Passion HD Massage girl gets pounded by big cock

Passion HD Massage girl gets pounded by big cock
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We were all pretty drunk when we got to Cheryl's apartment and were hoping that between her and her roommates, we could get a ride back our place a little further away. We were way too drunk to be driving and didn't really want to walk another couple of mile to get back to where we all lived. One of the roommates was Rob's sister, and they had helped us out before in similar situations.

With Rob, Dave, Scott, John and me it was too many for just one car so it was disappointing when we realized that Cheryl was home alone. Cheryl invited us in after we told her what we wanted and offered to make 2 trips. "First I need to finish this beer and then we can be on our way." As she was taking a long swig out of the long neck bottle, I reach up behind her and gave her a quick tickle under ribs, causing her to spit out the beer as she laughed. "Damn it, now I have to clean that up asshole!

Good thing all you guys are cute or nobody would put up with you." When she bent over I tickled her again. She squealed and jumped away from me, only to get a quick goose from somebody else. Soon she was on the floor giggling and being tickled by all of us. As she struggled to wiggle away from us, her sweat pants had wound up pushed half way down her ass and her t-shirt had almost uncovered her big tits.

Funny that I just then noticed that the t-shirt and sweat pants was all she had on.

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With the next tickle she wound up knocking me over and face down on me, with her now uncovered tits mashed against me. I couldn't help myself and used them to lift her up and roll her off me.

She had a few extra pounds on her, but it worked for her&hellip.nice soft curves with huge breasts and a pretty nice ass.

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Just as I reached to pull the shirt back over her, she yelled out "oh shit!" and twisted away to one side. Then I heard Dave laugh and yell out "damn boys…she is soaking wet!" During the last bit of twisting and wiggling she had pushed her sweat pants down some more and Dave had taken the opportunity to slip his hand in and give her pussy a stroke. He had hung on the pants as she moved away and now they were down to her knees. "Alright guys", I said. "Let her up." "You're damn right let me up" Cheryl replied.

But instead of pulling her pants back on, she stood up and stepped the rest of the way out of them, rubbed a finger up her slit then pulled off the t-shirt.

"I am soaking wet and you guys need to do something about it" Dave had his rock hard cock out before she finished saying it. She pushed me onto the couch, dropped to her knees and began to unbutton my jeans. Before she even managed to get my belt undone Dave had plowing into her dripping wet pussy.

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"Oh God yes." she moaned as the first few strokes into her shoved her hard into me. After a couple of moments of her face being shoved into my crotch, I managed to get my jeans undone and my cock out. She had it in her mouth in no time and was quickly taking me in deep as I began to grab her head and fuck her face.

I looked up and saw the others were already naked and stroking themselves. Dave gave a last shove and dumped his load into her as she gave a little shutter. I stood up and got my jeans all the way off and slid back down onto the edge of the couch. She sucked me back into her mouth and John drove his fat hard cock in to the hilt in one stroke. He pulled out about half way then went hard into her again and she grunted onto my dick and he began to grind into her with little short stokes.


Now she had me all the way into her throat as she massaged my balls and began to work a finger up my ass. In no time at all, I was buried all the way into her mouth and she shoved her finger deep into my ass as I began to spasm and pump what felt like a gallon of cum into her throat.

She swallowed every drop. She kept working on me gently as until John finished. When he pulled out, she stood up and pushed Scott to the floor then worked his long thin cock into her dripping pussy and Rob took his turn in her mouth. She was soon struggling to keep sucking Rob and began to shake with a violent orgasm. She gagged as she was cumming hard at the same time Rob grabbed her by the head and pumped his load into her.

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When he let her go she had cum running from her mouth and she was gasping for air still as Scott began to deposit his load in her cum filled pussy. She caught a breath as he did and came again. She wiped her face a bit and grinned at me a bit and said "I think you owe me one".

She got on her hands and knees and pushed her ass into the air.

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"Come on baby, you know you want to know what it feels like in my ass." I didn't have to be asked twice. With all the cum that had dripped into her ass, she was already pretty well lubed but it was still pretty tight as I worked my big hard cock into her. "Oh yea…easy now& shit" she moaned as I eased all the way in.

In short order I was fucking her ass for all I was worth and she was moaning for me to fuck her harder when Dave got down in the floor and forced his dick back into her mouth.


"I want that ass next with you're done" he told me as he continued to force his dick as deep into her throat as he could get it. She came again just as I began to shoot deep into her ass. I didn't really get a chance to linger as Dave pulled out of her mouth and immediately shoved back into Cheryl's ass as hard as he could.

He pounded the hell out her for only a few seconds before he went stiff and began to put another load in with mine. Scott and Rob apparently had a different idea as Scott pulled her on top of him and pushed himself into her sopping pussy.

You could hear squishing sounds as he pulled her all the way down and she shuttered with another orgasm. Once she settled down a bit and was beginning to just grind Scotts cock into her as deep as she could get it, Rob came up behind and put the head of his cock into her asshole. "No…no I can't do both of…" was all she got out before she cried out and Rob was in her ass up to his balls.

Cheryl panted and groaned as Scott and Rob worked up a rhythm. I seemed like the two of them fucked her that way for a very long time.

Finally you could see Scott spasm as he came in her pussy then just laid there with his cock wilting while Rob continued to pound her ass.

After another several good strokes he finally shoved in hard and filled her ass with even more cum. After a moment he pulled out of her and she walked around the room kissing each of us on the way to the shower. She got to me last and kissed me hard. She walked past the table and tossed the keys to her car to Rob. "Go ahead and go home. I'll pick up my car from you tomorrow. Surely you are sober enough to drive home now".

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She reached down and stroked my cock as it came back to life almost instantly. "You need to stay. I'm going to need a little help in the shower".

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I heard the car pulling out of the drive way as the water came on in the shower. "Unless you want to see what the other guys cum taste like, you are going to want to get me nice and clean" was the last thing she said as the water ran over us and my cock slid back into her ass.