European babe licked and fingered

European babe licked and fingered
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My Weekend With A Virgin CHAPTER ONE At 30,000 feet, you have all the time you need for reflection. One stewardess, oh wait, flight attendant if being politically correct, a shapely blonde with come hither eyes, asked why I was grinning like a Cheshire cat.

I told her that I was flying to meet the girl I was going to marry. She flashed one of those million dollar smiles that must be issued with the uniform, and went on her way.

I drifted idly back to my thoughts of Tanya, and how this flight came about.

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"Dirk, you shouldn't have!" she texted. Now, most people would have taken that to be "Oh, you wonderful man, thank you!" but I knew better. There was no emoticon sent with that text, so, I knew trouble was brewing. "It'll be's time" I replied back, and then sat staring at my iPhone, waiting patiently for her reply.

It came quickly. "That's a decision we BOTH should have made, not you by yourself! You have no idea what trouble you are going to cause me! Dammit!" I had pushed the envelope. Tanya was standing in her grandparent's living room, with them, surrounded by 20 dozen roses. "I love you. ::: kiss :::" When searching for the right thing to say, sometimes the simplest is the best. "I love you too, but don't change the subject you horse's ass!" I could tell that despite the perceived hostility, her play on my screen name was a good sign.

"Baby.there was never going to be an ideal time for this. We've waited, what, over a year now?" I was using an advanced version of Siri, so I was speaking and sending text quite fast now.

"I know you are in a panic, but I'm confident that my letter to your Dad will help smooth everything over. You know how I am with words, and, you told me that he's a reasonable." "YOU SENT THE LETTER TOO?????????" Her text interrupted mine. "Yes, I did." That was the last text I received from her that day. It took several emails and voice mails to finally get her to talk to me; it was after midnight.

True to my word, her Dad was accepting of my explanation of our relationship, and even a bit relieved that she had found a responsible man. Phone sex that night was was "make-up phone sex" and I was doing my best to relieve her tension. It worked, thankfully, and she slept quite well. The slight bounce from the wheels hitting the runway woke me from my sleep.

I looked out the window and saw LAX speeding by. Once the plane settled and ferried us to a terminal access point, I got up and retrieved my carry on luggage. As I exited the jet, Ms. Million Dollar Smile wished me well, and I was off to find the rest of my luggage. Waiting around for baggage handlers to mishandle the baggage was tiresome, until I got hugged from behind, which completely started me. I spun around. "Tanya! What weren't going to be able." and that was the last word I spoke as she launched herself into the air, wrapping her legs around me, and fastening her lips to mine, no pretense.tongues touching in that age-old dance of oral love.

When we broke apart, there were a few stares, but heck, this was California. Tanya hugged me tightly, then whispered in my ear "Is that a loaded weapon in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?" I chuckled and then replied "Both, baby. Both." Collecting luggage didn't seem so dreadful after all. I found out that she had been dropped off by a friend, so, my plan to rent a car was next. I had selected a Mercedes E350 Convertible, not to impress, but because I loved open air driving.

As we worked our way out of the massive airport and got on the 405.well, life was good. "Where are we going?" she asked.

"You have us covered?" "Yes." It wasn't exactly tentative, but it was slightly nervous. "Ok. We're going up north, maybe 4 hours." I could see her wonderful, scientific mind start its calculations, taking into account road conditions, traffic, mileage, speed, and whatnot. To me, she was one of great, natural wonders of the world.

Beautiful, smart, great personality, smoldering sexual undertones.what more could a man ask for? I was blessed that she found me appealing. "Pismo Beach?" "No, but you aren't far off.

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San Simeon." "San Simeon. There's not much there, other didn't!" I just smiled. She remembered. "I thought that was just you really did it?" More smiling.

The rest of the ride consisted of small talk, kissing, almost driving off Route 1 while kissing, me ogling her, her blushing, more small talk, some big talk, more kissing, more horn blowing at my erratic driving, and some repeating of what I just reported.

