Cum hungry milf gloryhole first time Noise Complaints make messy

Cum hungry milf gloryhole first time Noise Complaints make messy
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Hopefully the second day of our beach vacation would not be quite as eventful as the first day. We were all kind of tired from the sexual escapades of yesterday. Naomi and I wandered along the beach and played catch with Max as we walked along talking and getting to know each other better. I have to admit that I was really getting into this woman. Not only was she beautiful, but she was very smart and she had a good idea of what she wanted from life.

I know I just met her but I think I could fall in love with this pretty black woman. Al, on the other hand, was still sleeping when we left and I put a note on the door telling him that we were on the beach walking somewhere.

I figured that Georgia had pretty much worn him out the night before. It sure looked like they both enjoyed it to me. Naomi and I talked about the chance meeting with the two young Romanian girls and the fact that Andrea had always wanted to try dog sex. It was a one in a million chance that we all met up like that. I tried to tell Naomi that it was fate but she laughed and told me I was crazy. "I'm telling you that everything happens for a reason" I reasoned with her "You watch, it will all become clear as time passes." "Bullshit" Naomi laughed "It was just a chance meeting and you know it." "I'll make you a bet" I said "If something else this crazy happens, you must do whatever I ask of you.

If today passes by and nothing crazy happens, then I will do whatever you want me to. Agreed?" "OK. It's a bet big boy. I will start planning your punishment" Naomi giggled. "No, your ass is mine lady" I smiled at her. "You already had me" she laughed. We had been gone several hours and we were hungry and so we started on our way back to the hotel.

We had been walking for a quite a while and we came across Al. Andrea and Georgia all lying in the sun. They were all looking pretty good considering the long night before.

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Max was very happy to see the girls and he was trying to lick Andrea's face as she lay on the sand. He was being very affectionate and Naomi told him to behave. Max calmed down a little and Andrea petted him. "He's OK" she purred "He is my best friend now, if you know what I mean." Everyone laughed and Naomi told her that he truly was a best friend.

"How did you know we would be here?" Naomi asked the girls. "We didn't know for sure, but we hoped we would find you" Georgia replied.

"I was having a morning jog on the beach" Al explained "and I saw these two horny young girls and I thought that I knew them. Sure enough, it was these two." "Don't bullshit me Al" I laughed "you probably followed them out here and were trying to get in their pants when we came along. I know how you think you sex crazy black man." Al just flipped me off and we all laughed. Then we heard someone yell "Naomi. Hey, Naomi is that you?" We turned and were looking at a pretty blonde haired lady who was waving her hand at Naomi.

Naomi jumped up and ran to her. They hugged and kissed each other and they walked hand in hand to us. Just when they stopped the woman turned and yelled "Here Louie.

Come here boy." A Golden Labrador Retriever came to the woman's side and sat beside her. "Good boy, Louie" she said as she patted his head.

"Everyone this is my good friend Laura. She works for the same company that I do and she helped me adjust when I first came here.

We have been friends ever since" Naomi explained. She continued to introduce Laura to all of us and we welcomed her to our little group. Laura was forty four years old and had lived in Romania for about twelve years. She said she really liked it here and the company had been very good to her.

She was just at the beach for the weekend and then she had to be back to work on Monday morning. She went on to tell us that she loved Mamaia Beach and she often brought Louie down to here to spend the day.

Louie and Max were getting along fine and Naomi told us that Laura was the one who had fixed her up with Max.

She said that her friendship with Laura went a little further than just work and that they were really tight. "Like lovers?" Al blurted out. "Forgive my brother, Laura" Naomi said as she stared at Al "he just says what he thinks." "Sorry Sis" Al apologized "she looks good enough to fall in love with." "We hung out with each other for a long time" Naomi explained "and we became friends and then one night I was lying on the floor at Laura's house and Louie came up and started humping me from behind.

I was grossed out and Laura calmed me down and then she asked if I could keep a secret. I told her that I could and she proceeded to explain to me that Louie was her best friend and just what he could do for a lonely woman." Laura took Naomi by the arm and said "Baby you can't tell all these people what happened!" "Relax honey, they already know about me and Max.

In fact last night Andrea got to experience her first orgasm with Max. I'll tell you all about it later, but all these people are very cool with it. At least it looked like they all enjoyed it last night!" Naomi told her.

"Your secret is safe with us" I assured Laura "we were amazed at what Max did for these women and I'm sure that Louie is as good as Max. You can trust our discretion." "OK" she replied "if Naomi says its good then I know it's good." "It's cool, I promise" Naomi answered.

We played around the rest of the afternoon and eventually went back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. As we were walking back Andrea and Georgia were talking to each other.

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I couldn't hear the conversation, but I did hear Andrea tell her to just ask. They are nice people, just ask she told Georgia. "Ask what?" I inquired. "I was thinking that maybe Louie would like to fuck me" Georgia asked.

