Blonde campus stud finds a nice toy to stick up his asshole

Blonde campus stud finds a nice toy to stick up his asshole
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Kyle wasn't sure about going to school. His mother insisted it would be all right but… What if nobody recognizes me? What if Hannah doesn't…? He'd spent the entire summer before his senior year with his aunt, uncle and cousins. Much to everyone's surprise, Kyle had still had some growing to do. He'd gone from 5'8" to 6'2" in a few months, and that was after the growth spurt he'd had the Christmas of junior year.

As he looked at himself in the mirror, he barely even knew who he was. Where once an overweight seventeen year old kid had stood, an eighteen year old giant with a slim muscular form stood; they'd told him his father was tall but he'd never expected to get anything other than his father's strange golden hair and hazel eyes, both of which had never really done much to help him look handsome. He was nervous about it, to say the least.

He sat on the edge of his bed and stared at the mirror until he heard a knock on the door. "Come in." He saw his sister Casey walk in and shut the door, leaning back against it and keeping her eyes on the mirror. She'd been acting strange since he'd gotten back last week, but he didn't really want to ask if it was because of how different he looked, or how different he acted.

So much had happened while he'd been gone… He wondered if they'd ever be the same happy go lucky 'bonus' siblings they'd been. "What's up?" "Mom wants you down stairs for breakfast." "Okay… I'll be down in a second." "You really don't have to wear that shirt." He plucked at the collar and frowned at his reflection.

"What do you mean? Mom always wants us to where nice clothes for the first day." Casey just smiled sheepishly and walked in the room a few steps. Kyle's bedroom was made so that the only thing anyone could see when entering was the mirror propped up in the corner, and even that hid most of the room.

The small hallway was one of the reasons he liked the room. He turned and looked at her, really looked at her. She was beautiful, really; always a girl he found himself measuring potential girlfriends against.

Her hair was long a brown, falling down to her mid back in a super long braid. Her eyes were blue and they had a tendency to be outlined with glitter, something she'd picked up when she was younger. Although he abhorred himself for it, he scoped her out as he did every girl: a very nice chest, probably a large B cup, sexy hips and legs that made every guy who looked at her drool. She was stunning.

He made sure to keep his eyes locked on her as he checked her out; or at least he tried. She grinned shyly at him as she sat on his bedside table, still keeping very far away he noticed. "You hate dressing up. Collared shirts make you itch. And the slacks are a bit much, don't you think?" She chuckled behind her hand, one of the many nervous habits she had, and it made him smile to see.

Immediately though she let her eyes drop to the floor and his smile vanished. "Yeah but mom will get onto me if I don't…" "Forget her.

Do what you want for a change; you're a senior this year! I'm not dressing up." This time he looked at her and noticed that she wasn't exactly right; she'd picked out a pair of Nike shorts, black leggings and a shirt from her gymnastics tournament.

Her hair was fit with a dark blue bow. He smiled. "Yeah, but you don't have to worry about looking good today… I don't know what people are gonna think when I walk in." Casey sighed in exasperation and walked around his bed, heading for the closet.

She immediately began sorting through his clothes. Kyle stood up and tried to grab her. "Hey now, don't worry about it I'll do fine…" She swatted his hand away and grinned up at him.

"Just sit down and I'll make sure you look fine. Don't you trust you're sister?" He just sat down on the bed and put his head in his hands. Then clothes started to hit him in the face until he was buried under a pile of them.

"Casey what the fuck…!" "Careful not to let mom hear you say that, Kyle. there we go, this'll work." He pushed the clothes off the bed and sat up, taking a breath and then sneezing.

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The dust thrown out of his closet was thicker than he though it would be. He looked up and Casey threw a pair of jeans, a plain blue t-shirt and a black pull over sweater. "There's no way that mom will…" "Just put them on and get your ass downstairs!" He grabbed them and threw her a glance. "You just cussed…" "If you can, I can." She grinned and patted him on the shoulder as she walked out. He just sighed and stripped, wondering just how bad the lecture would be when he got to breakfast.

**************** "Oh honey you look great! I knew your sister would pick out something good for you!" Kyle gaped at his mother as she loaded his plate with eggs bacon and pancakes. "Wait, since when is this okay? I thought…" "Kyle, it's your senior year.

You need to be able to dress yourself at this point." His mother grinned at him and put some dishes in the sink before walking out of the kitchen.

He glared at Casey. "You made me think she was going to kill me." She just laughed and took a bite of bacon. Most people thought she was a dainty little girl, no matter how tall she was; they'd never seen her eat.

She put away more than most guys. "I don't know what you're talking about." He grabbed the salt and put some over his food, still glaring. She just laughed harder. When she stopped she cocked an eyebrow at his smile. "What? What'd you do?" "Nothing.

Just… nothing." She gave him a look before finally returning to her food. She put away three plates in the time he took for his one. By the time they were done their mother had returned and offered them a ride. Kyle grabbed his old long board, something left over from his father, and smiled as they walked out the door. Maybe things will be all right, even if I am a bit different.

*************** When Kyle walked threw the front door, he knew something was different. People threw glances at him as he walked through the halls. He grabbed his schedule and locker, suddenly wary of the strange atmosphere that followed him everywhere, dropped off his board in the locker and walked to class.

He walked in and smiled; Hannah was already here, sitting in the front row and talking to the teacher. He checked the board and grabbed his seat, thanking god it was one near the window. He hated having people on all sides. Once he was seated, he mulled over the situation, thinking of what he could do. He hadn't seen anyone from school since he'd gotten back, which meant almost no one would recognize him; his hair was shorter, he was taller, he walked and talked differently… Hannah would freak out.

Suddenly she threw a glance at him and smiled, but didn't say anything. He smiled back, amazed. If she'd recognized me, she'd have come over… hell she nearly killed me when I told her I'd be coming back so late in the summer. I'll wait til roll I guess… that'll surprise everyone.

He grinned to himself and pulled out a book. Finally the bell rang and the teacher stood up, looking over us all. She was a very attractive young redheaded woman in glasses. "All right, my name is Ms. Callaghan.

I'm your new English teacher for the year. Most of you are seniors… I guess I'll call roll first. But I think we have a new student, first." She looked over at Kyle and he grew pale.

He shook his head and she got confused. A knock at the door saved him. She opened it, throwing glances at him as she did so. He could see Hannah eyeing him curiously and smiled. "Excuse me… oh, okay, that makes more sense. Please come in." Ms. Callaghan came back in, followed by a young guy Kyle had never seen before. But when Kyle looked at him, something was off. It wasn't the blond hair or the way he walked, it wasn't the confidence or the height… the new student's eyes settled on him for a bit and suddenly Kyle felt chills down his spine.

