Sexy brunette babes get horny rubbing

Sexy brunette babes get horny rubbing
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"Mom. It's me, Pammy. Dave and I had an argument and I was wondering if I could stay with you and Dad tonight. &hellip. Thanks. I'll be there in 20 minutes." Mom welcomes her daughter, "Pammy, baby, come on in. I've got your coat. Daddy, Pammy's home! Let's go into the kitchen. Dad made some decaf for you." Mom and Pammy take chairs from the table.

Dad turns from the stove, "Hi, Pammy Honey, what's happened? Here's some decaf." Dad pours and Mom follows with the cream. Pammy is 5'3" at 120 lbs with short blonde hair and a 36 C chest. Her red lipstick is applied to lips which look as if they had silicone ejections but they are natural. Her nymphet shape, classy clothes and styled hair makes for a sexy and sophisticated young woman. Her degree from Wellesley back East gives her the demeanor of a class act. Pammy sips the hot coffee, "I hate to discuss Dave and my problems with you guys.

We were arguing again the same stuff - finances, politics, and fighting over the computer. He likes the Tea Party and I like Obama. We both love web camming on the computer so we fight over it. We just need to buy another computer. He wants to buy a Harley and I want to save money for the kid's college fund. He is uncomfortable of my being naked at home in front of the kids.

He wants to confine it to when we go on our nudist outings. There seems to be one thing after another.


We just need to get away from each other for a night." Mom says, "There there, darling. Drink your coffee. I hope he is not uncomfortable with us all being nude when your family stays here is he? We just love seeing little Tommy's penis develop and the hair that is forming around Jeanne's pussy." "No, that is not an issue, Mom.

We have pride in our bodies and sexual expression. We want the same experience for Tommy and Jeanne and appreciate it when we come here they can see mature bodies." 'Mom replies, "Thank goodness for that.

Well, it's late and we all need to get to bed. We can sort this out in the morning." "Oh, I won't be able to sleep. I'm done in." Pammy, leaves some red lipstick on the rim of her glass and faces it towards her father. She can guess his reaction, "How can something like a little red blotch look so enticing?" He asks, "What's the problem, Sugar?" Pammy has always thought her father to be the most handsome and masculine father anyone could have.

He is 6' at 180 lbs with thick black hair with salt and pepper sideburns. His muscular but not muscle bound. Pammy has always enjoyed watching him work out in the nude in their basement. If he had any defect it would be his reticence. It has bothered her mother but not her. In fact she finds it endearing. Pammy looks at Mom then decides to let it out, "I'm sure Mom has told you about it because I have discussed it with her several times.

Dave just can't satisfy me in the bedroom. Yet, I have to admit that I know it's not Dave's fault because the guys in our swinger's club can't do it either. I just keep looking for that one man - to pardon the expression 'do me.' I need to be satisfied so that I do not want more sex with some other guy right afterwards." Pammy glances toward her father, and sees his eyebrows arch.

Mom says, "Daddy, can get you her some Tylenol PM. Then, Dad, why don't you go to bed. We women can thrash this out." "If it is problem with my daughter, Karen, then I want to stay and help." Dad replies.

Mom acquiesces. Karen is a full bodied 48 year old woman who is a flirt by necessity. She would look prudish if she attempted to hide her exceptional assets. So she flaunts her cleavage and her butt. She wears tight fitting clothes.

Many of her comments are double entendre like earlier this evening when the pizza delivery boy arrived, "Can I help you with your package?" She has been a provocative role model for her daughter. Tonight is unusual because she changed into silk kimono pajamas which present a less suggestive style.

Karen does not want to compete with her daughter for her husband's attention this evening since she has something in mind for him.

Pammy's mother and father have always been aware they have produced a daughter who surpasses them when it comes to a sexual presence. Other parents may be concerned about the sexual precociousness in their daughters but Pam's parents are proud of it in theirs as well as the joie de vivre she exudes. "I hate to have these darn thoughts running through my head all night and then be tired all day tomorrow because of it. Mom, you know I don't take medications unless my life depends on it and that includes even aspirin.


