Brave young gal fucked by old rod hardcore blowjob

Brave young gal fucked by old rod hardcore blowjob
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A Daddy Daughter Talk By Sugar Daddy 8/03/15 All works are copy written Don't judge me. I know after this story, I won't get father of the year, but it is what it is. I have always been attracted to younger girls. I never really indulged my urges, except once with my younger cousin. But that's a story for another time. But getting back to this story, I'm a divorced man with two children.

Both are girls one eight Julie, and Brandy my oldest. My wife and I divorced around a year ago. I let her have the house, and I moved into an apartment not too far away. My eight year old and I got along perfect, but my oldest brandy started to become distant from me. I guess she was just at that age when kids' rebelled. Plus I figure the divorce didn't help matters much.

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both of them would come spend the weekends with me per court orders. Julie loved our time together, Brandy not so much. Instead of father daughter time, it became a war every weekend just to get her to come. Once she even told me "I see why mom left you." I couldn't believe she said that but she did. I never noticed how mature my daughter was becoming, until one weekend I walked into the restroom on her by accident.


She was drying off fresh from a hot shower. She screamed at me to get out and I did, after apologizing. But it was too late the damage was already done. The image of my naked daughter was burned into my brain.

I guess we see what we want to see, because before that night I had always saw my daughter as a buck tooth skinny girl with freckles .But she was far from that now. The braces I had bought years ago had straightened her teeth out; her body was no longer skinny, but curvy with a decent pair of breast.

And make up covered her freckles.

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Like I said I have always been attracted to younger girls, but I never thought my own daughter would be included in that category. After that weekend I caught myself staring at brandy in a way, which just wasn't right. I think she saw it too, because she started asking her mom could she stay home on weekends. Her mom told her since they were my weekends it was up to me. Some weekends I would let her slide, but most I wouldn't.

Even if Brandy hated me, my baby girl Julie adored me, and told me everything.

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Like how Brandy had a boyfriend name Jesse. And how Jesse would sneak over and stay in Brandy's room. I never said anything about, but I sure planned to do something about it. One weekend Brandy begged to stay home. I didn't feel comfortable about it because my ex-wife was going on a weekend get away with her new boyfriend. After a lot of I hate you, and having my ex vouch for how mature she was. And how she was old enough now to stay home alone, I agreed. But only on the condition, that she promised to call me every few hours to check in.

That weekend started off great. My baby girl and I went to the zoo and had ice cream. We sat down to have a Daddy daughter talk. Brandy called every few hours like we agreed, after the last call my baby girl looked at me and said "Dad, can I tell you something?" 'Sure honey what it is? " "I don't know dad, maybe I shouldn't, I did pinky swear after all." I looked at my daughter, this must've been serious.

So I said, "well I pinky swear to not tell anyone that you told me." She smiled and agreed to tell me why hungrily licking her soft cone. "Brandy is having Jesse spend the weekend with her, and they are going to do it." "Oh, really?" I said.

"Yep I caught them doing it once, I told mom, but she said brandy was old enough to make her own choices." Bullshit! I thought to myself that bitch is so caught up running behind her new boyfriend; she doesn't even care if our daughter becomes a whore.

"It's ok baby, like I said I'll never tell you told." I didn't let Julie know but I was steaming mad, but I continued on with our day like nothing was wrong. Later that night Julie started sneezing, I figured a cold was coming on; so I gave her a dose of cough medicine.

That always seems to make her sleep through the night. I asked my neighbor across the hall MS Grant to watch her for a couple hrs. Why I handled a family emergency. MS Grant was a Senior citizen and very nice, so I knew I could trust her. I jumped in my car and headed to my old house. It was around midnight when I pulled up. I didn't know exactly what I was going to do.

Bust in on them? Kick his ass? Grab her, and take her to my place? Hell maybe I would ground her for life.

I just sat in the car for twenty minutes thinking.