Later in the afternoon, Hearst Castle came into view. For those unfamiliar, it's a 90,000 sq foot residence now museum originally build for newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst. Opulence is a poor man's word to describe the treasured beauty of the estate. It was closed to the public this week for renovations, which were completed yesterday. I once did a huge favor for the general manager, who in turn granted me exclusive access to the mansion for the weekend.

Of course, there would be a contingent of guards and other staff, but they would be quite discreet, and absolutely no visitors. As we drove up the long road, she moved closer to me, my non-driving arm around her, one hand of hers across my chest, her head on my shoulder.

I could feel the excitement building in her. She had arranged to "go away" for this weekend and the reality of it was now hitting her. I parked the car and we got out. Again, it is hard to describe the mansion in any detail that gives it justice. We just walked, and she would point out something to me, and then turn and see something else and rush to that.

It filled my heart to see her like a kid in a candy store, thrilled with each new discovery. As we rounded one bend, the Neptune pool came into view.

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There was simply a gasp from here. It was huge, over 100 feet in length, and surrounded by ancient Roman statues and columns and even a true facade of a temple that was imported from Italy. "It looks so inviting on a warm day like today." I nodded. Then I did something that totally blew her mind. I started undressing. "Wh--What are you doing?" I had slipped off my shoes and had unbuttoned my shirt and was removing it.

"I'm going for a swim, what else?" "But you can't.but what if someone comes by." she stopped talking as I dropped my pants, stood naked in front of her for a second, smiled, and then dove headfirst into the crystal-clear water.

As I surfaced 20 feet in, I spun back toward her and asked "Are you going to stand there and catch flies with your mouth open, or are you going to join me?" She closed her mouth, her cheeks blushing profusely.

It wasn't all embarrassment, I noted, as I saw her nipples harden somewhat beneath her form-fitting blouse. There was some arousal there too. "I don't have my suit with me." "Neither did I," I countered. "Looking for a cheap thrill?" "There is nothing cheap about you, darling. I love you. Forever." Without bones, I suspect she would have melted into a puddle. I was casually doing a backstroke, strategically keeping a certain section of my anatomy below water level, although it was threatening to break the surface much like the dorsal fin of a shark.

"Well?" "Well.turn around." I smirked and paddled myself so that I was facing away from her. About 45 seconds later I heard a small splash. I turned around and a second later she surfaced, well, her head and neck did. "Ohmygodyoudidn'ttellmethewaterwassofreakin'cold!!!" I chuckled.

"Babe, it's mountain fed, what did you expect?" "I don't know but I'm cold!" "Come here," I suggested. She was torn between seeking my body's warmth but then knowing that the closer she got to me, the more that I would be able to see of her.

A decision was forth-coming. "Oh, what the hell," and with that, she swam over to me. I thanked whatever gods there might be for the incredible filtration system that kept the water pure and glass clear. As she ceased her swimming and gently treaded water, I could make out small, dark nipples against her somewhat tanned skin.

Further down, although somewhat obscured by small ripples of water, I could see a darkness at the juncture of her legs. My arousal went up as I realized that she had let her pubic hair grow out.

I knew that was done solely for me. "Come close, darling, I won't bite," I said, and then in sotto voce, "much." The blushes that appeared in texts were obviously quite real as I saw another. But she moved closer. I held out my arms and the love of my life pressed her body next to mine, my lips seeking out hers. We kissed, our hands caressing each other's body lightly, exploring almost innocently as our passion rose.

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After a few minutes I spoke, "Are you warming up?" She smiled demurely, then said, "Can you not tell?" I looked into the water, and could see that while her nipples were still hard, the surrounding areola were enlarged, a definite sign of arousal.

The hard nipples were from arousal now, not cold. "I'm not really sure." She smirked this time. Then her face changed to one of adoration. "I love you, Dirk." And with that, she took my hand in hers, and brought it to one of her breasts. "God." I whispered, and crushed my mouth onto hers, gently squeezing first one breast, then moving my other hand to her other breast and doing the same. She whimpered into my mouth, my tongue dancing with hers. My fingers closed in on her nipples, squeezing both at the same time, not hard, but with enough pressure to elicit a kiss-muffled moan.

