La colo se la come toda

La colo se la come toda
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Story is inspired by characters from John persons though story is way different than the comics. No racism is approved by the author. Chapter one Craig and Jenny.

The bell rang for the last time in coxville High as the kids packed up their books to be put in their lockers or carried back home for homework. One kid was the first out of class, wanting to get home quickly.

His name was Craig, and he had made history by being the only coloured kid to get into Coxville high. His grades had been good enough for it and he had gotten in with no problems. His grandfather had been proud. He had gone round the ghetto they lived in beaming with pride, telling anyone who would listen how his grankid was as good as those "white kids." Craig had found it amusing. He knew how some or maybe even most of Coxville Town was a bit racist or at least favoured whites more than coloureds.

He didn't mind. All he wanted to do was read, pass his exams and get out of Coxville as fast as possible, getting a job up north to provide for him and his grandfather. It helped that when the jocks had seen that he was just some Thin black kid with little muscle and no intention of making waves and stealing their girlfriends, they decided to go easy on him.


No bullying had happened. He was grateful for that. Of course they made him "Show" his "appreciation" for their "Protection" by dropping of their and their girlfriend's homework at his desk for him to do. He didn't mind. Its what made him smart and kept up his grades by redoing other's work. He only had one more year and it would be over soon. He couldn't wait. ####################### Jenny summers was in a dead relationship and she knew it. The 36 year old blonde Milf knew it when her husband had refused to make love to her for years.

Her daughter, Kitty summers, being her only child. Though it wasn't the sex that bothered her as it was the love.

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A woman needed love, craved it. And here she was with none to speak of. Her husband, coach of coxville high, may as well have been a statue in terms of love. She was a knockout in school, the wet dream fantasy of many of the jocks in Coxville high.

Many of the school's male population had bragged about fucking her on the side and her being their lover though the most they had come to fucking her was masturbating to her pictures. Her long blonde hair, huge 34G breasts, perfect pouty lips and fit figure and ass made her a prime target for boy's fantasies.

Add to the fact she was the female gym teacher and thus was always showing off her body as she taught her students various exercises and she was just begging to be looked upon by horny teenage boys. It was after one of these lessons that she decided to hit the showers last after everyone had left school. She took of her red coxville gym teacher clothes and walked into the empty shower rooms for a nice, hot soak.

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She obviously did NOT expect to walk in on a showering Craig as her towel fell to the soaked floor and they stared at each other in shock. Craig at seeing Mrs summers naked and jenny at the sight of the foot long black cock and grapefruit sized balls that lay flaccid on Craig's crotch. "Oh boy, not good." Thought Craig as he looked around to find a towel and get out fast. Hopefully, Miss Summers would feel some pity and wouldn't report him.

He really didn't need an expulsion in his final year. Jenny only smirked though. "Jackpot!" Her own mind screamed. ##################### "I'm really sorry Mrs summers. I just wanted a quick shower after P.E. I'll leave now." Craig said quickly, trying to walk past Jenny, only for her to block his path. "Why is that, Craig? It wouldn't have something to do with that Monster cock you're hiding, hmm?" She said, giving Craig a foxy smile as the older woman knelt down in the water on the shower floor in front of Craig's shocked form to assess his package, the hot water from the showers still beating upon their naked forms.

Her hand couldn't even encircle the thick, flaccid Monster and her blue eyes widened as she weighed the two grapefruit like sperm eggs that were his balls, feeling the huge amount of backed up seed sloshing around inside them. She brought up one of Craig's humongous sperm bags up to her face, smelling the musky smell of a man and the sperm inside it.

"Goodness Craig! I can just feel all that pent up, dirty Nigger jizz sloshing inside these balls of yours. You must REALLY need a girlfriend to drain these monsters, don't you?" She asked in awe as Craig just blushed at the beautiful blonde Milf's words. To Craig's shock, Jenny took the huge jizz ball to her lips and gave it a long, wet kiss that made his body shiver with pleasure before releasing the nut and leaving a bright,pink lipstick mark on it as she turned to the other ball.

"Mrs Summers, what are you doing? You've got to stop!" Craig said only for jenny to smirk up at him and look at his blushing form with her piercing blue eyes. "I'm marking my territory, Craig. What else does it look like? And please, call me Jenny from now on. I think you and I are going to have a more…intimate relationship from here on out" She said, kissing his other jizz ball deeply as he moaned in pleasure, marking it the same as the other.

