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Petite slut Joseline Kelly masterfully worships a bbc
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"Ready…set…GO!!!" Kim clicks on her stopwatch, as Ron & Monique proceed to munch down a Grande Sized order of Nacos. The three are at the Bueno Nacho, and Ron has yet again challenged Monique to see who can scarf them down the fastest. Ron is in the lead, but after a few more bites, he begins to feel stuffed. Monique, however, is stuffing them down like there's no tomorrow. Ron tries to down some more, but it's too late.

Monique wins easily. "And time." Kim says as she clicks her stopwatch again. "Looks like Monique's the champion again." She holds Monique's arm high in victory.

"I'm surprised you still got it." Kim says. "Oh please." Monique says. "Even with my schedule, I'll always have time to school Ron." "Yeah, you got lucky this time." Ron cuts in.

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"And…the other 12 times. But NEXT TIME…" "So, still working double shifts at Club Banana?" Kim asks. "Yeah." Monique answers. "But I got some vacation time coming up, and I'm trying to do anything I can to not think about that place." Just then, a familiar beep is heard coming from Kim's pocket. She reaches in and pulls out her Kimmunicator to see Wade on the screen. "What's the Sitch?" Kim asks. "Actually, we got two." Wade tells Kim.

"DNAmy is rumored to have been testing on animals in the Amazon, and Dr.

Dementor has threatened to release his mutated Weiner Dogs upon all of Germany if his ransom demands aren't met." Kim puts her hand on her chin, as she thinks about the situation. "Well, I'll handle Dementor." She says.

"And if I catch a quick ride…" "Don't sweat it, KP." Ron interrupts. "I can handle DNAmy on the solo tip." Kim gives him a look of non-belief. "What?

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I can!" He says in his defense. "Just as long as she doesn't have Monkeys. No monkeys. Right, Wade?" "No monkeys, Ron." Wade replies. "I can tag along, too." Monique says.

Kim turns her attention to her. "Are you sure, Monique?" Kim asks. "Hey, like I said, ANYTHING to get my mind off of Club Banana." Monique says. Kim smiles, feeling a little better than Monique will be going with Ron. "Then I guess we're set." She says. "Wade, we're on our way." An Hour Later… Kim is on a Mini-Jet flying over what looks to be Germany's wooded area. She's strapping on her skydiving equipment as it looks like she as to jump out of the Jet to reach her location.

As she hooks on her parachute, she walks over to the pilot of the Jet. He looks to be a military man, and has a nametag on him that reads 'J. Rich'. She puts her hand on his shoulder and smiles. "Thanks for giving me a lift, Jay." she says.

"No problem." Jay replies. "It's the least I could do since you helped us save the World Series from being cancelled." "No big." She says. "All I did was make sure the president got to the game on time to throw the first pitch." She walks back towards the rear of the Jet and slides open the door. After making sure her gear is fastened on tightly, she leaps out of the Jet and begins to plummet downward to the earth. After counting to herself to 10, she pulls the cord on the parachute.


The chute deploys, and Kim gently glides down to the ground. Once she lands, she notices that her surroundings have more of a Jungle feel. She takes out her Kimmunicator and uses it's scanning function. After a moment, the results show that she is in The Amazon.

"What? I'm in the Amazon?" She says. Her look begins to change to a frightened one. "Then…that means that Monique & Ron are…" Meanwhile… Monique & Ron reach the shore after Windsurfing from a cruise ship they hitched a ride from.

Ron looks at his surroundings. "Is it me, or does the Amazon now have a more woody feel to it?" Ron asks. "This doesn't look like the Amazon at all." Monique answers.

Ron pulls out the GPS system Wade gave to him and checks his coordinates. After a moment, he gets the answer.

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"We're…we're in Germany." Ron's face turns to a look of shock. "But this is where Kim's supposed to be. That means we…" He looks up at a nearby cliff and sees a stone castle resting on top. He immediately recognizes it as Dr. Dementor's Castle Laboratory.

"OK, this is the last time I get directions from an old Sea Captain." Ron says. "Maybe we should check out this Dementor's Lab anyway." Monique says. "Yeah." Ron agrees. "Besides, it'll be a while for even Wade to get some transportation out here." A Few Minutes Later… The two reach the massive wooden door that's the entrance to his lair.

Ron decides to show off his bravery for Monique. "OK, we kick down the door, kick some bad guy butt, then go back to kicking it at the Bueno Nacho." "Except, I don't know any Kung Fu like Kim." Monique says. "Don't worry." Ron tells her. "You're with the Ron Man. A Master of Monkey Kung Fu. A Warrior Hero. I got this." Ron steps back into his Monkey stance, right before unleashing a devastating thrust kick…that does nothing to the door.

