Outdoor male piss clip gay The Suite Life With Zack And Tyler

Outdoor male piss clip gay The Suite Life With Zack And Tyler
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Teacher, Teacher Chapter 4 Dawn crawled after her Mistress into the kitchen to the bowls sitting on the floor. "Eat up slut; it might be awhile before you eat again." She dropped her head down to the bowl of kibbles and started to eat.

It was dry and tasteless especially after sitting out all night.

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After finishing all the food she moved over to the water dish and drank her fill. For the first time in what seemed like days her belly was full, she looked up at her Mistress and said "Thank you for the food Mistress." Susanna reached down and patted her head like she would to a puppy.

"You're welcome pet. Now let's introduce you to your new life slut." She then took Dawn to the door. " Put your coat on and follow me." Susanna strutted out the door as Dawn hurried to finish putting on her coat and catch up to her Mistress. Susanna climbed into the driver's seat and unlocked the passenger seat so Dawn could get in.


"Open your coat and play with your pussy slut. Don't even try to cover yourself." "Yes Mistress your slut will expose itself and play with its cunt." She said while opening her coat completely and dipping two fingers deep into her pussy. A moan escaped her lips as her arousal again started to climb. It wasn't going to take much to reach that breaking point after last night. She closed her eyes and just enjoyed the feeling emulating from the center of her being, hoping that this would finally be the time that she would be allowed to climax.

She turned her head and looked at her Mistress she had never felt like this before. The feeling of complete submission, the feeling of freedom, of no control was indescribable. This feeling, more than the masturbation, was causing her arousal to climb to as to before now unreachable heights. Her mind was clear, her mistress was in command.

She had no responsibilities except to obey and please her mistress. Susanna drove down the street and entered the highway. She had an appointment for her slave at the local tattoo and piercing parlor. She was going to have her decorated today.

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Dawn was now rapidly about to orgasm and she started to beg "Please Mistress may your slut cum?" "Not a chance slut. You have not earned it. Maybe if you are good and do everything you are told it's possible I might let you have some satisfaction." "OOHH God Mistress I'm not sure I can stop it.

I'm ssssoooo close. PLEASE LET ME CUM. I'M BEGGING YOU." Susanna reached into her purse and pulled out a small prod, turned it on and pressed it into Dawn left tit. The result was immediate. Dawn's whole body stiffened as the voltage coursed thru her body. With all thoughts of orgasm now gone, she moved the probe away from her tit and put it back into her purse. "Keep playing with that cunt Slut." Dawn now was regaining her senses and pushed now three fingers into her cunt and continued fucking while not caring if the cars around her would notice her nudity and what she was doing.

She was following her instructions. Susanna left the highway and turned down a side street and pulled into a parking lot beside a seedy tattoo parlor.

"OK slut let's go. It's time to make your body pretty." Dawn opened her eyes and saw where they are and started to cry. "Please Mistress don't take me in there. I'll do everything you want. I won't fight or resist you. Please Mistress have mercy on me." Susanna turned toward the slut and slapped her across the face.

"You are not to question my orders. I will pierce or tattoo or modify anything I want, and you will accept it." "I'm sorry Mistress I'm just afraid. I want to please you but I've never been in a place like this before." Susanna reached over and took her chin in her hand and turned it toward her. She looked directly into her eyes and said "Listen to me slave; I will do whatever I want to your body whenever I want. The choice is not yours to make. If I want to announce to the world that you're a slave across your forehead I will.

Now get out of the car and follow me." Dawn couldn't resist obeying her Mistress after last night's programming, quickly got out of the car and followed her into the parlor. As the slave walked thru the door there were hundreds of examples of tattoos lining the walls.

To the right and left were display cases of all types of body jewelry, from rings of all sizes to studs of various lengths and diameters. The place though a little run down was very clean and smelled like antiseptic.

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Susanna walked up to the counter and smiled at the man standing there, "Hey Jack, this is my new slave. Do you have everything ready?" "Sure do sexy. Is this another teacher? What did you do with the last one? Same deal as last time? " "Of course, you can have her anyway you want once we finish. Yeah, she teaches Math, only she's not Mom's slave, she's all mine!

