Awesome night out with strumpets

Awesome night out with strumpets
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copyright: Lesley Tara, 2010 My older sister thought that she had the house to herself for the weekend. This was an entirely reasonable assumption: our parents were away on a 10-day cruise in the Caribbean, celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary, which left only me and I was supposed to be spending the weekend at a Girl Scouts camp in the mountains. It was a three-hour drive to get to this, and we were more than halfway there when news came through that because of a forest fire in the area the camp site was closing for safety reasons.

The camp would have to be postponed, and our bus turned and headed back to town so here I was being dropped off at the end of our street, early on Saturday afternoon instead of my expected return time on Sunday evening. I hadn't taken a cellphone with me because there was no reception in those steep mountain valleys, so my sister knew nothing about my return but that did not seem important, as I thought she would probably be out somewhere anyway.

I had my own key and let myself into the house quietly, feeling rather subdued with disappointment about the cancelled trip I really liked being in the Girl Scouts, and had been looking forward to the camp. I put my backpack and grip down in the hall, together with my uniform jacket, and then looked into the living room.

There were clothes scattered across the floor really, my sister can be so messy sometimes! I am more tidy-minded, and automatically began to gather them up and whilst doing so, I realised that there were two pairs of panties and two bras and one of them, an unfamiliar black lacy affair, was not in her size.

The females in our family are all quite well-endowed our Mom, even though in her late 40s, still turns the heads of guys half her age, especially in the summer when she wears a low front T-shirt or a bikini top. My sister was already a generous 30D bra size, whilst this garment was a much smaller 28B. There was a skirt as well as a pair of shorts, and a prettily-patterned camisole top that I didn't recognise as anything from Holly's wardrobe.

Maybe I would have put these facts together in a minute anyway but I didn't need to, for it was at that point that I heard the sounds from upstairs, from my big sister's room. There were moans and sudden gasping cries, and then a voice which sounded like Holly's shrieked out: 'I'm coming . aaaahh! fuckit, I'm coming! . make me come, make me!!' Without stopping to think, I ran upstairs and pulled open her bedroom door, to find a shocking surprise.

My older sister, Holly, was lying on her back on her bed completely naked, and with another nude female body on top of her. The other girl was face down and the other way round, in what I later learnt is called the '69' position. I immediately recognised the head of short dark tousled hair that was buried between my sister's widespread thighs, with lips pressed firmly against her pussy it was her long-time best friend, Leanne.

The latter's knees were placed on either side of my sister's chest and I realised instantly that her cunt was pressing down on my big sister's face, where Holly was eagerly lapping at it, in between the moans and cries elicited by her friend's similar attentions to her own pussy. Being underneath, my sister was more restricted in her viewpoint, and so it was Leanne who registered my presence first.

She ceased her oral onslaught on my sister's vagina and raised her head, wide-eyed and startled. 'Oh, shit!' she gasped, 'Holly look who's home! I stood in the doorway, dressed in my Girl Scout uniform, gazing open-mouthed at the entwined lovers I was taken aback by what I saw, and yet somehow not deeply shocked or shaken by it.

Leanne gave me a tentative and worried smile, as she rose to her feet and stepped aside from the bed. For a second my eyes rested on her slim form, registering the neatly-trimmed dark hair around her pussy and her small but shapely breasts I noticed how stiffly erect her nipples were, and quickly glanced away with a flustered feeling. My gaze switched to my lovely big sister, who was now revealed in a completely new way. Holly was still sprawled on her back, her full breasts jutting upwards, her legs wide apart and her labia puffy and parted.

I realised with a jolt of surprise that her pussy was completely clean shaven I didn't know that she had done that! My eye was irresistibly drawn to her open slit and the moist hole where Leanne's fingers and tongue had been delving, and it gave me a strange queasy feeling in my stomach I had never seen my sister like this before, as a sexual lustful near-adult. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * I should pause for a moment to tell you more about us.

My name is Susannah, but I am Suzie to my family and friends. At this time, I was just past my sixteenth birthday; Holly is my only sibling and we had always been close, in fact I rather idolised her.

There is nearly two years between us, and so she was then a few weeks short of turning eighteen. We are both considered to be very pretty we have smooth clear pale complexions and well-proportioned features with large dark brown eyes that match our rich glossy chestnut hair, we are rather taller than average (Holly is five feet ten inches; I was then three inches shorter than her but have since caught up), and most of all we take after our mother in our full and curvy figures.

My body had developed quite rapidly since I was about thirteen, and my narrow waist accentuated the flare of my hips and my pertly rounded ass, and drew eyes to the thrust of my slightly conical breasts, which already needed a 28 C-cup bra for support. My sister and I are very similar in appearance no one seeing us would doubt the relationship for an instant although my hair is curlier than Holly's and I keep it shorter, trimmed to collar length whilst hers fans out gloriously over her shoulders and half-way down her back.

Of course, at this time Holly looked that bit older and more mature than me I was then clearly still a mid-teenage girl, and I suddenly realised that she looked like a young woman, glowing with vitality and promise. My shape and, if I avoid false modesty, my outgoing and friendly personality drew a lot of attention from the boys at my high school, and not just my fellow 9th graders. In fact, much more than I wanted and it made me rather uncomfortable; they were always asking for dates and could be quite persistent.

Having a shrewd idea of how they hoped any such evening would end, I wasn't keen or ready for this. It took all my charm and tact to put them off without upsetting anyone or making enemies, but so far I had managed to avoid having anyone as a definite 'boyfriend' or going beyond some French kissing in the dark at parties but no hands were allowed to get under my top or up my skirt. One of the reasons I enjoyed the Girl Scout meetings and especially the camps away was that there were no boys to watch out for, and I did much prefer and feel more relaxed in the company of my own sex.

My early-developing body also drew interest from some of the girls, which I thought was just from the curiosity of comparison. However, I did get rather an odd vibe from one of my closest friends, Mishiko, just something in the way that she looked at me sometimes, particularly when we were changing for a gym class or softball game.

She was second-generation Japanese-American, with a pretty face and dark almond-shaped eyes, and long sleek straight jet black hair. Mishiko was close to my height, but of more slender build with a boyish figure a narrow flat pelvis and slim hips, and quite small AA cup breasts, although I noticed once when glancing her way as we stripped off, side by side in the locker-room, that her nipples were quite prominent. When we were alone, particularly at her house, she had recently started to talk quite a bit although vaguely about the value of 'new experiences' and of 'experimenting to find out who you are'.

I wasn't quite sure what she meant by this (or, more probably, I didn't want to let it in register in my conscious mind), but her persistence was making me feel a bit uncomfortable around her.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * My sister sat up on her bed, looking at me wordlessly at first, in a rather stricken and guilty way, and then more thoughtfully. She got up and took me gently by the arm, leading me unresistingly to sit down on the bed next to her, nodding to Leanne to seat herself on my other side.

My mind was in a whirl; I did not know what to think or say, and still less how I felt about my sister after this surprising revelation. Holly smiled at me gently and lovingly, put an arm comfortingly around my waist, and said: 'It's OK, sweetie, it's just fun between friends, something us girls can do', and then she added: 'I'm sorry you were surprised, and found out this way I guess I should have found a way to tell you before now, I have really been meaning to.' This intriguing statement loosened my tongue, and looking at both of them I stammered: 'Tell me what?' My sister came straight to the point, in her usual clear and direct way: 'That I'm a lesbian, and that Leanne and I are lovers, we have been for some time but it must stay our secret, and Mom and Dad must never ever know; honey, can you promise me that?' I swallowed my surprise, which was somehow not all that great, and nodded my agreement.

