Beste Freund ueberrascht Tight Tini als Nackter Mann bekannt aus The Big Bang Theory und bekommt sei

Beste Freund ueberrascht Tight Tini als Nackter Mann bekannt aus The Big Bang Theory und bekommt sei
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Ted walked into the kitchen to see what was holding things up. "Oh, lord! What have we here?" He exclaimed loudly. His wife, Dot and her friend, Goody were locked in a fierce embrace.

He was not so much surprised as pleasantly relieved. He had been hoping that this reunion would rejuvenate their previous relationship. The two beautiful women were locked in a squirming clinch against the kitchen counter. Goody had one knee up to Dot's hip, humping her pelvis into her old friend who in turn was pressed to the counter. Goody's skirt was riding way up high exposing her stockinged legs from high-heels to crotch. Dot was pulled on Goody's leg under the knee with one hand.the other groped Goody's panty covered buttocks.

Their lips were locked onto each other's mouths. "Hey, you two look like you have a lot of catching up to do," Ted said.

The two women broke the kiss but, not the clinch, to look at Ted. They both giggled. "You better believe it, <i>liebchen</i>," said Goody. "Dot was the first and best girlfriend I've ever had. And I can't wait to get naked with her again." Ted walked up to the pair and pressed his crotch to Goody's buttocks. "I can't wait to see your gorgeous naked ass again too, Goody." Goody replied, "Oh, what is that in your pocket, Ted?

It's so hard!" She groped playfully at the bulge in Ted's trousers. They settled in the living room to drink, smoke and get to serious sex talk. Dot asked Goody if she had found any special girl friends. "Yes, I do have a girlfriend, Dot. And she's a very special friend. She's married too. I met her and her husband at an after hours club one night. They were out looking for sexual adventure. After we closed the place we went back to my apartment and we really hit it off.

Later we decided that we should live together so they moved in with me. You remember the apartment building my parents left me? We remodeled two units into one. It's very convenient," Goody said laughing. "I can fuck him whenever I want. Or I can fuck her whenever I want. Or both whenever it happens!" Sipping on their wine in the living room Goody continued telling Dot and Ted about her live-in lovers. "She is a'll both love her.

She's tall like you Dot. She's a brunette with nice tits and a luscious ass too. I licked her pussy.and you know I can suck pussy, right Dot?" "I know you can, <i>schatzi</i>," Dot said to Goody, "and you're making me horny talking about it.

Come sit by me so I can play with you while you bring us up to date." Goody snuggled up next to Dot on the couch and Dot put an arm over Goody's shoulders.

Dot's hand came to rest on Goody's left breast. "Mmmmm, that's nice, Dot." They turned toward each other and kissed deeply again. Breaking the lip-lock, "Anyway," Goody continued, "After I sucked on her hairy pussy and she got a taste of mine she couldn't get enough. She loves sex and she is very oral.loves to eat pussy. Her husband would come home to find us in the oddest parts of the house having sex. Sometimes we stayed naked all weekend and that's all we'd do.

Her husband is precious too. His cock especially, Dot.

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Remember Rod, Dot? He kind of reminds me of Rod. Rod had a long slim cock I used to love to suck. Remember how we fucked him in my apartment, Dot?" "I remember a lot of fucking in your apartment, Goody!" Goody laughed and spread her legs, her right leg over Dot's lap. Dot reached onto Goody's thigh then to her cloth covered mound. Ted watched and listened to his wife and her best friend from ten years ago reminisce. As they talked their hands explored each other finding the places on each other's bodies that they remembered so well.

Goody kept rambling on about their sexual adventures together back in the old days. Dot rubbed her fingers into the wet spot on Goody's panty crotch. Goody, leaning back against Dot, squirmed and caught her breath between words as Dot's fingers found her sensitive labia.

"She has been hinting about branching out to new friends," Goody continued. "She wants to sample other men and women. Dot, I remember when Angie got her first taste of your tongue and pussy, Dot. Mmmm! Mmmm! You're so good Dot! Let's undress and give Ted a good show, just like old times! I need to cum soon." Ted almost spilt his wine when he nodded in agreement, "I'm game!" He had a hum-dinger of a hardon as he watched the women do their thing. He loved watching his wife and Goody do each other.

They were so good at it! They weren't completely undressed yet but he could see their exposed breasts. Dot had reached deep into Goody's underwear and from the movement of the bulge in her panty crotch he could tell Dot was finger-fucking her and teasing her clit with her thumb. Dot sucked a nipple into her mouth as Goody continued to speak haltingly. Dot joined in, "Do you remember the four of us fucking in that little apartment we had on the <i>Taunustrasse</i>? Me and Ted, you and John?

