Precious old ride for a whore

Precious old ride for a whore
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It has been 5 days since Jamie disappeared and everyone was wprried especially her parents,her mother cried when she found the note,they knew she was very upset with Tims accident and she began to close herself to everyone,even her friends but noone thought she would do such a thing. They tried searching the area but couldnt find anything,there was absolutely no sign,nothing,like she never existed only her room and her clothes looked like she was there once,her mother didnt touch one thing and didnt allow anyon to go in there,everything was on its place untouched.

Sarah and Elizabeth spent days and days trying to find her and asking people did someone see her that day when she went to walk,they put posters all over the place,streets,school,library,police,hospital,they even went to next town,and Sarahs father even tried to get support from police next town,he really tried everything but there was absolutely no evidence,no clues and it was driving him crazy which made him think whoever did it was a proffessional.

'I just cant and dont believe Jamie would do such a thing,the handwriting looks like her but its kind of different I really dont know whats it all about but doesnt exactly look like hers,hm.'-Sarah said to Elizabeth while she glared in distance. 'Yes,I thought the same thing,but didnt wanna say anything,wasnt sure'-Elizabeth replied. They both cried for days and they heard roomers around the school how Jamie was unstable,or killed herself,some roomers said she left a suicide note which was total bullshit,some said she was pregnant and ran away with someone.

Both of the girls were irritated with it because they knew their friend would never do such a thing,and her note was very fishy,they were supposed to visit Tim in a hospital and they knew Jamie was looking forward to it so there was no chance shed escape especially not before she visited him. Tim state was the same,nothig much changed but doctors said there was hope that he will recover but wasnt sure what happened with his brain but physicall recovery should happen soon the only question is will he ever be able to communicate again nor will he ever be the same.

Next day they girls were heading to their lockers and while picking stuff from inside they heard a group of people gossiping about Jamie and it was really bad. 'Ive heard she got pregnant and was cheating on Tim and thats why he had an accident,its probably her fault,he crashed on purpose'-one of them said. 'Yeah,I have heard she is actually pregnant with whomever that is,someone said hes married but has a lot of money,what a whore huh'-one of the girls said and everyone started laughing.

Sarah was really mad and she started to walk there,dropping her stuff on the floor.Elizabeth knew that means trouble especially the look on Sarahs face which was showing shes up to some fight. 'Really bitch?Who told you that,why the fuck are you lieing whore?Do you want everyone to know that you are actually fucking a married man so thats your story not Jamies if youre a whore,not everyone is'-Sarah yelled and she slapped the girl so hard that she fell down,holding her cheek with tears in her eyes.

Everyone from the company started yelling and Elizabeth was forced to participate in it because she knew if she didnt Sarah could get hurt. A girl stepped forward and raised her hand to hit Sarah but Elizabeth stopped her,now she was irritated also.

'Dont you fucking dare to touch her or I will rip your head off and it wont be nice now,youre all going to go away unless you want me to call the police'-Elizabeth said The girl stood up,embarrased with her cheek red and told everyone to go saying how this isnt over and they will be seeing each other,so they went away. 'Can you believe what they are saying about Jamie,Im tired of hearing this shit over and over again,I really wanna find out who started these roomers'-Sarah was upset but she covered her face with her palms and started crying,she was desperate to find her friend but so far there was no hope they will ever find her.

'We will find her,you will see,everything is gonna be good in the end'-Elizabeth replied but she also started crying. The two girl sat on school stairs hugging each other and crying,they didnt exactly believe they will ever see their friend again. Jamie sat in her cage,looking at the clock,counting days,hours,minutes of her captivity.

'How could I be so stupid and walk inside with him'-she thought to herself regretting her decision She walked up to the fridge and got herself a glass of orange jiuce and a slice of bread,she didnt eat all of it,wasnt hungry at all but she had to eat something at least unless she wants to starve to death but life finally had a meaning again and this woke her up.

Again,she tried to hit the wall with her hands and screamed,she knew it was no use but was better then doing nothing. Knowing it was useless she layed on the bed,thinking,wondering what are her friends doing,she wondered about Sarah and about Elizabeth.