Those eyes… they were grey, normal eyes. Still Kyle didn't like the feeling. Ms. Callaghan waved from him to the class and he spoke up. "I'm Jack. Jack Byne. I just moved here from a small town in California." The class shouted some strange jumble of greeting and Kyle just looked down at his desk.

"All right then, there's an empty space there in the front, by miss Frey. Now for roll…" Ms. Callaghan went down the sheet and Kyle drifted from thought to thought.

He heard Hannah's last name and perked up. His was only three below hers. "Kyle Wade." The moment she said the name people looked around. Every one knew Kyle, whether they were friends with him or not. He'd grown up with most of these kids, and they all knew his name and face if nothing else. He was really only friends with Hannah in the end, and she looked around confused as all hell.

"Present." Immediately the class shot him a look. He grinned and waved, but the shock was there. Girls looked at him for a bit and then whispered. Guys looked at him and nodded, done with the shock of the whole thing. But the whispers continued for a bit. Ms. Callaghan looked around, confused, but finally continued the roll. She went through the usual first day stuff and Kyle ignored most of it. It was going to be the same throughout the day, all dull and boring shit he didn't want to do.

Finally the bell rang and he put his book back into his messenger bag. He heard someone walk up and looked up just as Hannah plopped herself down on the desk, glaring at him and looking him up and down. Hannah Vandren had moved to town fifteen years ago, and the two had been friends since second grade.

She'd always seemed a bit odd, and so had he. People had let them keep to themselves, though Hannah actually made a lot of friends other than him. Sophomore year, she'd changed. He'd watched her change for years and slowly felt emotions boiling in his gut, but that year everything had changed.

She'd grown a bit, putting her at 5'6", and she'd filled out. She stopped cheerleading and started working out for herself, though she never told him why. The girl in front of him was the result. Her long black hair ran straight down her back and her tiny frame was strong and lithe. Her green eyes glittered like emeralds and her lips were pursed in a frown. Her legs stretched down from the desk, sexy as all hell in her dress.

She had taken his mother's philosophy of dressing up on important days to heart, and Kyle had never complained. She was dressed in a blue dress that hugged her curvy frame and cut in the midriff, exposing her stomach behind a lighter, slightly opaque, blue and a pair of heelless slippers that sparkled the same deep shade as her dress.

Just looking at her made Kyle's heart leap in his chest. "You're… different." Her tone made him cringe. "I thought it would be funny… you're mad aren't you?" "Well you could have said something… and what happened to dressing up?

Did your mom throw a fit?" "No, she wanted me to dress myself today… it was weird. I had already dressed up and then… well, it was a weird morning. I thought you'd recognize me, at least… I'm not that different." Her eyebrows rose. "Stand up." he grimaced and stood up, throwing his bag over his shoulder. She walked around him like a mother, or maybe an airport security guard. "You're different. VERY different." Kyle watched her walk back to her desk, grab her backpack, and walk out with a hurt expression on his face.

He sighed and went after her at a jog. I forgot how blunt she gets when she's angry… next time I need to be quicker about letting her know this stuff.

Maybe if it hadn't been during school… He dodged through the crowd, apologizing as he jumped around people. Finally he caught up to her, and she refused to look at him. "Come on, Hannah, it was just a bit of fun. I'm sorry I didn't see you right when I got back, and I'm sorry I joked around about this… it happened over the summer and I" "Go to class, Kyle." Kyle stopped right there, watching her walk off.

He thought for a moment before turning around and walking toward his second class, on the other side of the school from hers. I… I couldn't have changed that much… Was it mean of me to wait, or to talk to her? He got to class and sat down in his seat, which was in the middle of the room.

He put his head down and groaned. His history teacher started the lesson with the bell and Kyle barely paid attention. It was the same stuff as first period.

He fell asleep until the bell ending the period told him to wake up. As he grabbed his stuff he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around and glanced up at Natalie Herald, an old classmate of his who'd never really spoken to him before. "Hi… are you a new student?" "Not really… you're Natalie, right?" She nodded. "I'm Kyle. Kyle Wade. We've been in class together since like fifth grade." "Oh… Oh god, I'm so sorry Kyle.

I didn't mean to… I just wanted… I'm so sorry!" She apologized once more as she scuttled off, almost running out of the door. Kyle tried to yell for her to wait and failed. He glanced at his teacher, Mr. Fin, as the old man chuckled behind his desk. "Kyle, you really have a way with the ladies." "Thanks, Mr.

Fin." "You've really grown. Most of them were a bit curious as to who you were… I don't blame them. I barely recognize you." "Thanks Mr.

Fin." "What's got you down?" Kyle sighed. "Nothing, Mr. Fin." His teacher gave him a stare. Not accusatory, just… a long look. As if he was just noticing Kyle. "You know, you can always talk to me; to any of the teachers here, actually. We've watched you kids grow up, even if you don't think so. You're one we've kept an eye on." "Okay, Mr.

Fin." "Damn kid, you need to lighten up. Have some fun, make some friends." "Mr.

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Fin, I just lost… ah, never mind. It doesn't matter. Maybe you're right. I'll try and make some friends." "Kyle, sometimes you can't help changing. Just remember that, all right?" "Yes sir, Mr. Fin." "Get to class." "Okay Mr. Fin." Kyle left for third period. ************** The rest of his day went the same way his first two periods had. Hannah had three more classes with him and ignored him in all of them. A total of ten people approached him and asked his name, where he had moved from.

He just told them his name and they ran like he was the plague, making up some excuse as they did. By eighth period, he was so depressed he'd given up on speaking at all. He finished his book in his last period and headed for the library as school ended. His mom wouldn't be off of work until late, and his father, Casey's father, wouldn't be back from his trip for almost another month. He had no schedule, and he didn't quite want to go back to someplace where the changes to his life were so drastically evident.

He returned his book and browsed the shelved, finding absolutely nothing that he liked. As he walked out, he saw Natalie sitting alone at one of the tables. I should apologize… he walked over and made sure to approached from behind her; he didn't want to scare her off again.

He pulled out a chair and sat down as he tapped her on the shoulder, making her jump about a foot into the air. He grinned at her as she stared at him with an expression of mixed fear and disbelief. "Natalie… Sorry. I just wanted to apologize for earlier, I didn't think you'd jump like that." She fixed her glasses and closed her book, setting it on the table and fidgeting nervously.

"Uh, yeah… I get really… into books when I read them… Sorry I jumped like that. And I'm sorry I didn't recognize you earlier. You look… different." He frowned. "I mean… I mean good different! You look really good, it's just that I didn't think… no one really expected… I'm so sorry, I sound stupid right now…" Kyle watched her blush and smiled.