That was hot! That was before his wife Angie came to join our little group. "Oh gawd, Dot! You're driving me crazy, Dot." Goody looked at Ted. Ted's cock was fully exposed. He was stroking his rigid penis. He watched as Dot slid down to the carpet between Goody's legs. Dot tugged at the last of Goody's clothes then, with open palms, caressed Goody's inner thighs from the knee to her crotch.

The scene in from of Ted was his wife rubbing her tits over Goody's torso, breast to pussy before her mouth covered her friend's cunt.

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"Ahhhhhh, ah, ah! <i>Mein gott</i>, Dot! Just like I remembered your tongue! Lick me <i>liebchen</i>!" Then turning her attention back to her friends husband, "Ted! Bring that juicy cock here <i>bitte</i>! I want that old friend while Dot eats my pussy!

Ted straddled Goody on the couch while his wife knelt between the woman's legs vigorously lapping at her friend's cunt. "Your breasts are still as lovely as ever, Goody." Ted placed his cock between her breasts and she lowered her head so it would enter her mouth on the up stroke.

It was just like ten years before. Dot and her husband pleasuring their maid of honor. They were all twenty- something then, when a fellow GI named Rod introduced Ted to his two girlfriends. Rod had boasted to Ted about fucking both of them and Ted wanted in on the situation. Dot and Goody seduced him, mostly because he was a virgin too and because they were anxious to lose theirs. Then the four of them were having fuck-fests in Goody's spacious apartment in downtown Wiesbaden every chance they got.

When Dot and Ted married they decided that because Dot was going to satisfy her need for pussy that theirs would be an open marriage. Ted thought it was a wonderful arrangement. The young group of friends expanded when Ted and Dot invited another of his GI friends for dinner with Goody.

Dot was ready for some strange cock and had taken a liking to John. She teased him constantly, especially on the dance floor. Since his wife Angie Lee was still in the states before she could join him in Germany, Dot knew he was horny.

Ted knew she was looking for an excuse to fuck him. Dot and Ted, John and Goody in one bed! John fucked Dot properly with Goody and Ted rubbing up against them doing the same.

After John's wife arrived overseas, it didn't take Angie long to join the fun. Goody continued, "Angie loved to fuck and I know she loved to 69 with me. Later she'd turn all judgmental about it and swore not to do it again.but, every time she came back. Oh! Oh! Oh! Dot! That's good!

If she heard we were going to have a party, she would have a few glasses of her favorite Morgan David blueberry wine and find some lame excuse to be at the party and got fucked royally.

Of course, John never objected to it." Now the three were reunited, ten years later. Connected by Dot's mouth on Goody's cunt and Goody's mouth full of Ted's cock. Then the doorbell rang. Dot let go of Goody's labia and leaned back, "It's Jan from next door. She wants to meet Goody. I told her all about us, Goody. And, she likes pussy too, liebling." Goody pulled Ted's penis from her mouth and in mock indignation she said to Dot, "Boy, it sure didn't take you long to find a friend here!" As she headed for the door, "You have Inge and I have Jan and the four of us are going to party very soon, mein schatz." Dot was naked when she answered the door to let Jan in.

"Ooo, la-la, cheri! I got here just in time!" Jan wrapped her arms around Dot's waist and stood on her tiptoes to kiss Dot on the mouth. "Mmmm! I taste pussy on your lips! Where is Goody? I want to meet her!" Ted was standing behind Goody as she leaned forward, hands on the couch. He was taking long, slow strokes into Goody's cunt from behind. "Don't stop, Ted," Jan said as she walked up to them. "I'm so happy to meet you at last Goody! Dot made me jealous, and horny, every time she talked about you." Goody and Ted stood up so Goody could shake hands with Jan.

Jan looked at Goody's naked breasts, then covered them both with her hands. Rather, she tried to cover Goody's breasts with her small hands. "Your breasts are as beautiful as Dot said." "I'm happy to meet you too, Jan," Goody laughed delightedly. " You can see we've been catching up." "Well, don't let me stop you.

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Please go on!" Ted sat on the couch. Goody turned her back to him and sat on his cock. Goody's legs were spread over Ted's legs.


His feet were planted on the floor. Jan knelt on the floor between their legs. Jan's fingers helped guide Ted's cock as it disappeared and reappeared from Goody's pussy. Jan moved her mouth to the woman's cunt and lapped at the swollen labia next to Ted's cock before finding Goody's clit. Then she looked up at Goody, "Is this how Dot used to do you?" "Yesss! That's how she's going to do it again! Dot likes to pull it out and suck my juices off of it and put it back in!" Jan complied eagerly.

Ted noticed Dot leave the room.

