Spoilt luscious student gets a schlong girlfriend and hardcore

Spoilt luscious student gets a schlong girlfriend and hardcore
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It didn't look like the pictures. I suppose accommodation hardly ever does, but this was so far off the grid that it was hardly even recognizable. My parents and I were taking a holiday by a small coastal tourist town. It was small, but populated enough. The centre of town was quite upmarket, despite being surrounded by squatter camps and dinghy street corners.

Our house was not 'in the centre of town' as it had boasted. It was in the darkest, most blackened area of town. And it was not a 'upmarket apartment'. It was a tiny, concrete hole with stairs outside and a pub beneath it. My parents looked at it with disgust, and I could see they were quickly making another plan.

It wasn't a busy weekend, my dad said, we could just book into the hotel instead. And so we did, and drove away from our rented house without even looking inside. As we drove I saw a man standing by the steps outside. He was older than me- much older- but he had a youthful agility and strength in the way he stood. His hard eyes locked into mine, and he gave a small, discreet smile as we left.

We managed to get two rooms in the hotel- one for me and one for my parents. I had just unpacked, and was settling in when my phone beeped. It was a message from an unknown number. 'Come to the house tonight.' It said. At first I wondered who it could be, but then I remembered that I was the one who made the booking for the house rental on my phone.

I looked through my call history and found the number for the house. It was the same number that had messaged me. Was it that man sitting outside the house who wanted me to go? The one who I felt inexplicably attracted to?

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Despite him being old enough to be my dad and me only being 17. Well I don't have much to show for being 17- never kissed, never touched. This man made my wet without even doing anything, which was a good sign.

Right? I had dinner with my parents, which was awkward and stunted as usual. I excused myself in record speed and ran back to my room to change into something more. Revealing. I wore matching black underwear and a small cocktail dress with a big coat on top.

If I had anything sexy, I would have worn it but it was cold so this outfit was the best I could do. It wasn't hard to get back to the house from the hotel, as it was such a small town. Everything was in walking distance, even though the house was slightly further. By the time I entered the right street, my cheeks were hot against the cold nights sky and my palms were clammy. Should I turn back? This man could be a rapist and a murderer. I thought about it- and to my alarm, the idea of being raped made my panties damp immediately.

Being murdered was not really an option, but I decided to take the risk at the cost of feeding my newfound sexual desires. I entered the house, and looked around nervously. It was dark and smelt like smoke, but it was a welcome warmness to the freezing air outside. 'I didn't think you would come.' The man stepped out from behind another door, startling me.



Wasn't. Aren't really sure.' I stuttered, and when I was finished he was smiling slightly again. 'Let me guess' he said, in a mean way that was almost sarcastic. 'You are ready for anything, you think. You're probably wet already. You are young, and have never done anything despite strong sexual desires.

Desires you are only realizing you have tonight. This is your idea of a holiday fling, even though it's dangerous and reckless.' He got it all right, sort of. I stared up at him and just nodded. I didn't want to think about how reckless or stupid I was being, I just wanted to be controlled.

'Well we aren't doing anything here.' The man said. 'Except getting you ready. Take off your clothes.' I did it slowly, thinking he wanted a strip like in the movies. I started shakily, and slowly. 'No. I'm not interested- just get undressed.' He seemed angry, and walked up to me, put my hands under my dress and pulled down my panties roughly.

He looked at the tame black cotton and muttered 'pathetic' to himself. Then he stripped me- harshly, as he had with my panties. Soon I was standing naked before him. He analyzed my body, seeing my small boobs and slightly stubbly pubic hair. 'Whatever. We don't have time.' He said. He put a collar around my neck and black lace suspenders connected to underwear with a whole in the middle.


I didn't have a bra. Then he motioned for me to put my coat back on and took massive strides outside, motioning for me to follow. I followed him down to the pub, and to my surprise there was a large gathering of men already waiting. They looked up when the first man had dressed me, and we're already shifting in their seats by the time I followed. 'Gentlemen' the man said. 'We have a young virgin tonight- she is yours.

Please remember to pay on your way out or make a direct EFT. Be discreet- remember this is a gentlemen's agreement. Anything is permissible within these walls, except cameras. ' It was only then that I looked around properly and realized the magnitude of what was happening.

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The men looked professional, but there were almost 8 of them. 8 was 7 more than I had bargained for tonight. Before I could ask to leave, or just run out, the first man grabbed me. He was big and bald, and his penis was already making dents in his pants.

He purposefully threw his beer on the floor 'Suck it up, bitch.' He snarled. I did, with the underside of his muddy boots holding my head down. As I was down on the floor, the house rental guy started to make an announcement. From what I heard, I gathered that only three men wanted to fuck me, or play out their fetishes.

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The rest were only spectators. The three men who had paid specifically to fuck and touch and humiliate me came forward. They were all much older than me- one was almost a senior. They looked at me with an unsettling look in their eyes.

'Let the evening begin.' Said the man who had brought me. And it did. The three men wanted to be called 'Sir', 'master' and the last one just wanted to be called 'X'. Sir was old. He had a bald head, and wore a smart looking suit.

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He was up first. He ripped of my coat and immediately put his big hand under my pushy and yanked my whole body up, so that my feet were briefly lifted up off the floor.