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'If Liz only knew whats Greg like shed never look at him again,not even think about him'-she thought while looking around the cabin. At one moment she spotted something,it was a small silver letter opener,as she quickly got on the floor and tried to reach it while stretching her arm in between the bars. 'Damnit,I could almost reach it,but i need something to help me.Maybe I could use the rope from welcome sign.What a welcome it was'-she thought sarcastically while ripping the sign off.She attached the rope to a magnet in a shape of a flower and threw it toward the letter opener.She missed few times but finally after almost an hour it all made worth because she finally had it in her hand.

'Perfect,Greg will never even knew what happened and before he does,I will be long gone'-she smiled,for the first time she was here and hid the opener underneath the pillow. After some time,she heard a car and she knew Greg is here. 'Great,I will have the chance sooner then i thought'-smiling she sat on the floor watching at the door.

The door opened and Greg came inside carrying bags in both hands and wearing a robe with something embeded on it,looked like some letters,she never saw anything like it before. 'Hello dear Jamie,we have so much to talk about and we are also about to have some fun,its a full moon outside,hope youre up for some fun.Well,even if youre not,I dont really care,its still going to be great'-he looked at her while dropping the bags on the floor.

'Please Greg,I beg you once more,let me go,ot at least tell me why are you doing this'-she asked with most innoccent look she could make but was thinking about the opener she hid. 'I have already told you this is crucial to your recovery and you will be a good girl wont you Jamie?'-it was suppsoed to be a question but sounded more like a statement,or something he wanted to convince her in as he opened the bags and pulled out a knife and some other tools but from other bag,he started to pull out ropes,vibrators,and some clothes for her,something that seemed to look like a wedding dress but only it was black.

'What are you going to do with that knife'-her voice was trembling and she started to have dark thoughts not knowing what he is capable to do. 'Do not worry precious,I wouldnt harm you,I need you and knowing that youre a virgin made everything far more better then I imagined,you really cheered me up with that'-he stated calmly not even looking at her.

When he was done,he pulled a chair near the bars,looking her straight in the eyes. 'Everyone is so worried about you,your mother is crying her eyes out and your dad also.My stupid sister is weeping in her room almost all day,her grades are really bad so for a change I am not the black sheep in the family .Oh and yes,Ive met Elizabeth,shes not exactly my type but Ive heard she fucks good,or so I have heard,I might use it,lust is always good'-he grienned.

'What about the letter,do they know I did not write it because I am sure they at least suspect something' 'Well I forgot to mention.There are different roomers going around and ofcourse I am responsible for most of them,can you believe how much people tend to think like sheeps,in a herd,its funny really.One of the roomers is that you are pregnant with an older,married guy from some town nearby.Some that you had another boyfriend and you ran off with him,some that well,you were terribly devastated with Tims accident that you went in the woods and commited suicide.And bout Tim.His condition is not changing doctors wonder will it ever change,physicall recovery is going well but noone knows when he will wake up from coma.Hopefully never.Yes dear Jamie,judging by the look in your eyes,you must be wondering was it my fault and oh yes it was completely my fault,I am proud of what I did so far'-he looked in her eyes with a look that was saying how confident,clever,satisfied he was.

She knew now that he has thought of everything,covering up evidence like this was not an easy job and she realised he is even more dangerous then she ever imagined. 'Now.lets get to work shall we?'-he said and Jamie had a shocked look on her face,not being able to say a word,she was speechless. He melted one of the candles and made that star she already saw on the floor placing one black candle at its end,later he informed her its called a pentagram.

When he was done with preparations he told her to get undressed or he will do it for her so she decided it would be best if she undressed herself. She sat on the floor naked and as he opened the door he started touching her,her breasts,her stomach,gently going down on her,kissing her all over until his lips reached her pussy,licking her until she came with a mixture of joy and guilt.

Then,he took off his robe and she was surprised when she saw that he was naked underneath the whole time,after all,cabin was illuminated only with candles so she couldnt have known. 'Amasing'-she thought how he looks stunning standing there,naked his body exposed and he was looking like one of those Gods she used to read about,like a Prince.Or a King even.Still,it didnt change the fact he was a psychopath she thought while her eyes glanced over his big dick.