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He knew that Brooke, Jan's 19 year old daughter was waiting in the apartment next door to hear all the juicy details about the reunion. Dot found her in the shower. Let me digress. Months earlier, Dot and Ted returned to Germany. He had been reassigned back to an Air Force base in Dot's country of birth.

They had met the first time he was assigned there near Wiesbaden. Returning ten years later their group of friends were mostly American military and government civilian employees working at Ramstein Airbase.

With no government quarters available when they arrived Dot and Ted rented an apartment in the local community. As it happened, another Air Force couple, Carol and Lynn were assigned to Ramstein about the same time and he rented the apartment below Dot and Ted. His wife, would follow his arrival when government quarters were available.

Dot and Ted got acquainted with Carol over a few friendly dinners during the following months while they waited for government quarters. The threesome became close and Dot having taken a liking to the man decided that a real threesome would be nice. Carol said they'd have to keep mum to Lynn about how much he had enjoyed fucking Dot. Dot would often scramble down the stairwell to get a quickie from Carol.

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Ted and Carol became good friends and he loved to watch him fuck Dot. It started late one evening after dinner out and later brandy in their apartment. "I can't deny your wife makes my blood hot, Ted." Carol and Ted were discussing Dot.

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She had become very affectionate and loved to tease him mercilessly. Ted knew what she had in mind so he manipulated the conversation to his wife's sexual proclivities. Carol continued, "My mind says no, but my body says yes," he said, explaining his erection.

Dot had been sitting on his lap necking with him as Ted sat across the room watching and egging her on. "I'll bet you're horny, Carol." Dot teased, "Do you play with yourself?" She was making it very hard for him (pun intended). Then she jumped off his lap and went into the bedroom. "Carol, buddy, you're one of the nicest guys I've ever met in the military," Ted told him. And meant it. Ted knew Carol wouldn't presume to make a pass at Dot even though he had the hots for her.


But then, who didn't. So Ted said to him, "Why don't you let your body say yes too, Carol. Let her have her fun. Help her enjoy it. Believe me, she loves it and I'm okay with it.

You, my friend are not the first. We've been swinging since we met and married, Carol. Go, she's waiting." Carol sat there with his drink half way up to his face with his mouth and eyes wide open. He was, to say the least, pleasantly surprised. "I don't know what to say, Ted. But." "Don't need to, Carol," Ted interrupted, "Go. I'll give you a few minutes to get acquainted then I'm coming in there too so don't be surprised.

I want to get laid too," Ted said laughing. After a few minutes he found Dot with her legs hanging over the edge of the bed and Carol kneeling on the floor eating her pussy.

Dot held her legs up by the ankles and spread wide. After that they would often ride home from an evening of drinking and dancing with Dot sitting between them stroking both cocks in anticipation of the hot fuck the three would have when they got home. Hutch and Marsha were man and wife.just barely. Hutch, also a government employee, accepted a European assignment to Germany. Just before that the couple had decided to a divorce.

However, Marsha seeing an opportunity to travel around Europe for two years happily agreed to postpone the divorce. She was also thinking of opportunities other than tourist attractions. Doris and Robert were also assigned to Ramstein Airbase. Doris was forty-something and a hot blooded mature woman, big breasted, wide of hip and a gorgeous ass.

Robert had already retired so he was along for the ride as his wife's dependent. She was no spring chicken but she was a horny old broad and looking for action too.

Robert's libido had diminished considerably but that wasn't going to slow Doris down. Hutch joined her office staff and it wasn't too difficult for Doris to seduce Hutch after happy hour one evening when Marsha had pulled one of her disappearing acts.

A torrid love affair with a younger man was just what she needed and Robert didn't have to know about it. Robert and Doris had a grown daughter named Jamie also tagging along while her divorce back in California became final. Jamie was twenty-something. She became acquainted with her parent's group of friends and grew to like them too. Before her marriage her sexual experience had been limited to lesbian explorations with two of her college roommates.

But technically she was a virgin when she got married. She missed sex with her ex-husband. She was hoping for a romantic European interlude while on vacation. After living in a local rental for five months, Dot and Ted were assigned government quarters in a high rise apartment building leased to the US military for the purpose of housing government employees, military personnel and their dependents. The first people they met were Jan and Bob.

He was also Air Force NCO like Ted. Jan, as it turned out was also a very horny bisexual lady to she and Dot quickly became friends and lovers. The two couples began enjoying sex together. Brooke, Jan's 19 year old daughter by a previous marriage was also spending some time with her parents before going on to college back in the states. So it was in that apartment that Goody had come from Wiesbaden to visit her old girl friend Dot and her husband Ted. Goody had been their maid of honor ten years earlier.