She was cute; She had brown hair that seemed to grow lighter and lighter as it grew out, falling just above her shoulders and curling. She always looked a lot younger than her age, and she was quiet. She wore a sweater with some strange abstract design of colors over some sort of yellow dress, though other than that and her flats Kyle couldn't guess.

Kyle knew she had a lot of friends but he always saw her alone, reading or doing homework. She was a bit like him that way. "It's all right, I've been getting that a lot. It's been a bit of trouble, really." "I don't know about that…" He gave her a look and she stared down at her hands.

"I just mean… people are talking about you now. Before most of them wouldn't have given you a second glance before." "Yeah, you're right. Just… Hannah hates me for some reason. I think I did something to upset her… she's one of my only close friends. My family all avoids me and they look away when I talk to them." "Oh… I'm sorry…" He chuckled. "I forgot how shy you are… I'm probably giving you a heart attack by making you talk this long to someone you don't know.

I'm sorry." He rose from the chair and pushed it in. "Thanks for talking to me… I am sorry about earlier. I'd like us to be friends, if that's okay… I think I need more of them." As Kyle tried to walk past her, she grabbed his wrist. He looked at her and found her looking up at him, actually looking straight into his eyes.

He'd never looked at her directly before… her eyes were pretty on her, a light brown that caught the light nicely. "I… you don't have to leave. If you don't have anything to do that is… We're already friends, is all…" Kyle smiled and sat down again, this time putting his bag on the floor. "Well then, I'm sorry I ignored you all this time." "You didn't!

We talk a lot actually… whenever you come to the library we say hello to one another." "Yeah… yeah I guess we do. I hadn't really thought about it…" She smiled at him. "That's okay, most people don't. The only friends I really have are the…" As she tried to finish she trailed off and covered her mouth. "Are you all right…?" "Yeah its just… something I shouldn't talk about. I just meant I heave a lot of friends, just not here at school." "Right… I always thought you were a loner, like me… then again I'm not really a loner anymore, am I?" For some reason they both laughed at his joke.

It felt natural. He looked at the time and realized it was almost five; he'd been there for an hour. "Shit, I've been in here a while… I better go get my board before they lock the doors." Kyle stood up, grabbing his bag and throwing over his shoulder.

He almost ran straight into Natalie as she stood up too, clutching the book she'd been reading to her chest. She stumbled backward and Kyle grabbed her by the shoulders, pulling her back onto her feet.

At the same time she tried to move forward and ended up being 'pulled' into Kyle's chest. He stumbled backwards before catching them both. He looked down at Natalie, now wrapped in his arms and gripping his sweater.

She took a moment of pure cringing before she opened her eyes and looked up at him. "You all right?" she nodded once, still looking up at him. Their eyes were locked in place. Kyle took the moment to realize she was taller than he'd always thought she was.

She was probably 5'8", maybe a bit shorter. But she was tall for a girl. She was really cute, too… cuter than he'd always remembered her. Finally she laughed a bit and pushed on his chest. He opened his arms and let her out of the brief embrace, though he found himself reluctant. "Thank you… for catching me. Sorry I bumped…" "I bumped into you, not the other way around. You're good, Natalie, I promise. Are you gonna leave too?" She nodded.

"I need to get home I guess. It is a bit later than I thought I would stay, it'll be late before I get home." "Can I walk you?" Kyle was almost surprised as he said it. He hadn't meant to, but he'd wanted to. She looked a bit shocked, but she smiled. "Yeah… please." She smiled as they walked out. She followed him to his locker to get his long board and they left the school.

He gestured for her to lead and watched her walk in the same direction as his neighborhood. They talked a bit, best subjects and mutual friends and things like that, but they kept quiet mostly.

Kyle didn't mind, and neither did she it seemed. They walked past his neighborhood and he was disappointed as they walked further and further away; at least, until they turned into the street two streets down.

"You live here? I live just two streets back that way…" She laughed. "I always forget people don't know… yeah I live over here. I've been to your house once, with Casey. But it wasn't long… and it was a while ago…" "Huh… We'll have to hang out more. I didn't know you lived this close to me. Hannah is…" "Just another street that way and left one, right?" "Yeah… you know where everyone lives don't you?" "Just a few girls… I know.

It's really no big deal; friends go over to each other's houses, right?" "I guess. I've actually never been over to Hannah's house before." "Oh… it's nice, I guess… I'm not a very good judge though." She turned into the drive of one of the biggest homes on the street, a three-story place that could fit his in its shadow without a problem.

"Natalie… damn this place is huge!" She laughed, a real loud laugh. "People always say something like that. It's not that big. My daddy had it custom built, but he works from home so he needs the space." They reached the porch and she pulled out a key as she turned to him. "If you want, you can come inside…?" "Huh?.

Oh yea, please! I'd love to." She smiled and opened the door into a big circular entrance hall with a spiral stairwell rising all the way up. The floor was hardwood, but Kyle could see linoleum take its place further inside. A hallway lined the right side of the house. Natalie took off her shoes and Kyle followed suit, still in awe of the high ceilings and the number of windows in the place. He heard Natalie laughing and looked over at her. She was already at the stairs, watching him.

"Sorry, it's just that… well I've never been in a place like this…" She laughed again. "It's okay. I'm used to people acting like this for their first time inside.

C'mon." She grabbed his hand and started up the stairs, moving more quickly. He chuckled as she dragged him up all three levels and to the third floor.

Finally she opened up a door and dragged him in. Again he was awestruck. His room was pretty small… he had a queen-sized bed and it took up most of the room, barely leaving enough for his desk and computer. Natalie's room was huge; large enough to keep a king sized bed and still have enough room for a wardrobe of old dark wood, a makeup stand and makeup mirror, a computer desk and two different nightstands.

The room was carpeted with thick green, which made the pink walls a little strange. He threw a look over his shoulder at her and she just laughed at him again. "You really think it's so. big?" "Yeah I mean… my room barely fits a queen size bed, and yours is…" "I grew up with this so it seems like just enough." She walked in and sat on the bed, looking around at everything.

Kyle grabbed a chair and turned it around, facing her and bed and sat down. She giggled. "You don't… you don't have to sit all the way over there…" "I didn't think it was this far, and I didn't want to seem too comfortable…" "You can be as comfortable as you like, I have people over here a lot, though I think you're the first guy." He laughed nervously; she laughed a lot louder.

"It's fine: my dad is always… encouraging me to actually make friends with boys. He'll be ecstatic if he meets you but… don't count on meeting him…" "Ha, that's easy for you to say but… This is the first time I've ever been in a girl's bedroom at all.

Not even Casey's… I was once barred from ever entering her room on pain of death. I think we were like eight, and I haven't gone in there once since she told me that." Natalie busted out laughing. "You're… serious aren't you?" "Yeah, why would I lie about that?" He watched her laughing, falling over on the bed and laughing like crazy, and felt the urge to do so himself. He didn't though… he was too confused.

