I want to be the one to pop your tranny cherry

I want to be the one to pop your tranny cherry
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FAMILY GUY PT3 The morning after the night before. Peter fucked his daughter Meg faster and faster as he knew he was also getting close to coming. His daughter wrapped her legs tightly around her father and her thighs tightened rigid around him. Susie inserted a finger into Peter's asshole and wiggled it with the result that his ass muscles bunched and he groaned loudly cumming in ecstasy cumming the most he had ever came inside of anyone even his wife Lois.

"That's it Daddy come inside me give me your hot seed" Meg cried out. As spurt after spurt of his thick creamy white sticky globs of sperm hit the back of his daughter's cunt. "Come with me dad come together! YES !!!YES!!!!YES!!!THAT IT DAD CUM INSIDE ME. "Oh!" From the hallway a door slammed.

"Honey I'm home" called Lois. A pause. "What's all the commotion in there Peter?" His daughters legs pulled him harder against her as his spasms subsided. Susie wrapped an arm around her girlfriends father pushing her tits into his back her finger half buried in his fat asshole. Sandwiched between the two girls unwilling to move even if he could Peter Griffin heard Susie say "Hi Mrs Griffin. How was your trip?" As Lois stepped into the bedroom just in time to see her young daughter in her last throws of ecstasy.

As soon as Lois entered the room she was dumbfounded! but slowly she regained her senses and became aware of her surroundings and what was going on in front of her. "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE" she was over dramatizing a bit but evil thoughts already had begun to formulate in her aroused mind.

Meg and her father started to speak with the same words coming from their lips. "I- I'm - we - where- just - I." "SHUT THE FUCK UP THE TWO OF YOU JUST SHUT IT!!!" At that command they both went quiet though that didn't stop either of them from trembling. Tears were already flowing down her daughter's cheeks. "MEG, SUSIE you get yourselves into your bedroom room - - NOW!" she ordered them "And you get yourself cleaned up and get your fat arse in the livingroom as that's where you'll be sleeping tonight and think yourself lucky." "I'll deal with you in the morning." she said to her husband.

Peter was relieved thinking that maybe once Lois had time to calm down that she wouldn't be so rough on him. As wrong as it was Lois knew that she wanted to take advantage of her daughter Meg. Lois's mind and her heart were racing.

Although Meg and Susie where only young it wasn't as if they where totally innocent she told herself. Standing in her room Lois called Meg and Susie back into the room to try and find out just what was going on between them and her husband Peter. "Are you looking to get your father sent to jail Meg. " The youngster's face turned white and she looked as if she was about to start crying again. "No mum sorry mum" came the barely audible response from her daughters mouth "we didn't mean too" "Please were sorry." Glancing at her mother who was now sitting on the bed watching them to see if they where telling the truth Meg looked back at Susie.

Susie smiled at Meg and gave a good luck thumbs up to her and crossed her fingers looking almost as nervy as she was herself. "Right you and Susie get dressed and you can get Susie to the door and don't speak to your father when you are their." her mother said.

Seeing that she was going to get nowhere with the two of them together. Meg and Susie got dressed quickly and then meg saw Susie to the front door. "Goodbye Susie" Meg said smiling at her and giving a little laugh before sticking her fingers between her legs and into her still sloppy wet spunk filled tight cunt then putting her fingers into her mouth licking them clean she then blow Susie a kiss.

Meg made her way back to her parents room, slowly entering the room you could cut through the tense air with a knife. Meg just smiled at her mother giving nothing away as she sat on the edge of the bed waiting for the long awaited question. And now the moment of truth was upon her.

"Well Meg?" she said her eyes meeting Meg's gaze their blue eyes trained on each other for a moment. "YES Mother i fucked dad!" Meg squealed loudly throwing up her arms in elation with a huge grin. "Yes!" Lois said almost launching herself from the bed towards her daughter where she met her in a hug both of them laughing and grinning in delight.

"well done so our plan worked!" Lois said as she pulled back from her daughter quickly releasing her.

"your first should always be the one you remember" Lois said smiling. Meg unable to stop smiling as well as she had been fuck Kevin Swanson a fact her mother did not know, she then started dancing around the room Lois giggled at the dancing and then joined in.

