Ritch bitch with stunning body eat cum with pleasure

Ritch bitch with stunning body eat cum with pleasure
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"I didn't say you could come in!" my sister snapped at me. "I knocked," I replied. "Mom wants you." She grumbled something and brushed past me. Geez!

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It wasn't as if I walked in on her while she was naked or something. I haven't been that lucky yet. Tracy was at her computer and shut down the screen really quick like she didn't want me to see what she was looking at and hey…I just noticed she was still online and had just reduced her screen to the task bar. I could bring up the screen and see what she didn't want me to see. I knew it was sneaky but who knows? She could be part of a terrorist sleeper cell planning attacks against the homeland, right?

So, it was a matter of national security. No right to privacy there, right? I had a patriotic obligation to take a look. Quick as a flash, I moved to the computer and brought up the screen. Aha!

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"What the hell are you doing?" "Oh, shit! You scared me. Don't go sneaking up on me like that." Tracy was back sooner than I expected. "What the hell are you doing at my computer?" "I was just curious about your reading habits. Sex stories, huh?" "It's none of your business what I read. Get the hell out of my room and stay out." "Incest sex stories I noticed." "Get out!" "Brother-sister incest sex stories." "Bastard! Get out!" "I didn't know you had the hots for me." Tracy screeched.

She usually screeches when she's been overly annoyed or frustrated with someone or something but I wasn't sure why she was doing it now. "Stop annoying your sister, Spencer," Mom called from down the hall. Oh, so it was my fault? Why do I always get the blame?

I got out of there. I can tell where I'm not wanted. All through dinner and washing up the dishes Tracy glared and glowered at me. Mom barely noticed because Tracy was usually grumpy about something. My parents are divorced. Me and my sister live with Mom. Mom was watching television later that evening when Tracy cornered me in the hall. "You better not say anything to Mom or anyone else about what I was reading.

If you do, I'll pound you into the ground. Do you understand me, mister?" She punched me in the arm for emphasis. "Relax, Tracy," I replied. "You're of age and I'm a great believer in your First Amendment Constitutional rights to read anything you want. I was just teasing you. I read stories on that site too." "I don't like people knowing my business, especially you. I was just curious and I picked a story at random," Tracy explained. "In fact, the first time I logged into the site was just five minutes before you barged into my room." "Well, I might recommend you stay away from Jacking Off Joe's stories.

They're much too violent and I know how much you dislike violence." I rubbed the soreness from my arm. "It's Jacking Off George and he doesn't write that way at all." My sister colored up when she realized I just caught her in a lie. "Bastard!" she murmured. "So, do you fantasize about me when you read his incest stories?" "You wish!" exclaimed Tracy. "I just happen to like his style. That's all." "I fantasize about you when I read those types of stories." "You do?" Tracy looked embarrassed and pleased at the same time.

It was a reaction I didn't expect. I'd expected her to express her disgust with me. Maybe I was onto something. "Yeah, but the trouble is the male characters all have donkey dicks and the female characters are all centerfold beautiful." "You don't think I'm pretty?" "I think you're very pretty," I said. "It's just that I haven't seen you in a centerfold pose yet so I can't judge." "That'll never happen," said Tracy.

"Why not do it if it's okay with both of us?" I was staring at her tits at the time, or as much as her blouse and bra would allow me to see. "It's not okay, Spencer. It's like those disclaimers they add at the end of the stories: Reading about a fantasy is okay but trying to act them out is just plain wrong." I sighed with resignation. Tracy was right, of course. Even so, I didn't want this to be over. I couldn't be sure but I thought there was a glimmer of hope of getting something going with my sister.

"Let me know if you change your mind." I gave her my best leer and most lecherous smile. "You're a pervert," she said with her own smile. Tracy touched my arm before she turned to go back to the living room. This time it was almost like a caress. I wondered how I was going to seduce my sister but no ideas came to me. I'm no great seducer of women but I'm not a virgin either.

Okay, I've been laid once. I decided the best course was not to do anything, anything like irritating Tracy which is what I usually do even when I'm not trying. I noticed my sister becoming calmer and a lot less grumpy.

Even Mom noticed. I don't have a girlfriend and it seems that Tracy is without a boyfriend. Our mother, however, has a boyfriend and she spends the weekends over at his house.

She leaves for work on Friday morning and we sometimes don't see her until Monday afternoon after work. That's okay. Tracy and I are both college age so it's not like she's neglecting us.

We both go to the same college with Tracy a few years ahead of me. I had noticed Tracy looking my way a couple of times during the week without her usual sneer so I thought it might be time to put step two of my plan into effect. Did I mention I had a plan? Actually, I was just playing it by ear. On Friday I asked her if she'd like to go to the movies that evening. "What do you want to see?" Tracy asked.

"I don't care," I replied. "I just want to get out of the house. It's my treat." We went to one of those art films that one of Tracy's professors was raving about. It was pretty boring to me but I wanted to make my sister happy. After I finished my soda and popcorn I ventured to place my hand on Tracy's thigh.