I could tell they were in my old bedroom, because that was the only light on. Don't ask me what I was thinking but I opened my glove compartment and pulled out a gun. I went to my trunk. I had old clothes from a ski trip still packed in there. I pulled out a ski mask. Even though my ex had changed the locks, this was my house and after 10 years, I knew how to get into it without a key. I slipped on the mask as I entered the house. Now my plan was to just scare the shit out of both of them and take my daughter back to my place.

But things took a turn left when I opened the door to the master bed room. I saw my so called innocent daughter on her knees, naked blowing this Jesse bum. My blood started to boil. I kicked the door all the way open and in a whisper type voice (kind of like Clint east wood) I ordered them both to get on the ground. I have to give it to Jesse he had balls. Figuratively I mean. He rushed towards me and told Brandy to run.

I pistol whipped him and he fell to the ground.


I kicked the poor boy in the head a few times to make sure I had gotten all the fight out of him. I threw a roll of duct tape at my daughter and told her to tie her little friend up. After she complied I locked him in the bedroom closet.

I then grabbed Brandy by the arm and led her to her bedroom. Now this was the part where I was supposed to take my mask off and scold my daughter. But I didn't I, just looked at her crying, standing naked in the corner shaking. Now let's stop this story for one minute. You know how they say there are certain points in your life, where you can either go this way or that way? Well this was one of those times.

I walked over to my daughter rubbed the gun across her bare chest and said to her. "Do me, like you were doing him bitch!" She dropped to her knees unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. I looked down at her and whispered, "No teeth bitch or I'll kill you." Why holding back tears, she began to carefully lick all around the head of my penis. After a few licks she started to deep throat me. She must've really been in fear of her life, because she was handling my private parts like fine china.

I watched as the top of her head bobbed up and down. Fuck I thought to myself she gives head better than her mother. After sucking me off like I pro I stood her up and guided her to the bed. She went slowly until I pushed the gun into her back. That got her moving a little faster.

I made her bend over the bed and spread her legs. I laid the gun on the night stand beside me. I gripped her hips with both hands; my cock was so hard that I didn't even need to guide it in.

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It went straight for the opening between her slit. I fucked brandy hard and rough. I showed her no mercy. This was revenge for the last few months of disrespect, which had been coming my way from her. "You tight little bitch," I moaned as I pounded into my daughter's sexy teen body. "You're so fucking tight," As my paced picked up my little girl began to moan also louder and louder.

I pulled out of her just enough to see the bottom part of my shaft go back in. And then come out of her young pussy. I was violating my own daughter and it felt so damn good! I realized for years I had suppressed these feelings.

And to finally let them all out felt like a tidal wave breaking through a dam. I couldn't hold it in any longer .I felt myself about to cum. I couldn't live with getting my own daughter pregnant, so I pulled out of her and started to shoot my load over her backside.

Cum covered the small of her back and traveled down, all the way to her ass.

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"Mmmmm Brandy," I moaned as I squeezed every last drop of cum out of my cock. I ordered her to clean herself up and to get dressed.

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Afterwards I pointed the gun at her and explained if she told anyone. She would have to talk about the naked boy in her mother's closet. And plus if I found out, there was a police search going on. I would find her and make her pay.

She agreed to keep quiet about the whole thing. I locked her in the closet with her boyfriend. I was sure after a while; the both of them would be able to knock the door open. I rushed home to my sleeping angel and thanked my neighbor for keeping an eye on her. As I laid down looking at my cell, I was sure if brandy called the police they would call me.

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But the phone never rang. And the next day Brandy called to check in like we had agreed. I asked her was there anything wrong, because she sounded different?

She told me everything was fine and she was going to probably come and spend the rest of the weekend with me and her sister. I told her I loved her, she told me she loved me too. I smiled as I hung up the phone. Maybe things were going to get better between my oldest and me. I hoped so, but if not. I had my ski mask in the trunk waiting. Part 2 coming soon: Until then visit me at And get a free e book,this ones on me.