"I'm sure that Louie would be happy to fuck you my dear" Laura answered. "Are you sure that you want to do it?" "It scares me but it also makes me very wet down there" She explained "I think I'd like to try it only I don't know if I can handle all of it like Andrea did." "Don't worry my dear, we can watch and be sure that Louie doesn't hurt you.

I have done this for a long time and I have never been hurt by my dog lover." Laura told her. I looked at Al and winked and he smiled. We were about to witness another evening of wild sexcapades with four beautiful women. Boy life is good.


After a nice dinner where we all joked and got to know each other better we headed back to our room. When we arrived in our room Andrea was naked in about two seconds. We all teased her about being a sex maniac and she just smiled at us and agreed. Max was drawn to Andrea just like the night before and I think he knew she was going to fuck him again.

She wasted no time in getting him to her and you could see his long hard red dog cock swinging under him as she reached down and stroked it. She lay down on the floor as she had done before and Max almost smiled as Andrea started to suck his dick.

He stood there and let her work on his cock for a long while. It must have felt good as he stayed very still. All you could hear was her moaning and slurping on the red cock.

Laura helped Georgia get her bikini off and I don't know who enjoyed it more, Laura or Georgia. Laura peeled her top off and then massaged and cupped both of Georgia's wonderful tits. They were a handful for Laura and she looked at them and licked her lips. "Have you ever made love to another woman?" Laura asked her. "No" she stuttered "but don't stop." Laura worked her hands on Georgia's tits and pinched her nipples.

You could see them getting hard and long as she played with them.


Then Laura leaned down and sucked on one nipple and then the other. Georgia moaned and Louie was there sniffing at her crotch like he knew what awaited him. Laura reached down and loosened the strings of Georgia's bikini bottom and it fell to the floor. Then Laura took her and sat her on her ass on the floor. She instructed Georgia to spread her legs and lift her knees in the air.

As the beautiful Georgia did as she was told, Louie found what he was looking for. Her sweet pussy was exposed to him and he began to lick it like it was candy. I watched as Georgia's expression changed from one of wonder to pure ecstasy as Louie's rough dog tongue drove her to orgasm. Meanwhile, I had managed to get Naomi naked and was sucking her left nipple while my fingers were working their magic on her hairless black pussy. She had a firm grip on my swelling pecker and was stroking it up and down as she watched the show taking place in front of us.

Al was sitting there with his cock sticking out from under his shorts and he was staring at the things going on in front of him. I couldn't tell if he was watching Andrea blow Max or Georgia being worked over by Laura and Louie. Who cared, it was all hot as hell. Laura peeled her suit off and we all got our first look at the heavenly body she had.

Her tits were 36D's and stood high and proud all on their own. She was only about five feet four inches tall and had nice hips and a sweet ass that had those cute little dimples at the small of her back. She had an all over tan and her legs were very muscular like she ran a lot.

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When she looked at you and smiled you could see the sparkle in her pretty blue eyes and her blonde hair was down past her shoulders. A wonderful package indeed. Laura told Georgia to roll over and get on her hands and knees. She did as she was instructed and as soon as she was in position Louie was there licking her pussy like he had been before.

You could see her shaking as she was cumming again and that was when Laura patted Georgia's ass and told Louie "Come on boy, do Mama." Louie understood completely and he jumped on Georgia's back and started thrusting his long dog cock. Laura reached under him and guided it to the sweet pussy he was seeking.

When Louie felt the opening of her pussy, he began thrusting as fast and hard as he could. I think it kind of surprised Georgia because she let out a little scream and tensed up.

"Relax baby" Laura told her "just let it happen, it will feel great. Just give it a minute." A couple seconds later we heard Andrea slap her own ass and tell Max "Get it baby!" Max was ready and he mounted Andrea and she guided his cock straight to her steaming hot pussy.

She looked like an old pro at this and Max wasted no time in finding his mark. Like Louie he was hammering away at the sweet pussy below him. Soon she was moaning and crying out in pleasure as Max continued to pound her slippery snatch. Georgia was much more relaxed and was really starting to enjoy the fucking that Louie was giving her. You could see the cum running from her cunt all the way down her legs and onto the floor.

She was hanging her head down and half moaning and half screaming with pleasure as Louie did his work. Now here I was in a nice hotel on Mamaia Beach in the country of Romania watching two young college girls getting fucked by Labrador dogs. To top that off I was getting a blowjob from a beautiful black woman.

You couldn't have imagined this happening in a million years but I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Naomi climbed up on top of me with her back toward me and stuck my cock where my fingers had been a second ago. My hardon plunged all the way to the bottom of her sloppy cunt and she began to jump up and down on my pole. I used both hands on her shapely thighs to steady her and still be able to watch the show in front of us.

Al had moved over and was standing in front of Laura stroking that big motherfucking cock of his and when she saw it she reached out and took it in her hand and fed it into her waiting mouth.

Laura moaned as Al's cock slipped deeper and deeper into her mouth. I watched as inch after inch of that black monster disappeared into her throat. Finally her lips touched his balls and she stopped. I couldn't believe she had swallowed his cock on her first attempt.