Both giggling as they danced round the bedroom until they couldn't go on as they both fell onto the bed. Lois reached out and took Meg's hands drawing her daughter to her and giving her a passionate kiss. "Well done Meg" Lois said with her own beautiful smile before sliding in and embracing Meg wrapping her arms round her daughters warm slender figure pressing her hands into her back as she rested her head on her shoulder.


"Thank you mum" she said softly hugging her back firmly. Lois drew back a little and softly kissed her daughter on the cheek and pressing her lips to the smooth skin as she felt her mother's breath on her neck.

"Long overdue" she said as she smelt Meg's hair unintentionally just noticing the overpowering sweet smell of her. "I couldn't have done it without you mum" Meg said giving her mother a kiss on the cheek just lingering a little before they pulled back. Their hands unconsciously slid to each other's breasts just lightly caressing each others tits as they pulled apart. Leaving just a small gap between their noses and lips as they looked deep into each another's eyes gazing right into each other's soul at that moment.

Lois felt a little tingle go through her as her nipples stiffening a little under her white cotton bra and her pussy giving a definite tingle as she stared at her young daughter. Meg felt much the same at that moment capturing both of them and sending the unmistakable shiver of arousal through their bodies Meg's large nipples showing through her thin white cotton top as she had not put her bra back on when redressing.

Unable to deny the urge the two of them leaned forwards and locked lips kissing firmly. Their tongues probed and meeting in the middle and just sensually brushing and sliding past one another as their soft full lips pressed together. For just a few seconds Meg and her mother kissed softly the illicit moment feeling so perfect and satisfying to both of them right then. Slowly breaking apart with a smooching sound they lowered their heads resting them together without opening their eyes as Meg gave a sigh and Lois giving a little gasp just making the moment last as long as possible the soul soothing pleasure sinking in and feeling so perfect.

Opening her eyes Lois found Meg looking up into her's a nice smile playing across her red lips briefly. Suddenly Lois and her young daughter came to their senses and realized what they'd just done.

Pulling apart they both realized they'd just kissed each other and not in any kind of mother and daughter fashion but more like lovers. Hurriedly letting go of one another they stepped back both unsure of themselves and each other now as they looked uncomfortably around. And now the moment of truth was upon them again Meg quickly looked out the large bedroom windows to make sure nobody had seen them her mother looked out of the bedroom door to check that her husband Peter had not seen them.

Lois looked round nervously and pulled the bottom of her white shirt down to her tight blue jeans. Meg folded her arms in front of her well endowed breasts trying to cover her clearly erect nipples as she did so although her mother had already noticed them but wasn't going to bring it up since she was hardly feeling totally cool herself. How could she be so stupid as to let herself be swept up in such a moment with her own young daughter wondering how it'd even happened in the first place.

"Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god" Meg muttered to herself as she tried to take in what had just happened closing her eyes and taking a deep breath which she slowly released as her mind raced.

Meg felt a rising sensation in her body as she replayed the incident in her head the way they'd embraced and the way the kiss had come about as she recalled the feeling of her mothers soft warm lips meeting her own. Lois all so felt a rising sensation in her body as she tried to justify to herself that she'd just fully kissed her young daughter the forbidden incident playing in her head and doing nothing to help abate her shameful arousal unable to think of anything to say.

then quickly shaking herself back to reality. "Well…I um…better get going to bed" Meg said quickly picking up the rest of her clothes that she had not put back on and then just glancing over to her mother unable to meet her gaze now.

"Oh…ok then Meg " her mother said quietly glancing at her watch though she wanted her daughter to stay with her tonight. Meg walked to the door and then stopped in the doorway for a moment get herself under control then stepping out into the hall.

Making her way to her room Meg just couldn't get the incident with her mother from her mind especially when she gave herself a moment to think about it as her mind raced with thoughts over what she just did.

And one thing that was making her unsure was the fact that she was unable to get the illicit recollection from her head. She was running over everything in her mind trying to work out what she was going to do next. But one thought that she couldn't drive from her mind was the soft caress of her mothers lips as they'd brushed against her own and she had to shamefully admit it was one of the best kisses she'd ever had.


Both now lay in their respective beds Lois flushed hotly as she realized what she'd been thinking about realizing that she was completely turned on at the thoughts of her young daughters soft illicit touch and that was just from one kiss they'd wrongly shared. The rest of the night she lay in the darkness as she went through everything rationally as she could not sleep as she tried getting it very clear that what had happened shouldn't have done which she'd known from the start.