His cock had been brought to full mast then and Jenny looked in amazement at the now 15 inch Monstercock that stood before her kneeling form. She brought up a hand to bring down his cock to her level, looking at the huge bead of precum at its tip as her mouth watered at the sight before looking at Craig lovingly, as if thanking him for the gift of his cock he had brought her.

In another minute, she had plunged her mouth and throat down his cock, all 15 inches disappearing down her warm, wet and tight throat as her lips touched the base of his cock. "OH SHIT!!!" Craig cursed loudly, the feeling of his cock in her tight throat almost overloading his body with pleasure, before Jenny began to move her mouth off his cock, her lips sucking hard as they went before her mouth came off his huge dick with a Pop!

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Sound. Her tongue was tasting the mixed juices of precum and Saliva in her mouth and Craig watched as her hands held his giant cock gently as she savoured her treat, his eyes roaming to her diamond wedding ring before he saw a thick glob of precum and Saliva spat on it as jenny found him looking at it.

She gave him a wide smile, showing her perfect pearl white teeth. "That's how much my Marriage means to me, Craig. Nothing. From here on out, as soon as you take me, I'm your woman now." ####################### He lay on the warm, wet floor of the tiled shower room, the showers still letting out hot water onto the floor and steam all over the room, his cock pointing straight up as Jenny stood atop his penis, her finger spreading her pussy lips wide as she prepared to take his black Monstercock into her white pussy.

He could still only marvel at how one of the teachers of the school, a blonde bombshell of a beauty at that, had decided to have sex with him, an 18 year old highschool kid, and become his woman. Jenny, finally prepared, began lowering herself and taking in his cock, its head slipped into her pussy and taking in 7 inches before there was resistance.

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She was tight and the feel of her pussy walls felt fucking good to Craig. "I'm going to take you all in, baby. I can't leave the rest of my man's dick hanging." She said before taking a deep breath and slamming down on his cock to the hilt, her ivory ass slamming down to his crotch as her pussy took in all 8 remaining inches of his cock." "AHHHHHHHHFUUUCCCKKKK!!!!" jenny's scream of mixed pain and pleasure tore through the shower room as her pussy gushed and covered his cock in it's warm juices as jenny came from the Penetration of her cervix by Craig's cock as about 5 inches tore through it and slammed into her womb.

Through the pleasure, Craig was concerned."Mrs summers are you oMmmmphhhh!" His question was silenced as the blonde beauty grabbed his face and kissed him hard, her tongue entwining with his as she began to pound her ass up and down his cock, sending waves of pleasure through their bodies as the kissed.

"I told you to call me Jenny, lover. And I'm fine. I'm going to fuck this black dick every day till you graduate and then till you leave coxville. I'll have enough time to fuck you till you drop and convince you to stay and Marry my slutty ass or maybe you can marry my daughter and fuck me on the side. Once she sees this black dick, she won't be able to resist marrying you and fucking this Nigger Monster cock everyday. She'll even have your black babies if it means having this dick everyday.

OHHH FUCK!! It feels so good." She continued to slam her pussy onto his dick for the next forty minutes, her cries of pleasure filling the showers as they fucked like animals, sweat pouring off their bodies and being washed off by the showers hot water as they fucked. Craig mauled and sucked on her huge tits, making jenny moan in pleasure as his lips sucked and licked her nipples, making her cum and cum again and again, flooding his cock with juices and making easier for her to slam down on his cock.

Another 20 minutes hard fucking and Craig was ready to blow. It was his first time after all. "Jenny. I'm sorry. I'm going to cum." He groaned out as jenny kissed him as she bent towards him. "Sorry! Fuck! I thought I would pass out before he blew! He really is a stud. Damn I'm good at finding a real lover. I don't care that he ain't a jock. This dick PROVES his manhood." she thought.

With a final slam, jenny hit the base of Craig's cock before his hands held her ass down and he roared out as they ended their kiss. "I'm cumming! I'm fucking Cumming in your white Pussy!" Jenny could feel his balls spurting out his thick nigger jizz straight into her womb, his cock literally pissing sperm into her married pussy as the hand that held her wedding ring massaged his black balls to release more of his thick seed as she had her biggest climax yet and came hard, screaming in pleasure.

"His pouring so much cum into my pussy. I'm going to be knocked up.

