Playful huge titted asian babe riding a massive dick

Playful huge titted asian babe riding a massive dick
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The first time I had a voyeur experience I was 13 and always horny as a hoot owl.

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I was coming home from a friend's house just after dark, going up the back steps I saw the light on in the basement, curious I stepped back and looked into the window. There was my fat sister Joan, her boyfriend and another boy. She and her bow were kissing up a storm while the other kid watched TV.

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No action so I went into the house and forgot about it. A month later, the same thing happened but it was more interesting. Tom, her boyfriend was trying to get his hand up under her sweatshirt without success. I snuck down under the rose bushes, lay down on the mulch, and got a good show. She was one prude; he never got a hand under her shirt but did get a good feel over the shirt.

I made a point of checking every so often to see what was up. It was always the same, not much going on. That is until I snuck up for a peek one warm evening in June. Holy shit Tom had her shirt unbuttoned and her bra was hiked up over her tits.

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I was taken back from the size of her tits. They were actually small, but the nipples were a rosy pink. Joan was dressed in a short pleated skirt with dark green knee socks. Now I want you to know I wasn't a pervert getting off watching my sister, but at 13, any tits that were real were a turn on for me.


He kept feeling them and going down to lick the nipples. Joan's head was thrown back with her eyes closed. Every time he licked, her toes curled up in her socks. Then I looked over to the other side of the room and there was Steve who was playing Sonic on the Playstation. Steve would glance over, then reach down, and fix his dick.

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Tom started slowly rubbing her chubby thigh, then the inner thigh. However, every time he went higher she pushed it away. He gave up and guess he went to plan "B." While swapping spit he gradually pushed her to a prone position, crawling on top of her at the same time. It was great he was dry fucking her and I don't think she even knew.

I knew this was going to be one special night. I watched in fascination as Tom reached between their bodies to unsnap and un-zipper his shorts. Joan had no idea. Tom continued the ambush of kisses to her mouth and neck while pinning her hands over her head.

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I was shocked when Steve crept over behind Tom and gradually pulled Tom's pants down to his ankles. Almost liked it was planned. As they wrestled on the couch Joan's skirt raised up over her hips exposing her chubby thighs.

Her bra lay in heap with her shirt on the floor.

Now the only thing in the way were their underpants. I was about to blow my load it was so hot.

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As Steve stood and watched the two go at it, Tom again reached between then, fumbling with his BVD's he pulled the front down so they caught under his ball bag. Then he pulled aside her panties so his dick could touch her pussy. It was great having the window open listening to his begging like a puppy dog. Even if she didn't want any more action Tom managed to get her panties down to her knees, and guess who was there to pull them all the way off, good old Steve.

What a pervert, he took them off her feet and then smelled them before tucking them into his pocket. Joan started to clam up her legs but Tom forced one leg then the other between them. It was an awesome performance; the way they laid on the couch, whenever Tom raised her legs, I could see everything including my sister's cunt.

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It was a beautiful sight, too hard to describe, soft thin golden hair surrounded her pussy, and it was a pinkish color with a short slit that I could swear had clear stuff leaking from it. Tom kept jabbing his dick towards her pussy trying to unite with the hole. Then he hit pay dirt, I couldn't see everything but he must have got just the tip in. Joan got very serious and pleaded for him to stop.

He promised her everything in one short minute, he promised not to put anymore in, he promised to take it out if hurt; he promised not cum, he promised he would never tell anyone, and lastly he promised to love her forever. Joan slightly conceded to some of the promises.

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She must have wanted it as badly too. She whispered in his ear and he started to move a bit. He brought her plump legs up higher and ever so slightly started to move the tip of his dick back and forth. She almost yelled when he started to put more in and backed off quickly. I was so horny, my sister was naked except for her skirt, and her boyfriend was half-naked on top of her with the tip of his cock inside her pussy.

Joan kept instructing Tom not to put it in any further as his body kept rising up and down slightly. What a wimp, me, I would have slammed my dick all the way up her cunt by now. All of a sudden, I heard Tom mumbling about having to cum. Joan started to freak out, almost crying for him to get off her.

Petrified, in vain she pushed at his torso.


From the rear view I had, the head of his dick was just between her pussy lips when I saw his balls tighten, squeezing up against his body. Tom's body began to shake when I swear I could see the vein on the underside of his dick swell as the first surge of cum passed through it.

I think he must have squirted at least twice alongside her lips cunt before he grabbed his dick while going up to a kneeling position. Another squirt of thick white sperm sprayed from the tip landing right on Joan's right tit, and then the next spurt had no force behind it and dribbled out the tip. It was too much for me take, Tom rolled off her onto the floor.

Joan was spread eagle giving a sight to behold, her tiny pussy looked swollen at the lips, and thick white cum covered it and some even slowly dribbled out of it.

It ran down past her bum hole pooling on the cushion of the sofa. That site sent me over the edge, I had a mess of my own in my pants, my boxers were filled with my own warm cum.

I didn't stop there either; I went to bed that night jerking off two more times before going to sleep. Even if Tom didn't fully impale her, it was a dream come true, better then a porn flick. And it only got better after that night; it became a weekly ritual to watch them.


But that's another story when Tom finally gets her cherry.