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Adult video store hook up
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Tonight, there was to be a party at the royal palace. On the anniversary of his death, the artefacts that had been recovered from King Reylos' fallen star were to be put on display for nobility and visiting dignitaries to see.

Everything had been packed away, so now the palace's staff were working to get everything out and on display, but away from prying hands. "What do you think these things are?" Asked one of the workers, holding up what was, unbeknownst to him, the complete boxset of the most popular TV series ever to come out of the Martian Colonies. "I don't know, and I don't want to know," said another, holding up a powerless laser sword. "I still think these artefacts should have been returned to the Gods, rather than being kept here." "King Reylos said that they were safe to keep here, and the Queen trusts the judgement of her husband's late grandfather." The first worker reached into the box, and pulled out yet another object he didn't recognise, but what someone from Earth may have spotted to be an old oil lamp.

"That one's just a lump of metal!" Said the second worker. "Correction, it's two lumps of metal," said the first worker, pulling out a second one.

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"It's got a little bit of dirt on it though…" The worker ran his hand along it, trying to rub of the bit of dirt that was encrusted on the side. "Stop that!" Shouted the second worker, taking it off of him.

"You don't want to damage it!" "Oh fine. Where does the Queen want these?" "Up over there. She's going to make a speech or something." ------------------------------- In her room, Princess Sofia was sat in her dressing gown, having her hair done by one of her handmaidens, ready for the event tonight. Like always, it would be a time to be on her best behaviour (Though she always was), and for young suitors to attempt to woo her.

They never managed, as they failed to realise that their incredible wealth was hardly impressive to the daughter of the Queen. "There we go, all done," said the handmaiden, as she held up a mirror behind Sofia to let her see her hair. "It is wonderful, thank you," Sofia smiled. "A pleasure, your highness," she said. "Shall I leave you now?" "Yes please." The handmaiden left, and Sofia removed her dressing gown, in order to dress herself for the party. As she stood in front of her mirror, she took the opportunity to admire her body.

Despite her youth, Sofia was remarkably well developed, and she could see why so many young men sought her. Aside from their natural desire to marry the Queen's daughter. ------------------------------- Meanwhile, Prince Harson was preparing with a good pre-party masturbation session.

He groaned, and shot out his cum onto his chest, while thinking about two of the servant girls who worked in the kitchens.

Despite being prince, he was a virgin, as princehood, particularly when you're the heir to the throne, didn't exactly leave much time for courtship. And he couldn't exactly have a one night stand either, since privacy was hard to come by, and sneaking a girl into his room would be nigh-on impossible without someone seeing, leading to a scolding from his mother.

Harson got up, and put his trousers on. Who knows, maybe there'd be a sexy girl who wanted to marry the future King of Farfalla? ------------------------------- Princess Sofia walked through the party, mingling with the people as she went. "Your drink, your highness," said a servant boy to Harson. The Prince took it, and slapped the boy. "And what time do you call this? I ordered it nearly 10 minutes ago!" Harson shouted. "I'm sorry, your highness," the boy said. "It won't happen again!" "See that it doesn't, or I'll have you drawn and quartered." The boy left quickly, and Sofia approached her brother.

"Harson, you were much too hard on that boy," Sofia said. "It's not my fault he was so slow." "You know mother doesn't like you being so hard on people." "Well that's just too bad, isn't it?" "Harson, if you're ever going to be King, you should listen to mother's advice." "Duly noted.

Now go away." "Attention!" Shouted a man. "Her majesty Queen Lascinda III shall now address you." Everyone gathered in the main chamber, and turned to the balcony, where the Queen walked out. "My people, we are here today to celebrate our lineage," she said. "The Gods blessed us with King Reylos, and he allowed us to admire these artefacts from the heavens.

Prince Harson, could you come up here please?" Harson groaned, and walked up to the balcony, reluctant to address the people. "Prince Harson," said Lascinda. "One day, you will be King, and on that day, the people of Farfalla will be your responsibility." Lacinda handed Harson one of the lamps, and he took it. "These artefacts came from the Gods, and with them, your reign shall be blessed." While his mother spoke, Harson zoned out a little, wishing for it to be over.