"Wait, what… what's so funny?" "Casey always says you avoid her like the plague! Whenever I hear from her she has some story… If she knew that's why you avoid her…" "I… I don't avoid her… I just keep my distance. There are other things she could be doing, I don't want to just waste her time…" Natalie spent the next few minutes trying hard to keep from laughing. Kyle just rubbed the back of his neck, keeping his eyes on the floor.

I don't avoid her. I like her; she's great but… is that why she acts so weird around me? Because I don't act more friendly? He sat there for a few minutes, lost in thought, before he noticed Natalie standing over him waving a hand to get his attention. She looked concerned. "Huh?" "Can I… can I use the chair? My laptop…" "Oh… Oh yeah sure I'm sorry." He stood up and moved out of the way. He moved over and sat on the edge of the bed, not wanting to push his luck.

Natalie was being really accepting; seeing as this was the first time they really talked. He watched her typing at her laptop for a few minutes, enjoying the view of her ass, before he realized what he was doing and pushed his gaze to the carpet. You ass, she invited you inside, not out on a date! Get over yourself. Be polite. "Kyle… are you okay…?" Kyle tried to look up and bumped his head into Natalie's hand.

She pulled it back and apologized at the same time he did, which made them both chuckle a little nervously. "Yes, I… I'm fine, I promise." She smiled a sad smile and sat on the bed next to him, scooting closer to him, and put her hands in her lap.

He looked at her computer and saw a light flashing on top, catching his eye. He looked over at her and her smile turned a bit less sad. "What was going on with your computer?" "Oh nothing, I just had to check in with something.

My friends and I keep a chat open, so we use that to keep in touch." "I was just wondering. You left the webcam on." She blushed. "I… damn…" She walked over and tapped a few keys, turning it off.

Kyle watched the light shut off and made sure it stayed that way, feeling a bit more at ease.


It must have just turned on with the chat function up… nothing to worry about. I wonder if she knows that it does that? She came back and looked at him sheepishly. "You can sit more on the bed. You look like you're going to fall." He looked down and realized he'd slipped forward a bit.

"Oh, I'm fine. I just didn't want to sit on your bed, I don't know how clean the school is or…" She giggled and looked at him for a minute as he trailed off.

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He sighed. "You can sit on the bed. You aren't. dirty. or anything." "Yeah. I'm okay though, I promise." "Uh-huh." "I'm serious." "Of course." She stepped forward suddenly and pushed him backward. On a reflex he grabbed at her arms to catch himself, which only brought her forward and then down on top of him.

He looked down at her, lying with her head on his chest. "Are you okay? I didn't mean to…" He trailed off again as she started laughing again. "What's so funny?" "…The face you made… when I pushed you…" "Sorry, I wasn't expecting you to push me!" "I just wanted to make sure you didn't fall!" "Both of us fell!" They both busted out laughing at that.

She rolled off of him and curled up next to him as they stopped.


The room seemed to sigh around them as they lay there, smiling at one another on the bed breathing fast. Time seemed to stretch as Kyle stared at her, thinking of how wonderful the afternoon had been and how kind she was whenever he took the time to watch.

For once he didn't think of Hannah, or compare the two. Natalie was beautiful. Kyle slid his head forward a bit, a question. She cocked an eyebrow at him and her smile became a bit cheeky, but she didn't move away. He slid forward until they were nose to nose and then a bit further, until his lips were a hair from hers. She closed her eyes and kissed him.

They were tentative at first, pulling back after a moment or so. Kyle reached forward and placed a hand on her hip, pulling her closer. Natalie cupped the back of his head gently and kissed him again, this time with more force. Their breathing grew heavier as they pulled each other closer.

His hand on her hip became His hands around her waist and lower back; her hand on his head became both hands with her fingers in his hair. Their kiss changed from tentative to romantic to desperate, pushing each other faster and faster until they were finally forced to break apart, breathing like they'd gone for a run. Still they kept close, letting their noses graze one another as they got their breath back, staring into each other's eyes.

"That was… that was great." Natalie smiled at him, stretching her arms out and draping them completely across his shoulders, holding him even closer. He could feel her breath on his lips. She sounded stunned, happy… I guess I did okay then. My first kiss… "That was… you were incredible." She grinned at him. "You can't say that yet." She pecked him once on the lips, a tease. "But you can say that later." "And what would I say that to?" "You would say that… after I've given you… some relief." She blushed and Kyle laughed.

"You didn't have to say that, Natalie… though I'm glad you did. I'd be happy if a kiss was as far as we went." "Me too, but… I want more…" Again she blushed, this time even deeper. "That's not a bad thing…" She looked up, not sure whether to meet his eyes or not.

"Just because you want more doesn't make you a bad person or give you any reason to be embarrassed. It's normal… I mean, we're teenagers." Natalie laughed a little bit and sighed.

Looking back up at him. He slid forward and kissed her again, starting light again. She slid closer to him, pressing her body against his and slowly moving against him. He tightened his arms around her, slowly slipping a hand up the back of her sweater.

Her fingers tightened in his hair as he did, encouraging him. Their kiss began picking up speed as his hand slid up her back further and further, pushing the sweater up further along with it.

He felt her tongue gently touch his lips and did the same; the kiss became faster, her grip on his hair and her movements against him more and more heated. His hand touched skin and he began to rub her back lightly, until she shuddered and they pulled apart. "Sorry just… your hands are cold." "Sorry I'll…" She grinned at him and shook her head a bit before sitting up and grabbing the hem of her sweater to pull it off.

Kyle was stunned at the dress beneath: a yellow skirt connected to a black, backless top just above her hips. On top of that she had grown herself over the past summer; her breasts pushed at the fabric of the top invitingly. She glanced back at him, caught him staring and blushed again. "What…?" "You're breathtaking." She blushed deeply and sighed a bit. He sat up and grinned, wrapping an arm around her waist as they on the bed. She leaned back against him and he wrapped his other arm around her waist, letting her lean back against him as she pleased.

She sighed again, this time longer than before. "Thank you… for the compliment. And the kisses… and for…" Kyle reached around and gently grabbed her chin in two fingers, bringing her around to face him. She stopped talking and just looked at him. He leaned in and pecked her on the cheek; she tried to lean forward to return his kiss, surprised at where he'd placed it. "What was that for?" "Because I have all the same things to thank you for." She grinned. This time when he leaned in, he leaned in and kissed her on the lips, pulling her back against him as they slowly worked themselves up on one another.

Her hands found his and intertwined her fingers in his, at least for the beginning. As they pressed, she moved a hand upward, slowly inching him toward her chest.

His other hands wrapped around her a bit tighter as she guided him, pulling her against him even tighter. She lost herself in the kiss then, moving her other hand to the back of his head and letting her nails dig lightly into his skin.