We jostled in the water, our legs becoming more entangled. Her body shifted more, and I felt her bush rub against my thigh, then settle down on it. We both broke the kiss at the same moment, looking into each other's eyes with longing. "Tanya.we need to stop.need to get out of the water, babe." I could see into her eyes, the fire raging in her soul. It couldn't be like this, couldn't happen now. I disengaged and began swimming toward the edge of the pool, seeing that there were now two large towels placed discretely on a bench.

I tied one around me, and then opened the second, wrapping it around her naked body as she climbed out of the water. "You truly are the most patient man on Earth." If she only knew how tested my patience was becoming. I smiled. "There's more for us to see. Go get dressed" I said, pointing to a small cabana and handing her the clothes she had discarded earlier.

A few minutes later she emerged, fully clothed, looking dangerously beautiful. I kissed her. "Let's go explore." And we did. We walked through the Gothic Study, marveling at the incredible architecture.

Next was the dining room. She sat at one end, I at the other. I asked her to pass the salt and she giggled. We walked, arm in arm, for a couple of hours. Dinner was prepared and we ate in a small room; the dining room was simply too much. After dinner we shared a cocktail poolside, a light breeze providing respite from the day's heat. As the sun set over the ocean, I couldn't think of a more perfect setting. "Do you think we could head inside?" "Yes, darlin', of course." And so we walked again, me remembering the map I was emailed two weeks ago, heading directly for one of the large, well-decorated bedrooms with the huge, oversized four poster bed.

"Wow." she said, looking around. I closed the door and locked it, although that latter step wasn't necessary. "I'm going to take a shower," I said, and headed off into the bathroom. The shower, well, I guess Hearst was into group cleansing. I've heard of walk-in showers, of course, but this was more like a drive-in shower it was so large. There was room for a dozen people, and there were probably that many shower heads. I turned on the water, selected one bather from the control panel, and watched as the shower heads moved, cascading water in one concentrated area.

How cool! I removed my clothes and walked into the waterfall. It was incredible. Hot water coming at you from all directions, all at slightly different levels so that it felt like you were literally swimming.

It was heaven. I didn't hear her come in, the force of the water enough to drown out small noises.

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But I saw a small reflection off a wall. Turning, I saw the love of my life walking towards me, through the mist generated by all of the hot water. Joining me in the middle of the river of water, we kissed again, as lovers do, the heat of the rushing water no match for the heat of our passion.

I was instantly hard, and I'm sure she could feel it pressing against her. She broke the kiss and walked over to the panel and studied it for a few seconds, then pressed it a few times.

The water spray shifted, softened, and became more of a light rain vs. a drenching downpour. She again joined me under the half-spray, half-water. "I love you, babe." "I know," she replied. We both giggled. It was our joke. One person professing their love, the other replying with the casual zinger. I loved it. She turned serious.

"You are my one true love, Dirk. You've been incredible to me over this past year. I'm not just talking about the gifts and stuff. That's all been great. The flowers, the jewelry, all of the sweet things that you've sent.the crystal penguin, my god.but it is more than that. It's the way that you've embraced my family. It's the way that you've been so incredibly patient with me, with my moods, with my bitching and complaining about school, with everything that I've thrown at you.and my virginity.

You've let me wait, and never made me feel bad about it. I feel that I owe you so much." "Tanya, you owe me nothing." "Hush, I'm talking. I've given you my love.and now I want to give you something else. Something that I couldn't give you until today." And with that, she knelt down before me, hands on my thighs.and looked up at me, eyes smoldering with lust. CHAPTER TWO .and began to wash my body using the thick sponge that was loaded with body wash.

Starting at my feet, then my ankles, my calves, up to my thighs, scrubbing vigorously. This was, of course, pure torture. I was at full mast. How she avoided banging into it with her head or getting poked in the eye was beyond my comprehension. But avoid she did. She continued up my thighs, my waist, torso, my chest, my neck, then both arms, with her now standing. Then she moved behind me, getting my back, ass, legs.and now she was back in front of me again, looking into my eyes.