As he did, he subconsciously ran his hands along the lamp, barely even noticing that it appeared to be getting warmer under his touch. However, no-one could ignore the shouts that came from the people as clouds of yellow smoke began pouring out of the lamp. People started running in terror, but Harson just stood there. He watched as the smoke turned into a naked girl, who stood facing him. "Oh, why the scared look, Master?" She asked, in a language Harson didn't understand, before turning around to see the faces of those who'd been too scared or curious to flee.


"Oh, now this isn't going to work at all." Harson saw the girl snap her fingers, and his world went black. The next thing he knew, he had a horrible headache, and appeared to be laying down. He opened his eyes, and he realised that he was laid naked in his bed. He sat up, and groaned. "Are you alright, Master?" Harson jumped, and looked in the direction of the voice, where he saw a naked girl, sat on a chair looking at him. "You…how did you get in here?" Harson asked.

"Get out before I call the guards." "Master, just relax. You took a big blow to the head." "I am Harson, Crown Prince of Farfalla. Harm me, and you shall live to regret it." "Whyever would I harm you, Master?" "Well why else would you break into my room…naked?" "This is how I normally am, Master. As for why I'm here, I brought you here to recover." "Recover from what?" "Me knocking you out, of course." "…Wait, what?" "Well Master, after you released me, I noticed the crowd, so I wiped all their memories of what happened, and brought you here.

Of course, I couldn't just zap you unconscious without your permission, so I settled for hitting you really hard and knocking you out. And then I had to go into all those people's minds and extract your language from them." "What do you mean?

Released you from where?" "From my lamp, Master." "Your lamp?" The girl pointed at the lamp that was sitting on Harson's bedside table. "You…came from in there?" "Yes Master. Don't you remember?" Harson thought back, and remembered all the smoke coming out of the lamp, followed by this girl appearing.

"What are you?" "I'm a genie, Master." "What the fuck is a genie?" "Surely you know of us? Magical beings who grant wishes for humanity." "Magic?

You are some sort of demon?" Harson moved back a little at this. Peasants were one thing, but he didn't think his status would have sway with a demon. "No Master, I am Lexia, your loyal servant. It will be my pleasure to grant you any wish you desire." "I've got hundreds of servants.

Why shouldn't I just have you beheaded for breaking into my room?" "Well Master, because I can do what none of those other servants can." "And what might that be?" Lexia just smiled, and floated into the air, never moving from her seated position.

"By the Gods…" "Not quite," Lexia smiled. She laid down on her front, still floating in the air, and moved closer to Harson. "So then Master, what will it be?" "You…You will give me anything I desire?" "Well, there are a few rules, but for the most part, yes.

Anything you desire." Harson thought for a moment, and then grinned.

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"On your knees," he said. "Master?" "On your knees. NOW!" "Um…yes Master." Lexia immediately stopped floating, and dropped to her knees, bowing her head. "I am the future King of Farfalla, and your Master. You will show me the proper respect." "Yes Master." "In my presence, you are to be on your knees with your head bowed, unless my explicit permission is given." "Yes Master." "Now then, what was this about you hitting me in the head?" "Well Master, I thought it would be best if I introduced myself to you in private, and I thought this would be the best way to get you alone.

I am not permitted to use my powers on you without your permission, so that was the best I could do." Harson gave Lexia a hard slap across the face. "How dare you attack me!" "Master, I'm sorry, I-" "Heal my head, right now!" "Yes Master." Lexia snapped her fingers, and Harson's pain instantly went away.


"Good. Now, are you going to behave from now on?" "Yes Master." "That's better. Now then, about that whole "anything I desire" thing." "Simply speak, and I shall obey, Master." "I want sex.

Suck my dick." "At once, Master." Harson laid down, and Lexia crawled onto the bed, making sure to remain on her knees as she did so. She leaned down, and took Harson's flaccid cock in her mouth, though it hardened pretty quickly when she did. "Ohhhh…" He moaned.

It was every bit as exquisite as he'd imagined it would be. Lexia engulfed Harson's entire manhood in her mouth, and he moaned loudly.

She just giggled, trying to enjoy giving pleasure to the person she was unfortunately going to be stuck with for the next few decades. The temptation to bite down on his cock was there, but she realised she needed to get on her Master's good side, so she continued with her fellation. Harson thrust his hips upwards, in and out of Lexia's mouth, but the genie was well equipped to deal with such aggression. Harson erupted without warning, and let out a manly cry as Lexia gobbled up his whole load.