Holly looked relieved, and then she added, rather wistfully: 'Do you mind . have I let you down in some way?' I quickly assured her not, which was quite true.

I found that I didn't mind in the slightest, and if anything it made my adored older sister seem even more grown-up. In fact, it made a lot of sense and seemed right for her somehow. I smiled shakily at my sister, and she and her girlfriend looked much happier. Holly exhaled a deep breath, and leaned her head against mine for a moment. 'Mucho thanks, my sweet sis', she said, and then in more of a whisper: 'I do love you'. There was only one thing that I could or wanted to say.

'I love you, too', I whispered in reply. My big sister gave me a swift fierce hug, and then looked me up and down, with quite a different light in her eyes. She ran a hand gently through my curly mop of hair, and exchanged a look with Leanne, who then began gently to massage my back. After a few seconds, my sister spoke again, with a new husky tone in her voice that I had never heard before: 'Oh, sweet sis, you don't know what you're missing I want to show you, we'll show you'.

I was surprised and rather shocked, and turned towards her to make some sort of protest although in fact I felt both uncertain and intrigued but before I could utter a word, she kissed me on the lips, in a way in which we had never kissed before: sensually, passionately, hungrily, like lovers do. She thrust her tongue into my mouth, and almost automatically I responded.

With a jolt of shock, I felt her hands cupping my breasts, fondling and softly squeezing them through my Girl Scout uniform shirt and my soft cotton bra beneath and, with even more shock, I realised that my nipples were hardening in arousal. My God, I thought, my sister is making out with me, and I'm turned on by it! I was aware of Leanne's fingers at the buttons of my uniform shirt, opening it and pulling it away down my arms, revealing my firm young breasts in their plain white bra.

I gasped as my sister slid a hand inside the bra cup and scooped out the breast nearer to her, and seconds later Leanne did the same with the other, tugging the bra strap off my shoulder to dangle at the side. I was transfixed, wide-eyed, as the two of them bent their heads in unison, each taking one of my nipples into her mouth and then, after a quick lick around it, sucking hard and during all of this, I made no protest, no resistance of any kind.

I was just amazed, and yet also entranced I never stopped to think about it being wrong, because it seemed so tender, so loving. As my sister and her lover nuzzled my breasts, I gasped with the waves of arousal that this sent coursing through me I gave a soft whimper of pleasure, and my head went back, arching my back.

To keep my balance, my legs parted almost instinctively, and in an instant my sister undid the fastening of my uniform skirt, which had a button and zip at the side that was next to her.

Holly shifted her position, dropping off the bed to kneel in front of me, and she pulled the skirt over my hips and away in one firm motion. Then, before I realised how far this was going, or could think of objecting or preventing her (not that I cared any more by this point), she whisked my plain white panties down my legs as well, flinging them away behind her with a theatrical and saucy flourish which nearly made me laugh aloud. Holly winked at me, and then as she spread my knees wide apart with a gentle but authoritative pressure she licked her lips, and said: 'I declared this sweet sister-pussy open!' I glanced downwards, and with a flush of embarrassment realised that she was not just making a joke my pussy lips had engorged and were visibly jutting out, partly open!

Holly gazed at my private place with a expression of hot desire on her face, and then she looked me straight in the eyes. 'Oh, my sweet baby sister, you don't know how much I've longed for this, for us to be together like this you are so sweet, so cute, I've wanted you for ages!' she breathed softly. My big sister stroked my cunt with her fingertips, tracing around the sides and then making me gasp and shudder up and down my very cleft, parting the labial lips and giving me the strangest but most wonderful tingling feeling all over.

Leanne moved behind me on the bed, and cradled my suddenly limp and boneless body she unsnapped my bra and removed it, and I felt her naked breasts and hard firm nipples pressing against my bare back. She reached round to my front and took both my breasts in her hands, kneading their flesh and gently stroking my tits, which felt more sensitive than I had ever known before.

I gave a sudden cry, for my sister had brought her mouth down onto my pussy, sliding her tongue along and then oh, sweet Jesus, oh-my-God what a feeling! running the tip of it along my pussy-slit. Fuckit, my sister's tongue was INSIDE ME! She pushed it in further, and then lapped up and down, so slowly, so sensuously that I thought I was going to faint my stomach was full of butterflies, my pulse was racing, and sweat broke out on my brow. I just couldn't believe it my gorgeous busty big sister was eating out my pussy and I was loving every second of it!

Was I a lesbian too, I wondered? Well, I decided, if Holly was one, then it was no bad thing to be after all especially if it meant that we could share our affection for each other in this electrifying way. Holly's tongue caressed the rim of my vagina, but she was careful not to probe too hard or deep, for she knew that I was still a virgin I shared all my confidences with her, and she knew that I didn't want to do that yet with any boys.

And it was then, only then, that the realisation hit me you will think I'm obtuse, but it's what's in front of your own face that you miss of course I wouldn't want a boy's penis in me if I was in fact a lesbian, that explained all my reluctance. I know it might not seem logical, but instead of being worried by this, I felt calmed and reassured by the fact that I had a good reason for the way that I felt.

I understand now that it was relief at no longer having to suppress my nature that was a big part of my reaction, for I suddenly felt free, as if I had shed a burden that I had not even known I was bearing. My acquiescence in what my sister was doing to my body more than that, my evident arousal and openness in response to her sexual advances was also a great relief to Holly.

Now that she no longer had to withhold the most crucial thing about herself from me which had been a great strain, as otherwise she had always told me her private thoughts and feelings, sister to sister Holly was on a wave of sexual thrills, and she had the confidence to seduce me and bring me along the lesbian path.

I was in no doubt now that this was what was happening, that my big sister and I were becoming lovers and embarking on a new and adult dimension to our relationship and that I was just as eager to cross that threshold as she was. I closed my eyes, savouring the unbelievably erotic sensations that her cunnilingus was causing, and I rested one hand on the back of her head and pulled her face closer into my cunt. Suddenly, as she found my clitoris and nibbled it with her teeth, the stimulus overbore me the combination of Leanne's attentions to my breasts and my lovely sister's tongue at my cunt took me in a rush.

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I gave a high-pitched cry as I was seized by an explosive, shuddering orgasm my first ever true one, caused by a lover, and so much more satisfying than the effects that I had got from my fumbling masturbatory attempts. It was a profound revelation, leaving me gasping for breath and floundering in waves of lust and emotion, as the tidal wave of ecstasy engulfed me and then broke, ebbing slowly away.

Holly raised her face from between my wide-spread thighs, her eyes shining with love and excitement, and I grabbed her chin and drew her face to mine, kissing her fiercely.

'Ohmigod! sis, that was wonderful, thank you, thank you . that was so lovely!' I gushed, still miles high. Then a new and startling thought burst upon me like a lightning flash of revelation, and before I could lose my nerve, I rushed ahead I just knew that I had to follow my instinct, and that led in only one direction.

To Holly's utter delight and I heard Leanne give a gasp of surprise from behind me I told my sister that I wanted to do the same for her, that I wanted to taste her, to eat her pussy, to make her come for me. We quickly exchanged places, smiling at each other in excited wonder, and she sat on the bed next to her lover, who was watching saucer-eyed in fact, I noticed Leanne give a little shake of her head, as if she couldn't quite believe what she was seeing.

I squatted on my haunches in front of my sister, admiring her curvy figure and her ample thrusting breasts with an entirely new and quite personal appreciation.

