Puta locura schöne Amateur latina teen in einem bukkake

Puta locura schöne Amateur latina teen in einem bukkake
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I woke up very groggy and laying in a hospital bed. Bandages wrapped around my chest and a pain like I had never felt. Jim came over to my side and looked at me. "How do you feel" he asked. "Hurting alot" I answered as I tried to look around the room. Jim grabbed my left hand and put it between my legs. I felt bandages and gause in a hefty amount. I started to get excited, Jim tried to calm me down but it was no use. I started trying to get out of bed when my meds kicked in, I was knocked out cold and lying back on my back.

When I woke up Jim was still there. I looked up at him with concerned eyes, not knowing what to think of him.

What had he done to me?? I decided to let my mind rest and just ask the questions. "Jim, what did you do to me??" Jim swallowed hard and spoke "Sweetie we had your breast implants put in" "I meant to my crotch" I snapped back at him. Jim lowered his head, holding silent before he answered.

"We had your surgery preformed on you, so Instead of a boy you are now a full fledged girl" I paused as this caught me by surpise. Thoughts raced through my mind wondering what that would mean for the rest of my life. In the back of my mind this is what I always wanted, but I think the meds blurred my vision. Suddenly my mind raced to my partner "Wheres Katelin??" I shouted. A curtain to my right ripped back with a sharp noise. My head snapped over to see Katelin laying there also.

She also had bandages on her chest and crotch, Staci standing beside her. I must have passed out because I don't remember anything else. Until I opened my eyes to a doctor at the side of my bed.

"Ashley" He said "I'm going to check your stiches and also your progress ok??" I nodded in agreement as he undid my bandages. He undid my chest first checking the look of them and the feel. Pinching the nipple a sharp pain sent through my body.

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"Ouch" I moaned out. The doctor smiled and laughed, knowing that feeling in my nipple was a good thing. He re applied the bandages to my chest.

Going over to the blinds of my room, he closed them. Coming back over to my bed he started to undo the bandages around my crotch. "Let me know if anything hurts ok??" the doctor explained. I nodded as he probed and prodded around my new hole. I gasp and arched my back, "I'm sorry I didnt' mean to hurt you" said the doctor "You didn't hurt me" I said "What did you just hit or feel??". "Your clitoris" he remarked with a smile. I layed by head back and enjoyed the rest of the exam.

Just imagining what it would be like now with a vagina instead of a penis. Katelin and I were discharged the following week. I was sent home with some "Vaginal Stints" basicly a dildo to make sure my new vagina didn't colapse. The Doctor ordered us two weeks without "ANY" sexual activity. Simply to let our wounds heal, and our bodies to recover. The two weeks passed and we recived the all clear from the doctor. That night Jim took us out to a very nice dinner, a movie, and bought us both a dozen roses.

When we got home Katelin and I ran up to our rooms, our breasts bouncing the full way as Jim laid down on the couch. Katelin and I had gone out and bought some naughty wear this week. Just for the first night Jim would fuck us as women. As we dressed Jim yelled up to us "Girls I'm going to lay down, come and see me when your ready" Katelin and I looked at each other and smiled.

The new outfits we had bought, we modeled infront of the mirror. A sheer lace babydoll, with open crotch panties. Garter belt with matching stockings. We bought all the accessories to these outfits, knowing it would be something we want to remember and relive. Katelin and I made our way down the stairs and to Jims bedroom door. We knocked softly as Jims voice spoke up "come on in girls". As we entered the dark room, walking over to his bed. Laying beside him and running our hands over his bare chest.

I raised up on the bed and straddled Jims face. Forcing him to eat my brand new pussy, his tongue briefly touching my clit and running through my lower lips.

As I lowered myself on his mouth I felt his tongue dart inside my pussy. His nose pressing against my clit, bringing me to climax almost immediately. I tried to grind my pelvis into his mouth shoving his tongue further into me. I looked behind me to see Katelin sucking his cock, working on it really good.

You could just tell by her motions she wanted his cock as hard as it could be for her first fucking.