She quickly put her hand over mine and pushed it away. I sighed and twiddled my thumbs throughout the rest of the film. I didn't have the nerve to try again. We didn't talk much after the film but when we walked in the door Tracy said, "Did you enjoy groping me, this evening?

What should I expect tonight; you crawling into my bed and attacking me? Really, Spencer, you ought to stop reading pornography and get yourself some professional help." For once in my life I was speechless. Did she really think that was groping her? Should I apologize? I still hadn't said a word by the time my sister disappeared down the hall.

I heard her bedroom door close. I thought the evening was pretty uneventful up to that time but what do I know?

Well, it wasn't the first time I'd been shut down after a date and I supposed it wouldn't be the last. I went to my room to get ready for bed and then booted up my computer. I read some of Jacking Off George's stories. One thing in common the stories all had was that the sister lets her brother know she's attracted to him and then he assures her his feelings for her are the same.

The next scene is them fucking each other's brains out. Obviously, that wasn't how things went in real life. I closed down the computer and turned in but not before masturbating and cumming into a couple of tissues, my usual ritual.

The next morning Tracy was back to her usual self--except grumpier. She didn't say anything in particular but I just knew from years of experience. My sister just grunted when I greeted her. "Look, Tracy," I said, "I realize I was out of line last night and I'm really sorry about groping you." "That's not what I'm pissed about." "Then what are you pissed about?" "If you don't know, I'm not going to tell you." "I'd really appreciate an explanation of what I said or did that was wrong, okay?" "I could explain it in such a simple way that a moron could understand it, but it would still be beyond your intellectual capabilities.

I'd just be wasting my time." Tracy stomped out of the kitchen and I heard her bedroom door slam. A few minutes later, a couple of more doors slammed and she was out of the house and gone to who knows where. I didn't see her for the rest of the day. In fact, she didn't return until after dark and I was starting to get worried about her. Tracy stood in the living room and stared at me. It was kind of creeping me out.

"What?" I finally said. "Never mind," she said in her trademarked disgusted tone of voice. She started toward the hall. "Was it something I didn't say or do?" I called after her. Tracy screeched. I heard her bedroom door slam.


Well, it was a stupid idea in the first place to think I could actually seduce my sister. At least I had the status quo.

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Nothing had really changed between us. She was still hostile to me and I was still an annoyance to her. I could live with that. I was lying back on my bed choking the chicken before turning in, as usual, when my bedroom door burst open. "You never do what I want," Tracy shouted. Shit! I was on top of the bed clothes, my pajama bottoms were down around my ankles and my stiff dick was in my hand.

I was so shocked I didn't think to cover up. "What the hell are you talking about?" "I told you to stay out of my room." "I didn't go into your room." "Since when do you start doing what I tell you to do? You usually do the exact opposite." "Huh?" She's pissed at me for not doing what she told me not to do. My sister was coming mentally unglued. "Do you have a condom?" "Huh?" "I guess that means no in moron talk. I can't believe how self-centered you are. I could get pregnant.

You're right about you not having a donkey dick." "Huh?" Tracy climbed up on the bed and straddled me. Holy shit! She wasn't wearing any panties. She was naked! "Tracy, I don't think--" "That's right, Spencer. You don't think. Or you don't think of anyone except yourself. Now just shut up and let me do this." She pushed my hand out of the way, positioned my prick and impaled herself on it. I couldn't believe it.

My pecker was up my sister's snatch. "I don't understand," I gasped. This wasn't an effort to talk Tracy out of what she was doing. It felt too good. "I'm not surprised," Tracy replied as she continued to bounce up and down on my boner. "I gave you the green light and every chance in the book to seduce me and you sat around with your thumb up your ass saying, 'Huh?'" "Huh?" "Oh! Oh!" Tracy gasped and I figured she was having her cum. Her cunt muscles clamped down on my prick and began to massage it.

I began to lose whatever control I had.


"Tracy, I'm gonna--" I grunted and started spewing my load inside my sister. I closed my eyes and just let it happen. "Thanks for the warning, stud," said Tracy. "You probably gave me a baby." She didn't sound angry. She allowed my prick to slither out of her cunt and grabbed the tissues I set aside for my beat off session. She plugged up her snatch with them and said, "Don't worry.

I won't tell anyone I stole your precious virginity." "I wasn't a virgin," I retorted. "Where are you going?" I grabbed Tracy as she started to climb off the bed and pulled her to me. "Let go of me," she demanded. "This is rape." "No it's not. You seduced me." "No one will believe you.

Let go of me." "I want to talk to you." "No you don't. You just want to fuck me again. Ow! You're hurting me. Rapist!" This was true. I did want to fuck her again, but I was just beginning to catch on to her game. Tracy was suggesting things for me to do to her by putting a negative spin on it. Of course, I could be wrong but after what just happened I was willing to take a chance. My prick was inflating again with all her wiggling around.