After just a momentary hesitation, I put one hand on each of her knees, pressing her legs wider apart, and then slowly ran those hands up the inside of her thighs until they encountered the soft warm flesh on either side of her slit. I massaged her gently here for a few seconds, and she half-closed her eyes, giving me a sultry 'come hither' look from under her lashes. Next I stroked her prominent outer labia, and parted them to find the moister inner lips, eliciting a shiver of delighted anticipation from my sibling.

I was becoming fascinated by the orchid-flower opening of her sex, and desire was overcoming the last barriers of inhibition a little mental voice was saying this is another female you're going to fuck, right? In fact, it's your sister, right? Yeah, baby, oh yeah that's just so right! was my mental reply. I brought my mouth forward onto my sister's cunt, smelling her sexual scent, tasting her sweat and the pussy-juice that had seeped from her vagina, and fascinated by all of them.

I no longer had a shred of doubt that I was just like my sister (and that made me so happy, I have always wanted to follow in her footsteps, she was always my heroine), that I was 100% a lesbian, and glad of it.

As I began to run my tongue along her cleft, Holly started to make a rumbling noise in her throat really, it sounded a lot like a cat purring in pleasure. This sign that I was having some effect emboldened me, and I became more definite in my oral probing, pushing me face hard against her firm warm Venus mound. Her labia parted easily to my questing fingers as I sought to make the access easier for my tongue, and my sister huskily told me to push them in as well.

I wasn't sure how many, as I was afraid of hurting her, so I just used the index finger of my right hand like a rod, whilst still using my left hand to prise her slit further apart, and my tongue to delve into the widening valley of her vagina.

I could be much bolder than she had been with my pussy, for I knew that Holly was not a virgin not that she had gone with any boy, but when she was just over seventeen she had wanted to 'experiment' (hmm, that word again, the one Mishiko kept using to me, accompanied by glances sometimes wistful and sometimes of vexation .

I was starting to understand rather more of what was going on with my sweet Japanese-American friend!) . sorry, I wandered off topic there; anyway, Holly managed to get a vibrator from somewhere, I never knew quite how.

She began using it on herself, but a couple of weeks later went too far and it broke her hymen. She told me all about this a week or two after it happened, not indicating then whether it was an accident or on purpose; what she could not tell me at that time, but did later, was that the vibrator had been wielded by Leanne, and that it was done deliberately that night, they had resolved to take each other's virginity.

So I shoved my tongue and finger as deeply into my sister as I could, grunting with the effort and energy involved. Her breasts quivered in response to my penetrations, and without thinking I reached up with my other hand and groped them, pulling on each nipple in turn, back and forth.

Whilst my attention was focused upon servicing my sister, I sensed rather than saw Leanne ease herself off the bed and come round to kneel on the floor immediately behind me. Once again, I felt her stiff nipples against my back, and her hand came through between my legs, gently stroking my crotch and carefully probing my slit. Whilst she did this, she kissed the back of my neck and my shoulders, nibbling on them in a most arousing way.

I wondered briefly if she did that to my sister feeling a momentary pang of jealousy and then realised that of course she did, and a whole lot more besides . and that, if I was a good girl, I might be lucky enough for them to show me some day, and let me join in. I don't think it was any great expertise on my part that brought my older sister quite rapidly to a mighty climax it was the amazing thrill of having me as her lover, of having her younger sister kneeling stark naked between her thighs, feasting on her pussy, lapping eagerly at her vagina and gazing up at her, my mouth full of her cunt and my eyes staring adoringly at her face, hot sexual desire burning in my eyes.

I understood that Holly loved Leanne, that Leanne was her babe, her girlfriend, even her partner, and I didn't mind that at all and what was really amazing, was that Leanne knew this too and was confident enough of her secure place in my sister's heart that she did not see me as a rival, and was not jealous of what was happening on the contrary, it thrilled her and turned her on incredibly. It was as if we existed on separate parallel tracks, and could each have a sexual relationship with my sister a physically intense one as well as an emotional one without it threatening the place of the other.


In fact, since then we have had many threesomes, and sometimes Holly has just watched whilst Leanne and I make love, which we usually do very tenderly, caring for each other because we know the other one is precious to Holly. I don't see myself as my sister's 'lover' that's Leanne's place, and rightfully hers; I am still Holly's sister, but because we are both lesbians and have always been so close and affectionate, that sisterhood has a whole extra dimension that I guess most sisters don't have .

do they? I wonder . maybe they do, much more than anyone knows, after all it would all be kept secret, wouldn't it? . actually, I bet twins do it together, I know I would if I had a twin, because Holly is really like that to me, even though we are not the same age. Well, to get back to my amazing day of discovery of my lesbianism, and of sister-love. After Holly climaxed, which she did with much noise and wild abandon, she noticed what her lover was doing behind and underneath me, and warned Leanne to go cautiously because I was still a virgin.

I knew then, just as she said the words, what I wanted most of all. I looked Holly straight in the face and said softly that I did not want to be a virgin any longer, and even more than that I wanted her to take me, I wanted my sister to be my first. My statement really shook her and it rocked her world, as well! I had completely surprised her with this, she had never thought or expected such a thing she was utterly thrilled, and incredibly turned on by the idea.

My big sister asked me several times if I really meant it, if I was sure about this, and I had to reassure her that I was quite certain about it. Holly kissed me on the forehead and told me that I was giving her a real privilege, something amazingly special to share, that neither of us would ever forget this and that it would bind us even more closely together.

I just nodded and gazed up at her adoringly, admiring the sway and jut of her globular breasts and the prominence of her stiff nipples. My sister disappeared for a moment and came back with two large soft bath-towels, which she unfolded on the floor of her bedroom and then laid me down on top of them.

Leanne stretched out on the bed, looking down on me and eager to enjoy the sister-act that was about to be put on. Holly began with some gentle and very arousing foreplay, kissing my face, ears and neck, whilst her fingers trailed over my torso, tracing around my breasts and then creeping down across my flat stomach.

I felt so comfortable and so relaxed there was no apprehension at all, how could there be when I was in the hands of my beautiful and loving older sister? My arms lay at my sides, and in response to her caresses I spread my legs apart, offering my pussy for her pleasure.

Holly brought her lips to my breasts, slowly sucking and nibbling on my tits, as her hands slipped lower. I gave a gasp of anticipation as I felt one of her hands slide down my crotch to cup my Venus mound, and then rub along my slit. I spread my legs even wider as far apart as I could and in a low murmur I begged her to have me, to fuck me, to take my virginity.

My soft pleadings aroused Holly even more, and I heard a gasp from Leanne and her voice adding encouragement, telling my sister to go for it, to do me, to have my pussy. My sister slipped the tips of two fingers into my crack, which was well-lubricated from my arousal, and she ran them up and down its length, teasing my labia further apart.

Then her head moved lower, and for the second time on this incredible afternoon my sister's agile tongue probed into my pussy, tasting my juices and pressing against my trembling pink vaginal walls.

This time there was no shock of surprise, no reluctance or uncertainty I knew that I wanted this so much, the amazing sexual sensations, the body-shaking thrills, and most of all the intimate closeness of my own sister's warm, naked and overpoweringly erotic body.

I gave a sobbing cry and arched my back, pushing my cunt up against her face, wanting her nearer passionately hungry for her to devour me, to go right into me!

I hadn't thought exactly how she would do this I did not have any specific plan in mind when the impulse to ask her came over me, but fortunately Holly was better equipped than I knew. She withdrew her mouth from my pussy and rocked back onto her haunches.

