Frauen unter den rock geschaut

Frauen unter den rock geschaut
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Hello, I recently had a long discussion on Omegle. I am the atheist and i just wanted to share this with you all.

Hope you enjoy the read. Did you know that Jesus died for you? You: no You: god doesnt exist Stranger: :O You: im an atheist Stranger: :O You: i hate religion Stranger: :O Stranger: why? You: are you religious then? You: its bullshit You: it has taught us nothing You: it is made up Stranger: ok, let me ask you this, if you find a watch in the street, would you assume it has been there forever or someone made it?

You: well depends on how you look at it. technically is has existed forever as in elemental particles. but no, someone made it Stranger: you can not see a watch maker around, but you can be sure there was a watch maker You: all of stuff that already exists You: that is a ridiculous arguement Stranger: ok Stranger: someone made it You: that proves god made the universe?

Stranger: it doesn't matter out of what You: of course it does You: you cannot create energy.

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Stranger: my point is those stuff can not make a watch without a watch maker You: you cannot create elements out of nothing Stranger: answer my question You: your metaphor proves that a watchmaker made a watch Stranger: i'm not talking about energy or creating stuff Stranger: exactly You: exactly my point You: you just deny science You: what is the watch made out of?

Stranger: you see a watch you know there was a watch maker You: and deny any other factors? Stranger: without even seeing him You: you are sticking to your guns. You: does that prove god created the universe? or is this the limit of your understanding Stranger: instead of going from branch to branch just answer my simple question You: what is your question? You: ask me again pleasse Stranger: you see a watch, you know there was a watch maker.

is that right? You: yes You: of course there is a watch maker Stranger: ok Stranger: now Stranger: how can you see a human body and don't know that there was a human maker (the body is much more complicated than a watch ) You: right, im going to say this one word which all athiests use, and all religious peolple hate and deny.

ready?. You: evolution You: from your argument, god created people right? who created god? Stranger: why your precious evolution can't make a watch???? You: well evolution did make the watch didnt it. people evolved to the point where man can make a watch. Stranger: your answer is really funny You: why? Stranger: so next time you find a watch just say it evolved to a watch and there is no watch maker You: of course evolution didnt directly make a watch.

i didnt claim that. i said people evolved over millions of years. evolved to the point where it is possible to make a watch You: i never said there wasnt a watch maker You: i said there is a watchmaker Stranger: ok Stranger: another question You: ok Stranger: accepting your evolution Stranger: where did life come from in the first place? You: no one knows. that is why millions of scientists for many many years work towards finding out.

Science has taught the earth more in 100 years than religion has in 5000 years. religious people claim a god, with absolutely no proof whatsoever You: it is the same argument. where did god come from in the first place?


Stranger: first of all there are proofs, you're just not listening You: does religion try to answer that? You: ok. im listening Stranger: secondly can you really believe that with al the science and technology advances they don't know where did life come from???? Stranger: or simply they have no answer because they don't want to accept god?

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You: yes, i do believe that. They are trying to find an answer because they know god doesnt exist. if i ask you a question like 5637x5836. you dont know what the answer is unless you find out.

calculate it. people are trying to find out 'the big bang' etc. people who are religious just accept god without question. without proof. has the church ever tried to prove god in any way shape of form?

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Stranger: they ar etrying for so many years. the reason they haven't found the "answer" is because the answer is god and they don't want to accept it You: wow You: is it possible that you dont want to accept that there is no god? Stranger: why? Stranger: how do you know that?

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You: not every question that has ever been asked can be answer right away. i truly believe that other forms of life will be found in the universe someday. maybe in a thousand years. i also believe that the answer to how the universe will be answered one day by science. Stranger: that doesn't quite answer my question: how do you know there is no god? You: because everything that has ever been claimed by the bible has been disproved by science. just purely by logic and being educated.

You: ok Stranger: who talked about the bible. Stranger: i talked about god. Stranger: you said there is no god. Stranger: i asked how do you know that. You: there isnt Stranger: and you don't have an answer to that You: how do you know there is You: you dont have an answer to say there is You: it doesnt prove there is a god Stranger: actually i do You: do not mention your watch again You: please.

tell me how you know god exists Stranger: because the universe exists and it has a beginning (big bang) Stranger: it means it started to exist at some point Stranger: right? You: yes Stranger: so it wasn't there then it was there Stranger: it means at some point it was created You: well, this is the most popular theory to how this happened.

science is trying to find the answer to this question Stranger: lol Stranger: i said you are not listening You: how? Stranger: i just gave you the answer why this universe was created Stranger: it can not create itself You: so it was created by god?

Stranger: give me another explanation. You: who created god? You: where did god come from? he cannot create himself Stranger: good question Stranger: we know that the universe had a beginning Stranger: so it must have been created Stranger: but god does not have a beginning, he was always there Stranger: outside the time domain You: who told you this? Stranger: the universe is inside the time domain You: how do you know that?

Stranger: it is the only possible explanation Stranger: by logoc Stranger: logic You: you know what, my level of understanding cannot comprehend how uneducated and blinded by religion you are. This is ironic because your level of understanding cannot comprehend how anything other than god created the universe.

It is quite funny really Stranger: good argument lol Stranger: so you don't have an answer to that Stranger: nice You: it was a statement, not a question Stranger: so you don't have an alternative to what i told you Stranger: because it is the only explanation You: i am sorry stranger, you are wrong.

Stranger: and why is that? Stranger: enlighten me You: the universe was created by a pink dog who smokes a pipe and wears a top hat.


there is an alternative. i just made him up. he must have created the universe Stranger: ok Stranger: was he always there or was created himself? Stranger: if he was created himself then we have to find his creator who have always been there (god) Stranger: if he was always there then he is the god Stranger: i was talking about the concept of god not his characteristics Stranger: maybe he is pink maybe not Stranger: but he is there Stranger: so it is not an alternative it is just what i said You: this conversation is ridiculous You: can i change it slightly.

keeping with religion You: what about other religions?

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what about religions who believe there are many gods? You: surely there is only one creator, which you have claimed. why would he create other gods? Stranger: they are obviously wrong You: obviously. how? Stranger: there is only one creator You: you dont know that. you have been told that by your parents and your church and refuse to accept any other posibility Stranger: maybe there are other gods but the creator of our universe is one You: are you still there?

it says 'stranger is typing.' has been like that for a long time Stranger: i am not typing You: oh You: ok You: neither of us will convince one another of their arguments You: can we just talk You: id like to know more about you You: how old are you? Stranger: just answer me this You: ok Stranger: with all that i've said Stranger: do you still think there is NOT absolutely a slight chance that a god exists and created the universe?> You: no, sorry.

i don't. same question back to you. do you still think there is NOT absolutely a slight chance that god doesnt exist and didnt create the universe?

Stranger: yes there is a slight chance. Stranger: so what? You: you asked me, so i asked you back. thats all You: anyway. how old are you?

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i am 24 This was when the stranger left the conversation.