Mom sold the last one. I think she's now in Japan or somewhere." "OK then let's get started, bring her to the back and strip her down. I want her naked." She grabbed Dawn's leash and pulled her thru the curtain behind the counter. She led the scared slave down the hall to the last room on the right. "Strip Slut, do exactly what you are told or this could be the longest day of your life." Dawn pulled her coat down her arms and tossed it onto a chair.

She then kicked off her shoes and stood naked in front of the intimidating man in front of her. "Climb up on the table slut and put your hands above your head." He said. She quickly jumped up on the stainless steel table and lay down. As she raised her arms above her head he grabbed them and secured them into some cuffs mounted at the top of the table. He then walked down to her right leg and pulled it out from her body and clamped it into a stirrup he had pulled out from the side. He then walked to the other side and did the same with her other leg.

The result was Dawn was now helplessly bound to the table with her legs spread wide and her cunt fully displayed. She was now unable to stop whatever Susanna wanted to do to her body. A tear ran down the side of her face as somewhere deep inside her brain, that part of her mind that was still clinging to that thread of hope that she might somehow wake up and this was a dream, realized that all control over anything was forever gone.

And as that tear disappeared her submission was complete. Jack looked down at the helpless slave tethered to his table. He wanted to pull his cock from his pants and shove it into her wide open pussy displayed directly in of him. But Susanna was firm in her instructions. He was to pierce each of her nipples and put in the ¾" rings. He was then to pierce each of her lips on her cunt and again put in slightly smaller rings.

And finally he was to pierce her clit and install a ring. Finally he was to solder a chain from the nipple rings down thru the clit ring and attach the other ends to the rings on her cunt lips. When he was finished she would have permanent slave chains from her nipples to her cunt. The chain was not going to restrict her or be used to restrain her, but the psychological effect on her mind would be immense.

Jack walked over to a sink and washed his hands and pulled over a tray with all his tools and the rings he was to install. He grabbed a water bottle he had prepared before she arrived. The water contained a drug that didn't incapacitate the slave but made her suggestible and very aroused. With him handling the slave's cunt and tits her arousal would be off the charts. The only thing on her mind would be getting off not what is happening to her body. He reached up and grabbed the back of Dawn's head and raised it so she could drink the water.

She wasn't sure what was going to happen but the water tasted good and relieved her thirst. He put her head back on the pillow and started to run his hands over her body. He knew it wouldn't take long for the drug to take effect, but this allowed him to enjoy her body till she was ready. As he reached her tits he marveled at the size and the firmness. He teased her nipples till they were fully extended. Jack then worked his way down her stomach and down to her pussy.

She was still very wet from all that had happened over the last several hours and his manipulation along with the drug was having the desired effect. Dawn felt the man touching her and knew she should be embarrassed but after last night she only thought of herself as a slave to serve her mistress.

And her mistress wanted her here and she only existed to please her mistress. As the drug continued to take effect her arousal was dominating her thoughts. Every touch no matter where on her body made her crave more attention. When he finally touched her cunt her body stiffened and out came a guttural moan from deep within her gut as she was so close to climaxing all it would take was just a bit more.

But he quickly removed his fingers and she was again left on the edge of a vast cliff but never allowed to go over the edge. She looked over to her mistress her eyes begging her to give her some relief but not uttering a sound. She knew she was not to climax until given permission. Jack watched Dawn's reaction and knew it was time to start.

He quickly set about piercing her right nipple grabbing it a pulling it out from her body. In a matter of seconds the job was done and the ring inserted. Jack quickly soldered it closed and it was now permanent. He then moved over to the other nipple and quickly duplicated the process. Dawn lost in her arousal didn't even realize what had happened; she just hoped the magic fingers would keep touching her and hopefully her mistress would finally let her have an orgasm. Jack then moved down to Dawn's crotch and started the process again.

Dawn tried to open her legs further in hopes with better access he would push something, his cock, his fingers, and his tongue something into her cunt and take her over the top. But alas it was not to be, he finished installing all the rings and started running the chains thru the rings. Once finished he cleaned up and walked up to the head of the table. Dawn looked up at him as he pulled out his cock and placed it at her lips.

