Boy thailand be gay for cash xxx Whats up fuckers

Boy thailand be gay for cash xxx Whats up fuckers
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You left for work really early - not wanting to wake the beautiful sleeping woman in your bed. You come home from work to find the house straightened up and she showered with her hair still wet she's back in bed, naked, sleeping softly.

You strip out of your work clothes, pull back the covers and climb into the bed with her. Slowly and softly so as not to wake her you climb into the bed and curl up next to her, pulling her hair to one side and slowly running your lips and tongue up her spine, starting at the small of her back - all the way up to her neck, over to her shoulder blades and across to her sensitive collar bone.

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She starts to stir as you run your hand under the blanket over the soft curve of her butt, seeking with your fingers the most erotic part of her, knowing that she would be wet with wanting for you, your fingers find the tight opening to her wet warmth.

You slowly slide two fingers into her and she lifts her hips off the bed to meet your fingers. Out of the corner of your eye you see her grab a handful of pillow and she moans softly. You slide over her body, your erection full and throbbing, wanting her, putting your legs on either side of hers, her hips still in the air as you have not taken your fingers out of her yet. You slide them out and put your hard cock in thier place. sliding into her, slowly.

You put your hand up to her mouth and she takes both of your fingers into her mouth and sucks the juices from her body off them. You bring your face to hers for a sweet passionate desire filled kiss, once you have completely filled her with your manhood.

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Your tongues engage in a dance so filled with desire that you are both shaking from head to toe when you break away from her. She reaches back and runs her hand up your shoulder to the back of your neck and brings your ear to her mouth and softly nibbles on your ear lobe as you start to move inside of her. Pulling back, and sliding forward. She takes a deep breath as your desires build. Not yet ready to let this session end. you pull out and she turn to look at you, her eyes are a vibrant green, the color of grass in the springtime, and you know that she is not ready to let it end either.

She sits up and turns around to face you, comes over to you on her knees and wraps her arms around your neck and presses her lips to yours.

Coaxing your lips to open she searches for your tongue with hers, once she finds it you meet her stroke for stroke. You bring your arms up around her waist and pull her body closer to yours.


Your cock pressed between her thighs, pulsing. You can feel the heat from between her thighs and moan in ecstasy. You pull her with you as you lay back on the bed, she stretches out next to the length of your body and brings one leg up and over yours. Her hand on your cheek, running her thumb across your face as you kiss. Slowly she moves her hand down onto your chest, slowly running her nails across your nipples, making them hard.

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Lower still her hand travels, ever so lightly. your lips breaking apart, only so that you can move yours across her jawline, down her neck, she cries out for you. Your lips leaving her skin long enough to tell her how badly you want to feel her wrapped around your stiff cock.

As you say the word, her hand wraps around your manhood, causing your body to jump, she starts to work her hand up and down its length, still covered in her juices, her hand slides so easily, up and down. Thinking she has control, you slide your hand down between your bodies and find her clit.

Oh God she moans. As her grip gets a little tighter, she begs you to put your finger inside of her, "but don't take your finger off my clit".


You slide your middle finger inside of her and keep rubbing her clit with your thumb. Sliding your finger in and out, stopping only to slow things down a bit. She whispers in your ear that she wants to feel you back inside of her.

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She wants to ride your cock. She sits up and climbs onto your lap. She is facing away from you and slides your cock right into her tight pussy. She takes your hands and begs you to put one finger in her ass, and with the other she wants you to play with her clit. As she rides your cock she takes one hand and sticks your middle finger into her mouth to cover it with spit so that it will slide into her tight little asshole, the other is already playing with her clit, causing her to moan and rotate her hips and ride your hard cock.

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She is moving in ways that no woman has ever moved. You stick your finger at the opening to her asshole and slowly start to slide it in. She throws her head back and her hair falls around your hand. She is bouncing up and down on your cock, feeling every inch of your cock and your finger in her ass, she reaches up and grabs her boobs, playing with her nipples, she sucks them into her mouth one at a time. She tells you she is going to cum, she wants to cum all over your cock.

She rides you, up and down, back and forth, as she gets ready to cum she pulls your hands out and wraps them around her waist and you can feel her body start to shake as she goes ever the edge and has the most amazing climax, as the muscles of her pussy contract around your hard cock, you feel the tightness get even tighter and tell her to hold on, she is getting your load in her pussy.


As you bury your hot seed deep within the walls of her pussy you both lie back on the bed. You reach over and put your head between her legs and start to lick up the mess with your tongue and bring it to her mouth to share.

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She licks your lips and brings you in closer for a kiss. She wraps her legs around your waist and asks if you want to go take a shower with her. With a devilish grin on your face you tell her you'll take that shower with her, if only you can use the brand new shower head for some water play. she looks back at you and smiles and says "you have to ask?".

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You get off the bed and reach your hand out to her, she takes it and stands up next to you, she turns around to reach for some towels and you feel her hair brush against your chest and know that it won't take long for her to get you hard again.

With that thought in mind you walk with her to the bathroom, your cock already growing hard.