Jeny Smith Sporty Look White pantyhose flashing

Jeny Smith Sporty Look White pantyhose flashing
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I'm a 42 year old business owner, and up until recently, everything was going extremely well. My wife and I live in a large house in one of the best parts of town. My wife drives a Land Cruiser and I have a Porsche Boxster, as well as a customized Harley Fat Boy. Between the house and the car payments our nut is around six grand a month.

My wife Shelly is a 29 year old well endowed blond. At 5 '3 she barely tips the scales at 105 Her legs are firm and flawless, and her tits, which are 36 D's defy description. She has always been a conservative wife who didn't seem to notice, or care that men constantly stare at her wherever we go. We always get excellent service when we dine out, because the waiters enjoy viewing her cleavage. Recently, our business took a hard hit when one of our major clients packed up their local operation and moved it back east.

Our monthly revenue fell 36%.


We had been dependent on this client for so long, that we thought we would have them forever. The business was still able to support itself, but our personal income took a big dive. Since we are self employed, we never had a 401 k or any substantial savings.

Since I had to continue to run the business, there was no way I could get a job to supplement our income. Shelly looked at several jobs, but most paid 8 to 10 dollars an hour which wouldn't even cover the taxes and insurance on our house.

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After several more months and a slowing economy, we found ourselves two months behind on our car payments. Shelly loved her Land Cruiser, and swore she would never give it up. One night while we were debating our financial future, I jokingly said that she could work at the whorehouse. We live in Nevada, where prostitution is legal and there's one Brothel about 30 minutes from our house and three more about an hour from our house.

According to my CPA, who has a two hookers for clients, said an above average looking hooker can pull down 10 to 15 grand a month. Shelly's eyes widen when I mentioned this, but laughed it off.

"You would lose your mind if I was having sex with 10 different guys a day" " And what if someone we knew came in?" "They would probably be just as embarrassed as you would." "No one wants to admit they went to the whorehouse" Two more months went by and we were falling behind on our house payment as well.

We also laid off 3 employees. One night after dinner, Shelly floored me by saying that she had called the state and got all the licensing info to become a prostitute. She had already done the health department test, and got a police card to work. She said she wanted to have everything in place if she needed to start work.

I would have to give her the final OK. We decided she would go to this one brothel that's furthest from our home, to help minimize the risk of seeing someone we knew. She called the brothel, and asked what it took to get hired, what kind of shifts, etc. They told her the girls work like firemen, they live at the brothel for 3 days, then have 4 days off. They receive a commission split based on how much money they bring in. The more money you generate, the higher percentage you get to keep.

She would have to come out to the "Ranch" and be interviewed by the owner. They scheduled her for a interview with the owner for Thursday night.

I forgot that brothels are not your regular business, they are open 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Shelly arrived at the house of ill repute around 7:30 She couldn't believe how many cars were parked out front.

Once she was rang the buzzer she was let inside. All the girls lined up until they saw it was a woman, dressed in business attire. They didn't know she was actually there to work along side them.

She looked like a normal suburban housewife, which she is. A fat, black lady (who she found out later, was the madam) ushered her down a hall and into a plain looking office with paintings of naked women on the walls. She also saw video cameras mounted in all four corners of the office. She was told to sit down and Harry would be right in. A side door to the office opened and a overweight, half bald, fifty something man with a paunch belly and wire rim glasses walked in.

Shelly thought he looked like a typical business man, but no one she would want to have sex with. Harry asked her why a beautiful housewife like herself would want to do this kind of work. She explained our situation and Harry just smiled like he hit the lotto. He proceeded to tell her how the operation works and that she would be expected to have sex with anyone who came through the door, that was willing to pay the asking price.

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After her 60 day probation, she would occasionally be allowed to reject someone, but if it became a habit she would be fired.

She said she understood, and was ready to get started. Harry told her to stand up and take off her clothes slowly. Shelly looked at him in disbelief.

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Harry barked it the second time. "Your going to have sex with all kinds of men and maybe some women, so we need to see if your capable, now strip!" Shelly hesitated, and seriously thought about walking out the door. She figured she had come this far, she might as well go through with it. Shelly removed her blazer, then her blouse and then her bra. When her large white tits spilled out of the bra, Harry started telling her, how a beautiful housewife like her would really rake it in.

She would be turning tricks constantly, and could easily pull down 15 to 20 grand a month. As she removed her skirt and let it drop to the floor, she could tell he was breathing heavy. Shelly went to remove her panties, but he told her to leave them on, as well as her heels.