I was about to utter a protest at her abandonment of my only partly-eaten pussy, but she smiled and put a finger to my lips in the universal signal for silence.

Swiftly, she rose to her feet and went across to her desk, where she seemed to reach around behind the drawers as if something was lodged between them and the wall. Holly retrieved an oblong cardboard box, and then with a flourish of triumph produced from it a strap-on plastic dildo!

I had not the slightest idea that she possessed such an object, and gasped in amazement. In answer to my enquiry, my sister admitted that she had only acquired it about a month ago, from a mail order firm who had accepted her debit card and her assurance that she was over 18. Since then, she and Leanne had used it a few times when they were really safe from discovery, but in fact this weekend was to have been its main inauguration.

'And now', said my sister with a smile, as she buckled the harness straps in place, 'we'll inaugurate it in a very special way!' I was a little doubtful: it seemed awfully, well, huge not just the length, but it was astonishingly thick, or so it seemed to the innocent me at that time; I now know that it was quite average in size, although that still means big when you are dealing with a sixteen-year-old virgin.

Holly saw the wrinkle of concern in my expression, and hastened to reassure me that it wouldn't hurt, that she would be careful, and that she and Leanne had found they could take it all the way without difficulty, as long as you were loosened up a bit first as she had just done with me, so that now I was ready for it.

Was I? Well, I was certainly gooey down there, and I realised that my vagina was quite wet and also partly open my labia were pink and distended, revealing the entrance between. My sister inserted her forefinger and moved it in a clockwise direction, widening the gap even more, and I moaned at the waves of looseness and hot lust that this sent radiating through me. My sister knelt between my widespread legs again, her plastic cock pointing at my pussy like some strange blunt plastic spear.

She moved forwards until the rounded bulbous knob of the dildo was rubbing against my pussy cleft and almost pushing its way into my opening, and then she paused. Holly looked me in the eye, and my deliberate nod of assent was all the confirmation that she needed.

With her pelvis poised above mine, my sister arched her spine and moved her hips downwards. The effect was a smooth transfer of her weight onto the tip of the dildo which was resting against my pussy, and so to push it inwards slowly but firmly. As it entered me, centimetre by centimetre, I gave a series of little shudders, each of them accompanied by a kind of barking cry these were not protests, but releases of the tension that had built up in me.

Before the dildo entered as far as my hymen, Holly pivoted her hips the other way and pulled it backwards leaving unbelievably erotic sensations in its wake.

Almost at once, she pushed it in again, sinking a little deeper each time. Now, with a strange elastic feeling of pressure, the knob of the dildo had pushed up against my hymen ready to breach it, to make me what in many non-western societies would instantly be an adult and a woman. My breath was coming in strained shallow pants, and my face must have had a fixed expression but it was just one of concentration, not of fear or distress. Still, Holly paused again, and her eyes searched my face.

I gazed up at my lovely sexy sister, and without a moment's doubt said what I wanted in the way that, somehow, instinctively, I knew would turn her on the most: 'Take me, sister!' I begged, low and clear: 'Fuck your sister! Fuck your sister's pussy! Fuck your sister RIGHT NOW!!' My big sister's eyes took on a glazed expression as she heard my incestuous desire, and she thrust her hips downwards in a fluid motion. There was a moment of intense pressure, a much shorter and very briefly painful feeling of tearing, and then the dildo pushed in even further.

I closed my eyes, absorbing all the sensations, and my voice cried out 'yes!! yes!!', mingled with pleas to go harder and faster. Holly hardly needed any such encouragement, and she pressed the dildo further into my tight vagina, entering the inner part of me where nothing had ever intruded before. It felt strange because it was so unfamiliar, and yet it also seemed quite right and natural.

My sister worked the dildo a couple of inches further inwards, and then, just as its passage met more rigid resistance, she withdrew it for almost its full length, paused to heighten my anticipation, and twisted her hips to shove it back in again.

This time it drove a little further into me, sending jolts of intense sensation through my whole body. I became both looser and wetter, with juices seeping from my vagina in arousal, and in turn this eased the dildo's passage.

My sister began a regular rhythm of penetration and withdrawal, gradually increasing the tempo, and my hips began to counter-thrust in response. 'Jesus fucking Christ, this is so hot awesome, awesome!' I heard Leanne moaning from the adjacent bed. My sister's girlfriend was watching it all open-mouthed, drinking it in like a dream come true (which she later explained to me that it was that she had always thought I was a sexy chick, and for quite some time she had had fantasies about Holly fucking me).

With one hand, Leanne was squeezing her own breast, pulling forcefully on the nipple, whilst the other was thrust between her thighs, frotting along her pussy and rubbing frantically on her clit.

Her gaze never shifted from the amazing vision of her lesbian lover spearing the cunt of her own sixteen-year old sister with a strap-on dildo and taking her virginity. Leanne's increasingly louder and more ragged gasps and pants of arousal, as she masturbated herself whilst watching us, became the background soundtrack to my loss of virginity, and I will remember them always.

Near to the end, Leanne got so carried away that she nearly fell off the bed at the time, I didn't know that this was the reason, but I heard a sudden loud 'Oh shit!' which was almost immediately succeeded by a burst of staccato shrieks as she came she also told me later it was the most intense orgasm she had ever had, better even than the first time my big sister had fucked her with that same strap-on cock.

I was already being consumed by a blaze of passion and desire, when Holly administered what was literally the final touch. Bracing her weight on just one arm, she reached down with her other hand between our bodies and quested for the top of my pussy. I was so wet and gaping that she had no difficulty in locating her intended target at once my clitoris.

Whilst the flexing of my sister's pelvis continued to slap the dildo wetly in and out of my vagina, her nimble fingers began vigorously rubbing my clit. The two things fused together into one unbelievable torrent of sexual pleasure, and I began to quake and tremble in my desire for release.

I'm told that I gave a series of short high-pitched yells as my first-ever full-on cunt-fucking took me to a breath-taking climax, after which I subsided into shuddering post-orgasmic gasps. Above me, Holly's back was rigid and her eyes tightly closed, and she gave a long moan as she came as well I didn't know this at that point, but there was a cleverly designed ridge and small nub on the inside of the strap-on's front section, which slipped into the wearer's slit and rubbed against her clitoris with every thrust that she made.

With a sigh of satisfied pleasure, my sister let her weight come down on top of me, her large breasts pillowing on mine, and she gave me a long, lingering, loving kiss. After a couple of minutes, my sister slowly withdrew the dildo with which she had taken my virginity. I glanced downwards in curiosity to see it slide out of me, and I had a momentary queasy feeling when I saw a streak of red at the tip and partly on one side my show of blood, from when my hymen had been broken.

Holly unbuckled the strap-on and took it away to the bathroom to clean it later, and she came back with a damp cloth and a box of tissues, which she used to wipe gently around my pussy. Then I shifted round to lean my back against the side of Holly's bed, and she came and sat next to me, a companionable arm around my shoulders as I leaned against her warm soft body. Behind us, on the bed, Leanne rolled over onto her side and moved to lie behind my sister, so that Holly's head was resting against Leanne's breasts.

The three of us chatted for a while about nothing very particular, whilst Leanne ran her fingers through Holly's hair and mine, and massaged our necks and shoulders. It became clear that my sister and her lover had been anticipating for quite some time the opportunities that would be provided by this weekend when they could (as they had thought) have the house entirely and privately to themselves, and they had had a pretty hot agenda lined up.

