Sweet sweetie is gaping narrow snatch in closeup and cumming

Sweet sweetie is gaping narrow snatch in closeup and cumming
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A couple of years have passed since my brother got married. His now has a family of three and lives a nice quiet life. I was 25 at the time and he was 27. He got married to his wife last September and is the happiest man I know. When I went to go meet his wife for the first time, it was at her house.

She had some family over and my brother brought me "the best man". When I was at their house I was warmly welcomed by everyone there and I knew that my brother would have the happiest marriage possible.

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While there I meet some old ass guys, who were her dad and uncles, they started talking about some boring ass stuff and I was ready to fall asleep. My eyes opened up as soon as I nice looking woman that sort of looked like my sister in law. She was average height with shoulder length brown wavy hair. She was taking some plates and cups from the cupboard. I went over to her and asked her if she needed some help.

She just looked at me for a while and said "oh sorry, yes can you please take these". When we were put the things on the table she said "can I ask who you are"?

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I told her I was her sister's husband's brother and asked her name". She said "my name is Katy". I told her that it was a nice name and said that I would see her later. She thanked me and I left to talk to more boring ass people.

During the rest of the party when I would look at Katy she would always smile and wave in such a happy wave. I would just smile and wave back.

When we were leaving me shook peoples had and hugged my sister in law. My brother was already at his car when I heard Katy yelling my name.


She came over and hugged me for a long time and said "Thanks a lot for helping me get the things and being cool at the party even though those old asses had to bore you". I said "your welcome and I thought she was very cool as well".

I don't know why I said that but I felt that's what had to be said. As I turned around she said in a quiet voice "I also thought you were very cute". I turned around. I was not expecting her to say something like that. I looked at the woman staring right into my eyes. He eyes were a greenish color. Her eyes seemed as if she wanted me to say the something almost as if the was expecting me to say the same thing back. That was a factor that I thought made her cute as well.

I said "oh thanks, I think you're cute also". She came closer and hugged me and we said our final good byes. My brother and I were heading back when he asked me "what was that all about"?


I quickly said "She thanked me for helping her with the plates and the cups. She also told me I was cute". My brother looked at me and then said "well that was a surprise; I wasn't expecting you to go to my in-laws house and come out with a girl". I told him that I didn't get a girl she just told me I looked cute. He told me "Dude wake up!

She is totally in to you! Did you at least say the same thing back"? I nodded and said "yeah I said that I thought she was also cute". He said "and then she hugged you. Come on man you know she is into you". I didn't know whether or not to ask her out.

I thought about it the whole ride home and all of the night. When I woke up from a sleepless night I still thought about what she said and what she meant. I checked if she had a Facebook and like most people she did.

I sent her a friend request and within 2 minutes she accepted and sent me a message. It said "hey cutie". I didn't now how to respond so I said "hi big cutie".

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She sent me a message saying "I would love to go hang out with you sometime". I said "ok sure if you want you can come over anytime you want". She didn't hesitate and responded with an "ok thanks I'll be over in 10 minutes". I thought "oh shit what I have done".

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I quickly got ready and I was expecting her soon. I hear the doorbell ring and I opened it. It was Katy looking rather good in a pink skirt and a white shirt. Right away she gave me a hug that lasted quite a while. After she let go I let her inside.

I asked her if she wanted anything to eat or drink. She asked if I have lemonade. I went to the kitchen and got her a cup with ice and a straw. She was sitting on the couch and I gave her the glass.

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She took a big sip of it and let out a sigh. She said "it was very relaxing and that she appreciated inviting her over". I blushed and said that it was no problem. I was actually starting to like her. She made me feel good always giving me hugs and thanking me for everything. Then she told me "listen Mike, I wanted to tell you since the moment you helped me that I really like you in a way that is more than just friends.

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I was shocked when she said this. More than friends? We met last night. But she did make me feel good and she did look really cute. At last I told her "when our eyes met and you gave that hug, I knew there was going to be something more to us.


Last night I couldn't sleep because I was thinking about you". She let out a little scream and some tears. She rushed over to where I was sitting and she gave me a kiss on the cheek. I had never felt so good about being with someone. This was not a sex story it is just the prequel. If this gets a high rating then I will make the sex scenes.