'I will never be able to handle that Greg and you will only hurt me'-she said. 'Dont worry Jamie,you will get used to it,we have a lifetime together.Yes,I said lifetime,Im thinking about keeping you here as mine,forever,we were together even before this life,in our past lifes,you dont remember it but it is true,you were my wife,friend,lover,sister.Everything and I will not let you go,you belong to me,maybe in thime you will realise we belong together,for many lifetimes youve been my companion and I will make sure you are in this one too'-he said now smiling softly to her,like as he really believed in it and wanted her to believe it also.

'Greg,what are you talking about,what past lifes.I.It sounds insane,you are crazy you know that?You kidnapped me and now youre keeping me here like I am some animal,behind bars,I dont even have a clock,calendar,nothing!'-she was upset with everything he said so her sorrow turned into hatred and rage.

'Time?Not important,why do you even wish to know?It means nothing,you have yet not realised what is this all about,this is bigger then you and me,we are just parts of it.Rellevant parts,I must add'-he said and started to kiss her.His kisses were not returned from her side,she didnt want him touching her,not even kissing her because she wanted so bad he was Tim,as she always thought Tim will be her first.

'What parts,what are you talking about you psycho,what is your problem except that youre disturbed.Nothing you say makes any sense to me'-she said as she started pushing him from her and looking at him with disgused look on her face. 'I will give you time to think about it when we are done,I am still hoping you will understand but even if you dont,it does not matter,I know the truth.You should also know I am a Demon'-he said proudly. 'What.?Youre a what?Get off me Greg stop touching me,what Demons?You have lost your mind completely and someone should lock you up like they shouldve done long time ago!'-she was yelling but she couldnt control her emotions as she had enough.

He threw her one bed turning her around so she could lay on her stomach as he grabbed a rope and started bounding her legs.When he was done,he moved to her arms,they were struggling and Jamie managed to grab the letter opener beneath the pillow and stabbed him in the leg.He was shocked and fell down on floor grabbing his leg in obvious pain which gave her time to untie her legs so she jumped from bed,grabbing her night dress but Greg grabbed her foot so she fell and dropping the letter opener.They were wrestling and the opener was out of her reach,he slapped her,swearing and grabbing her hair but then she finally reached the opener and stabbed him in the arm with it two times.

Quckily,she dressed the night dress and ran with bloody hands and holdin an opener outside towards the car but it was locked and she didnt have time to take the keys. She saw Greg,limping in attempt to run after her yelling how she really fucked it up now and how he tried to be considerate but she screwed up now.

'Stop running Jamie,you will only make it worse!!!I know these woods better then you or anyone else!'-he yelled so hard and with a revengeful tone that she knew if she stops he really might kill her or hurt her badly,she knew she screwed up.

Tired,she found a perfect hiding place,it was like a small cave so she decided she will spend the night there so she fell asleep. When she got up in the morning she was up for surprise.


Greg was sitting on the ground looking at her,his shirt smeared with blood and his eyes full of anger. 'Did you sleep good bitch?This is the only sleep you are going to get in a long time as I will now visit you more often at night not letting you sleep,and also I will not bring you food this much,I have been too nice to you,only thing you are going to get now is water and bread,also I will place some shackles at your feet so you cant run,seems like running is something you are good at'-he said as he slapped her and grabbed her hair pulling her outside not caring about her screams nor begging and no matter how much she was scratching him,his firm hand did not let go of her hair,at one point she thought he will rip out all of her hair.

When they approached the car he hit her again and next thing she knew was being in cabin,her nightdress full of fresh blood ad sharp pain in her nose and her head aching,he hit her so hard her nose bled but on her feet.She had shackles,there was no way she could get rid of those she didnt have the key and any try to get out of those would be useless.