They were sweetly reassuring that I had not spoilt things for them, now that I had discovered girl-on-girl loving as well. Even so, I was conscious that my return had disrupted their plans, and when all is said and done, three is an awkward number it couldn't be threesome fun all the time.

It only took me a few seconds after realising this to decide what to do about it. I announced that I would like to ask a friend to sleepover as well, if that was OK with them. Leanne looked a bit uncertain at first because she was concerned about keeping her relationship with Holly confidential.

However, when my sister enthusiastically took up the idea, saying that it would be great fun as long as it was someone who would be cool about the situation and discreet, her lover nodded agreement as well. Then, as if Holly had read my mind (and we are very often on the same wavelength in this sort of way), she laughed and said that I must ask Mishiko. This had been my intention as well, but I asked my sister why she thought that. Holly gave a snort of amusement: 'Because she's got the hots for you, big time, sweetest sister!

I can tell that just from how she looks at you give her a call, and I bet you she'll be over here like a rocket, in fact she probably won't even bother putting any panties on!' I thought for a moment, and then I had no more doubts or hesitations about what I wanted. I went out to the phone in the hall, dialled Mishiko's home number and asked for her when her Mom answered. After a moment, my cute Asian friend's soft voice came on the line: 'Hi, Suzie? I thought you were away at Girl Scouts camp this weekend?' she said, sounding rather puzzled.

'No . well, yes, I was, but it got cancelled, so here I am back home again', I answered, and then, taking my courage in both hands, I continued: 'Listen . you know my folks are away on this cruise, well, there's just my sister and her . umm . girlfriend . here, so I wondered, would you like to come over and be with me . for a sleepover, in fact maybe both nights, if you like, and we could go straight to school together on Monday?' There was a short breathless pause, and then, with a slight tremble in her voice, my friend replied: 'I'd love to!

That is', and she hesitated, and then continued more softly: 'if you really . want me?' The emphasis on 'want me', highlighted by the slight pause before, was all the signal that was needed, and really Mishiko could hardly have been more blatant. I resolved to remove any uncertainty from her mind, and replied: 'Oh, yes, Mishi I've learned such a lot, and I do .

I really want you!' and I put a special emphasis on the last phrase. There was a break in her voice, as Mishi (the name I usually called her) answered with something between a sob and a gasp: 'Oh, Suzie-sweet, I thought you'd never ask!' Then, with joyous enthusiasm, she added; 'Just give me time to grab some things, tell Mom, and get her to drive me over to yours I won't be long, babe, I can't wait!' Mishiko was true to her promise: I just had enough time to take a quick shower and get changed into an attractive but comfortable outfit of a cap-sleeve pink T-shirt and a short and tight blue denim mini-skirt, and there was a ring of the doorbell.

I opened it to find a glowing, smiling Mishiko on the front step, literally bouncing from toe to toe in a little dance of excitement and happiness. We both waved to her Mom, who was sitting in their car in the street, and she waved back, calling out to Mishi to have a good time (at which my friend glanced at me sideways with a huge grin on her face), before driving off.

I ushered Mishiko into the cool of the hallway, and she dropped her overnight bag as I closed the front door behind us. Then I turned to her, and with no more delay I drew her into my embrace. She was a little wooden at first, not because she didn't want this, but because she did so very much so, that she couldn't quite dare to believe that it was actually finally happening. I convinced her of that by planting my lips on hers and giving her a long and unmistakeably sexual kiss, squirming my tongue around inside her breathlessly opening mouth.

Mishiko then almost melted in my arms, murmuring sweet endearments as I kissed her neck and stroked her long sleek black hair. Her hands went up under my T-shirt to seek my bra-less breasts, and she gave a contented sigh as she began to fondle them.

At the same time, I slipped a hand under her short pleated linen skirt, to find sweet warm girl-flesh my sister had been right, Mishi wasn't wearing any panties!

She returned the favour, and with an excited squeal made the same discovery about me. As the rush of that first heady moment passed, Mishiko pulled back slightly and regarded me with intense curiosity, although her hand didn't stray from under my skirt, where it was cupping my Venus mound in the most delightful way.

'Suzie, this is wonderful it's just heaven!' she said, her eyes bright with emotion, 'but . how come? Did you realise how I feel about you, or what?' I had already decided that if Mishi and I were going to have a relationship, of whatever sort or seriousness, I would have to be completely open with her about everything, and trust to both her affection and her discretion.

I shifted my hands to hold her at the waist, and I felt really shaky and nervous as I replied: 'I did kind of realise, but not exactly .

that is, I had some help don't be shocked, Mishi, please! It was Holly, she opened my eyes today to what I've been too blind or scared to see . and, umm, well, she opened me in another way, too!' Mishiko's eyes nearly bugged out at this last admission, but thank goodness this was in amazement and not in disgust. Then she found her voice: 'Your virginity? . with with YOUR SISTER?!!' she shrieked incredulously, and then she thrust her free hand under her skirt and clutched her own naked cunt, rubbing furiously.

'Oh, fuck! That's so hot I'm so wet', she moaned. After a moment, she carried on in a slightly more normal voice: 'your sister's so sexy, I've always thought that, I can sure see why but so are you hot stuff, babe', she hastened to add with loyalty and transparent sincerity: 'and I like you most of all, Suzie, my sweet special Suzie'. I responded with actions not words, reaching for the hem of her T-shirt and pulling it off over her head. This revealed her small breasts, which I found enticingly cute and lovely, their slight rise capped with a prominently stiff nipple.

I bent forwards, and to her shudders of delight I kissed first one nipple and then the other, licking around the surrounding aureole. Just at that moment, we heard wolf-whistles and applause, and Mishiko drew back in startlement.

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She looked for the source of the racket, and her pretty mouth formed an O of surprise and appreciation. Leaning on the railing of the first-floor landing, my sister and her lover were looking down at us, smiling and clapping their hands and both were completely nude, with their arms lovingly around each other's waists.

'Aah!' Mishiko whispered to me, 'I wasn't quite sure, when you said your sister's "girlfriend" was here, if that was exactly what you meant . but now I can see that it is!' 'Get a room, you two!' Holly called down, laughing. I smiled back up at my sister-lover, knowing that I was hers and she was mine whenever we wanted, and I answered: 'You're right, sis and I've got one! We'll see you two later on, OK, maybe for some fun all of us together?' They both nodded pleased agreement, and Holly proudly declared: 'That's my sister, she's a quick learner!' 'Mmm, I saw that for myself, honey', giggled Leanne, and then she cupped one of my sister's full breasts in her hand, tweaked the nipple and then drew it to her mouth, as Mishi stared upwards at the two handsome older teenagers in open fascination.

I slapped her firmly on the rump to get her attention, and then grabbed her hand and towed her towards the staircase. 'C'mon, Mishi', I said huskily, 'you're my babe now, aren't you?' 'Ooooh! Yes, yes, Suzie!' she eagerly replied. In my bedroom, I undid Mishi's skirt and she removed my clothes; once we were both naked, I took my new girlfriend into my bed for the very first time. We spent a wonderful couple of hours, some of it exploring each other's bodies and our new-found sexual relationship, and some of it just cuddling up in a loving way, lying entangled together and talking quietly, interrupted by frequent kisses.

Later in the afternoon, we put on our T-shirts and panties (it turned out Mishi had brought a couple of pairs in her overnight bag), went back downstairs and curled up on the big couch in the living room, watching television and flicking between the channels.

About an hour later we heard the pad of female feet coming downstairs and going into the kitchen. We joined my sister and Leanne, who both looked very attractive in just their panties and bras, and we all fixed ourselves some pizzas, accompanied by a tossed mixed leaf salad.