He then told her to come around his desk and suck his cock. She went around the desk expecting him to have his cock out, but he just sat in his chair, and told her to get on her knees and pull his cock out.

As she knelt down she unbuckled his pants, and a short stubby fat cock popped out below his great gut. His cock wasn't even hard and he grabbed her head and shoved it down on his limp stubby cock.

As she licked and sucked on his limp dick, it eventually started to grow. He demanded that she lick his balls and play with his ass. Shelly reluctantly reached up and gingerly fondled his hairy balls. "Get your tongue on my balls, and your finger up my ass" "Your going to need lots of training, if you want to be a professional!" Shelly ran her tongue across his balls, and he groaned with delight!

As she continued to lick his hairy balls she ran her finger along his ass crack. Resigned to her new fate, she knew she would soon be a paid whore, she pushed her middle finger deep into his fat smelly hairy ass. After several more minutes of licking his balls and fingering his disgusting ass, he made her stop. She looked up and noticed the cameras in the corners, and they all had a red light flashing on them. She knew this degrading blowjob was being video taped. She was hoping she could get him off with her mouth and be done with him.

He got up out of his chair and pulled his pants all the way off, followed by his shoes and his socks. He then turned and bent over, and put his hands on his desk like he was being arrested, and told Shelly to eat his ass! Shelly thought that he was kidding, and she stammered out a "What?" "Get your slutty tongue up my hairy ass like a good whore" "Every girl that works here, has had her tongue up my ass, now get to it." Shelly thought she had hit a new low.

If I have to do this with him, I'll have to do it to customers too. The whole idea of being a hooker was losing it's appeal quickly, but she knew how much we needed the money as she leaned forward and pulled his cheeks apart and stuck her tongue in the middle of his smelly ass. Harry stayed in his position for 15 minutes, while Shelly was forced to fuck his hairy ass with her tongue! When he finally had enough, he pushed her head back and went and sat back down in his chair.

He hit a intercom button on his desk and told someone to go ahead and send in Ben and John. Shelly was wondering who Ben and John might be, when the side door opened and in walked two 30 something black men. The one guy (Ben) was about six foot five and 300 pounds. John, was only about six foot two, but looked like solid muscle from head to toe. He looked like he stepped out of a prison movie. She would later find out that Ben was the house bartender and John was security. John walked right up to her, picked her up and threw her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

"To the bondage room?" Harry nodded his head, and Ben and John took her down a long hallway, then through a series of doors until they came into a room that had bright red walls, with whips and chains hanging everywhere.

She saw a few odd looking tables as well, with belts and straps attached to them. John laid her down on a padded slanted bench. Ben secured her waist to the bench with a large strap over her midriff. John grabbed her feet and placed them in some sort of leather cuffs, which were secured around her ankles. Once they were fastened tight, she saw her legs being raised higher and higher, until her legs were straight up in the air. They tilted her head backwards, as the pad under her head was lowered down.

Her face was now at a 45 degree angle. She saw several people coming into the room, and it looked like about 14 people were present. She saw the room had a huge floor to ceiling one way mirror on one side of the room. She later found out that voyeurs could pay to sit behind the glass and watch whatever went on in the room.

She heard some commotion from beyond the mirror and could only imagine how many people were watching her.

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John came over and pulled up on her panties, and then cut them off with scissors. John and Ben flipped a coin to see who got her pussy first. The bystanders were talking and laughing as if she wasn't even there.

John came over and interrupted her thoughts when he pulled out his hard cock and slapped her face. Seconds later, Ben's thick cock brutally forced it's way into her pussy.

John told her "Lick my cock, bitch" So she opened her mouth and the black mushroom head was forced between her lips. She felt someone, possibly a female grab her nipples and pinch them.

Because her head was tilted back and her mouth stuffed full of cock, she couldn't see who it was. When her nipples were hard as buttons, the same person clamped a clothespin over her left nipple, bringing a moan of pain, as the cock was stuffed in her mouth.

Another clothespins was soon placed on her other nipple. Ben started slamming into her pussy brutally, pushing her body up the bench. After several minutes of having black cocks in both ends, Ben and John called for a switch. Ben pulled out and came and rammed his pussy slime coated cock right into her mouth.

She gagged as she tasted her own pussy on his cock. Ben pumped in and out of her mouth for a couple of minutes and then pulled out and shot his cum all over her face. As his cum rained down on her face she became aware that a man with a video camera was moving in close to her to get a better shot of all the cum on her face.

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The crow made a few degrading remarks about what a slut the housewife was. John continued to ram her cunt with all his force, it felt like she had an arm jammed in her pussy. His cock was long and thick, and she groaned in pain with every brutal thrust. After several more minutes of John's cock stretching her pussy he pulled out and went over to her face and pumped his cock several times until cum poured out of his cock like a leaky faucet.