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He grabs his foot and hops around, yelling in pain as Monique just shakes her head. Suddenly, the door starts to creak, and it slowly comes crashing to the ground. Ron stops hopping in pain, and stands triumphant. "BOOYA!!!" He yells as he walks into the lair, with Monique following closely behind. They don't have to walk far though, as Dr. Dementor comes out from a dark corner to greet them. "What is the meaning of THIS?" He yells. "What? The Nincompoop? What are you doing here?" Ron looks a little upset by that comment.

"You know, it's one thing to call a guy a buffoon. But a Nincompoop?" Monique elbows Ron in the arm, getting him back focused. "Oh yeah." He says, getting back on the subject. "We're here to stop your mad plan for ransom, Dementor." Dr.

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Dementor just laughs at their threat. "And how will you do that, little man." He says. "You do not even have your companion with you, the Kim Possible." Ron just smiles, confident in his skills. "Don't need KP to kick your demented butt!" He charges at Dementor, ready to tear him apart with his Monkey Kung Fu, but Dementor just smirks and snaps his fingers, which signals dozens of his henchmen to surround him and block off Ron.

The Henchmen all have a mutant Dachshund on a lease, which causes Ron to stop in his tracks. "So, what were you saying about kicking my BUTT?" Dementor asks. Ron smiles nervously and backs up towards the entrance by Monique. "Um, those aren't regular Weiner Dogs, are they?" Monique asks. "Not really, and we should run now." Answers Ron, as she grabs Monique's hand & dashes out of the Castle.

The Henchmen are about to give chase when Dementor stops him.

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"STOP!!!" He yells. "We cannot give chase, I haven't given the order." He then pulls out his patented 'Dramatic Villain Light' and shines it under his face. "GET THEM!!!" Ron & Monique are scrambling through the forests, trying to escape Dementor's forces. They can hear the dogs barking and they pick up their speed. After a few minutes, Ron stops and looks back, trying to see if he can spot his pursuers.

Monique stops when she sees Ron not running with her. "Ron, what are you doing?!" She whispers. "I think we lost them." Ron whispers back. "We gotta make our way back to the clearing. It's this way…or is it this way?" Ron gets mixed up and confused about which way they came from.

"You mean you don't remember where camp is?" She yells silently at him. "Don't worry." Ron says. "I know it's around here some…" He's not able to finish his sentence as he's sent plummeting off of a cliff with Monique, into the darkness below. Monique lands in a puddle, a bit bruised but OK. She gets up to show that her clothes are soaked, though. She looks up, worried about where Ron could have fell.

"RON?" She yells for him. "ARE YOU OK?" "WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" The sound of branches snapping fills the air. A moment later, Ron falls & stops right beside Monique, hanging upside down from a tree, with his pants all but hanging off of him. "Uh, yeah. I'm cool." Monique walks over and begins to untangle Ron from the branches.

She gets him down and unsnags his pants from the tree. They pull hard and the pants end up flying into the same puddle Monique landed in. Completely wet, Ron decides to just put them on his shoulder and wait for them to dry. They both begin to walk towards a clearing in the woods. As they walk, Ron's eyes gaze over and notice Monique's wet T-Shirt…without a bra underneath. He can't help but to stare at her breasts, which are almost an identical copy to Kim's.

"Oh, man," Ron thinks. "Why did her shirt have to get wet? I can even see her nipples getting hard." And at that moment, Ron's Cock also starts to get hard. Since he's now only wearing boxers, Ron walks with his hands low, cupping his groin trying to hide the bulge. They reach the clearing and decide to set up a new camp here. Ron reaches into his pants that he's carrying over his shoulder and pulls out a tablet. He tosses it in the middle of a clearing.

Upon contact, the tablet expands into a two-person tent. "Wade's compactable camping equipment." Ron says. "Never leave home without it." He pulls out two more capsules from his pocket before giving one to Monique.

He tosses his on the ground, and it expands into a Sleeping Bag. Monique does the same. "We better get some sleep here." Ron says.

"Dementor must think we're goners from that fall. Wade can get Kim to pick us up tomorrow." "Yeah," Monique agrees nervously. "We should get some sleep." They both grab their Sleeping Bags and climb into the tent. Ron can't help but notice that Monique's scared about the situation. As they slide into their bags, Ron tries to comfort her. "Don't worry about this, Monique." Ron tells her.

"Me & KP have been through much worse than this." "You…you have?" She asks. "Dozens of times." He replies. "The face offs with Drakken & Shego, I could tell you stories." He starts to, but then decides against it. He doesn't want to think about Shego & the times he's spent with her, especially in this situation. Not wanting to pitch his own tent inside of his Sleeping Bag, he changes the subject.