I could see Mishi's eyes straying quite often to Holly's smooth curves, well displayed in a lacy and quite minimal plunge bra, but I didn't feel any jealousy it was just a sign of her good taste, as after all I admired my sister too!

As we sat down around the table to eat, Mishi fell quiet, occasionally glancing back and forth between Holly and me. At last, in a lull in the conversation, Holly noticed this and asked her what she was thinking about.

The cute Japanese-American teen blushed and looked down at the table, before softly replying that she was thinking of what I had told her about Holly taking my virginity, and that she just couldn't get it out of her head. 'Oh, Mishi I'm sorry, I didn't think,' I said, worried that it might be upsetting her after all; 'do you mind very much are you jealous?' Mishi shook her head and answered no, that she wasn't although she added, with a hot and intense look in my direction, that if I had lost it with anyone else, that would have been a different matter!

She said that she was grateful to Holly, for if she hadn't taken the initiative Mishi didn't know how long it would have been if ever before I would have understood and responded to her feelings for me. More than that, she said, it just somehow seemed so right, the two of us together we were so close anyway, and both so beautiful, and it was so incredibly erotic and arousing, imagining Holly and I making love that she just wished so much that she had been here to see it.

I looked across the table to my lovely big sister, and immediately I knew what to do Holly was smiling, and must have read my mind, for she gave a little nod. I reached across the table to take my sister's nearest hand and draw it to my mouth for a kiss, and then I locked my eyes on Mishiko's and said to her: 'Well, we could do a re-enactment, if you like?' Mishi gave a little gasp, her lips parting and the tip of her tongue darting along them, and then she shivered from head to toe she told me later that at that moment, without even touching herself, she had experienced an orgasm just from the incredible thrill of the idea of watching Holly and I making love.

Mishi breathlessly assured us both that she would love that, and so we quickly shoved everything in the dishwasher and all four of us went through to the living room. Leanne quickly stripped off her bra and panties, and lay down along our four-seater couch, supported by its back and with her chin cupped in one hand. I kissed Mishiko, and ran my hands over her body I could feel how stiff her nipples were, as I slipped my hands under her T-shirt and pulled it off over her head.

My beautiful Japanese lover gazed at me wide-eyed, and I could sense her trembling anticipation as I slid her panties down her slim legs, and she stepped daintily out of them. Before rising again to my feet, I placed a loving kiss firmly on Mishi's mound, flicking my tongue quickly along her damp slit, and was rewarded by a quiver running through her slender frame and a sharp intake of her breath. As I stood up, I gave a kiss and a quick nibble to each of her tits, whilst slipping a hand between her thighs to stroke her naked pussy.

My thumb pressed firmly along the groove of her opening, ensuring that my hot Asian babe was thoroughly aroused. Mishi had a glazed expression in her eyes, as if she thought that perhaps she was dreaming, and I took both of her hands in mine and led her to the couch. She offered no resistance as I arranged her upon it, lying in front of Leanne and with her back resting against the soft pillow of the older girl's chest. Then, with a smile, I turned to my stunning sister, who was waiting patiently.

She took me into her arms, and we began a long French kiss, whilst our hands roamed all over each other's breasts, stomachs, backs and butts. My sister made the first move, rolling my T-shirt upwards from my waist, lifting it over my head and casting it aside. Now her hands could stroke and knead my ripening breasts, and my nipples responded to her tweaks and caresses by engorging into erection.

I couldn't let her have this all her own way, and so I slipped her bra straps from both of her shoulders; as they tumbled down to her elbows, her breasts came loose from the cups. I took them in both of my hands, hefting and squeezing them, and then I leant forward to give them my full oral attention, sucking so hard on her tits that it probably felt like I was trying to pull them right off.

Holly gave a throaty gasp and then quite sharply slapped my ass, which was jutting out behind me as I bent over.

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In a husky tone, she ordered me to strip her completely. It was only the work of a second to unsnap the backband of her bra, allowing her large breasts to swing completely free, and then I sank to my knees in front of her.

She stood akimbo with her hands on her hips, as I gazed upwards in reverence my eyes drinking in this vision of feminine sensuality, with her firm thighs, ripe Venus mound, flared hips, narrow waist, and the jutting mounds on her chest.

My sister put her hand on the back of my head, and gently but firmly drew my face forwards to encounter the triangular front panel of her hipster panties. They were in a glossy black satin, trimmed with decorative lace, and already there was a darker patch of seeping wetness over the base of her pussy.

With increasing ardour, I placed a series of kisses onto the alluring panties, before hooking my fingers into their waistband at each hip.

I took a quick glance upwards at my sister's gleaming eyes, and then with a violent jerk I ripped the panties down her legs in one swift movement. I heard a trio of sudden gasps, as all three of the other girls felt a sharp pang of lust in their pussies at the unexpected assertiveness of my action.

Now I could properly get at my sister's cunt, and I began eagerly licking and lapping around her vagina, tasting her sticky juices and squirming my tongue inwards at every opportunity. Holly's grip on my head became vice-like, and she began to grunt in rhythm with my oral probing. Surprisingly quickly, her hips opened wider and her pelvis jerked roughly against my face, and I heard her give three short high-pitched cries as she orgasmed, her head flung back and her eyes screwed tightly shut.

'Fucking hell, little sister!' she gasped, after catching a breath and opening her eyes; 'you ARE a fast learner!' I was thrilled to have brought her off so effectively, and smiled mischievously up at her. 'Well', I replied, 'it comes from having such a good teacher . so, teach me my lessons again, please Miss Holly, ma'am!' Holly sniggered at my casting her in the role of a schoolteacher, for without realising it I had triggered one of her secret fantasies she loved the idea of a sexy woman teacher seducing a pretty young student, all the more because (despite her longing) it had never happened to her.

'You are a naughty, naughty girl, young Suzie', she said, putting on a pose of strict authority and wagging one finger at me an effect slightly spoiled by the fact that she was stark naked and was failing to suppress a lascivious grin.

'You need a seeing-to, so bring me my rod!', she continued, gesturing grandly to the nearby coffee table upon which the strap-on had been placed. I shuffled the few steps across to it on my knees and returned in the same manner, now bearing the dildo and its harness. Holly pointed imperiously to the floor immediately in front of her, and I knelt there and fixed the strap-on over her pussy, buckling one strap at her waist and the other two around the top of her legs.

When it was securely in place, Holly told me to lie on the floor on my back, and then she stepped across my prone body and stood with one foot on either side of my chest. I lay there and admired the striking sight of my sister towering above me with her legs apart, naked except for the plastic dildo which stuck out in front of her like a horizontal spear. Holly encircled the phallic protrusion with one hand and suggestively rubbed up and down along it, whilst leering down at me, her face only partly visible above and between her full round breasts.

My sister gestured to my panties, my only remaining piece of clothing, and gruffly told me to 'get rid of those'. I complied hastily, as Holly dropped to her knees between my legs, reached for my ankles and spread me apart I had never felt so much like a sex-object before, but with my wonderful sister I didn't mind at all, she could use me any way she wanted to as far as I was concerned.

She began quite conventionally, kneading my breasts and sucking on my nipples, before running her tongue down my stomach to my crotch. She reached forwards with both hands to pull my labia apart, and as she brought her lips to my pussy lips, she slid a finger into me as well, questing for my clitoris.