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Jim put his head through the hole in my crotchless panties and tied them around the back of his head. Locking me into a constant endless pleasureville. Katelin had worked on Jims cock enough to mount it now.

Slowly she slid down on his raging hard on. I could hear her start to breath alot harder, her shortened breathes made it sound like he was already pounding her. "Oh god" she whimpered out. Turning my head around I could see she was only about half way down on him.

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Jim thrust up into her burying himself in her new pussy. She sighed out knowing he was stretching her new virginess. Suddenly I felt another body on the bed, the depression made me turn my head to see staci behind Katelin. Staci pulled herself next to Katelin, whispering in her ear.

I'm sure about the naughty things she wanted to do with her. Katelin suddenly spoke up "No not that please don." Before she could get her sentence out. Staci entered Katelins backdoor. Katelin gasped and knew she was in their hands now.

Being DPed on the bed while her sister was being eaten out infront of her. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the emotions rushing through my body as Jim took one finger and put it to my back hole.

Pushing in he wiggled it, making me giggle. Just then a knock came at his bedroom door. Removing his mouth from my pussy Jim said "Come on in".

I turned around to see Tom, Jack, Kevin, and Randy enter the room. Tom and Jack pulled me off of Jims face, as Randy and Kevin hovered around Katelin. Staci pulled out and let Kevin enter Katelin from behind. Tom laid down on the bed and brought me over to straddle his cock. Being held stomach to stomach it was hard, and tough going in.

Tom pushed further inside me, deeper into my pussy he went. His thick cock filling my insides. Staci sat on Toms face, making him eat her out.

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She directed my head to suck on her cock. Jack was the last one to find me, and I'm starting to wonder why. He was working up his cock to have it nice and thick to enter my small back hole. he stretched me before and was intending to do it again. Jack put his cock to my hole and pushed in, It hurt so much that I deepthroated staci's cock without noticing it and started to choak.

Staci noticed and pulled back some. Jack had impaled me on his cock once again, I finally knew the feeling of being DPed.

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Both Tom and Jack's cock pounded in and out of me, pleasure going from one hole to the other. As I relaxed into the pleasure Staci started pumping her cock in my mouth and down my throat. I was being pleasured in every hole and I was loving it.

Katelin had been taken over by Jim, Kevin and Randy. Jim was thrusting deep in her pussy, I'm sure he was topping out although she wasn't complaining. Kevin being the big cummer he is, got the privilige of invading her back hold once again. Randy was getting his cock sucked by Katelin, very good too by the sound of his moans.

We continued this fucking for another 30 minutes before the first person lost it. Randy had lost it, he unloaded his spunk down Katelins throat. Staci pulled out of my mouth and went over to katelin, kneeling infront of her Staci just gave her a smirk. Katelin started sucking deep on her cock immediately.

Jack and Tom had pulled out of me and stood over by the closet, bringing me along they wanted some extra fun. Tom brought me between him and Jack, Tom picked me up and lowered me on to his cock. I'd never been fucked standing up like this, but I was about to have a first hand experiance. As I started to bounce up and down on Toms cock, I felt Jack behind me probeing my little hole. It wasn't long before his cock was spreading my other hole. As I was getting fucked I looked over to Katelin, She was in heaven.

Kevin was pounding her from behind as Katelin deepthroated Staci's cock. Jim was underneath her just trying not to explode. "Hey Tom" Jim yelled "Why dont' you let Ashley suck you for a bit" Tom pulled out of my pussy as Jack kept himself buried in me. Bending me over Tom sat on the side of the bed.

Forcing my head down on his cock, deepthroating it immediately. For once I didn't gag as he forced his cock down my throat. Also for the first time I tasted my own pussy juices over his shaft. I kept sucking Toms cock, knowing he was close to cumming.

Trying to suck harder I started making some slurping noises, it sent him over the edge. Tom grabbed the back of my head and exploded down my throat. He pulled out of my mouth and let Jack have me from behind, My ass was getting sore from his thick cock.