Dawn opened her mouth and took as much of his cock as she could and started to move her tongue around the head. Her entire world was this cock. She was hopeful if she pleased him her mistress would let him would fuck her. Jack watched as Dawn worked his cock in and out of her mouth, taking more and more each time till her nose was touching his stomach. He knew he wasn't going to last long as his cock was entering her throat and with her gaging around his cock was going to cause him to explode.

He tried to prolong it but within a couple of minutes he shot his load deep into Dawn's throat. She kept sucking and licking until he pulled his now softening cock from her mouth and used her hair to wipe it off. Dawn looked at her mistress to see her reaction. Susanna reached out and caressed her slave's face smiled and said "you did well my pet." Dawn closed her eyes as that single touch and kind words from her mistresses spread throughout her body from her head to her toes giving Dawn a deep feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment.

She had pleased her! Susanna looked at her former teacher as she looked up at her. At that exact moment she knew that she was now totally hers. She smiled and watched the effect her words had on the slave.

The feeling of having total control over a woman, her former teacher, and her slave was intoxicating. It was all she could do to not express any more emotion.

She knew she had to remain composed and in control. She could not show any weakness. Jack watched all this happen and wondered what was in store for the slave. He knew Susanna's parents and had done this for them many times in the past. But Susanna was so young. Would she abuse the power she now had over the former teacher now a slave? He thought about the headlines in the paper of when that power would spiral out of control and become public. He then set to releasing the slave from the table and instructing Susanna on proper care of the new piercings.

He then gave her some antiseptic wipes and some antibiotic cream to use for the next couple of days and left the room. Dawn was still in a drug induced stupor and very aroused, but her head was clearing as she looked around the room and down at her body. The sight of the rings and chains attached to her tits and cunt was a shock. She slowly reached up and touched the rings on her tits and followed the chains to her cunt. Then the realization that they were permanent hit.

There was no escape, no control, and no hope of returning to her former life. She looked up at her mistress and said "What can this cunt do to please you mistress?" Sandy quickly went about licking any cum off the floor.

The glass was now filled and she knew she would have to eat all that was left. The vibrator was still attached to the floor and covered with her drippings from her pussy and had made a small puddle around the base.

She pulled it up and licked it clean, then licked up the puddle off the floor. As she finished cleaning the floor she sat up and looked at her body. Even though she had scraped a lot of cum off it and into the glass, she still had a lot more covering her hair, face, chest and legs.

She then grabbed the glass and vibrator in each hand, being careful not to spill any of the contents and started the long crawl out to the front of the store. Anita was standing at the front counter talking with the manager when she first saw Sandy crawling towards her.

The sight of her teacher covered in cum, crawling, with a large glass of cum in one hand and a vibrator in the other was indescribable. She was amazed that in only two days at the control she now had on her English teacher who was now her slave.

Her mind was swimming with so many ideas of how to humiliate her and deepen her submission. She now knew why her parents wanted to give her this present. The feeling of power and lust was overwhelming. This was much better than any car or trip.

This was a gift that will keep on giving. Sandy finally reached the front desk and stopped at her mistress's feet. She said nothing waiting on instructions. She didn't want to disobey and suffer her wrath. Anita reached into her pocket and pulled out a lid for the glass.

"Put this on, put on your coat and follow me out to the car slut." "Yes mistress your slut will obey." Anita smiled as the training was working. Her slave was now referring to herself in the third person and as a slut. She smiled as it only took a couple of days to get her to this point.

By Monday she would have no freewill left. Sandy followed her instructions to the letter and was soon standing outside Anita's BMW. Anita looked over at her slave and said "you aren't riding in my car, climb into the trunk. You are not going to get my car covered in cum." Sandy walked to the rear of the car as the trunk opened.

She climbed in and shut the lid. She started to cry as the day's events went through her mind. She realized that she was no longer a teacher training young minds for the future, but nothing more than a sexual plaything for a teenager.

No longer respected but something to be humiliated and used for whatever perverse pleasure she desired. The trip to Sandy's apartment took about 30 minutes.

Sandy had started to doze when she noticed the car motor had stopped. When the trunk opened her mistress was standing and looking down at her. "Get out slut and don't bother covering yourself. Your neighbors will be seeing a lot more of you from now on." Sandy climbed out of the trunk, her coat was wide open and she was blushing down to her tits.