Their hand finally reached her top and she slid his palm over one of her breasts, moving her own hand as if she were alone. She gasped as he took the hint and squeezed it in his hand, gently massaging her breast until she was moaning into his kiss. His hand slid up even further, letting her free hand slip down into their lap and onto his thigh, gripping his skin through his jeans as she felt his hand slip into her cleavage and just barely drag his fingers up the side of her rise, tracing her outline.

She moaned louder and slid her hand up his thigh, feeling the fabric tighten and slacken a little bit every few seconds. Kyle's hand slipped back down and found her full breast again, grabbing her and gently massaging her soft skin as the kiss got even faster, becoming almost desperate in their heat.

She gasped as he pulled away and pushed her back onto the bed, further up onto the bed, and sliding up next to her. She smiled as he drew close and kissed her again, this time slipping one his own hands into her hair and pulling her mouth to his own. Her fingers found his hair as well and they pulled at one another until their kiss had grown back to its desperate, heated speed.

They gasped and moved, gliding against one another as they held each other close, the heat of the other fueling them to go faster and faster.

Kyle slides his hands down her back, resting them just above her ass and gripping her tight.

Her gasps are music to his ears as her fingers tear at his hair and their lips meet in frenzy. She moans as he pulls her closer and one of her hands slides down to slip into the front of his jeans, gripping his belt and pulling him closer. He grins as they break for just a moment, a grin she returns as they dive back in and his hands move again, one up and one down, grabbing her ass as the other finds her bare back and slips into the fabric on her side, forcing her to gasp and slide her hand deep into his jeans, feeling him through his boxers and grinning up at him, desperate for his touch, his kiss, anything he can give her.

She gasps as he grips her ass, making her shiver with need. He slips his hand out of her top and back into her hair, pulling her in for more kissing and keeping her there. Her moans excite him, drive him. His hand slides down further, finding the skin of her calf as she lifts her leg up and slides it over his hip.

He feels her grip tighten around his aching shaft and moans as he slowly slides his hand up her leg until her reaches her thigh. She can feel what he's doing and her hand begins to stroke him faster as he gets higher up his thigh. He reaches her hip and slides back, cupping her cheek again and massaging her as she strokes him through the fabric of his underwear. She moans at the feeling and gasps as she feels his hand slide the opposite way, stroking him faster as he slides under the fabric of her dress and over the damp fabric of her panties, gently applying pressure as his hand slides between her legs as finds her soaking crotch.

She shudders at his gentle touch and stops their kiss as he slowly presses his hand down on her clit. She gasps, gripping his hair so that he knows it feels good, and feels him press harder, filling her with pleasure and a bit of pain. She pulls her hands from his shaft and grabs his wrist as she shudders in a bit of an orgasm. "Did I do something wrong?" Natalie laughed. "No, hell no… but when your fingers are dry.

and you press there… it can hurt a bit. It feels amazing, but it hurts." Kyle closed his eyes and pressed his face to the bed. "I'm so sorry…" "Kyle, don't be!

Look at me…" As he pulled his face from the mattress her hands slip back into his hair to pull him in for another kiss, this one a bit more tender. "I just… if you're going to do that… maybe take them off first?" "All right, but not tonight. I think we should have a date or two before we do much more…" She smiled sheepishly.

"Yeah, probably. So now we're…?" "That's up to you." She grinned at him and pulled him in for kiss. "I take it that means we're a couple then." "Almost.

We'll have to talk tomorrow… but I think so. It'll be… interesting." He looked at her questioningly and she waved him off. He pulled away and she groaned. "I don't want to get up.

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Please just stay here bit longer…?" He smiled and stood up as she groaned. She squealed as he picked her up and walked her further up the bed and laid her down on the bed, with her head on the pillows.

She smiled as he pulled off the sweater he wore and kicked off his shoes, pulling off hers as well and climbing up after her, holding her close until she fell asleep in his arms. ************** It was seven thirty before he got back to his house. As he walked in the front door Casey poked her head out of the kitchen, smiled and disappeared again. "Since when do you stay out late?

Hanging out with Hannah?" "Actually no… she got super pissed at me earlier today and wouldn't even speak to me. I went to the library and took a walk is all." And got myself a girlfriend probably, and made out with her for almost an hour… He walked upstairs and threw the sweater and his bag on the bed.

He had no homework, so he found himself back downstairs on the couch before long. Casey sat in their father's armchair, on the other side of the room, with her dinner and the remote to the television. "Hey Casey…" "Yeah Kyle?" "Do you… do you not like me?" Her eyes dropped to her sandwich and she started picking at the edges. "No, I like you. I mean, you're my brother. Why?" "You seem nervous recently, like you're afraid of me or you don't want me around.

So I've been trying to leave you alone…" She looked at him in disbelief. "Wait, you thought I didn't like you? I always thought you didn't like me! You avoided me most of the time…" "I think you're awesome! I just thought you didn't like me." "You avoid me like the plague!" "No, I just try and give you space!" They both started laughing nervously.

A thought occurred to him. "I mean, a long time ago when we first met you got mad at me and banned me from ever going near your room… after that I just sort of tried to leave you to your own devices." "Wait, you remember that?" He nodded and she laughed, really laughed.

"I said that cause I was a little brat, not because I didn't like you! And then when you got back from Aunt Beatrice's and you were so…" She trailed off and Kyle looked away. "Is it really so hard to look at me? Everyone has said the same thing today, last week, even over the summer! Its always 'you're so different' or 'wow, Kyle, you're so tall!'.

I can't even talk to my best friend now, and it's all because of this damn growth spurt. I'm the same person, I haven't fucking changed!" He sighed and dropped his head in his hands. He felt the couch move and a hand on his back, gently comforting him. Looking up at his sister Kyle wondered just what was running through her head when she looked at him.

She carefully reached out and pulled him to her in a sort of one-armed hug. "I'm sorry, Case. I probably just made you hate me even more…" "Whoa, who said anything about hate?" He looked at her and she just smiled at him shyly. "I was careful because I wasn't sure what you thought of me, but I could never hate you… you're kind and sweet, you're funny sometimes, you know how to be a gentleman, you're quiet… I don't know a single person who hates you.

No one in the school ever says anything cruel to you, no matter what. You keep to yourself is all." "Then what the hell is wrong with me?" "It's because people used to look at you and go 'oh, he's a nice guy, he's adorable'. Then you left over the summer, and let me tell you people asked where you were pretty often… you come back and, suddenly, the nice adorable little kid who everyone can rely on is this tall, dark and handsome stranger… it was enough to throw people off.