My doctor thinks that is why I'm so healthy." "Pammy, your dad has a new remedy, some alternative to medication, which has been worked for me. What do you say Dad?" "Mother!" Dad's eyebrows arch.

Mom again eyes her daughter seeing a young woman whose active lifestyle has slowed in the past two years. She and Dave had been carefree with their primary social activity is being swingers in their community. Now they have their hands full raising two young children. Mom continues in a reverie about her daughter who is not a ditzy blonde but just one that is so focused on sex that everything else seems so peripheral.

She knows that Pammy met her husband, Davy, at a swingers' event. She realizes that although Dave and Pammy have their spats they have a solid bond, not just because of their two children, but more importantly their mutual interest in the intensity of sexual expression of the human body.

As Mom's friend Dorothy says, "People do find each other." And she and Dave have. Mom returns to her daughter's concern. "So, still problems with sex? Then she turns to her husband, "Okay, Dad, if you want to help you need to hear this." Pammy looks at her father, hesitates but continues, "Yeah. You know I love sex but I'm just never satisfied. I even saw a sex therapist a few months ago.

She said she has had a couple of other women who have similar issues but I am the only one who gets it about every day and is still not satisfied. When Dave isn't fucking me then the guys from the club are. I get fucked usually during the week from one or two guys from our club who we have come to the house and of course on the weekends I get two or three of the boys and sometimes one of the girls.

Actually we are not that big for a swinger's club - only 20: ten gals and ten guys. Mom and Dad look at each other wishing they had been an organized sex club in their area earlier in their marriage.

They had to put their own sex group together and it was an informal one with just three other couples. Both Pammy and her mother note that Dad just put his hand down on his bathrobe which covers his crotch to keep his cock from standing. Pam continues, "It's a cozy little clique. We are a mindfulness swinging group which means we start with a group meditation before we pair off.

The meditation is usually a half hour. We could be in silence or saying "om" together. In addition to our weekend events we have regular social events.

We may go bowling one month then swimming the next month - usually nude events, of course. We go just before closing so we get the managers to give us some private space. Sometimes we have to let them into the activities. "So that part of our life is fine but the sexual satisfaction is not. The therapist said I have to accept the fact that I am insatiable. She thinks I have a severe case of 'penis envy' with an Electra Complex.

Penis envy? I am well satisfied having a cunt. On the other hand who the hell doesn't have some penis envy? Even my Lesbian friends say they would like a cock to play with they just don't want what it is attached to." "The therapist also told me, instead of the Oedipus Complex where the son has a thing for his mother, in the Electra Complex the daughter wants to push the mother aside and get impregnated by the father.

I thought this was far fetched but I have been considering it recently and begin to believe there may some truth in it. Mom responds, "Pammy, you would not have to push me aside for anything that you want especially if it could help you.

I know Daddy feels the same way. Don't you Dad? (Dad nods.) Did the therapist have a recommendation?" "She didn't think I had an addiction because I don't have twisted thinking nor am preoccupied with sex thoughts.

After I explained the natural family lifestyle I had been brought up in she was surprised I had the problem I have. She did recommend Prozac but, I won't take meds for anything other than the bc pill.

Also, she said it might lower my sex drive which of course then makes it a definite no-no. "The therapist only charged me for one of the two sessions because I gave her the phone numbers of a couple of the guys. She said she needed resources for her patients which of course was a joke." Pammy's mind is piqued, "Mom, I know I won't be getting any sleep tonight the way my mind is going. So what is this alternative medication you are referring to?" "Honey, it's not really alternative medication, it's an alternative procedure your Dad read about a few months ago.

