen goodies and all.

I opened his door quietly, trying to be as discreet as possible in my invasion of his room. The door opens in and blocks the view of his bed, so I had to go on prayer alone that he wouldn't wake up and throttle me as I inched the door open just enough to creep through.

the snoring was a little quieter than before, but there was no pain yet so he was still asleep. I crawled to the pile of clothes near the dresser and slipped the wallet into his jeans, stood and turned quickly back to the door and. daayumm. There on the bed was my still sleeping, and still VERY naked 26 year old brother. I couldn't help but just sit in his computer chair and stare. He isn't fit but he's not overweight either. He has that undefined belly that just makes a guy look thicker without making him look fat; in the summer when he wears a tank top he just looks really stocky, which I guess I know now is my type.

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his chest had shimmery blond hair that trailed to his belly button then widened and ended at a gold-blond bush. Laying between his thighs was the thickest meat I'd seen ( at 14, I'd been jacking off for about a year and knew that what I was seeing was a fine piece of machinery).

It wasn't that long but I have to make it a point that it was THICK. And for some reason, uncut. I was about 5.5" cut and I wondered for a second why he wasn't. then I realized I didn't care, and went back to admiring him. his chest rose and fell in rhythm, his arms behind his head, exposing matted tufts of silky hair. I got off of the chair and made my way over to kneel by the bed at his waist, my eyes level with his flaccid cock.

I was so scared I almost pissed my pants, despite just peeing.

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I shakily reached out, then drawing back as I realized I would be killed if he woke up. I looked him up and down and suddenly I didn't care anymore, I just wanted to feel his body on me, his cock in me.

my hand, my mouth, my virgin ass.

I wanted him to grunt while he thrust into me and crush me to him as he blew that thick load inside. I touched at first, poking the nib of foreskin, using two fingers to open it up a teeny bit, then as I got more bold I took the whole thing fully in my hand. It was so soft and so smooth. as it began to build, I slid my hand to his pubes and just ran my fingers through the hairs up to his chest.

he breathed a little heavier and I almost drew back, but instead I got up to position myself beside him on the huge bed. leaned over him and licked the peeking little head, getting some pre-cum on my outstretched tongue. It put me over the edge and I had took the still growing cock in my mouth, right down to the pubes.

the still-soft shaft felt so good in my mouth.


he was feeling it now, bucking his hips a little in his daze. I pulled off his meat to shed my shirt, leaving me with just my black boxers and a nice tent. I leaned back over his cock, and the shift of the bed must have broken the dream because when I looked up, with a mouthful of cock, his eyes were wide open.

like lightening I was on the ground on my still developing ass.

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"WHAT THE FUCK, D?!" "I --" I tried to answer but realized I didn't have an excuse. "I- you left your wallet. I. put it in your pants." And then I scrambled out the door, and went down the hall to the living room. After a few minutes passed he followed and, to my surprise, he was still naked. I watched as his beer-can thick cock bobbed along as he crossed the room to sit next to me. After a long silence, he said "Look, whatever it is, D, we can talk about it.

I guess I'm not mad,just.


shocked I guess. I had no idea you were. and for me." he gave a nervous laugh at the last part. More silence, and he seemed to be deep in thought. he looked at me, up and down as I sat bunched on the sofa.

Finally he just leaned back with a smirk, putting his arms behind his head. "You wanna finish me?" I was speechless. My adult brother just caught me blowing him in his sleep and now he wants me to finish him off?

Then, without asking he took one arm from behind his head and put it behind mine, forcing me roughly to his crotch. My nose was buried in his pubes, my mouth at the base of his throbbing member. he let up some and I got the hint. I put my lips around the side of his shaft, sucking up and down the length from his mound to the head a few times. then on the up I kept going to the tip, then widened my mouth so he could (forcefully) insert it.

I thought my jaw would crack from the size, but it held all the way down to the hilt. I was once again nose-to-crotch, this time with a cheek-tearing cock between my lips (it had to hurt him, I couldn't keep my lips over my teeth) He just moaned and told me to get on my knees in front of him. I tried to lift my head and obey but he held it firmly in place. I pivoted into position with my lips around him, still able to breathe through my nose.

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when I finally settled in, he started pumping, and I mean JACKHAMMERING my face. I was afraid my lips might tear but they stretched and stretched and eventually accepted it (picture Steven Tyler but with a juicy schlong in his mouth).

He sat forward and leaned over me just enough to slide a hand in my boxers. I could feel him searching for my hole and, finding it with ease, he poked a slippery finger in. in and out with his cock and finger, I was in heaven, until he put a second thick finger in.

then it was a more painful heaven. but as much as it hurt, it felt so amazing at the same time. I had a raging boner, and the thought of my frat-type cute-ass brother plowing my face and fucking my ass sent me off the cliff. no contact whatsoever and I shot two loads worth of boy cream in my boxers. i felt the fabric stick to my leg and heard my brother growling moans of pleasure.

"You want this? You can have it baby bro," he breathed between gasps. He pushed my head down further than I thought possible, I swear his I had his entire bush in my mouth, and the cock in my mouth got diamond hard. He KEPT pushing as he erupted, and the creamy feeling hit the back of my throat like a sweet bullet.

He roared for each of 8 cum bullets and still the same powerful gush. On nine it dyed down, and on 10 he collapsed over my back, pulling his fingers from my butt with a pop. after a minute of heavy breathing, he peeled himself off of me, sitting back.

I gave the now completely soft cock one last dirt-devil suck to get the last of his delicious man-pudding, then let it fall from my aching mouth. Rubbing my jaw, I got off my knees and plopped into the recliner. I felt my tender bud and winced. My knees, my mouth, my ass. It all hurt.

Gay guys must feel like this 24/7, I thought. "You'll get used to it," he said, reading my mind.

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"I hope so," I said without thinking, then turned beet-red at the thought. He just chuckled and, suddenly, leaned forward to pick something up of the floor in front of him. I dyed when I saw that it was the condom and five bucks I'd had in my waistband. They must've slipped out when he was fingering me!

I just stared as he inspected them. "Guess you dropped this." he said tossing me the condom, which I discovered was coated in my cum. "never know when you'll need a glove, right? And looks like you claimed it pretty good, buddy.

You're a real cummer like me," he chuckled. He is so cute when his hairy tummy jiggles. just enough fat to ripple, but not to overlap his waist. He must've seen me staring because he chimed, 'Thinking about puttin' that glove to use already?" "I-- "Not so fast. You need a shower, dude. You reek." He threw pillow and hit me square in the face.

"Now get goin'." I couldn't think of anything to say about what just happened so I got up, tossed the pillow back, and started for the hallway. Halfway there I looked back. "Go on," he encouraged,"I'll be right behind ya."