She anticipated me. "No.I didn't forget anything." and with that she again descended before me. The torture ascended to another level as she used the sponge first on my balls, gently washing them again and again, and then on my cock, surrounding it with the sponge and stroking it, not fast, but with a firm grip.

My eyes closed. The combination of the warm, sudsy texture of the sponge, and knowing it was her, there, in front of me, her face mere inches from me.I felt my steely resolve crumbling. She released her grip and arose in front of me. "All clean," she pronounced. I swallowed. And then my eyes opened to see her standing, just the faintest trace of a smile on her face. "My turn," I said, taking the sponge from her. I applied a generous amount of body wash, set the water to a lower amount but increased the steam effect, and sank to my knees before her, thinking two can play this game, and that I played to win.

I too started with her feet, taking my time with each one, individually cleaning each toe thoroughly, but all the while keeping my face a mere inch from her body, her pussy to be exact. Naturally, being a mammal, I needed to breathe, and breathe I did, making sure that my exhalations of air were aimed right at that most sacred of locations on her body. I knew what effect this would have on her mind and body. As I washed both of her legs, I was afforded a close-up view.

Granted, the view was somewhat obscured by her recent growth of hair, straight and black, but I could still see a little.the delicate lips looking oh so small. I could only imagine how tight she would be. And, I could only imagine the heat that was brewing within, my warm breath painting a haze of erotic mist across her crotch.

I moved, reluctantly, upwards, but them remembered that I'd get to do some additional, cleaning, as her breasts again came into view. I decided to take a different approach and discarded the large sponge in favor of something different.gloves! These were specially made gloves, the inside a thin but strong rubber compound, while the exterior was made up of a combination of small but strong bumps for cleaning power, interspersed with soft, spongy materials for suds retention.

I put two of them on, applied more body wash, and then returned to her. My hands began caressing her body, her sides first, then her taut belly, all the while rubbing and applying varying amounts of pressure with my fingers. Think of it as an erotic massage but one that was cleaning at the same time. Fingers have much more dexterity this way, so I was able to carefully cascade them across her chest, avoiding the most sensitive spots, swirling in circles, tracing the undersides, drawing away from them, and then slowly sliding back, and forth, back and forth.finally brushing across her nipples quickly but not stopping.

I studied her face during all of this, mine impassive.but hers running through the gauntlet of expressions from heightened erotic response to desperate for a solid touch vs. all the teasing. A small grunt came from her when my palms crossed across her nipples.

I moved my hands up her body, now on her shoulders and her neck, then over both arms, being careful to avoid tickling and thus distracting her. I moved behind her. First I started on the back of her neck, then some solid rubbing and massaging her shoulders, seeing her head moving from side to side a bit to fully enjoy the massage. Next I moved to her back, first vigorous, then softening and providing more tracing movements.

At one point, I as I was rubbing her sides, I moved my hands around once again to her breasts, cupping them with my hands.and eliciting a sharp intake of breath from her. That sound changed to a solid whimper as a thumb and forefinger of each hand found a nipple and began rubbing them. I kissed her shoulders while doing this and felt her head turn towards me, lips seeking out mine.

I relented, and kissed her, her tongue slipping into my mouth as her arms reached up and around, taking hold of my head and keeping it in place to extend our french kissing. As I continued the nipple, um, cleaning, she pressed her ass against me, against it, and began rubbing back and forth.

Oh no.that would not do. This was about her. I released her nipples and ended the kiss, smiling at her. I sang a short verse, looking at her. How many times must I say I love you Before you finally understand? Won't you be my forever woman? I'll try to be your forever man, Try to be your forever man. Kneeling down, I continued my caressing cleansing of her body, her lower back, then the backs of her legs, and then finally moving back up to her ass, perfect that it was, right in front of me.