They don't know what to do with you, maybe." He grunted and put his head back in his hands. "Kyle, you want to know a secret?" "What?" "Every girl in school had their eye on you today. No one knew who you were and when I told my friends that it was Kyle Wade, they were stunned." "Why?

What is it?" "I told you, people used to brush you off because you blended into the background. Now no one can take their eye off of you. You're hot! You're smart! And on top of that everyone knows that Kyle Wade is a kind, loving person to everyone. People know you're a nice guy, what are they supposed to do with that?" Is that it?

Was it just that no one knew what I would do now that I'm… wait… "You think I'm hot?" Casey blushed. "Kind of… I mean, you're my brother so I shouldn't, but it's really hard to ignore you now." She looked away as she talked, keeping her eyes on the coffee table.

"So THAT'S why you've been acting all shy?" "Maybe." He grinned at her and saw a smile trying to creep into her expression. "Oh quit it, we're alone its not like it matters. I want to know. If that's why, my conscious will be eased knowing that it wasn't anything I did." "Okay fine, yes, it's because I suddenly had a hot brother where I used to have a nerdy little kid brother… no offense." "None taken, I pride myself on still being a nerd." "I don't know why…" "It means I can talk to more people." "Why would you want to talk to more people, you only talk to like five." "Hey!" "I'm just saying, bro." She elbowed him and he chuckled.

"I might have been a weakling before, but you're about to get it if you keep talking like that." "What? I can't tease my brother when he's nervous and upset? That's no fun. I want the little kid back. Then I can tickle him." "No you can't. He wasn't ticklish." Kyle tried hard to keep a straight face; if she went for his sides or his neck, or hell even his knee… he'd be done. He felt her reach and flinched out of the way, only to feel something on his side that made him squirm and laugh like crazy.

He was on the ground in seconds, writhing as she climbing on top of him and continued the barrage. Finally he got her hands and stopped her, trying to get his breath back. "Casey, this is a two way street." She grinned at him. "You don't have the balls." "You want to bet?" "You know it." He rolled them over with little effort and grabbed her sides, forcing her into the same unorthodox dance he'd been caught in just a few moments ago.

She squealed and slapped at his hands, laughing until tears fell form her eyes. Finally he let her breath and she swatted at his hands as he sat back on his heels. "Kyle… I'm gonna… kill you later…" "Yeah right. I'm stronger than you now, Sis." "Wanna bet?" "We both know it." "Nah uh.

I'm stronger than you for sure." "Please!" "Fine, Stay there and I'll get you off of me for sure." "That's not strength, that's leverage." "Arm wrestle." "Too childish." "Fine, wrestling match." "Fine. Let me move the coffee table." Kyle stood up and helped Casey up as well. He slid the coffee table out of the way and they stood in front of one another. He grinned at her. "Okay, I'll give you a chance. I won't use my left arm at first." "Oh, you're going down, you cocky little bastard." "Not little anymore." "I wasn't talking height.

bro." He flinched at her comment and put an arm behind his back. She charged him and he braced himself. Before he knew what was happening she'd leaped at him, taking him down to the ground under her. He barely got his arm out from under him in time. Still it knocked the breath from his lungs and left his gasping for air with his sister on top of him. "God, I thought you'd take that better." She looked down at him, now straddling his hips as he coughed until his throat was raw, and then a little bit more.

Finally he took a strangled breath. "Sorry I wasn't prepared for a woman of your considerable size tackling me." She swatted at him, actually looking a bit hurt.

"Hey, I was just joking! You're a fucking knockout, don't think for a second that I was serious." "You really think that?" He nodded and rubbed his chest, looking up at her form the ground still. His male brain had just begun to notice that one of the most attractive girls he knew was sitting on top of him. She patted his chest before slowly climbing off of him and walking back to her chair. He grunted as he stood up, trying to hide the new semi erection he'd spouted. He patted her on the shoulder and felt her hand hold him there as he tried to pass by her, on his way up to his room.

He looked down at her and she smiled up at him. Her smile was different though; brighter, maybe, or… No, there's no way she's smiling at me like that. She would never want me… and she's my sister anyway.

She's just happy. He grabbed her hand and held it a bit before wandering up to his room and throwing himself on the bed.

He checked his phone for messages and found none. He shot Natalie a text and chuckled to himself; he'd checked her phone for her number after he'd left her place and placed his in her phone. Soon after though he found himself dozing off. **************** Natalie opened her laptop, ignoring the buzz of her phone on her nightstand. She'd been checking every hour, trying to get her group together.

But then, it wasn't the usual night for a meeting; they wouldn't be able to all get online. She messaged them and slowly icons began popping up on her screen until all eight girls were online.

She sighed and typed out the beginning of the chat. Bookworm: I may have a boyfriend… but I know that I have to run it by you guys first. Four eyes: You know the rules, Bookworm. We all share him if you get him… if we want him that is. Otherwise we leave him to you. Spineless: You can't say a damn thing, Four eyes.

You broke that rule three months ago, you shouldn't even be here, and we all know you don't get privileges here. Only five of us get anything, including Bookworm. Those are the rules. Snake: But we don't even know who this guy is yet anyway, so there's a max of five. I probably won't want any… but we'll get to that in a minute. Anyone else? We know Nightmare, Spineless, Bookworm, myself and Mermaid all get privileges… unless any of you broke up with someone?

Four eyes: Nope, happily together and stuck. You guys can share you're second hand guys however you want. Natalie watched her friend log off and smiled. She was nicer in person, when they didn't talk about the Privileges. Mermaid: Well we need to know who it is first. Booky? Bookworm: No one is going to believe me… and you guys aren't gonna be happy about it. Snake: Just tell us Bookworm. I'm not in the mood. Spineless: Yeah he can't be that bad. Nightmare: I'm curious as to what guy in our school could possibly have the balls to approach Bookworm.

Not saying you're not super hot, girlie, but you do hide in plain sight. Bookworm: Kyle. Kyle Wade. It just sort of happened… I don't think either of us meant for it to happen but we kissed. A lot. Snake: Everyone knows that Kyle isn't yours.

We all had a claim on a single guy at the beginning; he's off limits to anyone here. You know that Booky. Spineless: I remove my claim. He's free game, but I'm declaring open rules to him… he has to know. If you're going to share, he has to be okay with it… none of us wants to hurt him. We're all too close. But… well he's different now. Something happened over the summer, not only is he hot but he's even kinder than before… smarter too, I think.

Snake: Hold on. This is going to kill him, he can't handle having too many girls at once… we claimed him off limits! Spineless: Snake, you almost took Kyle too many times to count, even dropped out of the chat after you told us you couldn't take it anymore.

Now you get to have him, but you have to share him with the rest of us. Snake: I honestly don't think he can handle this. After today, after how insecure he seemed… Spineless: Trust me, he'll be fine.