It not only helps a person sleep when they are anxious but is also pleasurable. There are no chemicals or pills involved. However, it's not something parents normally offer their kids. Yet it might work for our family because of our sexual openness. I don't know if it would help your man problem too." "I will try anything except pills. I want to try it because I need some sleep." Dad rises, "Well it is time for me to get to bed. See you both in the morning." Mom counters, "Dad, I think you should stay just a little longer." "Sure, Karen." Dad returns to his chair.

"Okay then Pammy. Take your bag into your old bedroom, wash up and get ready for bed. Then come back here to the kitchen and I will explain it to you." While Pammy is in her bedroom, her mother tells her husband. "See I told you honey, she is dealing with all this anxiety of not being sexually satisfied as if she is missing something. I think that article about that Chinese technique you came across has really helped me calm down and we ought to let Pammy try it.

Besides, you two have always been so close. You would never have had as such an intimacy if I had not helped you both. You just need to remove this final barrier. It may be the only thing that can help." "I don't know honey, but I agree you have certainly helped Pammy and me overcome a lot of hang ups from society concerns. And, I have enjoyed every new adventure with her and I think she has with me. Yes, we need to try something. Okay. You win." While her parents chat in the kitchen, Pammy removes her clothes from her overnight bag.

She thinks, "It feels good to lay out my problems with my parents even if it is embarrassing. They are the two people besides my husband who I can trust and offer a sympathetic ear. Mother has always encouraged my openness and honesty while Dad has not been a forceful personality yet he has been a model of support for mother and me. His handsome masculinity and virility has always energized me. "Mom, can you come in here?" Pammy calls from her bedroom. Mom arrives to see her daughter in her night clothes.

"I only have this lingerie. Is this okay in front of Dad?" Mom looks at her sky-blue teddy and matching split-crotch panty. The top is so sheer both her nipples and aureoles can be clearly seen. One could not tell she has a panty on except there is a blue tint to her shaved mound and a heavier blue line for a waistband just above her hips. She smiles. "Pammy, just because you're married now does not mean you need to start hiding your body from your parents.

You look fine." Mom and daughter walk back into the kitchen, "Daddy, doesn't your daughter look beautiful in her teddy." "She's a real beauty, Karen." He pulls his terry cloth bathrobe over his lap.

Pammy takes a chair in the kitchen. Mom has never been jealous of her daughter's interest in her father in fact she has reinforced the idea of father-daughter intimacy. Mom is fiercely competitive with other women but when it comes to her family, just the three of them, she is a pure hedonist. She wants those closest to her to have her values and benefit from life's offerings.

Pammy, leans back a little to face her father to let him have a clearer view of her split-crotch panty "I'm sorry, Dad. But all my night clothes are lingerie.

It's not so appropriate for parents - especially fathers." "You look very nice, Sugar. But I better get to bed." As he rises his long hard cock slips out of his bathrobe but he does nothing this time to cover himself.

Pammy's mother watches her daughter's eyes focus on her father's glistening member. In unison, the women smile and say, " 'night, Dad." Pammy is always comfortable when she is back in her old home where exhibiting oneself and seeing her parents nude was the norm. She loves being with her liberal mother and her 50 year-old father who has kept his physique.

Karen turns to her daughter, "Now the treatment could not be simpler, Pammy. It is an ancient Chinese one, your Dad found it in a book recently.

I would never have suggested it except you and Davy are swingers and we know you like natural remedies and especially anything Asian. This is a Chinese exercise. Last time when you were here you told us about the Tantra massage. Your father did go to that salon and tried it and loved it. He was intrigued with the different techniques, especially what they called the 'Wand of life.' "I'm glad he enjoyed the Tantra. Davy likes it too. He and I love the swinger life style. It is the one thing Davy and I agree on.

However, I don't know about this weekend's club party. I won't don't want to go without him but I also won't go with him if I'm still pissed at him." "I understand, Honey. It's getting late so I will tell you about this new technique. We can reciprocate with this since you shared the Tantra.

