Hot babe gets drilled from behind

Hot babe gets drilled from behind
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From the night he found out that she was a tgirl, Jim and Jody's relationship continued to grow. She unofficially moved in, which his roommates were cool with, because Jody was hot—they just didn't know about her one BIG secret. There was only one hold up. Although he could fuck her and even jerk her off, he couldn't bring himself to suck Jody's cock or let her fuck him.

She was cool with that, and told him that it wasn't a big deal. They loved each other and that was all that mattered.

But it was eating him up inside.

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He wanted to go all the way in, but the idea of being gay always hung over everything. But he couldn't tell her how he felt.


One weekend while she was out of town for work, he decided to go somewhere that he could maybe find someone to talk things over with. Without telling anyone where he was going, he drove two hours to a town that had a gay bar he had found on the internet. He had no problem with men of the homosexual persuasion; he just didn't consider himself one, even if his girlfriend's cock was bigger than his own.

He paid the cover and walked to the bar, where he found an empty stool. He wasn't real sure how he could approach someone, but as it turned out, he didn't have to. About five minutes after he sat down, a blonde with huge boobs, long, athletic legs and pouty lips sat down next to him.

She was wearing a skin tight dress that showed off her hard nipples and her shapely ass. He was amazed. Jody was smoking, but this girl could have been a model. He checked out her tits and thanked the plastic surgeon who had created this girl. "How's it going?" she asked. "Good," Jim told her.

"Do you come here often?" She giggled. "My name's Heather," she told him.

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"I'm just here with a couple of friends, but they seemed to have forgotten about me." She motioned to a pair of guys practically making out on the dance floor. "How about you?" "No, I'm not from around here." "Well what brings you to town?" "Well…" he said, then hesitated.

He wasn't sure how to start. "Are you still in the closet?" Heather asked. "Honestly, I'm not sure what I am," Jim admitted. He looked her over and sighed. If anyone could help him, it would be another tgirl. "I started dating a…girl a few months ago. She's the most wonderful person in the world, and I love her with all of my heart.

I was nervous when I first found out, but know, it doesn't even bother me that she has a dick." "Post op?" "Yes," he said. "The sex is great for me, but…I…I still don't think I'm gay!

I can fuck her without hesitation, but I get all confused when I think about her fucking me. I…I just don't know what to do. I love her and don't want to lose her, but I just don't know what I am anymore." "Wow, that's huge," Heather said. "So, do you give her head?" "No," he said sadly. "I like to give her handjobs, but that's as far as I can get." "What does she say?" "She says she's cool with it, but I know it's got to hurt her," he said.

"Probably," Heather said. "But it sounds like you've got a good woman." He nodded. "Okay, so, does she have a big cock?" "Very." He held up his hands to show her.

"Lucky man," Heather told him with wide eyes. "So, you've got to get passed this fear of cock. She loves you and all, but really, everyone needs to get some ass sometimes, right?" "Yeah," Jim admitted.

"Okay, come back to my hotel room across the street and we'll see if we can work through this," Heather said. "I know you don't want to cheat on your woman, but if you don't do something you'll lose her, right?" "I think so." "Okay then, I think I have an idea," she said. "Let me tell my friends we're leaving, and we'll head on over." Heather paid her bill and walked over to her two friends.

Jim found his eyes trailing her hot ass the whole way. He envisioned himself sliding his tongue up the crack of that ass and his cock started to swell.

A moment later she came back, took him by the hand and led him across the street. Ten minutes later, they were sitting on a coach in her sweet.


"Trust me, and we'll save your relationship, okay?" Heather asked. Not knowing what else to do, and thinking of Jody more than anything, he agreed.

Heather leaned across and started kissing him. He put his arms around her and pulled her to him. Their tongues rubbed together, and just when he started to feel guilty, he felt her hands undoing his pants.

A moment later when those lips moved down to his cock, he knew there was no going back. She deep throated his whole shaft, and then quickly slid it back out, licking the head with her tongue. As she slid him back in, he felt her fingers rubbing his balls. He ran his hand through her hair. As if sensing that he was about to blow, Heather slid his cock out and pressed her lips to his. He reached over and untied the top of her dressed.

She shrugged it off without ever breaking the kiss. Then she guided one of his hands to her breasts, while she started slowly rubbing his dick.

Right on time, she stopped stroking him at just the right moment. Then she broke the kiss and pressed one of her boobs to his mouth.

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He ran his tongue around the nipple, and then playfully nibbled on it. Heather moaned approvingly. That was when the front door opened and her two guy friends entered. Jim started to jump up, but suddenly she had his dick in her mouth again. He fell back, unable to protest the new arrivals. They looked he and Heather over, and then one of them sat down in a chair across the room.