Unfortunately she wasn't feeling any less aroused as she tried hard to get to sleep but knew that tomorrow she would have to face her daughter over the breakfast table. Meg wasn't handling things much better as she lay in the darkness awake for some time unable to get what had happened out of her head. The part of her mind that had secretly enjoyed it with her mind running over everything… Meg was feeling just as confused about her feelings towards her mother as her mother was feeling about her and as much as she wanted to tell herself she hadn't enjoyed it she couldn't.

The tingle that'd spread through her body was simply electric and her harden nipples which she knew her mother had seen didn't tell otherwise. Just the thought of her mothers tongue brushing against hers and probing at her own as they kissed was enough to turn her on which would've happened if she wasn't still troubled by the incident itself. what they had done had broken the law or as good as and she had to face her mother tomorrow. Lois lay in the darkness trying to sleep for a while before opening her eyes again and laying on her back.

All she could think about was just how soft and inviting her young daughters lips were and how that just a while before she had turned her on when it shouldn't have done leaving her feeling a little horny. As she thought everything over her mind started to get more drawn to the illicit kiss they'd shared making her feel a little flush of arousal and her cunt started to moisten. Quickly shaking herself out of her little fantasy Lois sat up in bed and pushed the silk covers back figuring maybe a shower would relax her somewhat and she could settle down to sleep like she wanted to.

Getting out of bed she switched on the bedside lamp. Standing still for a moment before she reached down and pulled the sexy red silk slip off over her head leaving herself standing completely naked. The cold air that hit her body made her skin hyper sensitive which made her nipples stand to attention she threw the slip down on her bed and grabbed her towel and walked out of the room to her bathroom.

Reaching the bathroom she turned the shower on and turned the heat down a bit so it was a cool shower then dropped her towel. She waited a few moments for the water to warm up and then stepped into the spray. Moving fully under the spray she closed her eyes and let the water run all over her face and body.

Feeling the cool water run down her body and over her erect nipples and down over her slightly damp hairless cunt she reached across and picked up the soap from the shelf on the wall and set about quickly lathering herself up. Running her hands down her smooth taught wet body Lois spread the soapy lather over her body and her nipples which where feeling very responsive as she slid her hands down cupping her small breasts a little and resisting the urge to play with them before moving her hands down sliding them around her belly and over her hips reaching round her back and then just hesitating a bit before going onto her long smooth legs and then onto her hot cunt inhaling a little as she rubbed the soapy lather over her hairless cunt lips.

Lois turned and looked into the mirror looking at it she looked straight into her own eyes feeling the water jets on her smooth shoulders and back as she stared into the mirror unsurely as she tried to justify to herself how she was feeling towards her daughter and herself now.

Closing her eyes she took a deep breath and turned back into the water again letting it play down over her face and her body as she slid her hand over her taught stomach and straight to her hairless cunt letting out a low moan as she quickly went to work on rubbing her clit firmly with her fingers shuddering a little in pleasure and ecstasy.

Rubbing in circles round her stiff slippery clitoris she hooked her index finger and middle fingers back in to her tight wet cunt teasing her entrance for a moment with her finger tips before she pushed them firmly up inside herself all the way to her hand.

"Mmm Meg" she mumbled immediately her face going bright red when she realized what she'd just said. It didn't matter now she thought as nobody would hear her and she needed this now and it was her daughter Meg who'd had made her so turned on.


With her right hand she reached up to her breasts cupping her left one and flicking at her stiff nipple with her thumb before taking it and rolling it between her fingers for a proper tweak mumbling her daughters name quietly, as she continued to work at her tight cunt her hips grinding a little now into her fumbling hand as her brain ran with the idea of having sex with her own daughter.

Kissing her daughters soft red lips and then stripping her cloths off as she pushed her down on to the bed. Then kissing all the way down her daughters young taught body to her tight juicy cunt wondering what she tasted like. Lois let out a groan of pleasure and ecstasy realizing that she wanted more of her daughter Meg now more than ever.

