Old man cums in teen and freckle face our dirty movie

Old man cums in teen and freckle face our dirty movie
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Part two: Scott walked into the living room from the garage just as I had cleaned up in the bathroom and Amy had gone into her room to do the same. I was surprised to see Scott back so quick that he told me, "You look just like you had seen a ghost." "Me? No, just didn't expect you back so soon." I blurted out. "So soon?" he asked. I've been gone almost two hours. "Did Amy give you a hard time?" Scott asked smiling?

"Yep, I sure did. Harder than anything I have ever given you." Amy said as she walked back into the living room. I laughed as did Scott and Amy winked at me as Scott turned back towards the kitchen. "You guys want anything to eat?" Scott asked.

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"I think I'll be going, got nothing to do but I don't need to wear out my welcome." "You aren't wearing out your welcome. I thought you said your parents were leaving for an overnight to your uncle's house up the beach." "Yeah, they are," I quickly stated having forgotten that since Amy and I had messed around. I felt the real need of leaving before Scott suspected anything.


"Why don't you stay the night?" Scott asked. Amy's eye lit up behind Scott and she shook her head up and down violently that the straps of her sundress slipped down and gave me a flash of her tiny right tit. Her nipple was hard and pink and ready for another good sucking in my mouth. "Ok, if you don't mind.


I can bunk on the barcalounger if that is okay?" I asked. "Fine," said Scott. "Well, I'll run home and get some extra clothes and my razor and be back in a few. " As I stepped outside and got to breath for a second I felt a shudder come over me. I was going to be in the same house with Amy over night. I wondered what we might be able to do when all of a sudden the door from the washroom to the garage burst open and Amy ran outside.

"Scott said I could go with you if you didn't mind." Scott followed Amy out the door and nodded his approval as he shrugged his shoulders. "She was begging me to let her go and I said it had to be okay with you." I acted as if I were seriously thinking about saying no, but my cock sprang to attention the second I saw her running toward the car. "I may be a couple of hours or more.

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I need to do a couple of things at the house. She might get bored." "I'll be alright," Amy said. "Really I will." Her eyes beaming at me like death darts being shot out of an alien's eyes. "Okay by me, but I really think you would be happier staying at home and playing house or dolls or some lame ass shit like that." Amy hopped in the front seat. I made sure that Amy got buckled in and waved good bye to Scott. As we pulled out of the driveway and stopped at the stop sign I reached over and started pulling on the sundress top Amy had put on after our little escapade earlier and as soon as I did, Amy had it off and with no panties on underneath I nearly shot my load right then and there as my cock grew uncomfortably in my pants.

Amy was hot for sure and I said take your dress and leave it over you in case we pass someone. She complied and I began manipulating her little tits and moved my way down to her slit stopping only to lick my finger first as I thought about what it will be like to have her in my house and in my bed before we headed back over to Amy's and Scott's.

"Amy, are you a virgin?" I asked.

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"Technically," she stated. "I lost my cherry riding Scott's bike about two months ago during that warm spell we had right after spring break." "Hurt like hell and I can' t tell you how long I bled. Mom freaked and took me to the doctor but he said it was normal. I could tell he knew I had been messing around down there because he asked m e if I had done that before. I just said yes.

He winked and smiled and anyway, mom asked all kinds of questions about the guys around the house and the neighbors and if anyone had ever touched me down there." I was amazed at how articulate she was, then remembered the fact that she was in every AP class at school and was two years ahead in her math and English classes.

Highly intelligent and horny as hell. She was beginning to ride my finger and told me to slide it inside her as she began fingering herself. I finger fucked her until her cum drenched my finer and car seat.

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I pulled out my finger and was about to put it in my mouth to taste her wonderful little pussy juices, but Amy grabbed my hand and almost swallowed my finger licking it clean and then as we came to the last stop before my house sat up and planted the warmest open mouth kiss I believe I have ever had.

It lasted for what seemed like minutes but must have been only seconds. I heard a car pulling up behind us and broke off the kiss, pulled out of the intersection and towards the last few blocks home. Amy slipped her dress back on and licked her lips. "That was good" she stated. "It was" I replied. "So, let me ask you Amy, who all has played with your pussy?" Amy looked surprised that I would ask, but I did not let her get away from the question.

"What?" she asked trying to look innocent. "Why do you want to know?" "Well, I just might like to know who my competition is." "I'll tell you, but you can't tell anyone else, and I mean it." "Okay," I said realizing she knew the difficulty someone would be in if she were found out.

"You promise?" "I promise" I said. "Okay, but I don't want you to think badly of me." "I won't." "Well, one night I woke up and had to go pee and as I went to the bathroom I heard noises in the living room.

The Television was on and as I went into the hall I looked and noticed the VCR was running so I figured someone was watching a movie. It was my parents. They had waited until I was asleep and with Scott away at college I guess they figured that they were in good odds of not getting caught.

It was about three months ago right before my bike accident I told you about. Mom was on bottom and dad was fucking her brains out as they watched this dirty movie called Sugar Cookies. Dad was really grinding it into her and I started playing with my clit with my hand under my panties. I didn't have on a top and I was feeling of my tits as well. As mom moved over and sort of sat up on dad's lap he noticed me standing in the hall and at first I thought he was going to yell at me but with my hand in my panties and me playing with my tits he smiled and winked at me and with a nod sent me to my room.

I fingered myself to my first orgasm when I got back to my room. The next morning was Saturday and mom's nursing schedule had her working a 7 to 7 shift that day. I was awakened by my dad knocking at the door.

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He opened it and came inside as I was under the covers naked and a little scared. "I'm sorry we woke you last night." he stated. "Oh, but you didn't dad" said Amy.

"Well, I'm sorry you caught us having sex. You do understand that is what we were doing, right?" Amy replied she knew and that she was sorry she had come in. "No don't be sorry. I noticed it got you horny, you understand that word horny?" "Yes, dad, I understand what horny is and yes it made me horny." "Are you still horny?" "What do you mean?" Amy asked.

"Well, is there something you would like me to do to help you with you being horny? Would you like me to touch you like I touch your mother?" Amy said, "If you want to, I guess so." Amy told me, "I was so horny I could just about explode and then he touched my face with his hand and I had never had him touch me in a loving nature like that. He caressed my face and reached over with his left hand and began fondling my tits through the sheet I had pulled up covering me.

I dropped the sheet and he saw me naked for the first time in a very long time and let out a moan that sounded so deep. He bent over and kissed me on the mouth and began taking off his pajama shirt and his bottoms along with his boxers.


" "As I saw his thing, his cock, I was shocked that it wasn't as big as some I had seen in pictures. But it was soft.

I tried to squeeze it as it got hard and he showed me how to move it up and down and it wasn't long before I realized that he was playing with my pussy and I was about to explode. I began jerking on his cock and he was fingering my pussy and kissing me at the same time.

It was hot and in just a second or two he got up on his knees and sprayed his cum on my tits and pussy.

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I was shocked at how much there was. It was all over my tits my stomach and my bald pussy and he reached down and began licking it up and then kissing me and letting it fall into my mouth.

He told me that we could never tell anyone in the family or anyone else for that matter. "I know," I said.

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"And I won't tell anyone." Amy opened the door as we pulled to a stop and ask she got out on the passenger side flipped up the skirt of her sun dress and laughed and giggled, "Where's your room?"