Busty ebony babe stacy adams gets fucked by bbc

Busty ebony babe stacy adams gets fucked by bbc
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The Housewife By Dunchad© She sat alone in her kitchen.


Her husband had just left for work and her son was in school. She was sitting at the table in a short white terry cloth robe with a lacy red bra and matching red thong underneath. Her husband liked it when she wore them and she woke up very horny this morning. They had sex, but as soon as he orgasmed he climbed off his wife and immediately went in and showered and shaved for work.

A few minutes later he was dressed and waiting for breakfast. Sherry put her robe on and cooked breakfast for her husband and 15 year old son and then made their lunches for them. Now the house was quiet and Sherry was still horny. She had laundry to do and some minor cleaning, nothing that she had to do right away.

She finished her morning tea and went into the living room. She was feeling naughty and slutty and decided she wanted to masturbate on the fancy couch her husband just bought. She knew that if he found out he would be mad, but she didn't care, he should have made sure she'd orgasmed too. She sat on the couch and opened her robe.

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She was a modest five foot six inches tall woman. She was still in good shape and her 34C breasts were still firm on her chest. She was a size 30 waist and lean legs. She didn't exercise a lot, but enough to keep in shape. Her tan skin gleamed as she was hair free, one of the privileges of having a husband that could afford nice things.

So that meant she was bare between the legs so her tight thong rubbed across her aroused lips and felt really good. She pulled her long, wavy black hair into a bun on top of her head so she could lean her head back against the couch.

She started to touch her body, her hands caressing herself gently and deliberately. Her hands stopped at her breasts as she squeezed them gently through her tight bra. She loved the feeling of the lace against her sensitive nipples. They were already hard and erect.

She rolled them between her fingers through the lace and a moan escaped her lips. As Sherry was about to slide her hand down her tan stomach she heard the doorbell ring. She was not expecting anyone, certainly not this early in the morning. She quickly pulled her robe around herself and answered the door. Before her stood the mailman, he was tall with blonde hair and blue eyes.

She looked him over good then smiled. "Sorry to disturb you ma'am, you have a package and it doesn't fit in your box." She looked surprised, she was not expecting anything that she could remember, well maybe her husband ordered something and forgot to tell her.

She watched the mailman return to his truck and pull out a fairly large package. As he turned around she saw that he looked a bit excited. "Here you go ma'am, no signature needed. Enjoy ma'am." As he handed her the package it slipped from his arms and landed on the porch.

They both bent over to grab it, when Sherry bent over her robe fell open and exposed her naughty underwear to the mailman. He blushed and she smiled and felt a tingle between her legs she hadn't felt in a long time. She grabbed the package and stepped inside; she didn't cover up, but let the mailman get a nice long look.

Deep down she hoped he would step into the house and ravage her; she needed a real nasty fuck. He blushed some more and politely walked away.

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As he turned, she could see that he was fully erect under his shorts. She closed the door disappointed that he left. She returned to the couch and felt the weight of the package. She was now hornier; she let the package drop to the floor and started to feel her breasts once again. Her nipples were still hard as she rolled the lace over her sensitive flesh.

Once again she allowed her fingers to roam over her stomach and slide down between her legs. Her legs spread wide apart to give herself access to her wetness.

Her head was thrown back on the couch and her eyes closed. As she started to run her fingers over her tight red, thong she did not know that she was being watched. The mailman returned to the house, he wasn't sure but he thought Sherry wanted him. As he looked in the side window he saw her on the couch. He decided not to knock and instead stood still and watched.

His cock was already hard from her flashing him a few minutes and now it was throbbing. His hand drifted down to his engorged cock and gently started to stroke himself through his shorts. He leaned into the window hoping to get a better view and looking to make sure no one was watching him. His truck was parked around the corner. Sherry started to rub her wet pussy.


Her lace thong rubbed across her clit as her fingers rubbed the material into her wetness. She rubbed her fingers across her blood filled lips. As her lips parted slightly her thong collected more of her juices. She couldn't resist any further and slowly ran a finger under the elastic band. As her finger touched her wet lips a moan left her mouth and all she wanted to do was push her finger into her wet opening. She lifted her ass and pulled her thong off.