Looking up at the shower head she reached up and took it off its holder turning it to massage before pressing the head to her throbbing cunt the water hitting her tight cunt making her buck and pushing another primal grunt from her as she grabbed the shower head with both hands to expertly control its stimulation of her petite form and her small girl like tight throbbing cunt.

Letting out a long moan of pure ecstasy from her lips making her bite her lip and closing her eyes shut as the pleasure flowed over her whole body like the images she had of herself and Meg kissing, fondling and slowly stripping each other flowed through her mind.

Pressing the warm plastic into her body Lois slid the shower head down between her legs onto her soft hairless cunt lips again grunting as the strong jets blasted up over her clit and in to her open cunt gushing round and around making her knees tremble and forcing her back on to the cold tiled wall. The hot water mixed with her own sweat juices that leaked continually due to her arousal. Just imagining that her daughter was pinning her down on her own bed licking over every inch of her hot small form before delving in to treat her to a succulent cunt licking from her daughters expert touch.

Just the thought of her daughter Meg sliding her hot tongue up into her tight wet cunt hole as she added a finger to her tight wet cunt herself. Her slim long powerful thighs squeezed together as her finger sank deeper into her tight wet cunt making her tummy flutter as she lightly pushed her finger in and out of her tight cunt as she worked the shower head on her clit. The powerful surge of warm water over her delicate flower as she called it was almost too much to bear as she approached orgasm.

She was working her hands hard and fast now her head back against the cold tiled wall. Her long orange hair wet and stuck to the cool tiles and her mouth now wide open and gasping as she played with herself using the shower head pulling it back and forth over her throbbing cunt.

At the sametime she add a second finger to the inside of her throbbing tight pussy groaning loudly as she pushed them both completely into her cunt hole giving a little shiver that made her stop the movement of the shower head for a moment. Then rolling her fingers as best she could she started to thrust them deeper into herself as she started up with the shower head again. Pressing the shower head up into her open cunt making her cry out loud a cry of sheer pleasure as the buzz of the water flow penetrated deeper into her cunt bringing on a large powerful orgasm which was like a giant tidal wave of pure pleasure and ecstasy breaking all over her body.

As she imagined her young daughter sucking at her tight wet cunt and fingering her expertly as her own fingers made that huge orgasm break. With a earsplitting scream of pleasure that she was sure would wake her daughter and husband as her breaking orgasm hit her like a Tsunami hitting the shore, her hips bucking and moving forwards against the shower head she pressed into her tight cunt clamping and squeezing hard at her probing fingers.

Her back arched and her eyes screwed tightly shut, her nipples so hard she thought they would pop. With her screams dissipating and turning into long drawn out moans as she continued to work with intense energy and force at her tight cunt as the water kept pounding her clitoris as she ground her cunt against the force of the water before she quickly withdrew her fingers out from within her tight cunt. She then pulled the shower head away giving herself a quick rub with her skillful digits for a moment as she gave one last moan of pleasure then slumped back against the cold tiles with a sigh of relief and satisfaction.

She realized it'd been a long time since she's given her tight cunt such a finger fucking and it had been even longer since she had gotten herself off using the shower head. With a contented smile Lois dried herself off and switched the shower off.

Getting out she wrapped her hot well shaped womanly body for a woman in her late thirties in a large white Egyptian cotton towel. Holding it round herself as she reached up and quickly rubbed her wet hair as she left the bathroom switching the light off before she went over the rest of her body with the towel to dry herself off as she walked back into her bedroom.

Lois sat on the edge of the bed wrapped in the soft white Egyptian cotton towel with thoughts popping back into her head threatening to turn her on again. She sat their trying to justify to herself that it was just one of these things that happen by accident. But just minutes before she'd just masturbated to thoughts of having sex with her young daughter and had enjoyed herself.

As she sat on the bed with a contented smile on her face and there was no way she'd be going to sleep when she was that horny. Lois got back into bed sliding down between the silk sheets before reaching out and switching the light off again as she just lay there on her back in the darkness for a moment before rolling onto her side and closing her eyes.

Her daughter Meg was having the same problem trying to get to sleep.