'Tonight,it will be full moon again and if you fuck this up,I promise,I will kill you.Dont think someone will know what happened to you as noone will find your corpse.Ever.So instead of giving me a hard time better be good and obedient for a change and we are not yet even for pain you caused me,I still cant stand on my feet normally,you are are going to pay for that too,but since I need to go you better prepare yourself mentally and physically.I will be back in about 2 hours'-he said with calm voice.

As the door closed and as she heard his car starting she knew that what she did was a terrible mistake,to anger him like she did.It was a what she thought a good plan,gone bad. Tired and in pain she fell asleep so those two hours passed sooner then she knew when she heard doors opening and Greg opening her cage,dragging her out not even giving her time to wake up so he made her place the candles and lit them up as he cut her night dress with a knife and he went to prepare the altair,placing her in the middle of the pentagram and he ordered her to kneel.

Pulling down his pants,he grabbed her her so she was staring in his eyes but she kept avoiding his look. 'Look at me bitch.I said look at me!'-he was now yelling angrily. She looked him straight in the eyes as he pulled down his pants with the other avalible hand,his dick was hard and now it looked even bigger then ever before. 'Suck it you stupid slut!And you better do it good othewise I will slit your throat'-he said while taking the knife and placing it on her throat,it was so sharp and he was pushing,that he actually cut her a bit so she was bleeding.

In fear she started to cry and beg but as always and perhaps now more then ever,Greg did not listen to her at all and was obviously focused on his satisfaction,seemed like he was not joking when he said he wasnt going to be nice anymore.

When she started sucking he started focing himself more and more so she thought she will throw up that moment but held it because of fear of making him even more mad. He pushed her down and commanded her to remain laying and went to the table to get the keys for the shackles so he could unlock her feet. When he did that,he put on his robe and went to the altair praying something in some odd language,also something she never heard of before.

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Her body was shaking,not knowing what is going to happen next made her nervous,feeling terrified. After he was done with his praying he kneeled down to floor,spreading her legs saying how that will only hurt a bit if shes lucky. When he put his dick inside of her,she started to pull away from him,pushing his with his hands,but he did not care much for it,seemed like it was turning him on so he kept pushing inside until pain became unberable so she started to scream and pushed him even wilder.

'Calm down whore or I will force it all inside so you will know the true meaning of pain'-his breathhing was heavier now as he kept fucking her faster. Her whining and screaming became louder until she felt something warm inside of her,filling her up,making her more wet then she was. When he pulled outside he looked at her pussy filled with his sperm and blood. 'I hope you are going to stay pregnant some time soon,I need a son and you are going to give me one.I know when are your fertile days since the three of you get periods on same time and this is one of those days.You see,I need a son because of the history we have together,you will be completely mine in this life,so its mine or noone elses and that child is going to be very special'-he said as he put his hand on her stomach,carresing it as if she was already pregnant.

Jamie froze.Child,no.She was far too young to be a mother,she needed to finish school and go to colledge and one day marry Tim and have children with him. This wasnt happening she thought,what did she do to deserve this injustice,wasnt clear to her at all. 'Now wear that wedding dress I brought to you.Yes,its a wedding dress,only black,you noticed good'-he said.

While getting inside the dress,still shaking and crying,Greg went to the altair and continued to pray,he was also wearing his robe again. She stood there letting him do all the ceremony,still looking shocked and stressed. 'You are my wife officially now.Not that we needed it but I want you to feel owned completely,mine just mine besides,makes me feel good.Not in any moment you stopped being my wife and I am your husband now as I always was.If you ever do run away again,which by the way will not happen,keep in your mind that no matter what happens I own you'-he said obviously content with what he did.

'No.Please Greg,I am too young to be a mother.I need to go to finish school and go to colledge,I have plans.Please,Greg you cant do this to me.You are young to be a father also,its a hughe responsibility and I.'-she was saying when he told her that he is going to be a great father to his son as much as she is going to be a great mother,once again placing his hands on her stomach.

'Sleep Jamie,think of the child we are about to have.Tomorrow and the day after it and day after it,we will repeat this until I am absolutely sure you are carrying my child.It is something I must do,and it is also one of your missions in this life.After all,dont forget I am a Demon,so I know who you are,but you are still immature and you are refusing to know the truth by putting your head in the sand,will do you no good,youll see.'-he said while he kissed her,placng the shackles back on her feet and locking her up in her cage.