It was at that moment that I decided that her inner thighs needed extra attention, so I put both hands between them and silently urged her to spread her legs just a bit.


She did. Wow. What an incredibly erotic view.

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I began rubbing between her legs.on her upper thighs, first with one hand, then with the other.then with both at the same time. Occasionally one of my fingers would stray and rub against her pussy, and I would feel her shiver. Finally, I began to rub her pussy "intentionally". To clean it, of course. I gently opened her lips and rubbed gently inside, accidentally occasionally rubbing against her clit.

Slight jumps by her, followed by somewhat of a grinding motion, was not uncommon during this phase of the cleaning process. The control I exerted in not just grabbing her by the hips, mashing my face against her, and licking her pussy until she exploded, was impressive.

I finished cleaning her butt, making sure to gently poke and prod to continue her erotic torture. Then I stood up, stripping off the gloves and dropping them. She spun around. " can't.just leave me like this!" "Like what?" I asked with an impish smile. She growled at me. "Like I want to throw you on the floor of this shower and fuck you to death!" Wow.

I think I could count on one hand the number of times she had dropped the f-bomb and have plenty of fingers left over. I leaned in and kissed her, sweetly, on the lips, then pulled back.

"Darlin'.that would NEVER happen. I made a promise to you that we would wait until we are married. I will not break that vow." The look on her face was a combination of wanton desire and incredualty. "Are you kidding me? I get away for an entire weekend, you come all the way out here, we're in this shower naked and all hot for each other, and you're telling me you're not going to make love to me?" I kissed her again, this one with more passion.

"Lover.we are going to make love tonight, I promise you.

I love you." "I love you too, Dirk, so much." "We will make love tonight baby.but." CHAPTER THREE ".I'm just not going to take your virginity." She gave me one of those "we'll just see" looks that became famous via our video chats on FaceTime over the past year.

After finishing up rinsing off, we pulled two oversized towels from the towel oven, a pizza-oven looking device that heated them to a comfortable, body-warming temperature, and dried off. Walking back into the bedroom, I could feel that the Viagara I took right before showering was taking effect. While some snickered at the use of Viagara, those in the know knew that it wasn't just for men with erectile dysfunction, but also for those who wanted a crowbar-like erection reminiscent of an 18 year old.

Tanya crawled under the covers of the bed, and beckoned me. "Come to bed, lover." I first went and adjusted the lights, dimming them and setting the color to a deep red glow. Next I added some music, a surprise for her. It was Ravel's Bolero, made famous by Torvill and Dean at the '84 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo, and by Bo Derek in the movie 10, when she asked Dudley Moore's character, "Did you ever do it to Ravel's Bolero?" We had talked about this piece of music before, her favorite.

It's amazing when you look at the one you love, and see her melt like warm butter before your very eyes. As I moved into bed and under the covers, my demure, "saving it for my marriage" online lover for over a year, launched herself into my arms, pushing me down on the bed. She straddled my hips with her legs, her now quite visible pussy resting against Mr.

Crowbar, who was now so hard I think he could etch some glass. She was leaning forward, her hand on my shoulders, holding her up, eyes focused on mine, while she lazily rubbed her wet, virgin pussy up and down my shaft, the lips performing an erotic squeegee wash. Then she paused, the head of my cock poised at the juncture of her slick, slightly swollen entrance. I swallowed. "I want so badly to sink down right now and take you deep inside of me.but before I do, there is so unfinished business." With that she slid her pussy once more down along the length of my shaft, coating it with her own lubrication.

This time, she didn't stop and reverse direction.she simply moved further down my body, mouth nipping at my body along the way, nails from both hands lightly raking my skin, causing all sorts of jumpiness within me.

Her obvious destination was Mr. Crowbar, who felt epically hard, and my accompany balls, which had not found release, on purpose, for well over a week.

