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Just getting off work from a busy day and I desperately need to go grocery shopping. As I walked out with my groceries in my hand. I see my first love the guy that I lost my virginity to Lamont Evans is sitting on the hood of my car. Nervous as hell, what am I'm thinking I can't see him. I look a mess. As I walk over to my car, checking him over, there was something about his thuggish look that caught my eye. There was always a part of me that preferred the bad boy type.

Hey baby girl. I can not believe how sexy and masculine his voice has gotten since the last time I saw him after graduation. I couldn't believe I was biting my bottom lip, and smiling enticingly at him.

I could not stop smiling at this 6'4feet tall, two hundred thirty pound, muscular caramel black men, with deep piercing dimples with freshly twisted dreads that where shoulder length, dressed head to toe in Sean John, smelling like Cool Water cologne. By the way, my name is Aida twenty-five years old Register Nurse. I'm part Jamaican and Creole with a soft sexy raspy voice.

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I have full juicy lips and a picture perfect smile. My skin is the color of dark chocolate; I have a beautiful pair of 38 DD succulent firm breasts, most people calls me hazel because of my light brown eyes. Most African American men consider me to be thick built, well-formed, with a small sexy waist and a bona fide bodacious ass that is eye-catching to any men. He and I chatted for about a minute. So, how did you even no this was my car?

I saw you walking into the supermarket as were exiting. You look really gorgeous baby. My name is Aida. Well, Aida you look so damn sexy to me. So, you have a boy? Are you referring, rather or not I am in a relationship?

Are you in a relationship? No, and the last boy I dated was you. Oh, I see you have jokes. Well, what about you Lamont, are you in a relationship? Nope. How about we exchange cell numbers and hang out sometimes.


Catch up on old times Aida. Okay, here is my number. I will definitely be calling you.

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Can I have a hug; I haven't seen you in years? Sure. I can not believe that I have the ability to still make his dick hard without even touching him. Can't leave out that he still is can make me wet my panties without me even feeling him inside me. Four weeks had passed and Lamont called me up and we decided that we meet today at eight o'clock tonight and I would cook dinner and make is favorite Shrimp Alfredo.

Since I hadn't entertained a man since him and I broke up three years ago. I decided that we have dinner outdoors, since I had my back yard landscape and the orchid are in full blossom this would be a nice place to have dinner. As soon as I soak my naked bodacious, I lathered my body with Apple Martini lotion that I had picked up from Victoria Secrets.

As I looked in the mirror, I could hear my family and best friend telling me that I need to stop and remember why I broke up with him in the first place.


I quickly put there voices out of my head. There was something impressive about him that I just couldn't avoid. Ever since I set my eyes on him, I was captivated like a junkie needing there next fix. Instead of a heroin I needed my kitty cat fixed and was the right men for the job. Putting on a silk strapless midriff red dress that barely came pass my thighs; the dress curved in to display of my back and if you look close enough you could almost see the imprint of my buttocks.

I put on lip gloss and diamond stud earrings, three inch stilettos heels.

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I brushed my hair back into a bun. Lamont arrived on time. As he walked into the door smelling so damn good looking likes a million bucks. I felt my pussy getting moist and I wasn't any underwear underneath my dress. Why is this happening now, I do not need to have cum dripping down my shaven smooth legs.

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This is the guy I lost my virginity too. Snap back to reality this is nothing but two ex-lovers having dinner and nothing else. I am a grown woman that can have total control over her. Hey Aida, are you going to invite me in.

Damn, I am losing all common sense.

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Of course come in a have a seat. Dinner is almost ready. It's smells so good in here; I hope you did not go all out just for me. Oh, before I forget, I brought chocolate strawberries for desert. Thanks Lamont. The pleasure is mine.

Let's go out to the back, we are having dinner outside tonight. It's is a beautiful night, the stars is sparkling hazel. He is still smooth, Lamont no one has called me hazel in a long time.