She pulled off, and smiled, staying sat on her knees. "Did that please you, Master?" Lexia asked. "Gods yes…Now fuck me," Harson demanded, barely having finished cumming. "Um…yes Master." Lexia sent a little spark into Harson's dick to re-harden it, and immediately climbed on. Harson groaned loudly at the feeling of losing his virginity to this goddess of beauty, and simply laid there as she bounced up and down on his royal member, while he watched her boobs bounce up and down on her chest.

Harson closed his eyes, and smiled contently.

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He'd never been religious, but he now found himself thanking whatever Gods there may be for creating him, so that he could experience this moment. Harson came inside Lexia's pussy, but he wasn't done. He grabbed hold of her, and pushed her onto her back. He then got to work on moving his own hips, fucking his genie like there was no tomorrow.

"Oh…oh Master…" "Yeah, you like that, bitch?" "Yes Master…" "That's right. I'm your Master. I'm everyone's Master now." Harson came inside Lexia again, and collapsed on top of her.

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She stroked his back and bottom, waiting for him to recover. "I think…that's it…" he panted. "My body's all worn out. My balls are empty." Lexia considered pointing out his could wish for more stamina and cum, but honestly she didn't mind her new Master stopping now. Harson pulled out of her, and laid back in bed, smiling blissfully. "Would you like anything else, Master?" She asked him.

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Harson thought for a bit, and then replied. "Yes. I want more sex." "Very well Master, how would you like me to pleasure you this time?" "Not from you, you stupid girl. From my sister." "Your sister, Master?" "I hope I didn't hear you questioning me just then." "No Master, I would never do that." "Good. Now then, I wish to be able to see what my sister Sofia's doing right now." "Your wish is my command, Master.

Simply close your eyes." Harson shut his eyes, and was shocked to find that he had a crystal clear view of Sofia. He opened his eyes in shock, and he saw Lexia grinning.

He closed his eyes again, and he saw Sofia, laid naked under a lot of bubbles in the bath, and he heard her humming to herself.

"You can control the angle, Master," he hard Lexia say, though it felt almost like a distant dream. "Just think and it will happen." Harson thought, and his viewpoint did indeed change, like he was in control of a flying camera in Sofia's bathroom.

"Wonderful," Harson said, grinning again. "Now then, I have some more wishes to make…" Princess Sofia closed her eyes as she relaxed in the bath.

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The party tonight had been a great success, and she'd had a wonderful time, though there were a few too many boys trying to get into her dress, figuratively speaking. Her legs would remain closed until her wedding night, and she didn't exactly enjoy the idea of marrying one of those boys. She wished Harson would straighten up a little. He completely disregarded religious teachings, only turning up to services because as the future King he was expected to. He was rude and disrespectful to everyone whom he outranked, and seemingly cared for no-one but himself.

Sofia prayed for him every night, but he never seemed to improve. As Sofia relaxed, she felt something unusual in her groin area. A pleasant tingling began building up in her vagina. She didn't take much notice of it at first, but as it grew, so too did her attention. She moaned softly, rather enjoying this feeling of delight which was slowly consuming her.

Sofia spread her legs, and her moans increased in volume as her pleasure intensified. She grabbed onto the sides of the bathtub, knocking water onto the floor as the writhed in pleasure. Sofia had always resisted indulging in self-pleasure, but the temptation at the moment was almost too much. She felt as though her vagina would explode… And then it did.

Sofia screamed at the top of her lungs as, for the first time in her young life, the princess experienced an extremely powerful orgasm. She moaned and writhed for minutes, her vagina contracting with an intensity she'd never thought possible. Eventually it ended, and Sofia laid in post-orgasmic bliss for quite a while. Sofia was snapped out of her daze by the sound of someone knocking at her bedroom door.

Rather than just shouting to them to come in however, she decided that she should go to answer it herself. She got out of bed, and reached for her towel and dressing gown, but she suddenly decided against them.

She should answer the door naked. She left the bathroom, and opened her bedroom door. She was greeted by an extremely beautiful, and extremely naked girl she didn't recognise. Standing next to her was her older brother Harson, who was also naked, with a raging boner.

"By the Gods…" Harson said. "Harson, do not blaspheme!" Sofia scolded him. "I…Slave, grant my wishes now," Harson ordered. "Yes Master." Lexia snapped her fingers, and Sofia just smiled.

