Awesome amateur teen fucks and sucks with cumshot

Awesome amateur teen fucks and sucks with cumshot
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Chapter 25-Andre's first training Class Andre- I look at the 8 girls I will be training some of them are nice looking and I am going to enjoy fucking them as they kneel looking scare and they should be I have to prove myself.

Cindy a white girl with blonde hair. Angel a Hispanic short girl. Kim a black girl with big breast.

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Leann another white girl with black hair. Candace another white girl with brown hair.

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Regina who looks mixed she has a nice ass. Rebecca who is black and Emily another white girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. I introduce myself to them and let them know that I will be their trainer and we can do the easy way or the hard way. I begin by going over the equipment starting with the cross I tell them what it's used for and the spanking bench. I also let them know that each and everyone of them will be spanked and I will go over the different spanking the fun ones and the not so fun ones and I call up Regina she has a nice ass.

I bend her over the bench and ran my hand over her ass and the back of her thighs and then I struck and she tried to stand when I explained that if she did I would get a belt I also explained to them sometimes a Master or Mistress just may want to play with their toys as I hit her again and I rubbed her ass so that she would no that it wasn't a punishment I gave her ten open handed slaps and I also put my hand between her legs and begin playing with her pussy and when she started to get wet I slapped her on her pussy.

When I was done I knew that she was hot and horny she was trying to chase my hand when I withdraw it. I also informed that they are not allowed to have sex with other's unless I told them to or another Master or Mistress. When I asked Rebecca to come up after Regina she acted like she didn't hear me so I got a small whip out of the cabinet and told them that she will be punished because when I tell the to do something I expect them to do it after cuffing her to the bench I struck her on her ass I went up and down on her ass and thighs until she was screaming and crying and my dick hard as a rock when I get to twenty I asked her to thank me and when she didn't I went right back to work on her ass when I stopped she said thank you Master Andre.

When I looked back the rest of the girls where staring wide eyed I ask if any of them wanted to take her place and they all said no Master.


I called the next girl up and she came quickly I spanked each one of them and without any more problems. I ask if any of them ever sucked dick and all, but one has Emily, so I told the other to practice with the dildo's I gave them and I told Emily to Kneel in the middle of the room and I unzipped my pants and took my dick she looked at it I could see fear in her eyes I told her to touch it and she did like she was scared of it I ask her how many times has she had sex and she said once I told her to lick the head of it and she did I told her harder I had her open her mouth and I stuck my dick in it I told her to think of it like a popsicle I looked up to see all of the girls sucking on the fake cocks and some of them looked like they knew what they were doing I called Cindy over and told her to suck my cock and she begin by licking and sucking the head and then she took me to the back of her throat I looked down at the girl and she smiled I knew this girl has sucked a lot of dick I told her to stop I told her to help Emily I also told Emily that if she didn't did better and try harder she would be getting the next punishment and it will be double what Regina got.

Rebecca went next, and she caressed my balls while she sucked my dick I was in her throat and when she swallowed around me I came hard it was a shock not too many people can make me cum like that at least not a girl. I looked down at her and told her that I should whip her for that, the bitch knew what she was doing I told them that they had to help Emily and if she didn't get better they were all going to be whipped tied to the cross with a whip.

I gave them 1 hour in the dungeon and then they will be returned to their dorm and when the noon class start she better be improved I also told Emily that if any of the girls tell me that she refused to learn she would be severely punished. When I got to my office I turned on the monitor and listened to the girls as they taught her how to suck dick Cindy who was mad forced the dick into her mouth and I laughed none of these girls want to be whipped.

When a knock came I told whoever it was to come in it was T he looked at the monitor and looked at me I told him that the girl was the only who didn't know how to give head and they are teaching her with a little help if they don't they will be tied to the cross and whipped with a whip he looked at me and said I remember my first class and some of them will try me I told him I started off with a spanking so they know that I won't be easy on them.