She was too far gone for prolonged teasing. Taking my shaft in one hand, she brought her mouth down over the head and enveloped it, sinking several inches into her mouth, tasting both my precum and her own wetness. For a brief second she closed her eyes, savoring the moment, then opened them and looked at me as she moved her mouth back up to the head, swirling her tongue around and around, then back down, taking three, four, five inches into her mouth. I had thought about this a number of times, and knew that I would be good for two solid orgasms this evening, so I relaxed and let it happen, slowly pumping my hips in rhythm to her mouth.

I knew this was the second blowjob that she had given in her life, the first being to some random boyfriend of hers many years ago, and that it was a disaster. This, this was no disaster. She was literally pulling the cum from within me. A soft hand rubbed my balls, feeling them, and squeezing gently. My eyes were locked onto hers. I watched as her lips were stretched around the wide girth of my cock, as she again and again impaled her head on it, her lips gripping it tight with suction as she pulled up, then loosened a bit on the ride down.

Her tongue was in constant motion, licking, swabbing, applying pressure here and there as it danced ove the surface of my cock. As I approached the point of no return, my eyes started to glaze over, and I both heard and felt the vibrations of her moan. Her speed picked up, the suction ratcheted up a few notches, the hand holding my shaft beginning to stroke, trying to coax the warm sustenance out of my body.

She lightly ran her nails across my balls and moaned once more, and that was it. Ten days worth of online teasing. Ten days worth of touching and stroking but not completing. Ten days worth of anticipation. Ten days worth of hot cum came shooting out the end of my cock and into her loving mouth. My hips bucked reflexively, a call to my diety escaping my lips as more and more jets of semen pulsed into her mouth. I could hear her moaning loud now, trying to swallow to make room for yet more of the creamy filling.

I don't think I had cum that much in well over a decade. It just wouldn't stop, some of it overflowing her mouth and dribbling down my shaft. As the sensations declined, I could open my eyes and look at Tanya. She had just pulled my cock from her mouth, and I could see some of my cum on her lips, chin, and tongue. She swallowed again, then licked her lips, looking at me, pure lust in her eyes.

She began licking my shaft, her tongue gathering up what semen had escaped her mouth. I closed my eyes and endured the licking, my cock a little over-sensitive at the moment, and showing some signs of weakening, though still retaining that Viagara-induced hardness. Tanya brought her mouth up to the head of my cock and began lightly licking it, and then taking just the head inside.

I saw some movement and realized that she had moved a hand between her legs for a moment. When I felt her hand moving between my legs, pushing them further apart, I realized what she had done. She was getting her fingers wet with her pussy juice, a nice, natural lubricant.

A single, slender finger penetrated my ass fully as she sunk her mouth down over my shaft again.this time trying to take it as deep as she could. Before she got it all, she started to gag, expectedly, this being the second cock she had sucked. As she rose back up off of my cock, she slid her finger backwards in my ass, until just the tip remained buried within.

Then she repeated the sequence.finger shoving deep, mouth doing deep.finger withdrawing.mouth withdrawing.again.again.again.until she slid a second, slim finger inside of me. I had had enough! I pulled away from her, and, moving quickly, tossed her on her back, head up on a pillow.

Moving between her long, slender legs, I took one ankle into each hand and lifted them, high, pushing them back and apart, until her virgin pussy was spread wide before me. I moved forward a bit and Mr. Crowbar, back to his old, rigid self, was poised right above her opening, it looking about twice the size of what would safely fit inside of her.

"Do it. Fuck me. Please?" she begged.

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As I leaned forward, the head of my cock nudged aside her swollen, very wet pussy lips, and started to sink inside of her. A low growl emanated from her throat, her hands gripping the sheets tightly, eyes wide open. I poised myself for one, fast thrust, one massive push forward that would snap my cock through her hymen, forever end her virginity, and sink myself balls deep within the walls of her pussy.what would become "my" pussy the day we got married.

CHAPTER FOUR I couldn't do it. "No." She looked up at me. "What the fuck did you just say?" "I can't do it. I can't take your virginity.

You've waited this can wait a little longer, until we are married." And with that, I moved my cock away from her pussy, and replaced it with my face. I could feel through her body that she wasn't happy with all of this, but I was determined not to pop her cherry tonight.