As I was saying, this is an ancient Chinese way of offering invigoration for people plus we have found it to be beneficial to helping one sleep both for the man and the woman. It is just possible it may help you too with contentment after your relations with men.

Let me get the book." Upon returning, with a red tattered book, Mother lays it on the kitchen table and says, "The jist of it is for the female is to get her to the desired state by having the male enter her and remain that way the whole night without becoming soft or ejaculating." Pammy clears her throat and attempts a calm response, "Davy, was reading something recently that may relate to that.

He said research has found that males have erections that remain for about 25 to 30 minutes about five times each night during their sleep. It is often less three or four times a night for older men. This is why all males frequently wake up hard in the morning." "Pammy, then that helps explain why this Chinese procedure can work. Do you think it would be worth a try to get you a good night's sleep and possibly help you with this satisfaction issue?

"It's possible, Mom. Davy and I are desperate." "The concept is that the woman gets agitated and orgasms. After each orgasm she drops off to succeeding deeper level of consciousnesses.

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This happens several times in the night. So at the end of the night she is well rested and her mind is clear. Let's read about it." Mother opens up the red cloth book's cover.

She reads: "The Ching - Seminal Essence" One goal of the Taoist sexual technique is to increase the amount of "life giving" as much as possible by sexual stimulation and simultaneously avoiding its lost. (Although tired, Pammy perks up with this opening sentence.) Woman Plain tells the Yellow Emperor that the benefits increase with each intercourse that takes place without ejaculation.

If you move but don't emit ("Honey, 'emit' means to let go of the man's semen." "Mom, I graduated from Wellesley!") The life force and vigor are strengthened. If again you move but don't emit your ears and eyes are sharpened.

If a third time then all sickness vanishes. If a fourth time then the five eternal organs, i.e. the liver, heart, spleen, lungs and kidneys, are all pacified. … The eighth time the body begins to glow. If a ninth time longevity will not be lost. If a tenth time you move but don't emit you can communicate with the gods.

"Mom, this sounds fascinating." "Yes, Pammy. This is more than 2000 years old so has stood the test of time. It is in line with your own philosophy of balance, mindfulness, organic living, and no foreign substance in your body.

Let me continue:" The way of nourishment is through the Yin and Yang. They are the two great forces incarnated in humans and each provides indispensable nourishment for the other. In the practice of the principle it is equally desirable for a woman to have orgasms and for the male partner to be sexually stimulated while delaying gratification as long as possible. When the woman is almost ready to climax she allows the man to return to the superior position. Then when she has had her orgasm or orgasms, without his ejaculation, she is too exhausted to continue.

"Cun" is a type of slow breathing. "Suo" is breathing through the nose and holding the breath; during "xi" the man uses his penis to absorb the Yin substance; and the "bi" refrains from breathing through the mouth during the interval.

The man must train his breathing to become as smooth as possible. He awaits the woman's agitation and adopts the slowness and quickness of his movement accordingly. The woman's emissions should overflow. The male should withdraw to maintain his hardness if she becomes too agitated for him.

"So darling your Dad has practiced the slow breathing exercises and these techniques with me. We find it to be a very practical way to reduce anxiety and to get a good night's sleep. Daddy has made it though the night with out ejaculating a couple of times.

" "Dad! …Will do this for me?" "Sure, Honey you and Dad love each other. Besides where are you going to find another man who would be willing to train himself not to cum?

Certainly not Davy. I have watched guys just look at you and in a minute they cum seeping through their jeans." "Well, I did not know you have seen that. That can get embarrassing." "I don't know if you are on the pill but your Dad has had a vasectomy." "I know that Mom.

He told me that a long time ago." "He did? When was that? …Oh, well, not ejaculating into your cunt will also help us maintain the parameters of social acceptability. So your father is willing and has trained himself.