"Uh…have you seen the new jeans Club Banana's coming out with?" "Ron, I gotta tell you something." Monique says as she gently puts her hand on top of his. "I…I don't know if we'll make it through tonight.

And…I don't wanna die a virgin." Ron's look instantly changes to that of horror. The one thing he was trying to avoid is staring him right in the face.

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He sits there in shock, but quickly snaps out of it when he notices Monique unzipping his Sleeping Bag. "Wait…Monique!" Ron says. "We're in the woods. We can't…" "I don't care, Ron." She says. "Bonnie told me about you & her at Camp Wannaweep." "Great!" Ron thinks to himself.

"Bonnie makes me promise to keep it a secret, and she blabs to all her girlfriends." His thoughts are interrupted as he feels Monique sliding her hands down his boxers, and gripping his Cock.

"You know you want to, boy." She says.

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"Because little Ron is standing at attention." Ron blushes at that comment, but still remains nervous. "Monique, we can't." He says firmly, trying to deter her. "This…this will ruin our friendship." She just smiles and leans in closer to him.

"So I'm guessing you haven't heard of 'Friends with Benefits.'" Ron has a confused look. "Friends with Benefits? What does that mean." Monique's grin turns into a seductive one. "Let me show you, Ron." She turns her attention to his Cock, which she's been stroking for most of the conversation and is rock hard. She moves in close and runs her tongue around the head.

Ron eyes nearly roll into the back of his head. "Oh, crap…too late!" Ron thinks. Monique teases Ron's member, running her tongue all around the shaft, and even licking his balls. Ron grits his teeth in pleasure. "Damn…how'd you get so good?" Ron asks. "Kim lets me use her Dildo while she's off at her 'Cheerleader Getaways'." She answers, still firmly gripping his Cock.

She finally stops the teasing and takes his Dick in her mouth, wrapping her soft lips halfway down around the shaft. She pulls back, and works her tongue to make Ron's rod smoother on the way down. "Must've…had a lot of practice." Ron says, his voice cracking. He can barely get the words from his mouth. Monique doesn't answer. Instead she brings her head lower onto his shaft, tightening her lips as she takes more than half of his manhood into her mouth.

As she brings her head back, Ron feels himself getting closer to his limit. Monique closes her eyes as she continues with a steady motion. She can feel her panties getting wet just from sucking him off, and she moves her hand slowly down into her panties and rubs her clit. Ron's eyes wander downward to see her hand.

"Oh, man." Ron thinks. "Her ass, it's so round. It's even bigger than Kim's. I can't help myself." Ron slowly moves his hand along with Monique's. He spreads her legs wide open and begins to finger her throbbing box.

Monique responds with a gasp, then a muffled moan. Her tongue wraps all around the head of his Cock, as his fingers delve deeper into her love box with every thrust. Finally, she removes his Cock from her mouth, wanting more than just his fingers. "Oh, Ron!" She yells. "I want it, baby. FMN!" Ron stops his fingering and looks at Monique.

"FMN?" She grabs him by the collar and pulls him close; much like Bonnie did Ron their first time. "Fuck…Me…NOW!!!" She orders. There's some hesitation, as Ron thinks about Kim and her feelings. But his thoughts also turn towards Shego, Bonnie & even Yori, and he decides it's useless to try to fight now. He leans in close and locks his lips with Monique's, keeping them there for more than a few moments.

He lets his hands roam under her wet shirt, as he caresses her breasts. Monique breaks the kiss as she gets down on all fours, and pokes her inviting ass in the air for Ron to take.

He slowly pulls down her panties to reveal her luscious ass in all of its glory. Ron grabs his rod and begins to guide it within her love walls. He inserts his Cock, and pushes himself all the way in, enjoying the warmth of her pussy. Monique bites her lip in pleasure. "OH, YEAH!!!" She yells out. Ron pulls himself back, then begins to stroke his member in & out of her pussy, going slow so to not climax too soon. He leans in and grabs hold of her breasts again, rubbing and fondling them as he keeps his steady strokes.

Monique is yelling for more. "Oh god, Ron. Fuck me faster!" She tells him. "Don't hold back, boy! FUCK ME!" "Whoa! She wants it more than Shego did!" Ron thinks to himself. "Well Stoppable, gotta give her what she wants." Ron begins to speed up his strokes, and the sound of flesh slapping against flesh becomes louder & louder.

He lets go of her breasts and grabs hold of her hips, guiding his strokes as he penetrates deeper & deeper into her. Monique grabs her Sleeping Bag and clenches it tight. "OH GOD, YEAH!!!" She screams.