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From the moment her mother had kissed her she had felt her nipples stiffen and she just wished that they could have gone a little bit further even though she knew it was wrong to have these kind of feelings for her mother. At that moment she didn't care that it was thoughts of her own mother that had turned her on she just knew she needed to get herself off. It wouldn't take long with how she was feeling. Standing in her room naked Meg felt the cool night air hit her body as she reached up to brushed her hand over her rock hard nipples giving a little sigh of pleasure she bent over and pushed her little white cotton cum stained knickers down as they quickly slid down her smooth legs to join her white cotton top on the floor and reveal her hairless cunt.

Now that she was totally naked she let herself fall on to her bed. She just lay their on her back for a few moment before reaching under her bed for the vibrator she had gotten from her friend Susie.

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After what had just happened and the thoughts and images that where racing through her mind she thought it would be the perfect time to put it to use. She held up the twelve inch black cock shaped vibrator and switched it on feeling it buzz powerfully for the first time in her hand making her cunt throb just from holding it in her hand. Studying it she took in the soft black rubber shaft and which was covered in little soft rubber ribbed ridges.

She was more than ready for it as she was now totally aroused and wet just thinking about her mothers kiss. Meg rested her head comfortably on the pillows as she spread her legs open wide and lowered the vibrator to her now dripping wet cunt. At first she just teased the wet entrance of her tight cunt feeling the little rubber tips round the end of the vibrator head stimulating her rock hard clit and making her hips push forwards as she gave a strained moan and then a more sexual groan her eyes squeezing shut as a wave of pleasure and ecstasy gripped her reminding her just how turned on she was.

Wasting no more time she turned the black vibrator on to a higher setting and then slowly pushed the long thick shaft into her tight wet cunt. It was a very unique and gratifying feeling the little black rubber ridges pressing into the soft walls of her tight cunt as it slid up into her as she let out a low moan of pleasure. She just held it there for a moment deliberately squeezing it a few times with her strong pelvic muscles and enjoying the low vibrations from the vibrator before she got on with fucking her wet cunt with the long thick black rubber shaft again before resting it against her stiff clit to feel more of the buzz.

Meg moaned in pleasure as the bulbous head rotated within her rubbing delightfully round her magical spot as she called it the little rubber nodules making for a thrilling ride. With a long low moan she turned up the vibrations to the maximum and using her hand to thrust the long thick black rubber shaft slowly into her wet cunt the rotating long black shaft moving up and down in her tight wet cunt as her mind dived straight back into the hot incestuous fantasy that was running through her head in the first place.

She got straight back into her fantasy where she or rather her and mother had been interrupted, which was her mother straddling her hips and kissing her passionately. As she sped up her working of the long thick black vibrator a little more her other hand strayed to her stiff nipples her fingers lightly pinching and pulling at the large stiff buds imagining that it was her mother pulling and playing with them but using her teeth as she kissed all down her young taught body.

Meg gave a long low moan and pushed her hips upon the long thick black shaft her pussy grasping the vibrator tightly inside her dripping wet tight young cunt. Her young tight cunt was wetter than it'd been in a very long time as she started to pump the long thick shaft harder into her twisting body and rolling it a little to stimulate her magical spot.

As she played with the images of her mother tearing off her white cotton bra and knickers before licking and sucking on her nipples firmly as her hand ran down over her smooth taught stomach to her hairless cunt.

Just as she imagined her mother teasing round the top of her lips for a moment before pushing two fingers straight onto her tight wet cunt and rubbing her firmly.

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Meg gave out anther moan of sheer pleasure her body tightening on the verge of another overwhelming orgasm from the vibrating long thick black rotating shaft within side her pushing and pressing on the walls of her tight wet cunt and all the other right places with its little rubber bumps on her rock hard clitoris She just couldn't take much more as she rammed it into her wet cunt hard.

With a muffled scream of ecstasy she imagined it was her mother holding her hips down and her legs wide open as she sucked her clit to finish her off as her orgasm hit her hard and fast. Her legs squeezed shut as she pressed the thick vibrator deep into her as far as possible her hand pushing her cervix open as the large black cock pressed into her soft lips as her body bucked powerfully on the bed.

Her scream turning into a long low moan of pleasure as her head pressed back into the pillow. She trembled and shock through her massive orgasm which flowed into smaller ones before her body slumped sweaty and exhausted but totally satisfied on the sheets as sighing in relief as she let her arms flop at her sides.

