The lovely blonde teen Brandy Starz pulls up her

The lovely blonde teen Brandy Starz pulls up her
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With all the many different types of jobs that a person can have, no matter what level of professionalism, they usually have one thing in common. Most companies have an annual company party. Some are lame and some are cool.

Some are done in the back yard of the bosses' house with a typical barbeque grill and a boom box. Then there are others that are held at a hotel with a massive party room, disk jockey, catered food, dance floor, and lots and lots of alcohol.

Well, my company did the latter. The company I work for is rather large and so were the parties. Everyone would always dress their best and the women brought out the sexy, slinky dresses from their closets. It was not unusual for co-workers to hook up and get a room on nights like these. There are so many hot women that work with me it is ridiculous, and yes I have slept with a few of them on more than one occasion. There is one girl in particular, who is quite young, invited me over to her house for drinks.

Her name is Amy. When she opened the door all that she was wearing was a pair of panties. She had a massive set of tits compared to her tiny, petite body and here they were staring at me. Amy took me in and sat me on her couch. She unzipped my pants, pulled my cock out and gave me one of the best blow jobs ever!

She was a professional just like you would see on a porno. With one hand stroking the bottom of my shaft, her mouth engulfed the rest of my cock, sucking and slurping away. Periodically, she would stop and wrap her gigantic DD cup tits around my hard cock and tittie fuck me. Amy repeated this process over and over until I was ready to cum. She pulled my dick out of her mouth and stroked it sending spurt after spurt of my warm, creamy cum all over her tits.

After words, she took my dick and used it to rub the cum into her boobs as if it were a lotion. This was so incredibly hot and no chick had ever done that to me before. I was so turned on I never even went limp after blowing my load. I took her into her bedroom and fucked her brains out. I loved watching her cum covered, sticky tits bounce back and forth as I rammed my throbbing cock into her cunt.

Amy and I fucked each other on and off all night long.

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She was definitely one of my best. There are other girls I could tell you about but I'm straying a little off subject from my original story. Thinking about Amy always gets me excited. So, back to the company parties, last year was one of the best. I actually had a girlfriend so I took her to the party. She was a little dance shy so while I pretty much stayed on the dance floor she sat at the table talking to some of my friends.

After dancing for a while I stepped over to the side to take a break. While I took a long sip of cold water I noticed Anna walking towards me. Now Anna, That's a great story. As you probably just guessed, yes, I fucked her. It was about a year ago and only lasted for a month and then we just stopped sleeping together.

Anna is not the typical young, huge tit, slutty, cock hungry girl that I would normally sleep with from my company. She was older, about forty-seven, slightly refined, very sexy, you know the saying, "Like a fine wine…" She's not too thick and not too thin probably 5'5" weighing about 140 pounds.

Anna had a nice round ass that was perfect for slapping, fucking, or just grabbing a hold of while you fucked her. She had shoulder length blond hair and a beautiful face to go along with her C cup yet somewhat sagging tits. Anna was actually part of the management team that was over my position with the company.

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She always dressed very sexy and slightly provocative. Anna was always very friendly and flirty towards the younger guys that I worked with. Anyways, here I am having a drink of water when I see her walking towards me. She looked hot as ever with a black dress which fell a couple inches above her knee.

It was very low cut dipping down enough to show off her great cleavage. She had on a sparkly necklace which fell against her freckled chest and rested gently just above her breast. Her sexy legs were covered with a shimmering pair of pantyhose and her legs were topped off with a pair of black, high heel pumps.

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Anna was a part of the party planning committee and was ensuring that everything was running smoothly. She came over to me and said hi and asked if I would help her get some gifts out of her hotel room that was going to be given away as door prizes. I said sure and followed her out of the room while my girlfriend continued to talk completely oblivious to where I was or what I was doing. "You look ravishing tonight," I told Anna as we stepped into the elevator.

I have had a few drinks by this point otherwise I probably wouldn't have used a word like ravishing. "Thank you. You clean up pretty nice yourself," she replied smiling at me. As the elevator rose higher and higher my eyes studied Anna's voluptuous body until all of the sudden there was a jolt followed by a loud noise from the elevator. It had stopped dead in the water in between the seventh and eight floors.