It is simple for the woman compared to the man. She just needs to lie down and let nature take its course. The man must do the work of maintaining his erection without ejaculation. Sometimes there is some spillage but the main thing is to avoid a major ejaculation." "Mom, the treatment is definitely unconventional. Yet I appreciate that it does require medications plus it seems so spiritual. And if Daddy is willing, why not?" "Good, done then." Pammy has always loved her dad and her mother helped nourish his interest.

Whatever Pammy was interested in her father immediately dropped whatever he was doing and expressed wonderment about her activity. She loved it when he would hold her on his knee and show her things about natural world outdoors such as how ants work together and the natural world of indoors such as how babies are made.

Even when Dad punished her for wrong doing he was not so forceful in his spanking. Mother supervised the routing with her Dad removing young Pammy's panties then putting her over his knee. Mom was always present as the punishment sessions to apply salve or cocoa butter afterwards.

Mother kept her husband's appraised of any new development with their daughter. "Honey, you should see little Pammy's budding nipples.

Come on up to her bath." Later on, Pammy came to appreciate that her mother not only emphasized her sexuality to her husband because of the inherent pleasure in the act but also she did it to make up for her father's original timidity when it came to sex. By exciting her husband about his daughter she could also benefit from his releasing his natural libido.

Mom was especially suggestive in the evenings when she wanted her husband to perform with her in the bedroom. So Pam knows now that her mother's grooming of her husband over the years should make this transition into a final step of consummation of the father daughter relationship not such a difficult one. Karen says, "Let's start by reading these words in the book, 'Make the two of us unite and blend as the embryo is refined and the treasure is conserved.'" Pammy says, "Mom, what soothing words let's say them together." They repeat in unison, "Make the two of us unite and blend as the embryo is refined and the treasure is conserved." Mom reaches over and grasps an amber colored bottle of wine.

"I have some Rhine white wine that may also help you relax honey. I will pass on it myself." "Thanks Mom. Oh, Liebfraumilch. The Germans are so liberated when compared to us Americans. Can you see the California vintners naming a type of their wines 'Lovely Women's Breast Milk?'" Pammy, remembers her Davy's first time sucking the milk from her 36 C breasts. "Never, honey," Mom replies with a different thought remembering the earlier times of her husband and Pammy together sucking her breasts.

"I'm getting tired." She returns the empty wine glass to her mother. "Pammy, I think it is time for you to get to bed." "Okay, Mom. I showered before I came over." As Mom leans over to give her a kiss on her forehead, Pammy can see between the flaps the tops of her kimono her drooping tits which are nearly twice the size of her own.

Pammy returns the kiss to Mom's cheek. Mother turns and goes to Pammy's old bedroom. Pammy, quietly walks to the master bedroom. She thinks of her father who is there waiting. She takes a deep breath and opens the door quietly. She steps in but leaves the light off.

She shuts the door. She removes her lingerie top then her panty and places them on the chair at her mother's dressing table. She rubs the sides of her stomach and then her breasts including her aureoles to see if they are bothered by the winter dryness. They seem to be fine. There is just enough light that she can see a dark outline of a body that is pushing up a blanket in the king-sized bed.

As she walks toward the bed she feels a soft warm flow of air from the furnace which circles her legs. She wonders if the air or the thought of her father entering her is making her nipples taught. She sees the digital clock on the dresser with large red numerals: 1:00. She folds down the blanket then lifts the sheet. It is too dark to determine if her bedmate is nude. She climbs in feeling the cool clean sheets on her bare skin. She lays there feeling her heart beat fast and hears some rhythmic slow breathing of the adjacent body.

Just being next to her father she feels some moisture in her quim. "So far so good," she thinks, "My body does not put him off, that is, if he is awake." She slides further on her back toward the male body and stops when she feels impeded by the man's arm.

She then slides her legs until they press the side of his leg. Her delicate body is now in line with her father's tall muscular one.

After a minute pause, she rolls over and faces her father who continues with his steady breathing while sleeping on his side. After another pause, she closes her eyes even though the darkness hides everything. She stretches so her full globes move into her father's chest. She detects a change in his breathing. She then moves her thighs into the male body. She feels his penis. It comes alive. It slowly pushes into her thigh.