I pulled the tissues out and I penetrated her cunt easily. "I did try to seduce you last night but you pushed my hand away and told me to get my head examined." "You're so stupid. Do you think I'm that easy? You should have kept trying. No woman wants to seem easy or did you want me to be a slut and just spread my legs for you right there? Get out of me. You'll give me a baby." "It's too late. You're probably already pregnant." "That's not for sure.

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I'm warning you, Spencer. I don't believe in abortion. If you get me pregnant--" "I love you, Tracy." My sister gasped. "Do you mean it, Spencer?" "I think I always have," I replied. Did I really mean it or was I was just letting my prick do the thinking for my brain?

I had a nasty feeling that I'd be breaking my sister's heart if I wasn't sincere. "You're crazy but…I think I'm crazy too. Kiss me." I kissed Tracy as tenderly as I knew how and started moving inside her. We fucked until I squirted another load of cum inside her and then cuddled with each other until we fell asleep. I woke up alone in my bed. I guessed Tracy returned to her own room during the night. That was a brilliant deduction, right? What I couldn't guess was if my sister was having regrets over seducing me.

Was this just a one time thing? How was this going to affect our future relationship? Had I knocked up Tracy?

Was I in deep shit?

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My sister was right about one thing. No one was going to believe she seduced me. I still had trouble believing it and it happened to me. It was already midmorning when I finally got up. I decided it was safest to play it cool and not say anything unless or until Tracy said something.


"Good morning, sleepyhead," said Mom as I walked into the kitchen. Mom? What was she doing home? She was sitting at the kitchen table with Tracy. "This is unexpected," I replied. "Did you have a fight with Floyd?" Floyd's her boyfriend. "It's just the opposite, actually." She waved her left hand and I caught the glint of a diamond on her ring finger.

"You're engaged? That's great, Mom. When's the big event?" We all liked Floyd and knew he and Mom were crazy for each other. "We're not sure," said Mom. "There are still some details to work out like what I do about you two." "Don't worry about Tracy and me.

We're adults now." "That was my thought too, but now I'm worried. Exactly what are your intentions with your sister now that you're sleeping with her?" "You told her?" I blurted. I felt faint. I couldn't believe Tracy was one to kiss and tell—so to speak.

She refused to look at me and kept her gaze fixed on the tabletop. "Calm down," said Mom. "The poor girl had to confide in someone and I'm glad she didn't confide in anyone else. She came to me yesterday crying her heart out about how she wanted you to seduce her. I know that probably sounds crazy to you and it did to me too but she's had a crush on you for a long time. I guess it came to a head when you found out she was reading those incest stories online.

You started flirting with her and she decided to let you seduce her but apparently you can't seduce a girl to save your life." "That's not true," I protested. "She…" "…told me all about it," Mom cut in. "I'm the one who told her to go ahead and seduce you." "Why did you do that?" "Because I thought if she seduced you, you'd blow her fantasy into pieces and then she'd be over you.

Anyway, that was my thought. It didn't work out that way because she loves you now more than ever." Gee, thanks for your confidence in me, Mom. "Well, then there's nothing to worry about because I love Tracy, too." I looked Tracy's way. I saw her blush but she continued to keep her eyes averted and not say a word. "That sounds good but I don't see any future in it for either of you. I'm thinking of kicking you out, selling the house and using the proceeds to put your sister in therapy unless…" "Unless what?" I demanded.

"Listen, we're both adults and everything worked out in the end. This is between Tracy and me, Mom." "What if your sister gets pregnant?" "She can call the whole thing off any time she wants and in the meantime she can get on the pill." "If Tracy gets on the pill she just becomes your play toy as far as I'm concerned.

Besides that, she wants children—your children. You'll have to marry the girl." "Huh? I…I can't marry Tracy. She's my sister." "Is that a fact?" Mom sneered. "Look, I know you can't marry her legally but I want you to commit to her as if you could. I don't think you can meet a better woman and one who loves you more than Tracy." My mom was crazy, I thought.

Hell, Tracy and I were crazy too. I felt overwhelmed. "What do you think of all this, Tracy?" I finally said. "Do you want to be my uh, wife?" Tracy shrugged her shoulders and finally looked up. "Is this a formal proposal, Spencer?" she said. I gulped hard and said, "Yes." "Then my answer is yes," my sister replied. She smiled and started crying.

I think I was near tears too. I took her into my arms and we kissed. "Hot dog!" Mom exclaimed. She reached into her purse and took out a little box. It contained another diamond ring. This time it was Tracy's turn to be shocked. "It's beautiful, Mom." "Put it on her finger and it'll be done," Mom urged. I don't whether it was me or Tracy who was trembling more but I managed to slip the ring onto her finger.

I knew I'd done the right thing. So, there you go. Tracy and I started acting like a married couple. Mom married Floyd, moved out and left the house to us. Tracy's old bedroom is being turned into a nursery. Yep, we're expecting our first child. We couldn't be happier. It's still wrong to try to act out the fantasies in the porn stories you read online but it was a happy ending for us.

Tracy feels it would never have happened if I hadn't caught her reading porn. Thanks, Jacking Off George!