Someone barked at her to open her mouth and start swallowing some cum. As she opened her mouth, his cum landed right on her tongue.

Again the camera man was right there. Before John had finished cumming on her face someone else rammed his cock into her pussy. It didn't feel as big as John or Ben's, nor could she see who it belonged to. Another man came over and started jerking off right over her face, as the unknown guy was plugging away at her pussy. For the next two hours someone would constantly fuck her while someone else would jerk off on her face. She was forced to keep her mouth open and swallow as much cum as possible.

Her pussy was so fucked out that she didn't think she could handle another cock. They unstrapped her from the bench, and she thought her ordeal was over.

John and Ben carried her over to a what looked like cheap kiddy swimming pool. In the middle of it was a large black 8 inch dildo, secured to the floor. A tall thin blonde lady, presumable the one who clamped her nipples went and smeared some white cream on the dildo.

She ran her hand up and down the fake cock, and turned and smiled a cruel smile at Shelly. She then handcuffed Shelly's hands behind her back. Harry came over and forced a giant hard black plastic ring into her mouth.

Her mouth was now stretched obscenely wide, with a two inch diameter hole in the middle. She wondered why they would have to pry her mouth open, she already had willingly sucked every cock they put in her mouth. Panic and tears filled her eyes when John and Ben lowered her down towards the dildo. She soon realized that it was going up her ass!

She tried to squirm away, but they lowered her ass on to the slick black pole. She screamed through her mouth ring as her asshole was forced open to accept the new intruder. She squirmed and shook as they lowered her inch by inch until her asscheeks flattened out and touched the rubber pool liner. She cried and cried as her ass was painfully impaled on the hard black dildo. With her hands handcuffed behind her back, and secured in place by the dildo up her ass she couldn't really move.

She saw two cameramen set up a camera and tripod on each side of her, and they gave Harry the thumbs up sign. Harry told John to open the side door and let the men in. Out of the corned of her eye she could see a line of men coming in and forming a line on the right side of the wall behind the cameras. John gave the Ok and the first man walked up in front of Shelly, he was about 50 years old, fat and bald and looked like he hadn't showered in a month, he unzipped his pants and pulled his thick cock out.

She could see it was limp, and she had no idea what he was going to do until the piss started pulsing out of his cock and it was directed right at her face. She turned her head as piss splashed against her forehead and then the piss stream was hitting the side of her head and her ear.

The tall thin lady came over and touched her back with something that sent a violent shock through her body. She screamed in pain. The lady told her to keep her head straight, her chin up, and keep looking forward or else! She did as she was told and the man started aiming his piss stream right into her open mouth.

She gagged as piss made it's way into her mouth and she ended up swallowing some as she tried to breathe. As soon as he finished another equally disgusting looking man took his place. He moved in closer and aimed his piss at her eyes and nose.

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She cried as he played his stream of piss all over her face. By the time the fourth guy had pissed all over her face, her hair was soaked and the stinking yellow piss dripped down her naked body.

John then announced that it would be two at a time! Two more fat old guys stepped up in front of her and started pissing in her face! This went on for almost an hour. Near the end of the line a muscular young guy stepped up. He had on some latex gloves, and he grabbed her by her piss soaked hair and put the head of his cock in the rubber ring hole.

As he started pissing directly into her mouth, she had no choice but to swallow his stinking piss! Another young guy followed suit and soon she was getting nausea from drinking piss. Two more guys pissed directly into her mouth, before they ran out of guys. Ben and John came over and abruptly lifted her off the dildo, and laid her flat on her back.


It was then that the tall blonde lady came and squatted above her face and started pissing into her mouth. As soon as she emptied her bladder another girl came over and did the same.

Six more girls pissed in her mouth before the ordeal was over. Harry came over and told Shelly that she would be working there for free for the first 30 days or the degrading video of her would be sent to her family and friends.

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He told John to get her cleaned up, fed and put to bed. The next day she would always be tied up. Customers fucked and abused for the next month, she never left the dungeon room.

The Brothels special clients were free to come and abuse her any way they seemed fit, at no charge. Some fucked her in the ass, some whipped her ass and pussy, and many pissed in her mouth. One extremely gross fat guy shit on her face and was trying to force her to eat it, when security came in and threw him out.


After her 30 days in the dungeon, they moved her upstairs and she started turning tricks like all the other girls. She did earn ninety thousand dollars in four months, and we were quickly back in the black when she put in her 30 day notice.