"Come along Harson, the water will get cold!" She said. She took his hand, and dragged him back into the bathroom, where the bathtub had magically transformed to be the size of a hot tub. Sofia took no notice of this, and simply got straight in, with Harson close behind. Harson relaxed in the water, but Sofia wasted no time. She embraced him, and the two royal teens kissed each-other softly.

Harson decided at this point that he rather liked kissing, and he upped the passion. They slid their tongues into each-other's mouths, and moaned lustfully. "Master, would you like to be left alone?" Lexia asked. Harson gave a thumbs up, and Lexia turned back into a cloud of yellow smoke as she returned to her lamp. Sofia spread her legs, and Harson held her in his arms.

He moved himself into position, and slowly slid into her, taking her virginity. Sofia's pussy felt different to the genie's, he thought. Different, but still insanely good. Sofia grabbed Harson's ass, and resumed making out with him. Nice and forward, yet submissive, just like he'd wished for her to be.

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Harson began thrusting his hips, and Sofia moaned, enjoying the pleasures she'd been denying herself. Harson grabbed hold of her boobs as her thrust in and out of her.

His only goal was pleasure, and pleasure he would get. Harson came powerfully, Sofia orgasming at the same time thanks to Lexia's magic, but he didn't stop. Even while he was ejaculating deep into Sofia's pussy, he continued thrusting, building up to his next orgasm before he'd even finished his current one.

After their 5th orgasms, Harson grabbed hold of Sofia's bottom, and carried her to her bed, ignoring that they were both soaking wet. Without removing himself, Harson flipped Sofia over, and got her on her hands and knees.

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He grabbed hold of her ass, and commenced ramming into her doggy style. The two of them achieved their 6th orgasms before long, but Harson just kept on going.

This is the life, he thought. ------------------------------- Lexia punched the wall of her lamp with frustration. Why the fuck did she have yet another selfish jerkass for a Master? 16 selfish jerkasses in a row was a record! It was times like these that she wished she wasn't a genie.

Lexia wished she could be like her friend Alexis. Alexis had told her about how her Mistress had found a way around the rules, and gone off travelling on her own while Alexis got her freedom.

Lexia didn't know how it had happened, but she wished she could be free too. Anything was better than having to serve his pompous Prince. Where was she, anyway? This planet looked far too primitive to be a part of the Empire. Or any Empire that spanned more than 1 planet. And yet here she was. What was especially interesting was that, as far as she could tell, the people here weren't human. Her new Master didn't taste right.

Not quite human. How had he released her then? Genie lamps were supposed to only response to the touch of a human. This alien could not possibly have released her. Oh well, she thought. There are worse Masters.


At least this one didn't seem the sort to just punish her on a whim. If she stayed quiet and did what he said, the next few decades shouldn't seem TOO long. ------------------------------- Author's message: So.hi.

I'm back. And I have a story to tell you. Late August, I was staying in a villa in Kissimmee, Florida. I'd just been to Disney World, and was looking forward to another day in the morning. But I decided then that I wanted to start on my new story. This would be a story featuring the return of Harry and Sarosa from "Abducted on a School Trip", and Harry's younger brother, Daniel.

I began this story slowly, as I was busy, and I continued writing it slowly, as soon afterwards I started university. By the end of November I'd written 3 chapters. And then, disaster. The story was being stored on the memory stick I was using to store all my "adult" content. It was full up, so I bought a bigger one.

Unfortunately, this new stick turned out to be faulty, and I lost half of what was on it, including the story. I was devastated.

For a while I didn't want to write anything more. I certainly wasn't about to re-write 10,000 odd words. And then I wrote this. This was one of the ideas I'd had before going with Harry and Sarosa beforehand. Another genie story, but something different to the normal everyday person getting a genie.

There will be plot, I assure you. I did have to tweak this a little bit before posting because as it turns out, submissions here now have to go through moderation, and they've started enforcing their "no under 18 sex" rule, which I still think is silly, but oh well.

Funny, it's sort of good I had to abandon "My Brother's Genie" (As it would have been called), since the main characters were 14 and 16, with changing them very difficult to do. It's the Christmas holidays now, so I should have time to write, though it's worth pointing out that, since anything I post now has to go through moderation first, it'll take a day or so for stuff to be viewable after I write it, rather than going up instantly as they used to.