He told me that they got a call from a sheik who is looking for a slave and wanted to know if I had any untrainable I told him I don't think so right now although I had one who is very playful and knows how to use her mouth I mean the girl made cum quickly he laughed and ask which one when I pointed her out he asked if I minded if he gave her a test drive I told him to go for it in fact I told him to be really rough with her.

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When he left I watched him walk into my dungeon and grab her and forced her to her knees he pulled his dick out and told her get to sucking it and told the rest of them to get back to what they were doing as I looked at Emily who had the whole dildo in her mouth. When I look over I see that T has Rebecca up against the wall with his dick down her throat and he is fucking the shit out her face and she isn't struggling or trying to get away from him and then he throws his head back and pulls out and cums all over her face and she scoops it up and eats it, damn that was hot is all I could think.

After he cleans up and comes back into my office he tells me that she was great, and we may want to keep her as a in-house sub to teach dick sucking she was good and I smile say I told you, so I might have to fuck her today.

When I look at the monitor I see my helper is taking them for lunch. I go to the door and tell them to take a dildo gage to put on Emily after she has eaten so she can practice.

I also tell Rebecca to come to my office and I tell the sub to bring us both lunch. T sits down and I ask her how did she learn to suck dick and she said that her mother's boyfriend taught her when she was younger I ask her how old are you although I know that she is 16 so I ask her when did he first fuck her and she said a few years ago I ask her to sit back and open her legs she has a nice fat pussy I ask if she has ever been with a girl and she says yes Master I told her she maybe trained to be a in-house sub and she ask what's that and I tell her someone who helps train the girls and maybe working at the house T tells her that she would be paid and she would have her own room but first she has to be trained to like the kiss of the whip.

I tell her to stand up and bend over the desk and she does I take my dick out and I feel her pussy she is wet, and I slide my dick into her pussy she is tight I feel like I have to fight to get in it. When I am all the way in I let her get used to my size and I pull out and thrust back in hard and fast I tell her to hold on to the desk and I begin fucking her hard and fast I reach up and pinch her nipple I feel the walls of her pussy quiver and I tell her that she can't cum without permission she is moaning and groaning and begging me to her cum I look at her asshole and know someone has been in it I stick my finger in her ass and tell her to cum and when she does she is squeezing my dick so hard I can't move he walls are milking me and I feel my balls draw up I grab her by the hair and push her head into the desk as I cum and cum hard she is asking if she can cum again and I tell her go for it then I feel like she has pissed on me, cum is all over both of us and I laugh when T looks at me I tell him man she is a squitter he laughs.


After I clean up I tell her to go to her dorm and to take her food with her I also tell her that what we talked about is not to be shared with the other girls and she says yes Master, I look at T as I tell him that when she cums her pussy gets so tight I had to stop I though she was going to break my dick he laughs he laughs I tell him she may want to be placed with a good Master or Mistress and that we would have to see how she does I turn the monitor on for their dorm and I see her laying down on her bed while the other girls are working with Emily.

T tells me that he must to start his class and I tell him that I will talk to him later as I pull up my schedule and I see that The Princess wants to see me tomorrow night at 7 so I guess I will be training all day. I wonder why she wants to see me when I just saw her last week. She sent me a watch worth 20 grand she also asked if I could come and visit her but, I told her that I was training I really like her and I get the feeling that she likes me, but I am not sure I want to leave just yet.

I call Cindi and I ask her why the Princess is on my schedule is so soon and she tells me that she called and wanted to see me she also told me to call D because she wants me to call her. When I hang I call and he tells me that he is on his way to see me, so I hang up and wait.

When he gets here he tells me that the Princess wants me to come for a visit to her house in one of the island I tell him I know she ask and I told her no already I tell him that I like her but not that much and although she is beautiful its business for me and he says that he thought so but he tells me that if she wants to come and stay a week here they have house she could rent or I could rent.