Then she feels and hears an arm reaching over her. It pulls her tight. She wonders if her daddy is fully awake or if it is more of a reflex action. Maybe he thinks he is reaching for his usual bed partner his wife. She has the experience as a woman to know even if he is partially asleep it will make no difference to his cock whoever the female is next to him. Likewise for Pammy, when there is a cock is in a room she will zero in on it - it is always hers.

She reaches down and with her pointer finger and thumb she grabs her father's now hard penis just below its head. With her other hand she feels for her cleft. Not being obstructed by any hair of her partners or her own the hand easily finds the orifice. She was glad she shaved off the blond stubble last night. She places the cock head into her slit. Then with both hands she shoves the rest of it into her cunt.

She is impressed how easily it slid in. She did not realize her vagina was so saturated with her cum. She was not surprised; however, that she could take her father's long lance. This is because there is one young man in her club who has a monster penis. This fellow is not a big man just lanky but his cock was measured to be 6 ½ inches long slack.

When he is hard he is 9 ½ inches. The women would always jockey for it. They had to stop the partner selection process of throwing the guys keys in the middle of the floor because women would get injured diving for his. They changed to card drawing. Pammy has confidence now because she has had no problem containing his cock each time she drawn him.

Pammy returns to the moment. "Oh." Her father moans. "Oh. Oh. Ohhhh." The rampant cock stops when it is in all the way to the hilt of her lovely cunt. She can't believe this is happening. She always wondered what her father's thick circumcised penis would feel like inside her.

She finds the union gives her a feeling of fullness, safety more than just contentment, a complete "atonement" or at one - ment. Then she waits. Her mind drifts&hellip. "This is wonderful so soothing so nice. We're swingers because it's more than just the pleasure of fucking a variety of people. It is because of the opportunity for the depth of social intimacy.

There is no better way to attend to someone than when he has his prick in your pussy. And, there is no greater intimacy and feeling for security for a daughter than having her father's instrument in her cunt. How fortunate that I have liberal and generous parents. Life will never get better than this moment." She continues to wait. There is no movement in the body next to her. She then thinks about the Chinese reading. "For the man if you don't move and don't emit you can communicate with the gods." "Oh.

Now I understand. I have to do the work. But if I can relax as I perform then maybe I too can experience the ecstasy." The young woman feels her father's hands prying between their bodies and stopping at the base of each of her tits.

His hands begin to massage the soft globes and gradually work towards the nipples. His fingers add more force then they pinch her nipples. She feels a little pain then when he removes his fingers then a tingle. He repeats the action and each time it ends with a tingle. Then she muffles her own sound. "Uhh." She grinds her loins, rotating them clockwise. She pauses then moves counter clockwise in an attempt to get her Daddy's penis to start pumping. She pushes her tits into his hands further hoping he will pinch her nipples even tighter and she is just once again at the threshold of screaming.

His hands respond and her engorged clit recedes a little which tells her she is ready to cum. Her senior partner moves not all.

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She thinks, "The penis that created me is now nurturing me. She can hold back no more. "Ah! Ahhhhhh. Oh Ohhh." As she explodes she feels no spasm in the male organ plugged into her - no juice flowing from him into her. This is completely different from her hubby and her swinging male partners. They would be pounding away as they spurt warm cum into her cunt. The vision of her Daddy's long peg in her vagina immediately triggers her cumming again. "My God! Oh Jesus! Daddeeeeeeeee!" &hellip.Her body finally relaxes as she spirals into a level of unconsciousness.

A vision forms of her nude young body sitting on her nude father's lap. He is smiling down at her. She has her late teen breasts. Her father's legs open and thereby open hers too. She watches his large hand move down between her loins and it rubs her little nubbin though the blonde wisps of hair on her mound.