"You're so big, Ron!" Ron is grimacing from Monique's tight pussy, but he's still pounding it mercilessly. "Monique…tell me…who's the man." Ron says, feeling cocky about having Monique in this position.

"WHO THE MAN, MONIQUE??" "YOU ARE, RON!!!" She screams out. "YOU'RE THE MAN!!! YOU'RE THE…THE…" She's not able to get the rest out, as she feels a tingling sensation all over her body. Ron feels it to, and pulls out not a moment too soon, as he shoots his cum all over Monique's ass. Monique doesn't even notice, as she's busy basking in the glow of her first orgasm. Ron falls back on his Sleeping Bag, looking exhausted.

"Can't move…so tired…must sleep." Ron says, out of breath. He closes his eyes, only to open them a moment later when he feels Monique's lips on his, and her tongue entering his mouth. She Frenches him for almost a minute before breaking the kiss.

"Good night, Ron Man." She says with a seductive grin, as they both drift off to sleep. The Next Morning… Ron is sleeping peacefully in his Sleeping Bag before he's awakened by the sound of dogs barking. Monique sits up also, wide-awake from the noise. Ron shushes Monique, as he can hear Prof.

Dementor's voice off in the distance. "Search around here. Their bodies have to be here somewhere." They hear him command. Ron slowly puts his pants back on, then his shoes. He remains in the tent, waiting for the right moment. He can hear them coming closer, and after a moment of waiting, he leaps out & strikes.

"HWUUUAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" Ron leaps at Dementor with a flying kick…only to be grabbed by his henchmen just inches away from striking him. Dementor grins at him smugly as he approaches him.

"So it seems you have survived the fall." Dementor says. "But let's see if you SURVIVE MY TORTUROUS GIFT SHOP!!!" "NO! NOT THE GIFT SHOP!!!" Ron yells. Monique peeks her head from out of the tent and sees Ron being held captive. She turns her attention to Dementor, as she recognizes the coat he's wearing. "That's a Smarty Mart jacket." She says to herself.

"That means it has the broken seam." She looks at the coat, scanning it for a loose piece of thread. She finally finds it in the shoulder. "There it is!" She pops out of the tent and leaps at Dementor, grabbing the loose thread and yanking it forcefully.

After a second, Dementor's coat unravels into a load of thread, exposing his bare chest…well, except for the Girdle that he's wearing. His henchmen are stunned to see this, which allows Ron to grab them by the back of their heads, and crack their heads together. They fall to the ground unconscious. Dementor tries to cover himself up, ends up getting a flying kick to his face, which KO's him.

"BOOYA!!! Good guys win again." Ron cheers. But his celebration is interrupted as his Communicator goes off. He pulls it off to see Wade on the screen. "RON!!! Thank god you're alive." He says. "Kim's on her way to pick you up. Just hide out from Prof. Dementor and…" "Chill, Wade." Ron tells him.


"Dementor is done for. Took him out, Ron-Style." "What? Really?" Wade says in shocked. "Well, uh…good work. Kim should be there in a few." Wade signs off, just as a helicopter flies over the area. It hovers down to the ground as Kim jumps out. Ron has a nervous look on his face. He doesn't know if Monique will keep this night a secret or not. Monique then leans in and gives him some words of reassurance.

"Don't worry." She tells him. "What happened last night is just between you & me." She gives him a playful slap on his rear before running off to greet Kim. Ron just stands there and sighs, unable to even believe all that's happened to him so far.

"O…K. At least this can't get any weirder." He says. Meanwhile… Back at the Maximum Security Super-Villain Prison, a guard is walking down a long hallway. It's late at night, and he's delivering a prisoner his food.

He stops in front of a cell with a glass wall…Shego's cell. "C'mon, Shego. Time for your dinner" The Guard tells her. Shego turns around and stares at the Guard with seductive eyes. "Ye-I was thinking of having something different off the menu." She says. "Something like…tube steak." She licks her lips and walks closer to the glass wall of the cell. The Guard smiles, and presses a button on the side of the cell to open a hidden door in the glass wall.


He walks in, and drops the food tray on the floor. Shego approaches him and begins to run her hand over his chest. She reaches lower, until she's inside of his pants. The Guard grins, expecting to get lucky.

He's wrong however, as Shego fiercely clenches his balls, causing him to wince and cry out in pain. She then delivers a head butt that sends him stumbling back. Finally, she connects with a spin kick and finally KO's him. He falls to the floor and lays there, motionless, as Shego begins to strip him of his clothes.

She puts them on herself and grabs his ID card. Before she leaves her cell to make her escape, she looks back at her wall. More specifically, a photo of Ron Stoppable & Kim Possible together. "Hope you've enjoyed your dream part of life, Princess." She says. "Because your nightmare is about to begin."