I tell him that I would have to talk to her, but I don't want to miss any money or training he told me to let him know what I want to do. When I look at the monitor and see that the girls are being led back into my dungeon I ask D if he can test one of the girls for me I tell him that one of the girls needed to work on her dick sucking skills and I had the rest of the girls work with her and if she isn't better than they will be whipped he says let's go.

When we get to the dungeon I have Emily kneel in front of D and I tell her to suck his dick she looks scared and she should be the other girls also look nervous. She begins licking the head when he tells her to get to it she takes him in her mouth and she does do better although I can see she is gagging some I ask the girls how was she when they were teaching her and they tell me that she did good with the dildo although she needs to learn to go deeper I ask Regina if she told her how to swallow around the head and she said she did when I look back I see that D is face fucking her and she is not crying or gagging he pulls out and tells me she is needs some work but it was ok I tell Rebecca to finish him and she crawls over to him and begins by licking his balls and she takes him to the root he looks over at me and I know what he is thinking compared to her, Emily's blowjob sucks when she deep throats him again his moans and so does she and I know that he is getting ready to cum when he does he looks down at her and tells me he know one other girl who can do that and I know that he is talking about Sonya.


He also says that compared to Rebecca, Emily needs a lot of work. I tell Emily that she will be punished but the other girls won't because they did help her and will continue to do so as D leaves. I tell them that they will be learning how to eat pussy as my helper Dion comes in I point to the bed I tell Emily to get up their and eat her pussy. Emily get between her legs and just stares at it, so I walk over and push her face into the pussy and tell her that if she doesn't start licking she will die.

She begins licking but it is sloppy and all over the place I ask if anyone else has ever eaten pussy and almost all of them have, so I tell Angel to get up here and show us what she can do and she begins by licking the lips and running her finger in her hole I tell her no hands only lips and tongue and she lick her from her ass to the top of her pussy and back then she pulls back the hood and begins licking and sucking her clit I tell Dion she can cum when she wants to when I look back 7 girls have lust in their eyes so when I hear Dion cum I tell Kim to get over here and lets see what she can do and she attacks she is licking and sucking and moaning and humping the table I tell her to slow down I see her trying to put her hand between her legs and I tell her that it's ok I am sure they want to cum and she gets louder and she is cumming I tell her to stop.

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I have all the girls eat Dion out she looks tired I also allow them to finger their pussies all but Emily when the last one is done I tell them that they did well and that it is time for Emily to be punished.

I tell her to stand over by the cross.

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I go to the cabinet and get a belt when I am tying her to the cross she tells me that she will do better and I tell her I know she will I tell the other girls that they can practice on each other until I am done and I see Regina get up on the bed and pull Kim with her they are on top of each other licking each other pussies like they are staving I turn back to Emily and I tell her that she is being punished because I don't think that she is taking the training serious and that until she does she will be whipped everyday and if she doesn't learn to follow my directions she will be sold to someone who will fuck her and slit her throat or I will do it myself.

I begin with the belt hitting her hard she is screaming saying she will do better I continue to whip her and then I switch to a cane and I tell her that if she can take five hits I will let her down and she agrees what I didn't say was how hard I am going to hit her.

I pick up the rattan cane and I lay into her I hit her so hard that she can't even scream so I continue she is screaming and crying and when I am done I tell the girls to stop and when I take her down I tell them to take care of her they don't look happy I also tell them to what to help her with and I remind them that they are no allowed to have sex in their rooms and that if they are caught they will be punished as they all say yes Master I tell Dion to take them to their dorm and to help Emily into the shower and to rub some cream on her.

When I get to my office I turn the monitor in the dorm on and the sound up I hear Kim saying that she doesn't want to be punished like that I see Dion moving with Emily to the shower she has welts on her back and up and down her thighs.

I rub some cream on my shoulder and I call for a ride home. I am tired and can't wait to do it again. Chapter 26 coming soon