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Anna immediately pressed the help button and a voice came over the speaker saying that maintenance was going to assess the situation and get it fixed as soon as possible. "Well, this is a first for me," Anna said to me with a chuckle. "Yes, me too. What do you want to do?" I asked her. "Well, there's nothing we can do I guess except wait for the elevator to be fixed," she replied. "That's not exactly what I meant," I said taking a step toward her. "I know what you are thinking and it's not happening," she said.


"You have a girlfriend and I'm kind of seeing someone right now too." As I stepped closer to her I said, "I know, but I kind of figure what happens in broke down elevators is kind of "off the record".

"Kind of like the phrase what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." By this point I was inches from her and I grabbed her ass and pulled her to me. "Well, I guess I see it your way," she said as I began to kiss her neck and nibble on her ear lobe. My hands caressed her body as I grinded up against her and kissed her lips. I slipped the straps of her dress off of her shoulders and pulled her tits out of her bra while her hands made their way to my cock which was bulging in my pants.

Within seconds she had my cock out of my zipper and was stroking it as I kissed her freckled chest, sucking and nibbling on her tall, pink nipples.


I knew we might not have very long until the elevator was fixed so I dropped to the floor and began to run my hands up her dress across her nylons.

Once I reached her crotch I tore a large hole in her pantyhose, pulled her panties to the side, and began stroking her pussy lips with my tongue. Anna placed one of her legs around my shoulder and rested it on my back as I began to eat her out. She has very long pussy lips and I love to suck on them and stretch them out with my mouth.

I forced my tongue across her clit faster and faster as she moaned until I could tell she was about to cum. "Fuck me!" Anna said. She held her dress up as I stood up, carefully slipped my hard cock through the hole in her nylons and slid into her wet pussy.

She wrapped one leg around me as I began thrusting my cock in and out of her juicy cunt. Anna began moaning very loudly and it only got louder the more intense the action got. There is no doubt anyone working near this elevator could here me fucking Anna. After a couple of minutes I pulled out and bent Anna over with her hands resting against the wall of the elevator.

I penetrated her pussy with my cock and began ramming it into her as hard as I could. Knowing time was of the essence I wasn't exactly worried about cumming too soon.

The elevator was making some strange noises and moved an inch here and there. I grabbed a hold of Anna's big round ass and plowed my dick into her pussy with the force of a jack hammer as she struggle to hold on to the wall of the elevator.

All of the sudden the elevator began to move. Her room was on the tenth floor and within seconds the doors opened up as I was still fucking her. There was no stopping now being so close to cumming. Anna moaned and sighed loudly as I yelled out and filled her pussy full of cum. I kept thrusting till every last drop was out of me and then I pulled out. Luckily there wasn't anyone waiting for the elevator so I zipped up and she fixed her dress.

After touching up in the bathroom we got the gifts for the door prizes and brought them back to the party. We were gone an exceptionally long time so we were in a hurry.

Just before we got off of the elevator Anna smile and said, "Your cum is leaking out of me into my panties." "Well, how about after the party, we go back to your room and make love the right way," I replied. "Sounds like a plan," she said to me as we walked back into the party.

I went and said hi to my girlfriend and told her that I wasn't feeling good and that I wanted to take her home so I could get some rest. She understood and we left towards her house. After dropping her off I headed back to the party. After the party was over Anna and I went back to her room and fucked like rabbits.

There wasn't a spot in her hotel room that we didn't have sex on. I even took her out on the balcony and fucked her until she woke our neighbors up with her moaning.

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A couple of them walked out on their balcony only to find Anna bent over a round glass table and being fucked like a dog. Anna and I became fuck buddies again after that night thanks to an unusual elevator ride.

As for the girlfriend, she never knew what I was up to that night. Whenever she would piss me off I would just call Anna and we would hook up. Every once and a while we would find a way to fuck at work. I always make a point to go to the company parties no matter what company I work for because like you just read, you never know what's going to happen.