I almost wanted to cheer but I was getting my dick worked on by a sweet black pussy and I loved it. Georgia screamed as Louie's knot was trying to enter her tight little pussy.

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Laura saw what was happening and she stopped blowing Al long enough to calm her down and help her negotiate the big chunk of red dog cock into her slippery hot hole.

When the knot popped into her she screamed and Laura assured her that it would feel better in a second. Soon Louie stood still and Georgia was moaning as he pumped her full of hot dog cum. "Just relax and enjoy the sensation" Laura told her as she rubbed her stuffed pussy "be still and he will get soft and come out. Just enjoy it." Laura turned to Al and asked him if he would fuck the shit out of her. "I'm all yours baby" Al smiled as he leaned down and licked her pussy from behind.

Then he started to feed that black pole into her and she responded by moaning loudly. Once he had filled her completely he began to thrust his black cock in and out of her hairless smooth pussy. Pretty soon he was fucking her at a pace not quite like Louie but pretty good for a big black guy. She sure seemed to be enjoying it. Andrea had gone wild with Max and she was fucking him as much as he was fucking her.

God she was a horny little slut and I liked that. She was having the fuck of a lifetime and soon his knot was up against her lovely little pussy and she reached back and helped Max to fit it all inside of her. She buried her face in the pillow on the floor and cried out in a screaming orgasm as Max started pumping dog seed into her already sloppy pussy. I was about to start filling Naomi full of my baby juice when she stopped and turned to me and said "fuck me in my ass you crazy white boy." Then she kissed me on the lips and guided my hard as rock cock to the opening of her tight little asshole.

Now who was I to refuse this pretty black piece of ass? So I started to slip my hardon into her back door. Slowly I eased it in and she responded by pushing back against me and forcing my dick deeper into her ass. Finally I was buried to the hilt in her butt and I started to slip it in and out of her hot black ass.

It took about three strokes and she was fucking me like a wild woman. My cock went in and out of her ass at a torrid pace. We kept this up for several minutes until I couldn't hold back any longer and I shot her ass full of cum. Blast after blast of hot seed filled her ass and she was shaking from the climax she was having and juice was literally running from her black pussy all over my legs.

I was breathing so hard that I figured I would have a heart attack and Naomi turned and kissed my lips and tried to suck my tongue from my mouth. I squeezed both of her wonderful tits and then we sat there watching what else was happening. Laura was trying to kill Al as she fucked the shit out of him. He was buried to his nuts in her sweet pussy and she was fucking him back harder than he fucked her.

He told her that he was about to cum and she told him she wanted it in the face. She pulled away from Al and turned just in time to see the first blast of hot cum spray into her mouth and across her lips. She swallowed all she could and shot after shot of juice landed on her cheeks and nose and ran down and dripped onto those fantastic tits of hers.

I don't know for sure how many shots hit her but she was almost covered in spunk from Al's big cock. Naomi had been watching and poked me and pointed at her brother and laughed. Laura continued sucking Al's dick until there was no sign of cum on it and then she wiped her face with her hand and licked his cum from her fingers.

We all were happy and turned our attentions to the two young women in front of us. Almost as if on que the dogs pulled their cocks from the pussies they were locked into and dog cum spurted out and ran everywhere.

The dogs sniffed the girls' pussies and Louie started licking Andrea's pussy and Max went after Georgia's. It was almost like it was planned this way and both of the girls were about to have another orgasm.

They rolled over to each other and hugged as if to congratulate each other on a job well done. They were both in tears and they looked like they had been rode hard. Andrea ran her fingers through Georgia's hair and they both started laughing. We all started laughing and I tapped Naomi on the shoulder and asked her "Remember our little wager?" "Yes, you win" she laughed "this had to be fate 'cause nobody could have planned this!" I laughed and kissed her shoulder.

"What do you have planned for me?" she asked "should I be scared?" "Nope, just horny" I answered. Laura asked Georgia if she enjoyed her first dog fuck. "I would never have guessed that I could do something like this" she explained "I never thought that it would feel so painful and yet so good. It was very hard and fast not like sex with a man.

I lost count of my orgasms and I am very sore. I don't know if I will ever do this again, but I'm not sorry that I did it!" Andrea spoke up and said" I think that I'm hooked on it. That's the best fucking I have ever had! I don't know if a man will be able to please me now." Laura laughed and told her "Sex with a man is entirely different. You will have sex with a man because you love him or think you might love him.


You will have sex with your best friend because you are horny and frustrated. They are not the same kind of fucking. Both are great, just not the same." Al spoke up and said that he thought the dogs were getting too much pussy.


Everybody laughed and Andrea told Al that she was going to get some of that big black cock before the week was over. Al smiled and told her she could have all she needed. Everyone kind of crashed at our room and we all drifted off to sleep. It had been another long day and we still were only two days into our vacation. I didn't know if we could keep up this pace and if so, would we be rested in time to come back next year?

Only time will tell!