Let me pull your chair out Aida. You're the perfect gentleman. I like what you have done to your back yard. Is that a hot tub? Yes, it is Lamont. Maybe we can get wet tonight? Let's see how dinner goes. Plus Lamont you did not bring your swimming shorts.

We can go in our birthday suits. Eat your food. Come here Aida. Yes. I let him feed me the pasta with his fingers, before I knew it. I had his fingers inside my mouth. Licking them completely dry. Before I knew it, his tongue was inside my mouth and he taste so damn succulent.

As we embrace he raised my dressed up to my thighs, he smile and said I notice somebody it not wearing any underwear. I can feel him penetrating my clitoris with his fingers, As my pussy engorged I can feel the juices from my pussy was dripping all over his fingers. As I began to moan he continues to go further inside my pussy.

I pressed my lips against his familiar lips. I took him deeper into my mouth and we explore one another bodies with our tongues touching, the heat between both us became intensely sizzling hot. He lifted my dress over my head and he began to take off his clothes. As I watched, my heart started to beep faster and faster.

Before I knew it, he had picked me up and sat me down on his lap and started sucking my neck. I wrapped my arms around his neck and move my head to the side and began sucking on his neck. He moved from my neck to my breast, taking one at a time devouring it inside his mouth.

I could not believe this was happening. Before I knew it, he had placed my hand on his dick, in which I began to grip all of 10 inches of this thick gigantic dick that I was dying to either tastes are feel inside me.

He whisper inside my ears was I ready. I could barely reply. I sighed. He lifted me up and placed his fingertips to trace around my tender nipples. after there, he stimulated my clitoris with the tip of his fingers, this time he gripped his hand around my hair pulling me towards him as he went further and deeper inside my pussy, with my juices dripping on his fingers, he pulls out and place his fingers inside my mouth, causing me to lick all of my juices off of his fingers.

He then commanded me to put his dick inside my pussy. I screamed with pain but it was pure pleasure. So much pleasure between the both of us. As I pounced up and down on his dick, riding him so fierce, He started to grab my neck, I said choke me.

He grabbed me even harder and said ride me bitch, ride this big cot. I started to clap my ass cheeks on his dick and I said in a soft sexy voice, how bad do you want to cum.

I started kissing and sucking on his neck, and slapping my big tits on his face, forcing him to fuck me back. Before I knew it, he grabbed me and throw on the table and was pouring wine all on my pussy, pulling my legs apart, he dived right inside my shaven pussy. I can hear my pussy talking back to him, begging his tongue to inside a little deeper. I started grabbing his dreads and wrapping my legs across his neck, forcing his tongue more inside of me, I started to arch my back up from the table and he took one his hands and started fumbling the tip of my hard nipple.

He then turned me over, and started to eat my ass out and banging his dick on my ass.

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He said can you take it bitch. I said go for what you know. He forcefully put it in my ass and I took it. I started pumping back and he kept spanking my ass and gripping my ass cheeks and kissing my ass while giving me hard long strokes inside my ass. Before he could cum inside me, I move from underneath, him and grabbed his dick and deep throat like I had been stranded in the dessert and desperately needed water.

He was pulling my hair and fucking my face and I was massaging his balls with my hands and stroking his dick inside my mouth. I was slobbing him down, and taking his dick out of my mouth and slapping my face with his dick and deep throat all ten inches inside my mouth, he started to quiver before I knew he had bust all in side my mouth and I swallowed all of it.

We took a hot steamy shower and cleaning each other off. He carried me back to my King size bed and laid me down and tucked me inside. I have to go. Already. Yes, I have to get up early to go to work.

Well let me walk you to the door. No, I will let myself out. He kissed me intensely. I'll call you. The next day, I did receive a call from Lamont. It had been three weeks, still no call.

After work, I decided to go to Target; I still could not get Lamont out of my mind. I was headed to the check-out line. I could not believe my eyes.