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My sister ate out my cunt for several luxuriating moments, but she was careful not to bring me to any climax. With the other girls watching like hawks from the couch, Holly knelt back upright and moved forwards until once again the rounded end of the dildo was pressed gently against my cleft. This time, however, I had almost no fear Holly had said that it was only the first time which hurt, and she also took the precaution of rubbing some cream around and inside my hole, to ease the dildo's passage.

With this lubrication, and my aroused looseness and wetness, the shaft of the dildo slid into me quite easily, probably for about five inches on the first insertion. I heard Mishi give a murmured cry as the dildo sank into me, for not only she had never seen such a thing before, but also she had barely been able even to envisage it in her masturbatory fantasies.

It was wonderful to be lying on my back again, naked beneath my sister's naked body, my legs spread wide apart and offering myself to her without reservation. I reached upwards and cupped her heavy and pendulously swinging breasts, squeezing them and rolling the nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. Holly gasped, and increased the pace of her penetrations in response. This time, the dildo was definitely going into me much deeper than before, and it was having an incredible impact, making me quiver from head to toe with the intense erotic feelings that were pulsing through my body.

As the solid rod of the dildo slid in and out of me harder and faster, I felt my climax inexorably building. I tore my eyes away from my sister's face, and turned my head to the side to hold Mishiko with my gaze. As she lay stretched out on the couch, the slim Asian beauty stared back, saucer-eyed at our exhibition of sister-love; Leanne was also avidly watching us, looking over Mishi's shoulder. At the start, my new girlfriend had just been gently cradled in Leanne's arms, and then my sister's lover began to stroke the Japanese-American girl's breasts, rubbing across her stiff nipples.

Mishi's eyes were riveted on the sight of Holly fucking me with the strap-on, but I could see that Leanne's caresses were arousing her further. Mishi's upper teeth were visible, nibbling on her lower lip, and then she gave a sweet moan Leanne had moved one hand to slide between Mishi's thighs, and was now rippling her fingers up and down my girl's parted slit, playing it like a flute.

Mishi began to pant a little, and I saw her teeth biting down harder on her lower lip as her face took on a fixed expression she was almost at sensory overload from what she was both seeing and feeling. However, Mishi was not one to be merely a passive spectator, and she slipped one arm behind her back and quested for Leanne's cunt. As I watched the two girls on the couch, I saw that she had reached her target, for Leanne's eyes widened in surprise and she gave a soft gasp.

As Mishi's fingers pushed into Leanne's pussy and began rubbing against her clit, my sister's lover gave my girlfriend a kiss on the base of her neck to show her appreciation but never for a second did either of them take their eyes away from the sight of big sister impaling the cunt of little sister with a strap-on cock.

Holly was getting so turned on that she was beginning to lose control at first, she had been slow and measured in her strokes, her hips pivoting smoothly as the dildo penetrated me, but now they were jerking spasmodically and she was grunting and gasping as she pounded it into me with ever greater force and speed. I felt her lust building, her feverish energy, as sweat broke out on her face. Her eyes devoured the sight of my young body beneath her, as I shuddered and trembled from the fucking my sister was delivering.

I wanted her so much, so close, to be inside me. As we both raced to the brink, I released her breasts, leaving them to jerk and jiggle above me, and I reached round behind her to seize her ass. I grabbed one buttock in each hand and almost clawed at them in my frenzied need to drive her further into me, pulling her hard towards me on her next downward thrust. The dildo slammed into me, and my back and hips drove upwards to meet its force with my own.

My eyes were still locked on Mishi's face as my body shook and I screamed out in the throes of my orgasm. This had a twin effect Holly came, giving a series of harsh cries, and I could feel her butt-muscles go rigid in my grasp before she collapsed down on top of me, her breasts squashing down on mine, nipple on nipple, and the dildo still driven deep into my vagina.

At the same moment, Mishi gave a shuddering wail and her back arched I could tell that Leanne had found her clitoris, and this and the sight of me coming in wild abandon took Mishiko to a pinnacle of ecstasy that she never known before, and her body was consumed in an explosive orgasm.

In its grip, by instinct she rammed her fingers into Leanne's cunt just as my sister's lover ground her hips against Mishi's slim boyish ass and so, barely a second behind the rest of us, Leanne climaxed as well.

There was a sweaty silence in the room, broken only by the sound of post-orgasmic girlish panting.

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I lay for a long moment under my sister's body, appreciating the weight of her and the soft mounds of her full breasts resting upon mine, and enjoying the backwash effects of having the dildo still deep inside me and moving slightly with every breath that she took. Then Holly very carefully withdrew it, kneeling back between my legs, and I rolled over and got on to my hands and knees.

I crawled over to the couch where Mishi was sprawled, her legs apart where Leanne's hand still slowly rubbed her crotch. She looked stunned, like someone who has seen the impossible or witnessed a miracle. I took the delicious Japanese girl in my arms, showering kisses on her face, her neck and her breasts, and my fingers displaced Leanne's in caressing her open and soaking pussy.

Mishiko was both dazed and exhilarated, and it was clear that she had been profoundly turned on by the whole experience it had scored a bull's eye on just about all of her hottest fantasies. My sweet Asian lover looked down at my naked body, desire rekindling in her eyes, and she spoke with quiet determination: 'I'm the odd one out here and I don't want to be, not any more!' I hadn't caught her drift, and gave her a puzzled look.

Mishi gazed directly into my eyes, and her next words rocked my world so amazing, and so so arousing: 'I'm still a virgin', she answered, as she cupped her small breasts in her hands and held them out me as a kind of offering; 'Suzie I want you take my virginity, I've always always!

wanted you to be the one, I just couldn't dare to hope before now .please, oh please, take me and make me yours!! Who could turn down such an offer, and from such a beautiful naked girl? Well, not me, that's for sure! I felt electrified, as if I had been plugged into some energy bank and been immediately recharged. However, first of all, I took her hand in mine and looked straight into her eyes I needed to be sure.

'Now?' I asked quietly. 'Oh, yes, right now and right here!' was the immediate reply. I glanced at my big sister, who shrugged charmingly and then smiled at Mishi, saying sure, why not, let's make this really a weekend to remember.

Holly departed to get a couple more of the large cotton bath towels, as we could not take the risk of letting the show of blood stain the carpet. As soon as they were in place, Mishi lay down upon them on her back, with her legs apart what truly delectable sight she was, her slim boyish shape and small breasts making her a picture of youthful innocence. I felt my lust rising as I gazed down at her vulnerable body, and the burning desire which I felt for her was my final confirmation and acceptance that I was a lesbian.

Holly unbuckled the strap-on, which still glistened with a coating of my cum-juice. My sister handed it to me, but I shook my head and asked her to fix it on me. So, in a reversal of a few minutes earlier, my older sister carefully tightened the harness of the dildo so that I could fuck the daylights out of my pretty girlfriend. Holly replaced Mishiko on the couch, but in a quite different position she positioned herself at the other end from Leanne, and then parted her legs and slid them between her lover's until their cunts were pressed together.

Very slowly, whilst watching Mishi and I, the two on the couch began grinding their pussies against each other, and Leanne reached forwards with her free hand and began to grope my sister's bountiful breasts. I was paying almost no attention to this, for I was focused entirely on my own babe.

For all the adult boldness of her request, Mishi was starting to look a bit nervous like me earlier, her first close sight of the dildo was raising fears about its size and her capacity to accommodate it.

I resolved to warm her up and settle her down after all, I wanted this to be a glorious and pleasurable experience for my sweet honey. I followed the conventional route kissing mouth, kissing neck, kissing tits, kissing stomach, kissing pussy. As I went lower, she began to squirm more, in a most alluring way the sweet hot little minx! When my head was drawing near to her pussy, I felt her hands gently touching me on each shoulder, drawing me downwards to go into her with my tongue.