Next day he came and raped her again and again.She lost track of time but she knew it had to be over a month of her being there. Greg kept his promise and only fed her with bread,rarely even giving her juice,only water which he said will happen until she gets pregnant,then he would give her more food as he said she has to be strong to carry the child for 9 months.

One morning she woke up and felt a sudden urge to throw up after eating only bread but it was still enough to make her sick.That continued to happen during the day so when Greg came he noticed something wasnt right but he was so persistant to get her pregnant that he didnt care much,wasnt enough to stop him to reach his goal.

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'No,Greg please dont,Im not feeling well all day I think I might throw up again.Also.My period is late,that never happened so it seems like you got your wish,I think I am pregnant'-she said while she got up and threw up once again.

His eyes sparkled and his face cheered up,then he went to her and kissed her on her tummy and her lips. 'Jamie thats.Amasing.You have the honour to carry my son,you should be happy and proud.Tomorrow,I wil bring you some cake so we will celebrate this.Put your hand on your stomach,dont you feel the energy already?-he asked with smile and joy.

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Jamie was sick of all this but she couldnt deny that she loved that child already,when he first raped her,she thought loving this child will be impossible.

It was not childs fault that Greg was a psychopath,thinking he was a Demon was ridiculous,but he believed in it so strongly that he almost had her fooled couple of times.

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Back home everything was back to normal,people seemed to forget Jamie was missing as if nothing happened. Everyone beside her parents,Sarah and Elizabeth,even the sheriff said that if they didnt find her for so long they might have to accept the fact that she might be dead or in better case,really pregnant or ran away with someone. 'Sarah,do you think if Jamie is alive,she thinks of us sometimes?'-Elizabeth asked on their way to school,but Sarah stopped walking and looked her.

'Jamie is alive,how dare you even think that shed hurt herself,you are supposed to know her better then anyone else,she is our friend,I cant believe how stupid can you be sometimes'-Sarah said and started walking away leaving Elizabeth standing with a surprised look on her face. 'Dont follow me Liz,right now,I dont wanna talk to you,just leave me alone!'she yelled. 'Okay'-thought Liz to herself and I was just about to tell her how I have been dating Greg.

'There is time to hell her I suppose'-she shrugged and continued walking to school by herself. Later that day,when school was over Sarah decided she should go to Elizabeths house and apologize,it wasnt right of her to say what she did.

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She rang the bell and Elizabeth opened up. 'What do you want Sarah'-she asked insulted.

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'Well I just wanted to apologize,wasnt right of me to say what I said.'-she said while they sat on the porch. 'I just miss Jamie and its hard to believe she would ever kill herself or even ran away with someone,you know that she is not like that'-Sarah said.

'I miss her too,but come on.Noone can find her there is even no clues,so what am I suposed to think?Im just thinking at the worst possible scenario that could have happened,you cant blame me for that'-Elizabeth said. At that point,Sarah knew she was right,seemed like everyone just gave up and bought all of the shitty stories that were going around,even her own parents,or so it seemed.

'Well,maybe now that Tim is recovering he might give some useful information,doctors say that he started to speak a bit.Many of what he says does not make sense,but I am sure he will be able to say something about the accident,in which I dont believe was an accident at all'-Sarah said suspiciously. 'Yes,but I wonder how long is it going to take him even to remember what happened,it may take months,or even worse,years.'-Elizabeth said.

Two girls decided that they are going tovisit Tim today,although doctors did not allow visits that much because they wanted Tim to recover fastly which wouldnt be possible if everyone kept coming and putting ideas in his head,so the less contact someone made,was better for him.


In thee hospital they saw Tim has recovered physically very well,but had to do lot of exercises. Girls started to question him slowly about the accident but he gave no answer which could make sense to any of them but a nurse discovered what they were doing so she told them to go home so they wouldnt put pressure on Tims thoughts.

'That went well'-both girls giggled thinking of how the nurse got upset and started to gesticulate like she was insane.