Just lying still she breathed heavily for a few moments to get herself calmed down before she lazily opened her eyes and then her legs looking down to see the long black vibrator protruding from her tight wet cunt. She reached down and taking a firm hold of it pulled it slowly out of her tight cunt hearing soft wet noises as it slipped out of her dripping cunt just pulling her soft pink inner lips out slightly as she extracted it from herself seeing them hug the black vibrator for a moment before springing back as she pulled it out.

Meg gave a stretch and then got up off her bed walking to the bathroom to rinse her new vibrator off. On opening the bath room door Meg just stood there in disbelief looking at her mother who had her fingers up her tight cunt at the same time as she had the shower head between her legs not knowing what to say or do she quickly returned her bedroom. Back in her room Meg sat naked on her bed and rested her head in her hands her mind racing at what she had just seen.

How could she go on like this with the new feelings she had for her mother which she knew where more than a little wrong. Brushing her hair back from her face Meg stood up and made her way back to the bathroom not thinking to put anything on, but the bathroom was now empty. For a moment, she just stood there pondering over everything again unable to let her mind rest as guilt filled her. Getting up the courage she made her way to her mothers room still naked as the day she was born.

On entering she could just make out her mothers form under the covers. Standing in the door way "well this is it no going back now." she said to herself as she moved over to the bed and slipping under the covers.

She was sure she was ready to take the first step and was sure that she wouldn't back out at the last minute or anything like that. It was her do-or-die moment as she saw it and once her decision was made there was no going back as if she could stop now anyway. With a wicked grin on her face Meg quickly slipped under the covers and sliding down into the bed ending up facing her mother. She immediately found her mothers breasts with her hands as she brushed over the nipples feeling her hard pointed nipples standing out then she let her hands move over her mothers taught mid section and on down between her mothers legs where she was surprised to find her hairless cunt.

Meg then brought her lips to her mothers as she gave her a sensual kiss a long soft sensual kiss as their lip locked together and their tongues meeting lightly playing with each other.

Breaking apart Meg and Lois both sighed contentedly feeling completely relaxed and peaceful nothing could spoil this time together. Lois caressed her daughters breasts and pulled her closer to her Meg mumbling "I love you mum" through their majestic long soft cavernous kiss almost breaking apart again as they desperately tried to find each others breasts with their hands.

Lois was now pushing her daughter Meg onto her back as they noisily snogged one another breaking apart for a loud gasp of air their hands now finding their target. Megs hands found her mothers tits immediately grasping her well endowed breasts and giving them a firm squeeze her mother let out a light groan from her lips before they kissed passionately again. Lois was sliding her hands onto her daughters young firm breasts as she grasped her breasts her young daughter groaned as she continued to roll about on the bed her other hand slipping round and locating her daughters arse where her hand continued to cup her firm cheeks as they reached for each other in the darkness.

Meg broke the kiss and pulled away pushing her mother to arms length and holding her there as she gazed in awe up and down at her mother taking in the full view of her mother's beautiful hot erotic body looking infinitely better than she could ever have imagined for a woman her age. Her mother let her gaze a moment and then shoved her daughters arms back onto the bed and lunged at her kissing her again rapidly kissing down her neck where she started sucking lightly as she pressed her slim hot body against her daughters body her fingers gliding down Meg's smooth back and over her arse cheeks and down between her legs feeling her young daughters tight wet hairless cunt.

It was Lois's turn to step back and admire her daughters body looking down at Meg's bald cunt which looked swollen and horny. " Tastes even better than it looks" Meg murmured. Meg let out a groan of pleasure as her mother finally went for it and attached herself to her daughters wet cunt as she started to suck feeling the soft fleshy tip yield to her tongue and her sucking mouth with ease. Meg let out a groan as her mother started to suck harder before running her tongue round the stiff point then sucking again lightly grazing it with her teeth before giving a little nip that made her daughter jump in surprise more than anything.

"Hey careful down there" she said catching her mothers gaze as she quickly looked up at her daughter blushing bright red at being told off.


She quickly resumed her licking again but her daughters tight cunt was much wetter this time as her tongue softly caressed her cunt and the soft flesh of her outer pussy lips with her lips. Her mother nuzzled in closer pushing her tongue out and just dragging the tip up her daughters inner lips then up to the hard tip making her squirm a little since she'd never had that done to her before by any other woman and by her own mother only made it even better.