He can take all of us easy, and honestly I wouldn't mind just staying in his bed permanently… Snake: Apparently I can't stop this… I'm with Spineless. If I get to date him after all this time, even if I have to share, I'll do whatever it takes. Bookworm: Open rules were declared though… so anyone who wants him has to be declared now and I'll let him know tomorrow. I want to be the first though, whatever claims anyone else has on him.

Spineless and Snake will just throw him off too much for either of you to be his first. Nightmare: I'll get in on this. Kyle seems tasty enough now, and I could use a good time… though I'll still look for my own guy. One guy with three women is enough.

Mermaid: I kind of want in on this too, but maybe only once or twice. Kyle isn't my type… Nightmare: Tall blond and nerdy? Mermaid: Tall buff and blond, thanks. I prefer my surfer types. Like that new kid! I'm looking forward to taking him and putting his name on this chat. Sharing is caring, after all. Spineless: He creeps me out. He hit on me earlier today, and I felt this chill running up my spine… Snake: Wait, so Kyle Wade is in play? On Bookworm's end, for now, but in play?

Bookworm: I'll tell him tonight, if I can. Tomorrow otherwise. Thanks, girls… I'm sorry, Spineless. Spineless: Bookworm, you're everyone's favorite, and I get some of him anyway… plus you should be apologizing to Snake first, not me. She's the one in love with him. But we have to be careful with him. Don't tell him at first.

Just date him for a bit and then we'll worry about letting him in on the rest of us. He's got a complex with cheating… Snake: I am not in love with him! In fact, I'll stay away from him. Completely. I'll get a guy by tomorrow, just wait! It wouldn't even matter, you all will break him doing this anyway, I want nothing to do with it. Bookworm: Snake wait, you don't have to do that. It'll be fine, love or not… I mean can't you share?

I like him a bit more than I thought I would… and Spineless likes him a lot too… Nightmare: Snake, calm down. He's special; you don't have to worry about how you feel in front of US… we're your friends… Snake: Fuck that. I'll have a guy by tomorrow, and you'll all be jealous. I am not in love with Kyle Wade; I don't know how anyone could be in love with him, he's a fucking asshole anyway, and creepy as all hell!

Bookworm: I'm logging out… I'm sorry Snake. You can come back… I'm not accepting that you're out. We all know how you feel… Hell, if you want him for yourself, he'd probably take that.

I just… I trust him enough for him to be my first… my first everything. I'm so sorry. I love you. Natalie logged off feeling both happy and miserable. Snake… that was just a codename, but then they used them for a reason. She grabbed her phone, gaped at the time (11:54) and checked her messages. Kyle: Hey.

I put this in after you'd fallen asleep… don't worry I didn't snoop or anything. Just wanted to wish you a good night. Text me when you get this I guess. She smiled to herself and bit her lip as an idea popped into her head. She was already typing the keys and sending the message before she'd realized how cruel it was for her to move so fast.

She shook her head. Snake would come back. They were a team, after all… good girls stuck together, and Snake would never betray Kyle. She loved him… anyone could tell that. Just listening to her talk about him was enough. But she'd been in love with that Thompson guy before Kyle… Natalie just smiled. Snake had loved Kyle before that guy. They'd all known. Snake was just a bit loose with her heart. She smiled and slipped into her pajamas before crawling into bed.

She watched her phone for a bit before her fingers reached down, under the covers, towards her pajama bottoms. Her thoughts turned to Kyle, to his kisses and his hands.

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*********** Kyle got Natalie's message through a fog of nap grogginess. He'd slept almost two hours, in his clothes. He grabbed his phone and stared at the message for a full minute in sheer disbelief. Nat: Hey, can you come over again? I know it's late… He shot a message back, asking if she was up and got a yes in reply.

He grinned. He told her to wait a bit and crawled out of bed, walking to his window and throwing it open. He'd rigged it to open easily months ago, with nothing to do and the inability to sleep, so he tugged the screen and it popped out, letting him crawl out, close the window, and pop it back into its shaky space again.

He stood on the garage roof, something he'd always been thankful for having. He hopped down onto the garbage cans and nearly fell off, causing a bit of noise before he righted them. When he was sure his parents' light hadn't turned on, he started jogging away. He put a street between him and his house before he stopped running. Five minutes later he stared up three stories, wondering how the fuck he was getting up there.

A balcony was on the second floor, easy to get to if you could climb. Thanks Gabe, I never thought climbing trees would get me so far in life. He grinned and started climbing, making it onto the balcony with little noise. With that he put his foot in a potted plant and started scaling the wall up to the third story.

He reached her window and knocked, holding himself up with a bit of trouble. The window opened fast, swinging outward and nearly knocking his fingers off the window ledge. He smiled up at her, her short brown hair catching the light breeze that cooled the night air. "What are you doing, Kyle? I could have just gotten the door for you!" "This seemed so much more… logical, at the time." He pulled himself in as she laughed at him and shut the window.

"My dad doesn't care who or when I have people over… even if it's a boy he hasn't met at midnight. He just leaves me alone when it comes to that. My mom might care, but she's off visiting my aunt and her new baby…" Natalie grinned at him. "It was pretty lucky that you chose this week to try and walk me home." He smiled and sat down in her office chair, only to have her laugh at him and grab his hand, pulling him over to the bed and pushing him down into a sitting position.

Immediately she sat in his lap, strangely outgoing. Kyle grinned and grabbed one of the Hello Kitty faces on her shirt, looking at the My Little Pony bottoms and laughing.

"I didn't know you were so adorable in your pjs." She laughed. "I'm not, its what I have. I haven't gotten new ones in years, okay?" She smiled at him. "Kyle… I want us to be a couple." "Okay." He grinned at her.

"You had me come all the way over here to tell me that?" "That… and I thought you may want to spend the night. I could use the company…" "We just decided to date and you want me to spend the night?" "I want you to do a lot more than that…" She blushed as Kyle stared at her.

"You're serious? You want us to…?" She nodded. "But I mean, we just started talking, I mean really talking, like… today…" He watched her lean closer and closer as he talked, with a smile so unbelievably sexy he almost couldn't bear the idea of walking out; it was as if she had some sort of secret to share, a secret that made her want to lean in and whisper it right next to his ear.

Finally her eyes stared into his, half lidded, and her lips hovered a fraction of an inch away. "You were saying?" Her voice made him stiffen instantly as the rest of his body melted. She grabbed his hands and pulled them to her waist, letting go only to drape her arms around his neck in a more intimate fashion. "I was saying that maybe we should wait a while… before we go further…" "Yeah, I thought that too… until we shared that kiss earlier, and I felt you touch me…" Her fingers slipped back into his hair and he pulled her closer, pressing her chest up against his.