This lubricated her opening, and when I shifted position and brought the dildo up to press on her slit, I was able fairly easily to push the tip into her for about an inch even though this made her gasp and her eyes bugged out. 'Oh, oooh! Aah, Suzie, my-hot-Suzie . Suzie, fuck me, yeah!!

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fuck me .oh, now, Suzie, yes!' These last breathless gasps were caused by my reaching round to the front and using my hand to pull the dildo up and down the length of her widening slit, scraping it along the inner rim of her vagina. Then I pushed it just a little further inwards, until I could feel that it was resting against the membrane of her hymen. Mishiko gave a little involuntary gulp of fear, whilst at the same time sending me a very different message by throwing her legs even wider apart and copying my tactic with Holly reaching up to grab my tits.

This felt wonderful my breasts were not then as big as my sister's (they are now, indeed possibly even bigger), but they were still a quite prominent swell for a girl of my age, and Mishi got a good handful of each.

I had been as slow and tender as I could, but I knew that I would not be able hold back for much longer if at all. My legs were trembling, partly from the effects of the series of orgasms which I had already had that day, and partly from excitement. Sweat beaded on my brow and my back, and I felt a series of hot flushes (I remember thinking giddily to myself virgin to menopause in four hours, must be a new world record!).

But then my own desire fountained up again, as I revelled in being in the 'top' position, which I have since found to be my favourite of the two fortunately Mishi is generally (but not always!) inclined to be the more passive 'bottom'. I paused, poised above the slim Asian girl, and looked down at her questioningly I needed her final confirmation before making the decisive and irreversible penetration.

Mishi nibbled her lover lip in momentary hesitation, but then with a quick sharp dip of the head, she gave me the go-ahead. There was only one way to do this, and I clenched the muscles of my butt and drove the solid plastic phallus down her tube and split her hymen apart. Mishi clutched my shoulders for a second, her nails digging painfully into me, which ironically had the involuntary effect of making me thrust even deeper into her.

She gave a single high-pitched mewl, and I saw to my horror two tears leak from the corners of her eyes oh no! I thought, don't let her regret this, or turn away from me. But no sooner had this spasm of anxiety passed through my mind than my lovely Japanese lover smiled up at me, at first a little shakily but then with genuine delight.

She wiped at the tears with one hand, mumbling an apology, something about it had hurt a bit more than she had expected adding quickly that she didn't mind at all, she was glad, really glad, and she declared again that I was always to be her first, and she wanted no one else.

I was so touched, and so relieved, and I shushed her gently and leant downwards the dildo still penetrating her and gently kissed away the tracks of those two sweet lone tears. My Mishi bounces back quickly, and by the time I had kissed her cheeks, the dancing lights of desire had rekindled in her eyes 'So, Suzie, Suzie-all-mine', she said with prideful possessiveness, 'are you gonna fuck me then, or what?' I gasped at her cheek, and gave the best answer possible to her ribald tease I slid the dildo outwards, and then bucked my hips to spear it into her again, not too fast in consideration of her bruised and tender flesh, but firmly enough that she would know that I meant business!

'Aaah! Yes, yes yes!!' she moaned, and then she started a series of chants, running the words together as she became more aroused, as I slowly stepped up the pace of the dildo penetrations: 'fuck me Suzie, fuck-me-Suzie, fuckmeSuzie, fuckemeSuzienow!

. arrgh!! Suzie-mine!! Suzie-fuck, Suziefuck, S-U-Z-I-E-F-U-C-K-M-E-N-O-W!!!' And I did! Mishi's eyes were locked onto mine, almost bugging out, and her mouth hung open no more sounds were coming now, apart from the desperate shallow panting for breath which precedes a really earth-moving orgasm.

She wrapped her arms around my waist to clench me tightly to her, and her splayed legs jerked and juddered. I broke the rhythm of my thrusts for a couple of seconds, and then suddenly rammed the dildo in harder than ever before, holding it deep inside her. Mishi gave a long wailing cry, arching her back so violently that she almost bounced me off her, and her boyish body shook in a convulsive series of climaxes not one, but several successive orgasms exploded from her pussy and made her head swim until she nearly fainted.

Drawing a quavering breath, she slumped back down onto the sweat-soaked bath towels, and in turn I fell on top of her.

The aftershocks dislodged the dildo which slid out of her cunt with a wet popping sound, and in the process triggered her final climax. Mishi's eyes were shut and there was a fixed, almost strained, expression on her face. However, after a few seconds she opened them wide, and gazed up at me with the most sexily satiated grin I have ever seen this sure was a pussy who had got her cream. 'Wow!! oh, wow, Suzie! That was incredible . I mean, I knew it would be, of course, and I've wanted it .

most of all, wanted you, for so long, like forever, you know . but still, I never knew it would be sooo gooood!! Thank you babe, thank you honey, so much!' she gasped, and then she looked at me more seriously and added, with just a faint underlying note of trepidation: 'I love you, you know.' I thought my heart would burst with happiness first this new close sexual intimacy with my adored and admired older sister, and now this: a real girlfriend, a real lover, and on my first day as a lesbian was I not just the luckiest gal in the whole wide world!

I knew the answer to that one yes, I sure am and I knew, without a shred of doubt, my answer to Mishiko. I cradled her in my arms, kissed her breasts and her lips, and then looked her straight in the eye I wanted no misunderstandings here.

'I love you too, Mishi', I said tenderly, 'I love you too.' And I watched her face light up with joy, as she snuggled up in my embrace. That was the start of an amazing weekend. Mishi and I were overcome with a feeling of relaxed lassitude, and with amused laughs, fond kisses and the occasional grope of our tits or pussies to make us squeal in mock protest Holly and Leanne bundled us up on the couch with a king-size duvet wrapped around us, and we watched my all-time favourite movie, 'Star Wars' (original cinema version, of course!), agreeing that Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia was one feisty but also seriously hot chick.

My sister and her girl disappeared off to her bedroom, but enough noises interrupted the quieter bits in the film that we had no doubts they were getting down to some serious lezzie action giving that strap-on the workout which they had intended. That night, after the four of us had hot chocolate and cookies for supper, Mishi and I slept naked together for the first time, sleepily nuzzling against each other she drifted off to sleep with one hand still holding one of my breasts, and it was so nice that I left it there.

The next day was spent exploring more of what girl-fucking-girl can get up to, sometimes lazily and sometimes driven by blazing lust. My highlight was the first time I got to fuck my sister with the strap-on I really got off on that, and so did she and Mishi's highlight was when she was put in the middle between us two sisters, on her hands and knees, with Holly shafting her doggy-style with the strap-on whilst Mishi's head was buried in my pussy and she did her best, between her moans and gasps, to eat me out.

Well, that amazing and revelatory day when I lost my virginity, began an incestuous sexual relationship with my older sister, and acquired the prettiest of Asian babes for my lover, was five years ago now last weekend, we celebrated its anniversary. Holly and I are still frequent sexual partners, and to our great good fortune we still have the same two wonderful lovers who are so adorable and fuckable in themselves, and who also understand and appreciate our need for sister-sex.

Not only does it not make Leanne and Mishiko feel jealous or that it is any threat to our love for them, but they positively revel in it, encouraging us and getting off (and getting each other off) from watching us though nowadays it is as often me shafting Holly with a strap-on as it is her doing it to me! If you enjoyed this, check out my other stories .


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