Her mother had returned to fingering her own cunt at this point and was trying to brining herself off. However the sight of her daughter lying spread - eagled on the bed with her tight wet cunt still dribbling from her workout with the long black rubber vibrator and of course from the attention her mother was now giving her tight young cunt was causing a strange feeling inside her.

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Her mothers hands simply couldn't completely fondle her daughters breasts and anyway Meg had had enough of being the one getting all of the attention now she wanted to give it. Pushing herself up from the bed she forced her mother backwards on to the bed making her now look up at her daughters young beautiful hot body and she smiled.

Meg brought her lips down towards her mothers breasts and planted her lips on to her firm breast and onto her nipple then breaking her soft kiss just as quick.

"No please don't stop Meg! that was really nice." her mother said. "'I'm not sure what to do mum." she said. "Just do to my breasts and pussy what you would like done to your pussy." her mother said.

So Meg put her hand between her mothers legs and started to rub her finger just inside her mothers cunt gently and her lips back onto her nipple and started to suck on it softly. Her mother started squirming and making gentle moaning noises and her daughters kissing got more and more passionate.

Meg's index finger then slipped deeper into her mothers wet cunt. "I can't take much more of this Meg your a natural." "But if we're going to do this then let's do it properly." her mother said.

"Look" said Meg "'I've never done this before and I'm not sure what I'm doing either mum but it sure feels nice." "You've got a great body mum and I just want to enjoy it" "Well OK" said Lois and with that they both got back to what they where doing to each other. Meg leant forward and with her tongue she licked the entire length of her mothers wet cunt in one long upward stroke.

"Oh Meg that's was so good please do it again" With that her daughter put her hands on her mothers soft ass cheeks and pulled her in to her and started licking her cunt in just the same way as her mother had done to her and at the same time she put a finger inside her mothers wet cunt and she then started rubbing her clit with her thumb.

Now it was Megs turn to listen to her mother as she started to moan and groaning in shear ecstasy. "Oh God that's so good don't stop Meg it's wonderful' her mother moaned. Meg kept working on her mothers wet cunt by simply doing the same things that she had enjoyed being done to her cunt by her mother just a few minutes ago when she was on her back on the bed and her mother was between her legs working on her tight wet cunt.

She put her tongue deep inside her mothers cunt while she continued to work her fingers and her thumb in her mothers wet cunt. After a few minutes her mother was shaking and wriggling and it was obvious from the sweet dribbling juices dripping from her wet cunt which where now flowing into her daughters mouth that she had made her cum.

Meg stopped licking her mothers wet cunt and said "You're so smooth mum" then dragged her tongue up her wet cunt again to find her clitoris before attaching to it with her soft lips. Lois gasped as her daughter licked and sucked her wet cunt like a juicy orange and then nibbled on her clitoris making her hips buck involuntarily with a gasp she let out another grunt.

Meg stop as she heard her mother grunt and moan then started sucking her cunt again the grunt and moaning spurring her on to increase her assault on her mothers wet cunt sucking harder and massaging her mothers clitoris with her lips and dabbing with the tip of her tongue on mothers love button. Suddenly her mother gasped and let out a long moan her hands grabbing the sheets next to her trying to refrain from letting her lust take hold and guide her grasp to Megs soft hair.

Her daughter giving a very deliberate slurp as she pulled away from her mothers soft wet cunt lips and licking her own before she gave a sly smile.

Her mothers eyes where squeezed shut again as her head dropped back onto the bed as her daughter went back to work on her mothers wet cunt as she used her mouth to the max. Lois covered her daughters head with her hands feeling her soft brown hair as Meg pushed her tongue upwards into her mothers cunt bring another loud moan of unbridled pleasure from her mothers lips.

Her daughter was now circling her mothers clit rapidly with her tongue before sliding it down into her wet cunt hole and then just letting her top lip slip over the nub as her tongue teased her mothers delicate petals. Just probing her mothers cunt hole for a moment Meg went all the way and slid her powerful tongue into Lois's slippery wet cunt and was now being greeted by another little rush of her mothers hot sweet tasty juices again as she drove her tongue as deep as she could into her wet juicy cunt and just started wiggling and circling for a moment before drawing back slowly as her mother writhed on the silk bed sheets.