Their lips met slowly as their hands began to move. She moaned as she felt his hands slip under her shirt and grip her bare sides to pull her closer. He felt her fingers dig into his scalp briefly before pulling free and yanking the hem of his shirt up. They stopped just long enough for her to pull of his shirt and for him to do the same for hers, only to dive back in for more kisses. Kyle's hands drift around her back, holding her breasts tight against his chest as she played with his hair again.


After a few minutes he slid a hand down under her legs and stood up, holding her close as he turned, laying her down on the bed gently before following her and kissing her once. She moaned as his lips moved down her neck to her collar. His hands cupped the underside of her thighs, pulling them apart as he settled between them and moved his lips again, this time to her ample breasts and the light pink nipples that stood up from each one.

He slid the tips of his fingers around each, teasing her before a hand gently grabbed and squeezed one. "Kyllllle…!" He chuckled and sucked a nipple into his mouth, enjoying her moans as his teeth teased her tiny little nip. He released it to kiss her, moving the hand unoccupied by her pleasure into her hair and pulling her in. Her legs encircle his waist, pulling his crotch against hers as the heat of their kiss grows.

One of her hands covers his on her breast, squeezing it roughly and twisting the nipple as her moans fall out of their kiss and her hips buck against his jeans, rubbing her dripping sex against the fabric of her pants and the coarse denim of his jeans. They begin to writhe against one another as they kiss, tongues dancing roughly into each others mouths as they try and sate their thirst.

Natalie gasps as Kyle pulls away, sucking on her breasts again and this time gently biting down. His hands force her legs down onto the bed and he grabs the waistband of her pants, sliding them down her thighs to her knees before yanking them off roughly. She pushes him off of her breast and onto his back, unbuttoning his pants and tearing them off his legs with his boxers. She grabs his shaft and begins to stroke, amazed at the feeling, at how hard he is.

He groans as she delicately dips down and licks the underside of his shaft, even taking the head of his cock into her mouth for a moment before pulling off.

She strokes him a few times before throwing a leg over his waist and touching the head to her lips. He grabs her hips, stopping her from doing anything else. "Wait, Nat… we should stop… I mean do you really want your first time to be like this?" She leans down and kisses him. "Yes. I want you, I want this, and I want to remember this exactly the way it is…" He removes his hands and kisses her one more time, this time a gentle kiss and she presses her hips down on his shaft, felling the head press against her labia.

She moves him and this time feels the head push inside of her, stretching her more than she'd imagined. Kyle watches her face as she slowly lets him slide deeper and deeper inside of her. He feels a resistance for a brief moment before it snaps away and her face turns to an expression of pain briefly. She continues her descent and finally he feels the end of her pressing against the tip of his cock, then pushing against him as she tries to go down even further.

"Natalie, wait… I… think I bottomed out." She looks at him, still looking a bit hurt. "What…?" "I can't go any deeper.

You're full." She smiles at him, leaning down and pressing her lips against his in a brief kiss. "Does it hurt?" "Just a bit… But I want this. I need you." She rises again and places her hands on his stomach, lifting herself up on him and slowly dropping back down. "Fuck… it feels… good…" he groans as she picks up speed, amazed at the tightness of her.

She's hot inside, and so wet that he swears she's dripping down his shaft. He watches as her breasts begin to bounce when she gets faster, moaning now. "God, you're deep… so fucking deep… Kyle, I think I'm gonna cum…!" He grabs her hips as she gasps and shudders, her entire body shaking as her orgasm runs through her.

Her sex tightens around him and he barely keeps himself from firing. As she finally stops shaking he pulls her down for a kiss and rolls them over, letting her rest. "Kyle, that was… oh god, please, fuck me… I need you inside of me…" Another kiss as he begins to thrust in and out of her.

Her moans become cries and one of her hands finds her breasts, gripping them with little mercy as she shudders in pleasure. "Nat, I can't stop it any more… I'm about to cum…" "Cum inside me… Faster, Kyle, please…" He speeds up, this time pressing against the end of her with every thrust.

She cries out as she cums under him and he groans as rough, burning pleasure races up and down his shaft and he fills her. Her hips buck each time he shoots and she moans as her body relaxes and Kyle tries to pull his softening cock out of her body. She gasps as he slips out of her and cum oozes from her. "That was amazing… I've never felt anything so good." They share a kiss as they relax. "Um… Kyle, do you think you can…" "You want to go again?" She blushes and he smiles.

"Yeah, but I may have to wait a bit." "What if I… what if I sucked on it?" another blush. "That would help, but Nat you don't have to if you don't want to…" "I want to try… and I want to know how you taste…" She pushes him onto his back and slides down his chest until she reaches his limp, cum covered member. She grabs it first, stroking a bit and licking her hand before she hesitantly leans down and slips his limp form into her mouth.

After a moment of swirling her tongue around she begins to suck and move her head up and down with him as he grows. Finally she's pressing the head against the back of her throat and gagging, trying to take his full shaft. He reaches down and pulls her face off of his cock, kissing her despite the idea of tasting their cum.

Immediately she grabs him by the hair and throws herself at him, pressing her body against him and rubbing her pussy along his shaft. Kyle can't help feeling her energy and his cock begins to throb as he feels her drip down on his shaft again, so wet for him that she's moaning into the kiss as if he was already inside of her. She gasps as he pulls away for a moment, only to dive back in, grabbing her hips and yanking her roughly against him as the kiss becomes a desperate fight for release.

"Kyle, I need you in my pussy… I need you to fuck me… fuck me hard… please lover, make me cum…" "You liked it hard? Are you sure it won't hurt?" "Uh huh… I want it hard and fast, baby… I want you fuck me and cum inside of me… I need your big cock…" her voice is barely a whisper, sexy and laden with desire and desperation, making her even more wet as she speaks. He lifts her hips, rolls them over and pushes his throbbing cock deep inside of her waiting pussy.

"Oh god yes, fuck me Kyle!" He shoves roughly inside of her, holding back a bit to keep from slamming into the back of her sex. She bucks her hips under him, wrapping her legs around his waist and moaning as he moves faster and faster. Her nails begin to drag across his back roughly, urging him on. She cums over and over again, chanting his name as her body fills with pleasure.

His thrusts begin to press harder and harder against the back of her sex as he loses control, feeling his end coming up fast. Finally he feels her shake beneath him and she screams his name as her entire body arches under him.

Her hands grab the sheets in fistfuls, her legs become a vice grip around his waist and her breath becomes short. Finally Kyle thrusts into her one last time and feels the same fire from before as his cum races up his shaft to fill her tight, raw pussy. She gasps as she feels him fill her and bucks her hips weakly with each shot. Finally Kyle collapses next to her and pulls her against him, laying her on top of him as he settles onto his back.

Sweat drips down her forehead and onto his sticky chest as they fall asleep there.