I gasped instinctively at the sudden pain it caused, and Sir spat on my face. 'Punishment' he barked, motioning to the white spittle on my face. 'Don't make a sound unless you are addressed.' I nodded weakly, just as Sir knocked me to the floor. I was lying in the leftover beer that I hadn't managed to suck up, but I was on my back and looking up at all the men.

Everybody cheered when I was knocked down, and the men laughed to themselves. They were all jovial and probably in various stages of drunkenness. Sir had taken his old, flaccid penis out of his pants and it was hanging there unceremoniously. 'Come on, bitch.' He urged. I pulled myself up off the floor until my face was directly in front of his slightly small penis. I had never given a blowjob before, but I wasn't too nervous considering his size.

But instead of telling me to suck his dick, Sir forced my mouth open with one giant hand. Then he balanced his still flaccid dick on my bottom lip, and waited. I didn't know what to do. I leant up to take his entire dick in my mouth, but he grinned and hit me back down.

'Just wait, girl.' He snarled. He took my head in his hands and placed it further down, so that I was directly under his legs. Then he slowly and tantalizingly pulled himself backwards over my face. First, his big damp balls were pulled over my face. I felt the texture of the hair on my forehead, my nose and then on my tongue. My mouth was still hanging open. His dick was pulled over my face as well, leaving a trail of sweat.

Finally, he rested his dick back on my bottom lip. This I time I made no move to suck it. It started suddenly, taking me by surprise. Sir relieved himself all over me- pissing in my mouth, on my face and trickling down onto my whole body and the floor.

I just sat there- mouth open, eyes open and took it. I already knew better than to protest. When he was down, Sir casually kicked me back down to the floor and zipped up his pants. 'Clean her up.' He said, motioning to the man who brought me here. I still didn't know his name.

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He nodded to a figure I hadn't seen before, hidden in the shadows. A girl came out- she was probably my age. She was wearing a maids uniform with holes cut out for her pussy and nipples. She leant down to me, and started to lick me. Her lips covered every part of my face- licking it so that there was no piss left.

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When she reached my mouth, she put her tongue in forcefully and felt around my mouth. The men cheered to see two underage girls together. When she was done, I was pulled up and put in front of the next man- Master.

He was younger and more handsome. I hoped he had a bigger penis- my pussy was throbbing with desire now. I wanted to be fucked, and I knew what I wanted now. I also knew that I had to do whatever the men wanted me to, and my own desires were irrelevant. Master told two of the men who were spectating to tie me up on the table. The table had metal bolts and ties on it, and I was tied up so that I couldn't move. My mouth had a ball gag in it and my legs were splayed out, allowing anyone to see and enter my pussy.

I wanted Master so badly. I wanted him to fuck me hard, or at least stick his dick down my throat. But he didn't. He walked up to me with a long, thin cattle rod in his hands. A cattle rod? I wasn't ready for anything like that! I began to get genuinely scared of the pain, but I was sure to keep my fear hidden. He started by running it up and down my torso. 'I'm glad you like pain.' He started. 'My wife doesn't like this contraption.' He held up his cattle rod.

'My girlfriends don't like it. So I'm glad you will be able to handle it.' He turned sharply 'You will handle it, right?' He questioned. Despite the many restrictions on my head due to rope and the ball gag, I nodded.

'Good!' Master beamed and I swear his smile was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. He looked like an excited child. Suddenly, he stopped moving the cattle prod delicately and in a moment he had shocked my nipple. The pain was intense, and I yelled out despite the ball gag. Master laughed out loud. He then started to push the metal stick gently into my wet pussy.

It slid in easily, and he pushed the whole thing in. Once it was in, he pushed the button and unleashed a current of electricity in my pussy. I almost didn't remain conscious after that. I drifted in and out of consciousness- in was when I was shocked, and out was the moments between. When he was done, I was in so much pain. The maid came and released me from my restraints and had to help me stand. The pain in my pussy was palpable and I couldn't walk.

I couldn't even stand. As I began to fall over, X caught me. It was his turn. 'They've been easy on you, darling.' He said. 'Now you are going to be fucked- I'll show you what a real man does.' First he tore what was left of my suspenders and panties off.

Then he stuck his long, hard penis in my mouth and put his hands behind my head. I was so exhausted that I wasn't really concentrating by that point- just focusing on not gagging and taking his entire member in my mouth and feeling it down my throat. It wasn't long before X got restless.

He flipped me over and shoved his hard dick into my painful pussy. I felt him ride me, and the pain was unbearable. I had wanted Master to fuck me, but now that my pussy was so tender. I wouldn't even be able to touch myself. And X was still riding my with his big dick.

The whole thing felt like an eternity, but I was only fucked for the remainder of the evening. X shot his hot load into me and then gave the spectators permission to take me. 'It's on me.' He said generously. I was fucked in every hole, and had cum shot onto my face and my boobs and inside me. Then the man rang a bell, and everything stopped as soon as it had began.

The men were all highflying and speaking of going into another club. They left fairly soon, and I was on the floor. Lying in puddles of piss and cum and my own vomit. The maid cleaned me up a little, mainly just wiping off the main bodily fluids from my face.

The man looked at me, and motioned to te door. I was free to leave. 'Aren't you going to fuck me too?' I asked. He shook his head. 'I have far more disgusting tastes than the men here tonight.' He said.

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'You wouldn't cope.' 'Bet I would.' I argued, despite the throbbing pain in my vagina and asshole and nipples. '.fine.' He said. 'Come back tomorrow night.' And with that, I was left in the dark street and began to make my way home.