Slipping her tongue out Meg gave a firm long lick from top to bottom again her tongue going back to Lois's clit again and again firmly kneading it and working on it just enough to provide the right intensity to give her mother the pleasure she craved. Her mother was on the brink of another orgasm her long legs squeezing her daughters shoulders as another wave of pleasure started rising from deep within her. Taking a minute or two to recover her mother smiled as she slowly moved up the bed and knelt over her as they locked lips again letting her taste her own sweet cunt juices on her daughters lips as their lips locked together their tongues delving into each other's mouths as they kissed their tongues danced together and their fingers interlocking as they snogged.

Just pushing up with her right hand Lois eased her daughter over onto her back on the bed and with a contented sigh as their kiss broke, just feeling so happy to be loved by her mother. Lois immediately went back to work on her daughters breasts sucking and nibbling at her soft firm young tits and nibbling at her large nipples a little harder each time as Meg gave out little moans and grunts as her mother sucked and licked at them feeling the tight points respond to her nibble as her daughter moved about on the bed under her.

She softly licked and kissed over her daughters left breast dragging her tongue across the nipple loving how Meg squirmed at the stimulation on her firm young tits. Her hand was gently squeezing and teasing at her daughters other breast as she switched from her left breast and moved across to start kissing and licking at the right breast and then using her hand on the left one squeezing it firmer this time scraping her nails over the soft skin at the same time.

Meg had her eyes tightly closed and was breathing quickly the motion of her chest almost upsetting her mothers rhythm as she licking round her daughters nipple wetting it with her tongue and then teasing it by blowing over it to make it cold her daughter giving out a little moan as her nipple stiffened even more. Her mother smiled in satisfaction before going back to work on her breasts sucking them into her hot mouth one by one leaving her daughter Meg gasping at the sudden change in sensations.

As she worked on her daughters breasts with her hot mouth her right hand moved downwards over Megs belly and down a little further to find her hot wet tight hairless young cunt then just teasing her with her fingers round the outside of her cunt hole. Megs heart was now pounding in her chest and was the only thing she could hear as she breathed heavily her mother was now teasing her with her tongue along her wet outer cunt lips before moving it down and into her tight cunt pressing her nose to the warm wet soft outer lips hearing her daughters moans and feeling her shift as her nose touched her clitoris.

Her nose breathing in the delicate sweet scent of her young daughters dripping wet cunt adding to her own arousal. Without a word her mother took in a deep breath of sweet sent and took hold of her daughters waist and pushed her tongue deep into her tight wet cunt.

She felt Meg tense as if she was resisting her for a moment,but in fact she was trying to help by moving her arse up off the bed as her mother kissed down into her sweet tasting cunt.

Meg moaning in ecstasy as her mother started to feel the sweet tasting liquid heat of her daughters hot wet young cunt as her tongue lapped up the juices coming from her open cunt. She quickly located her daughters clit flicking quickly at the hood and then rapidly running her tongue round and over it doing her best to massage it as she took hold of Megs hips with her hands.

She drew back and dragged her tongue slowly over her daughters soft wet lips pressing into them a bit before she went back to work on her clitoris licking and nibbling it again. Her daughter pulled herself up and reached down and took hold her mothers head with both hands lifting her away from between her legs. Lois looked up at her daughter with her eyes looking straight in to her deep blue eyes.

She could feel her daughter shaking like a leaf as her orgasum took hold of her entire body. The both of them lay on the bed in a tangled heap of naked bodies' arms and legs. Meg said "Well that was bloody amazing mum""You know you can't tell anyone what we've been doing Meg?' her mother said "What we do in our own home must stay that way" she said. "It's not that I'm ashamed of what we've just done, but it's just no one else's business right Meg and well it was all such a big surprise I didn't realize sex could be so great with another woman" her mother said.

" Yes mum!" "but i think we ought to try this out again Meg said. 'What right now?' her mother said. "No i think i need a rest i am well and truly fucked plus look at the time" smiled Meg and she started to get up of the bed.

Her mother looked across at the clock on the wall which read 6 am. "Now we know how much fun it is we can do this anytime" she said "Well, we can always invite Susie to join us the next time?" her mother said. "What a fantastic idea" said Meg and her mother could tell that her plan had worked and she would soon have her daughter and her daughters friend right where she wanted them on their backs begging for it. MICHAEL