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I'm fertile at this time, I'm sure of it. Oh my! Its so much pouring into me. I'm going to be pregnant with a black baby! Kitty is going to have a black brother!" Jenny began slowly sliding off Craig's black cock, her pussy clinging desperately to his member as it slid out of her jizzed womb and sprayed her cunt full of black baby batter.

Is cock slid off his cock with a Pop! And Jenny watched as her cunt let out a gurgling sound before a deluge of thick, white Nigger spunk began leaking from it's tight confines.

It was so much! And there was still at least a gallon of it still inside her womb. "My Husband would have a heart attack if he saw me like this." She thought, smirking.

She looked at the pleasure filled face of her lover and smiled, laying on Craig's body as she began to kiss him deeply, their lips intertwining as they made out lovingly.

They showered intimately, kissing and letting their hands roam over each others bodies before they left and dressed, sharing one last deep and intimate kiss in the dark parking lot before they separated, both smiling at their luck, Craig more than jenny. ######################### The next morning…… The kids roamed the halls, chatting about the last night, homework and their latest gossip as Craig walked to his locker, taking books and handing over any homework the jocks had left for him to do as they grinned smugly.

"Good work, Craig. Guess it's another uneventful day for you." One of them in the group said, walking away with their cheerleader girlfriends as Craig sighed.

He had never had an "Eventful" day as opposed to the jocks "uneventful" day though he wouldn't want to start now. The bell rang and as he and everyone else scrambled for class, a voice called through the hall.


"Mr Peters, a moment if you will." It was Jenny. She was calling him into her office. He saw some puzzled looks from the jocks though they didn't bring anything up.

He wasn't a threat after all.

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If only they knew. #################### Jenny locked the door shut, took Craig by the shoulders and slammed him, not do roughly, into the wall as she kissed him fiercely, Craig returning the kiss without hesitation. "I'm a little hungry, Craig. I need some nice, thick milk to tide me over.

Think you can help me out, lover?" She didn't wait for a reply as she pulled down his trousers. ####################### In the classroom… "Has anyone seen Mr Peters?" Miss Apple, their Biology teacher, asked. "Mrs Summers needed him." A voice at the back of the class said. "That's odd. I wonder what jenny wants with him?" Miss apple questioned in her mind. ########################## In the office&hellip. Jenny had Craig's cock down her throat as he began to cum.

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She had given him an expert deep throat bj and he was well past his limit. She was pleased to see her lipstick stains still marked his huge balls though she would have to put a fresh amount soon.

"Shit Jenny. Your throat is so hot, wet and tight its going to make me bust a but in your belly! I'm going to fll your belly with my nigga Spunk.


Hope you really are hungry CAUSE HERE IT COMES!!!" He shouted as his cock began to cum down jenny's throat. Her eyes widened at the sensation of her belly getting filled with thick, Black spunk. " I can feel his cum rushing through his cock into my stomach." She thought as she felt Craig slip his cock from her throat, still spraying all the way as his cockhead reached her soft lips as they wrapped fiercely around it as he began to cum hard again, her tongue getting the full taste of his jizz as jenny began to drink his load.

"Mmph,mmmm. His Cumming so much! And his sperm tastes so fucking good! Those black balls are filling my stomach full of hot cum. But it doesn't seem to end. I've got to keep swallowing. Just keep swallowing this tasty, thick Cum, Jenny. Oh Fuck! I'm just Cumming from the taste!" She thought. If only she could see into his balls.

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Craig was so backed up with cum that a whole cushion of thick jizz had formed around his balls. The spunk she was happily drinking wasn't even straight from the source yet, just years and years of spunk that his cock was needed to release first before it could use up any of the fresh sperm in his balls. He could cum inside two whole cheerleading squads before he could finally use the one in his balls. With a final gulp from jenny, Craig slipped his cock from her eagerly suckling lips, seeing a whole mouthful of spunk still I'm her mouth that bloated her cheeks before she swallowed it down thirstily and he aimed his cock at her face, blasting the blonde Milf's beautiful countenance with hot spunk, letting a sigh of relief out before he slipped his huge dick back in his pants and pulling up his trousers.

"Gotta go, Jenny. Class started a long time ago. I'll see you after school in the usual place. Love ya." He said slipping out the door and closing it firmly to give his lover privacy. Jenny smiled as she licked his jizz off her face and walked into her private office shower. Things were going to get interesting in coxville high.

To be continued…