The other kissed his boyfriend, and then sat down in his lap to watch. Again, right when he felt his balls starting to tighten, Heather pulled back and this time he moaned. She slid his pants and boxers down and off, then slowly started unbuttoning his shirt.

The two guys across the room seemed to admire his cock and smile, whispering to themselves. Heather let her dress fall all the way off, and then pulled him to his feet. She wore nothing but a pair of hot pink boy shorts. She plopped down on the coach, and pulled him down to her. Their lips met again, and he felt her hand jerking on his cock.

He moaned in her mouth, and she giggled. A moment later she put a hand on his shoulder and slowly pushed him down. He started to panic, but he told himself he could at least rub her cock. He was cool with that. He just was still uncomfortable with giving her head. Jim grabbed the waist of her panties and pulled them down and off. To his surprise he was suddenly face to face with a hairy pussy.

Shocked, he started to say something but she pushed his face down into her. The familiar smell hit him, and he couldn't help himself. He started licking her wet pussy. He had forgotten all about the two men who were behind him, staring at his bare ass, until he felt a hand grip his cock.

He started to say something, but his tongue hit the right spot and Heather orgasmed. Instead he slid two fingers into her and kept licking. The hand down below slowly, steadily rubbed his hard cock, and he found himself getting used to the idea. He was almost getting used to it when he suddenly felt a tongue slid up his ass crack.

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His head shot up from between Heather's legs, and he almost jumped to his feet, but she grabbed him by the shoulders. "Shhhh," she whispered. "You're not gay, gay men don't eat pussy. Do they Lance?" "Not at all," a voice said. He could feel the hot breath on his asshole. Then the tongue was back, sliding up and down his crack. Heather guided Jim back to her pussy, which he started to devour.

The guy rubbing his cock changed positions, and suddenly a mouth slid up his shaft. Then someone spread his ass cheeks and the hot tongue was circling his asshole. It felt a little weird, but the mouth on his cock and the pussy in his face made it feel amazing.

Just when Jim was about to blow, the guys sucking his dick stopped, and he felt two pairs of hands on his ass. A finger found his brown eye, and he felt a little pressure there. The tongue flicked around there for a moment, and then the finger pressed a little harder. HE could feel it slowly spreading his hole, but he didn't care because the other guy was working on his cock again.

When the finger finally slid all the way in, it hurt a little, but it felt really good at the same time. One guy started finger fucking his ass while the other sucked his cock.

And Heather's hands kept his face buried in her hairy pussy.

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Then the finger was gone, and for a moment the tongue was back. Then he felt the head of a cock press against him.

He couldn't resist, because he suddenly felt like his own balls were going to explode. The cock pressed gently in and out, in and out, spreading his hole.

When it finally slid all the way home, and screamed because at the same instant he blew his load in the other man's mouth.

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And he sucked it like a pro, not stopping til there wasn't a drop left. He could barely focus on Heather's pussy anymore while he was being fucked from behind, and he was barley aware that the guy who had just sucked him off was moving around to the couch until she slowly pulled him up from her pussy.

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He grinned at her, and she kissed him on the lips. Then she dropped to the floor next to him, while the guy to her place. His cock was small, but it was so hard it seemed to be throbbing.


She leaned down and slid it in and out of her mouth twice. The guy it belonged to kinda laughed and playfully shoved her away.

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Heather guided his head down right in front of the cock, right til his lips touched the head, where a drop of precum was resting. "You take the head in your mouth, and I'll do the rest," Heather said.

He did as he was told, all the while panting and moaning as he got fucked in the ass. She grabbed the shaft of the cock in his mouth and started jerking.

"Oh fuck yeah," the guy behind him said, and then he spasmed and jerked as he started to cum in Jim's ass.

A moment later, he felt the dick slide out, and cum started to run down the inside of his thigh. Something inside of him let go. Suddenly Jim realized that he was all in, and he pushed Heather's hand away. He took the guys whole cock in his mouth and began to slide up and down the shaft. It was no time until he felt the guy tense and release a load of hot cum right in his mouth. Knowing how it felt, Jim kept going until the guy was done. Heather, Jim and that one all kind collapsed on the couch.

A few minutes later Lance arrived with drinks for everybody. They all stayed there not saying anything for a long time, until finally Jim raised his head and half smiled.

"I guess I'm bi," he said. Jim spent the night, but that was all of the sex. Lance and his boyfriend—Jim never got his name—retired to the bedroom. Heather cuddled with him on the couch and kept assuring him that everything was cool.

He thought of Jody and had mixed emotions. He was now ready to have sex with her, but now he felt guilty about cheating. After exchanging numbers with Heather the next morning, he headed home to wait for Jody to get back. He had a two hour drive to think about what he'd done and what he was going to do.