She sat back down and felt the warm leather on her bare ass and she loved the feeling. She put her hand between her legs again and started to rub her wet, excited lips. Her juices started flowing heavily and pooling under her ass.

She moved over the leather surface and allowed the juices to get between her flesh and the leather.

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The mailman saw her pull her thong off and felt his cock jump in his shorts and try to push out the front. He couldn't resist anymore and pulled his cock out through his shorts. He looked around and felt he was safe to stroke his cock where he was. He leaned into the window and watched the sexy woman masturbate on the couch. Too bad she didn't open the package; he would love to see what sex toy she had bought.

Sherry pushed a finger into her pussy and moaned louder. She pushed another finger into pussy. She thought about the sexy mailman, and in her mind he had a huge cock that was thick and pounding into her dripping pussy.

She pushed a third finger inside of herself and stretched her walls. She could feel the orgasm start to build within her. From the window the mailman stroked his average cock in his sweaty hand. He watched as the housewife pushed three fingers into wet pussy. He could imagine how tight she was and he pictured his body over hers pounding his cock into her. He started stroking faster when he saw her arch her back.

Sherry felt the orgasm rush through her body. She let it flow through her and her body arched. Her heels on the floor and her hips bucked up. She shoved all three fingers deep into her hole and rubbed her spot. She felt another wave of pleasure rocket through her and she loved every second of it. As her body slowly returned to the couch she opened her eyes a little and happened to see&hellip.

The mailman watched as her body arched in obvious orgasm and he wished he could hear the moans escaping her lips. Then her body arched again and that was it, he felt his own orgasm release from his cock. He watched her rubbing herself and he felt his cock expel his seed and he saw it hit her wall.

His eyes closed in his own orgasm and he didn't see her catch him watching.


She watched the mailman and she felt her insides twist, but in a good way. She actually liked the idea of being watched.

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In fact she felt good knowing he was watching her. She felt a tingle between her legs like she never felt before.

She then turned her head when she realized he was opening his eyes, hopefully after he had ejaculated on her house. The mailman came down from his orgasm and looked into the house, hoping she still did not see him. She seemed to be looking away he quickly put his flaccid cock in his shorts and saw how much he left on the wall.

Then he slowly stepped back from the window to not draw attention to himself and walked to his truck to finish his route. She watched out of the corner of eyes as the mailman walked away.

She enjoyed the thought of being watched and started thinking about ways to get seen again. It made her feel naughty and she liked it. She grabbed her robe and grabbed the box. She went into her room and removed the bra and tossed it into the laundry. She grabbed the basket and went to her laundry room, completely naked. It thrilled her to walk the house naked.

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She loaded the washing machine and walked back into the living room. She grabbed her thong and returned to her room. She dropped them into the basket and looked at the box. She placed it on the bed and opened it. As she pulled out packing paper she suddenly realized what was in it. From the box she pulled out a small dildo packaged in plastic and cardboard. She placed it on the bed and reached in to pull out another that was a couple of inches longer and thicker.

After a few minutes she emptied the box of dildos. There were a total of six dildos she had ordered. The last one was twelve inches long and about four inches around. Sherry didn't know if she could ever take it, but it sure looked appealing and made her feel so naughty. She wondered if she could bring herself to masturbate on the couch again tomorrow and use the smallest dildo from the box. The combined thought made her feel extremely naughty. As the thoughts raced through her mind, she was brought back to reality by her house phone ringing.

She answered the phone and heard her husband on the other end. She listened to his voice, but did not really pay attention. He spoke of his meetings and a conference he was attending in a few days. He then said goodbye and hung up. Sherry looked at the clock next to her bed and realized what time it was. She got to cleaning the house and preparing the dinner meal.

After cleaning Sherry returned to her room and hides the various dildos in the back end of her walk in closet and got dressed before her son got home. During the course of the evening, all she could think about was her next chance to be naughty.