The feeling is sublime. She returns to some higher level of consciousness. Her eyes open to see the clock shows 2:12. She thinks, "This is my parent's bedroom and it is dark and quiet. I'm taking my mother's place being fucked by the man of the house her husband - my own father. His shaft is in my soaking wet pussy." She uses her elbows to move her body slightly up toward the head of the bed to see what would happen.

The male body attached to her with its prick remaining hard. She then tries scooting down a few inches toward the foot of the bed and once again the male body moves with her. It moves with no discernable effort. The male's legs are fitted next to hers but there is no pressure. She finds herself in another build up of movement below her belly. All of a sudden there a surge of her cum juice. Her father's body tenderly rolls on top of her and she rotates with him.

His sedate piston remains locked in her cunt. Her nipples start to tingle again. His long legs separate and straddle her so she does not fill any discomforting weight. Her muscles in her thighs tighten followed by another orgasmic cringe in her cunt "Ohhhhh!" "Oh my!" This is normally the time male thrusts his pelvis to leave his semen in the woman.

However, this male body just holds. She cries out again, "Oh cum, cummmmmmmmm!" She writhes to finish her own climax. Finally she tries an "Ommmmmm," to calm herself and relax her genitals. There is no true consummation because of the absence of her father's ejaculate into her juices. Although the act is almost unbearable it is indescribably pleasurable for her.

Her mind begins to drift to an even a lower level of consciousness as she once again dreams she is floating downward and all is quiet. She sees herself at a much younger age holding hands with her father walking in the mall. They turn into a department store. Her father leads her into the young girl's clothing section.

However, the female clerk gives her father a puzzling look and then redirects them across the hall into the Victoria Secret's store.

Her father peruses the exhibits of the negligee and picks a few to give to the female clerk. Pammy finds herself following the clerk and her father into the changing room. The nicely coiffured clerk turns around and Pammy is shocked that it is her mother.

Her father takes a seat on the short bench. Her mother disrobes her. There is complete silence not just in the changing room but as if the whole store has a floor with very thick carpet. Pammy looks into the mirror and sees her naked body. The first outfit the clerk her mother- adorns her with is a red cami doll model. Her mother turns her shoulders to give Dad a better look. There is very little hidden by the skimpy lingerie.

No words are spoken. Dad studies the garment on his daughter then nods approval. Mom removes the cami doll and places it in its box. Pammy once again stands exposed as Mom reaches for another set of lingerie. Pammy next sees the reflection of herself in the mirror donning a black lace and mesh teddy.

She feels her nipples becoming stiff as they work their way through the mesh. Mother notes the nipples too so she adjusts the top to let them through the mesh.

Pammy jerks as Mom twists each nipple slightly to make them more visible with color and rigidity. Once again Mom turns her daughter to face the customer her father. Daddy pinches his chin in approval as he admires the features of the young model. Mom then takes the sheer light blue chiffon nightgown that Dad has chosen and puts Pammy's arms though the sleeves. Mom steps back for Dad's view.

Once again he nods approval. Mom steps forward and opens the nightgown to once again show off the black negligee. She reaches around the panty and tightens it to take a wrinkle out which better shows off her daughter's shaven mound Pammy discovers Mom's straightening her panty has elicited a gush of cum into the panty. When Mom removes her lingerie she takes the soiled panty and places it in a separate clear self- sealing bag and puts in the box with the other piece of lingerie.

There is a sense of mystery but still one of total security again envelopes Pammy. Pammy then becomes conscious enough to notice the alarm clock's red numbers showing 3:32. She asks herself if she has been dreaming about being with her father. To check she slides her had down her belly until she finds an obstruction. She touches the small part of the shaft that is not buried in her vagina. She removes her hand and once again starts to grind her bare mound into the man not just any man - but her own father.

And once more, whatever way she moves she is finds herself glued to the body. She feels her tits with the nipples pressed into her father's chest. She reaches around his buttocks and pulls him tighter into her own lower half. She wonders if he too is enjoying her body as much as she is enjoying his. The young woman moans.