They were overjoyed to see each other. They couldn't keep their hands off of each other and Ted encouraged them since he was just as eager to fuck Goody again as Dot was. Dot walked into the quiet apartment next door, "Brooke? Where are you, sweetie?" Dot peered through the frosted glass. She could see the young redhead lathering her breasts. Brook was youthful beauty personified. Dot had beguiled her and drove her to fits of sexual abandon.

Brooke loved the older thirty-something woman who satisfied her youthful lust. Dot, having shed most of her clothes in the other apartment, opened the shower door and slipped in quickly. She immediately wrapped her arms around Brooke's waist and pulled her to her tightly, crotch to crotch, mouth to mouth.

"Oh god, Dot! You feel so good. Make me cum please? Now.oh yes!" Dot took the soap bar from the girl's fingers and said, "Turn around, Brooke, I'll wash your back." Brooke turned around, her back to Dot, and knew it wasn't her back that was going to get washed first. Dot took the lathered washcloth and washed Brooke's breasts with it, kneading and massaging her nipples. Brooke felt Dot's fingers through the cloth as it dipped down over her stomach and between her pussy lips.

The cloth fell away and two lather slick fingers slipped into Brooke's young cunt. "Ohhh, Dot! Make me cum quick! Oh, oh, yes, I love your fingers, Dot." Brooke's own fingers reached behind her to finger Dot's wet labia. Dot made her cum quickly as requested. Still panting, Brooke asked, "How did the reunion go, Dot? Is your friend still as beautiful as you said she was?" "More so, Brooke.

She was just a girl your age when we first met.

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Now she's a full grown lovely woman. And when I last saw them your mom was licking Goody's pussy for her" "I want some too!" the girl exclaimed giggling. "You just had some, you greedy little girl! What about me!" Dot was drying off with one foot resting on the toilet bowl cover. Her bare pussy was wide open. Brooke sat on the toilet seat next to Dot's leg and leaned close to Dot's crotch. "Brooke, honey, you"re going to love Goody.I want you to eat her like you're eating me now." "I'll do her, Dot, real good.

Like this." The girl bent over and opened her mouth to kiss Dot on her mound. Then she extended her tongue to tease the older woman's clit. Dot had taught her well. She immensely enjoyed her sessions with Dot and Ted together. Dot held the girl's head as Brooke lapped and sucked.

"That's it, baby, that's it! Oh me!" Dot had a quick orgasm. They wore only bathrobes back to Dot's apartment next door. Ted was still seated on the couch stroking his half hard cock as he watched Goody and Jan on the couch in a tight 69. Brooke went to Ted and sat on his lap wrapping her arms around his neck. His cock hardened and poked at the young girl's ass. After kissing him, Brooke, panted, "Ted, c-can I suck your c-cock?" She then shifted and bent over to take a fistful of him in her mouth.

Dot looked at the scene before her. Jan and Goody were loudly slurping at each other's cunts, arms wrapped tightly around each others legs. The young redhead was sucking on Ted's cock and Dot knew she would want to fuck him too before she was finished.


Dot thought about sucking on Brooke's pussy while she gave Ted head. But Dot thought, "I've given that girl all she's going to get from me tonight, I want some cock!" Jan's husband wasn't due home till after his graveyard shift. Her thoughts were of Bob's large wonderful tool.

She thought of Carol's cock too. Not as big as Bob.about the same as Ted. Then there was Hutch. He was also a nice guy and a great fuck. Especially with Marsha." I wish I had one of them here right now! No.I wish I had all of them here right now.!" "A party!" Dot exclaimed loudly, "We'll have a party." Brooke disengaged from Ted's cock, "A party?" The girls and Ted replied, "A party?" "Yes, we're going to have a party.let's call Marsha and Hutch, Lynn and Carol maybe, Doris and Robert too.

Doris is fucking Hutch so she's game, I know. Marsha is always ready to party. Carol for sure but I don't know about his wife Lynn. She probably doesn't know that I fucked him before. Carol said his wife was turned on by girl-girl pornos and might be persuaded if Goody and Jan got her between them." Dot turned to her old friend, "What about Helga and Klaus Goody?" "I can call.maybe they can drive down in the morning," Goody told Dot. "Good then," Dot said, "Tomorrow night.Saturday.and Sunday too!

They can all sleep over in the two apartments. But who'll be sleeping! It'll be fun, don't you think?" They all thought it was a good idea. It was daybreak when Bob got home from work. He was greeted by his wife and Dot in his bed. Dot was going to have her morning cum with them. Dot needs to cum every morning with or without her husband Ted. This morning she really got lucky. The next part of this story is The Party. Jamie finds herself with Brooke's head in her crotch, in the parking lot in the back seat of Ted's station wagon.

Her father Bob finds them. By the way, please share your thoughts about my story, especially if it turned you on. I hope you've read my other stories.