Anita grabbed her leash and pulled her to the apartment door. Once inside Sandy quickly removed the now cum soaked coat and hung it up by the door. "I'll bet you are hungry. I have a special treat for dinner slut." She said as she walked to the kitchen. She then grabbed the dish off the floor and filled it with kibbles. Sandy stood waiting on instructions by the door.

"OK slut, craw over here and eat your dinner. I fixed you something very special and you better eat it all or I will be pissed." Sandy dropped to her knees and slowly crawled into the kitchen. When she got to the dish her head dropped. What she saw was a dish of kibbles covered in cum. Not just a little cum but swimming in cum. She looked up at Anita and dropped her head and began to lick up her dinner. Anita almost came right there. Even after making her slut suck and jerk off all those cocks didn't affect her like this.

Watching her teacher eat cum on dog food, naked on her knees at her feet took Anita to new levels of control and arousal. When Sandy finished cleaning her dish and drinking some water she leaned back on her knees waiting on further instructions. Anita had walked over to the couch and removed her clothes. "OK slut, time to please me. Get over here and use that tongue and get me off." Sandy crawled over to her mistress and stopped just as she arrived between her legs. "May this slut pleasure you Mistress?" "Absolutely slut, get busy licking my cunt." She then leaned forward and started to lick Anita lips starting at the bottom and working her way up to her clit.

As she became more comfortable with her task she became more enthusiastic as she heard her mistress start to moan from her efforts. Anita had her slave lick her to several climaxes and ended up with her tonguing her ass.

Once she was completely satisfied she grabbed her head and turned it towards the TV. "Look slave, I'm going to make you a movie star yet." Sandy looked at the screen and watched as it was showing her performance at the glory hole. Sandy watched as a tear ran down her face.

What she didn't understand was that while watching herself on the screen she was getting excited. Her body or was it her mind was betraying her. Watching all those cocks and cum was doing something to her. She was starting to crave something. She didn't know if it was the sex or the humiliation or the total lack of control, but her mind was giving into it and it was starting to consume her.

Anita watched her slave and her reaction to the show and smiled, as Sandy's arousal became more apparent. One more barrier down, by Monday her slave would be totally hers.

"OK slut, time for bed. I will leave your instructions and breakfast on the counter. Remember your instructions, I will be watching everything." Sandy looked up at her mistress and asked, "May I clean up before I go to bed Mistress?" "No slut, you will take a shower tomorrow morning." Sandy nodded and started to crawl to her room. Anita watched as her slave crawled to her bedroom. She remembered when she first experienced the BDSM lifestyle.

She was shocked when her parents first explained to her what they were doing. She watched as they had the Mayor and his wife tied up and hanging from the ceiling, naked and collared. Her Mom was using a riding crop spanking the mayor's cock again and again as he was begging for more.

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His wife was being caned by her dad and she watched as he striped her body from her tits to her knees. The next day they both were now the family's servants with the mayor dressed in a maid's uniform complete with makeup and completely hairless below the neck.

His wife was naked and being fucked in the ass by dad and eating her mom's pussy. Anita watched the two most powerful people in the city begging to be humiliated and performing degrading acts and the sight went right to her pussy. She begged her mom to let them eat her or to let her play with them.

But her mother refused saying only that being a master or mistress over another person was a big responsibility. She told her to be patient her time will come, right now she just needed to watch and learn. Anita and Susanna learned a lot that weekend.

Finding out that their parents literally controlled most of the cities government as well as the school board and the chief of police as well as their spouses. That meant that no matter what the twins did they would never get in trouble. The two sisters used that knowledge and abused whomever they wanted and now they have been given their very own teacher slaves. Sandy lay on her bed wondering what was to become of her and Dawn. She saw no way out of their predicament.

As she lay there her thought went back to all that had happened over the last day or so as her hand made its way down her stomach to her cunt. She didn't even realize what she was doing until Anita looked in on her and screamed "What are you doing slut!

You better not be getting yourself off." Sandy quickly jerked her and away from her cunt. "This slut is sorry Mistress I wasn't paying attention to my slut hands. Please don't punish me mistress. I won't let it happen again." "Stand up cunt and put your hands behind your head." Sandy quickly jumped out of bed hoping not to make her mistress any angrier. Anita walked to the closet and grabbed a leather crop and walked to the scared slave.