Instead, I looked at the treasure before me. With her legs spread, and my face mere inches away, I was looking at paradise. Helen of Troy's face launched perhaps a thousand ships, but this, this could launch nuclear weapons.

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Her pussy lips were small, yet swollen with desire. Nothing larger than her finger had ever passed between them. I so ached to put my cock inside of her, but, I was determined not to do that too. Her pussy hair was dark brown, almost black, and mostly straight, with most of it above, though a small amount grew down the sides, framing her tender lips.

It looked beautiful. I began licking along the sides of her lips, just with the tip of my tongue, lightly tracing her lips up toward the hood that covered her clit. That I avoided, for now, and began tracing downward on the other side. I heard a soft moan come from her, and felt her relax a bit. Kissing each thigh, I then lightly licked each inner thigh, alternating.feeling her squirm a little. I licked down below her opening, towards her ass, then reversed direction, my tongue entering her, licking and tasting her sweet nectar.

I loved the taste, which made me very happy since I planned on spending many thousands of hours with my face between her legs in this position over the coming years. I pushed my tongue in deeper, wiggling it.and then I decided to try one of my own, self-taught techniques on her. I took my arms and wrapped them around her legs, firmly, so that she wouldn't be able to move. Then I moved my tongue up to her clit.


Rather than lick it, and suck on it.which has always produced good results, I wanted to try something else. I began licking at it, but, just with the barest tip of my tongue. The very tip. Just back and forth, back and forth, very rapidly, just barely touching her clit.

If you are familiar with butterfly kisses, that's exactly what this was, but instead of my eyelashes on her cheek, it was my tongue, on her clit. At first it just feels interesting, or so I'm told, a different sensation. But, I don't stop. I keep up the same pace, like a machine, and on the exact same spot. And that's where it develops into a maddening sensation, an itch that can't be scratched. That's why I had a good hold on her legs. I felt her squirming now, and moaning some.

Good. It was working. I kept up the steady pace, never putting additional pressure, even as she tried to shift her body or thrust her pelvis towards me. "Gawwwwwddddddd.please.lick it.suck it." she begged, but I would not listen. I simply kept up the butterfly-kiss like licking.thirty more seconds.sixty more seconds. Her head was now moving back and forth on the pillow, her nipples were hard, and her hands were gripping the sheets. I now sucked at her clit, my lips surrounding it, applying suction, my tongue in a frenzied whipping motion back and forth over it.

Her head and upper body shot up off of the bed as though a cattle prod had gone off inside of her, and she came, her juices increasing their flow, her legs fighting against my arms, hands pinching her nipples, grabbing at her hair.her body was overloading with lust as I continued to lick and suck at her clit.

I pulled away, knowing that she would now be ultra-sensitive and that it would actually be too strong of a feeling, and lacking pleasure.

I just kissed her thighs, her bush, then licked the inside of one thigh, which drew her hands quickly to my head and her voice telling me no, too sensitive. I rolled her over and then got on top of her, my cock sliding between her legs, feeling the wetness of her pussy. I squirmed my hands under her, feeling her breasts and gently squeezing her still hard nipples.

My mouth found her neck and I kissed it, and then nipped at it with my teeth, her body jerking at each light bite. She started moving her hips a bit, pushing back, liking the feeling of my cockhead rubbing against her clit. Her legs were clamped together tightly, making a nice, tight, wet slot for my cock to slide back and forth against.

It felt good, but, I was okay, the blowjob she gave me earlier taking off the edge. I could last. My goal wasn't to cum, anyway, but to bring her off again. And I knew it would happen sooner vs.

later. That first orgasm of hers, a powerful one, no doubt, was just the beginning. As I stroked, her pussy lips rode along the top of my cock, and on each stroke, her clit would be rubbed, nudged, and touched by a warm, wet, and solid piece of meat. Between the sensations in her pussy, my nipple play, and the neck biting, she came again, this one not nearly as powerful, but a more extended orgasm, one that I rode out between her legs.