"Wait" I said "Jack sweetie why don't you go sit in that chair in the corner" As he made his way over I grabbed a injector to get some lube in my hole. I also grabbed a vibrator, just for some extra stimulation. Mounting Jack in the corner chair, his cock slid in without any effort. Straddling and facing him like I was, my pussy was well open and exposed.

Bringing the vibrator close to my clit there was a scream behind me. "OH FUCK YES!!!! FUCK YES YES!!!!!!! OH SHIT!!!!!!!" as those words were being uttered I heard a long moan from Katelin.

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Kevin had blown his huge load in her ass, and she was really enjoying it. Now it was down to three, Jim and Staci fucking Katelin. Jack fucking me in the ass. I pulled one leg over his head and reversed cowgirl on him while still impaled on his cock. I pulled the vibrator down between my lips and a little into my pussy. Jack increased his speed as I pushed the vibrator up inside my pussy. I was loving it but Jack was loving it that much more.

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With a few more strokes sent him into no mans land, He was uncontrolable as he orgasmed into my tight little hole. I kept the vibrator inside me untill he was finished with his orgasm.


Jim pulled out of Katelin and came over to me. "Hey staci, lets finish them off where they've always wanted it" Katelin and I kneeled beside each other on all fours on the bed.

While Jim and Staci came up behind us, they probed our pussies with their fingers. I heard Katelin gasp first as Staci entered her, I was next with a extra thick cock entering me.

Jim was ready to fuck, and he wasn't joking around. Jim pulled out and pushed back in a few times before starting a regular pattern. "Are both of Daddies little girls ready to be fucked??" "Ready to get knocked up like the fucking whores you are??" he continued.


Staci was pounding Katelin, bringing her to the brink very quickly. Katelin was shaking on her hands and knees just waiting for the one thing to trigger her orgasm.


"Staci just fucking do it. Just fucking cum inside me" Katelin said almost crying. Staci started grunting and plowing Katelins sweet pussy. She grabbed Katelins shoulders and pulled back on them forcing her cock further into Katelin. "Please Cum" Katelin begged "Cum in my pussy, its just for you". Staci quickly took one hand and pulled Katelins head back by her hair. "Prove it" staci said into katelins ear. Katelin reached forward and grabbed the vibrator I had been using.

She stuck it between her legs and into Staci's pussy. Staci bucked and thrusted into Katelin, hard and rough their bodies smashed together. Staci finally released in one big thrust, sending shot after shot of her sticky love juice inside of Katelin. She ordered Katelin to keep her ass up in the air so she didn't leak. Jim had been thrusting in and out of me this whole time only keeping semi good strokes just to keep himself hard.

He started taking deeper and longer strokes into me. Making sure to stretch me all he could. Jim leaned down to whisper in my ear "Listen up, You will cum for me, you will clamp that little pussy of yours around my cock so I can fill you up.

you understand??" I nodded my head as he started to plow my hole. More and more his thrusts gained in power. Jim grunted as he topped out in my hole, it hurt like hell but it turned me on even more. Jim was ready to cum, his cock was over swollen and he needed release.

"Ride me Daddy" I said in a soft voice. He grabbed my hair and held on to only that, pulling my head back but reaching the inner sides of my pussy walls. I decided to get him off verbally "Oh yes daddy, fuck your innocent little girl. Please daddy ride me harder, please daddy. Oh pop your little angels cherry daddy, make sure you take my cherry" Jim started breathing very hard, his strokes were slowing down but they were more pleasureful.

He was getting ready to cum, to fill my little hole with his seed. I tightened up every muscle I could in my pussy as Jim exploded. He filled my pussy completely full, as I layed down on the bed. Jim and Staci both looked as us laying there with full pussies of cum. "Why don't you 69 ladies" Staci remarked with a smile.

Katelin turned around and we ate each other out. Lapping up all the cum that flowed from each others pussy. That night after the guys had left and I was laying in my bed, I drifted off to sleep dreaming about my life now as a complete woman.

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