"I'm going to spank you dirty cunt until you realize I am totally in control of your body. Those hands better not move from behind your head. Now spread your legs as wide as you can." Sandy quickly spread her legs as far as she could without falling. Anita watched as her slave worked to comply with her instructions. When she was satisfied with how she was standing she reached back and swung the crop at the unprotected cunt.

Sandy screamed as the pain rushed through her body. Anita then reached over and grabbed an anal plug sitting on the table beside her bed.

"Better suck on this so you don't disturb the neighbors slut." As she pushed the plug into Sandy's mouth. Anita then proceeded to rein blow after blow on her slave's pussy as Sandy struggled to keep her hands behind her head and not draw any attention from outside her apartment. After about 15 blows Sandy was starting to waiver as her knees were about to give out.

Her crying was uncontrollable and she was blubbering and pleading for the punishment to stop, begging to be given another chance to prove her obedience. However all that was coming out was unintelligible mumbles and grunts around the plug in her mouth. Anita watched as Sandy struggled to remain standing. She walked over to her slave and gently caressed her cheek. "You did good pet.

You took your punishment well. You just might end up a very good slave." Sandy wept as the unexpected compliment rushed through her mind and a wonderful feeling flashed throughout her body.

It was a feeling of accomplishment of pleasing her mistress. She leaned into the touch craving the feeling of her mistress's touch. "OK slut, put your arms down and go to bed and no more playing with your cunt. I will pick you up at 10 tomorrow morning. Make sure you are showered, shaved, plugged and waiting by the door on your knees." Anita then turned and walked out the door as Sandy collapsed onto the bed trying to keep anything from touching her very sore cunt.

Susanna looked at her now chained slave with a great feeling of accomplishment. Dawn had now totally submitted to her Mistress. She reached out and grabbed the chains and pulled watching the nipples and cunt lips extend as she increased the tension.

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She didn't want to pull too hard as they were only installed a short while ago but couldn't resist a slight pull. "Put on your coat and follow me cunt" As she turned and walked out the door.

Dawn quickly grabbed her coat and rushed to follow her mistress out through the lobby. Dawn felt no embarrassment as she walked past other customers waiting and browsing in the front of the store. Even though she didn't have her coat on and was showing her body and new chains to anyone who cared to look. She was a slave and the only person that mattered to her was Anita. The trip the apartment only took about 20 minutes but Dawn didn't even close the coat.

Her instructions were to only put it on and she wasn't about to assume anything more. Just before they arrived Anita pulled into a McDonalds drive thru.

Dawn wanted to close her coat as she knew most of the workers who worked there. But Anita didn't say anything so she left it open. Anita ordered a couple of sandwiches and fries then pulled to the window. With Dawn in the passenger seat she was in clear view of the cashier as she was exposing her tits, cunt and newly installed chains.

Dawn couldn't even look up as she heard the cashier ask for the money. She then heard a gasp as whoever it was saw Dawn in all her glory. Dawn merely looked at the floor as there was nothing she could do. However deep down inside Dawn another brick of her resistance was eliminated. Susanna pulled out of the restaurant and drove down the street. "I'm proud of you slut, you didn't cover yourself or try to hide.

You are learning. Your training is almost complete. Tomorrow will be the final test to prove you are my slave." They drove the rest of the way in silence. When they reached the apartment Dawn got out of the car and waited for her mistress to tell her what to do. Susanna loved it.

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Her new teacher slut was totally submissive not doing anything without instruction. "Take your coat off and show your neighbors your new jewelry." Dawn quickly removed the coat and proudly walked behind her mistress into her apartment. Dawn was proud she was pleasing her owner.

Once inside Susanna sat down in the arm chair in the living room with Dawn at her feet.

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She looked down at the disgraced teacher and said "Right now I want you to put your slut mouth to good use and clean my feet while I eat my dinner. When I'm done eating you are to pleasure me. When I'm satisfied you will be put to bed to finish your training. Tomorrow we are going to show you off and demonstrate you training." Dawn looked up at her owner and lowered her head to her naked feet to begin her tasks.

"This cunt will not disappoint you mistress. This cunt will make you proud."