My cock was coated with her secretions. I got off of her, and then pulled her hips up towards me. She helped what she could, much of her energy sapped through the powerful orgasms. When she felt my cock between her legs, she once again thought that I was giving in to temptation and ready to finally fuck her virgin pussy. "Yes, fuck me baby." But that wasn't my target. I was still firm in my resolve that she remain a virgin, at least in her pussy.

Her ass was still virgin territory, but not for long, as I pressed the head of my swollen, very wet cock against her tiny asshole. CHAPTER FIVE As I pressed forward, and she realized my intended target, her eyes went from being sleepy to quite wide instantly.

"Are you kidding.wait.we only talked about this.god.okay.okay.just.go.slowwww." With the right amount of lubrication, the right amount of forward pressure, and the right angle, it is possible to make a square peg fight into a round hole. Not that my cock was square, but, I suspect to Tanya it felt like a square telephone pole.

This was perhaps the first time ever that I wished my cock wasn't so thick, for her sake. Just then the head popped inside, and her ass muscles clamped down on me! There was an audible gasp from her, and I could see that her eyes were now squinted shut, her hands grasping the sheets in a death grip.

I reached down between her legs and gently began rubbing her clit. "Are you okay?" I asked, keeping the pressure on, but not trying to push deeper inside. "Just.go.slow," was the reply through gritted teeth. I knew once we were able to get her a little accustomed to me that she would enjoy it, or should enjoy it. I hoped. I leaned forward a bit, and greasily slid an inch inside. Another slight gasp and intake of breath. I think the clit rubbing was helping a little, as she rolled her hips once.

That got me an extra half inch. "Push against me," I suggested. "What? I can't." she replied, but, I didn't believe her. "C'mon. You want me in your ass. It's turning you on." Her eyes were directly on me, squinting, not from pain now, more like, scorn.

"Fuck you. This hurts. I'm not enjoying.god.mmmm.not enjoying this at all, you bastard!" I pressed forward and sunk another inch and a half inside of Tanya's tight ass. Her mouth formed an "O". "Rub my.clit.faster.please," she gasped. And so I did. And so I sunk deeper.and deeper.feeling Tanya's legs quiver as my cock was seeking out the depths of her ass. "Are you.," her eyes were closed again, ".are you.all.the.way.inside?" I had stopped moving forward.

"Yes, babe." I was balls deep in her ass. I could go no deeper. It felt great. Her ass was very tight, and it felt like it was squeezing along the entire length of my cock. "Tanya, darlin?" "Yes, my love?" "Rub your clit." I let go and took hold of her legs, one in each of my arms, adjusting for leverage. She looked up at me, wondering, then realization hit her. She quickly began to run her clit in a circular motion.

"" but she was too late. I pulled back, withdrawing all inches of my cock except for the head. Then I immediately pushed all of it back inside of her. "Ohmigodohmigodohmigod!" I smiled. "You're gonna' love this, babe." I began sawing in and out of her ass now at will, holding onto her legs and using them to provide leverage to fight the resistence offered by her ass channel.

The pussy juice lubrication was just enough to provide a nice coating without making it too slippery. The feeling of cock sliding in and out of her asshole was truly incredible.

It kept clutching and unclutching my cock over and over again. And as I looked at the love of my life, her face all flushed, her nipples extended and hard, breathing hard, I realized that she was having multiple orgasms. I had just taken her ass cherry, and she was rapidfire cumming! This knowledge was enough to cause me to shoot off inside of her, bathing her insides with my warm sperm.

I hunched against her, emptying my balls, feeling all of my energy drain from me. It wasn't just me, though. Tanya, well, she was now nearly unconscious. So I allowed myself to lay down next to her and drift off to sleep. It was a struggle to move my arms or legs, so I just opened one eye. Blurry, I could see that it was morning, and, Tanya was standing next to the bed, wearing latex, and holding a riding crop.

As if that wasn't enough of a shock, I realized now that the reason for my struggle for arm or leg movement was because I was in restraints!