"Mmmm. Has he shot or will he shoot his cum into me?" She seems in limbo. What was that mantra Mother and I said together, "'Make the two of us unite and blend so the treasure is conserved.'" She realizes, "I feel the treasure what greater gift could a father give a daughter? Dave will never be able to satisfy me like this, ever. No man can." She again thrusts her mound into the man's groin. She twists her pelvis to see if she can draw out his cum.

The man barely stirs. "My God, he has to cum - he must cum!" Nothing. She finds herself getting tired and once again gradually swirling off into an ever deeper level of consciousness.

She thinks of the only feeling that came close to this one was when she was eight months pregnant in one of those midweek swinging adventures in their home a three on one - when her hubby had his cock in her soft smooth pussy, another fellow underneath her had his dick in her anus, and she was sucking another guy's rod, all the while one of the older women was attempting to massage her clitoris.

That moment offered intensity and contentment but this time with Dad offers pleasure and the complete sense of security. But she continues into her reverie, She now sees herself back in the Introduction to Religion course at college. All the students have left the classroom but her old bearded professor, who is also the chaplain, has her stay.

It is the last class for the semester. He tells her that she is between an A and a B for the course. He rips off her skirt and panties and forces her back on his desk. Her blonde pussy (this was before she started to shave it) is at the edge of the desk.

He unzips his brown corduroy pants and pulls out his large cock which is surrounded by a black bush. He slams in into her and bangs away. The whole event is over in five to ten minutes.

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She can't tell if she even came but she sees semen dribbling out of his cock as he puts it back in his pants. She gets an A for the course. Pammy again wakes to see the red numbers of the clock at 6:37. She wiggles her pussy and sure enough there is a swollen penis still impaled in it. Her movement continues and immediately she is spending and feeling some cum running down her thigh.

She realizes it must be her own. "Ohh! Daddy, Daddy!" Neither the cock nor the body to which it is attached moves. She must have had three orgasms which were just a minute apart. "How can this be?" Pammy wonders, "It usually takes a guy's cock thrusting into me with his balls slapping my labia to get me off." As she begins to drift off once more she feels some escaped cum around her pussy.

Still the two's loins remain fused. She knows it has to be hers because she has yet to feel her partner release.


She sees herself sitting on a warm summer evening sitting on a bench with a book just outside of a tennis court. She has on a tennis outfit a green top and bottom pleated green skirt. An older couple comes on to the court with their racquets. The woman is wearing the traditional white outfit trimmed with some red and blue. The distinguished gentleman is wearing all white sweater and tight white shorts.

The man is on the far side of the court. Just before the man serves Pammy gives him a big smile. He returns it then serves an ace. Before his next serve Pammy separates her knees a little. It catches his eye. The next time he is ready to serve she moves her legs further apart revealing a blonde pussy. The disconcerted man's serves ino the net. His female partner laughs at his poor serve. On his next attempt Pammy opens her legs wide.

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The dapper gentleman takes a glance and the succulent view and hits the ball way past the end line. They both laugh but the woman has no idea why he laughs. The tennis match turns into a game of "fool his woman partner" whether she is his wife or woman friend. When the woman has to turn to retrieve her tennis balls Pammy clamps her legs shut but does not look up from her book.

Eventually Pammy sees him notice his shoe lace is loose. All of a sudden he walks to the net to tell the woman partner they need to leave. The woman is perplexed and disappointed because she had never scored so many points off him. As they walk out pass her bench she glances at the older man and sees his problem. He attempts to have his racquet cover his boner.

So that is why he left his shoelace untied he could not bend over. Pammy wakes and her eyes flicker in the sunlight. She finds herself being stared at by her father who has a bemused smile on his face. She moves her pelvis and discovers there is still a hard cock in her pussy. She leans up on an elbow and sees the numbers: 9:53. She smiles at her father and lies back down on her side. The familial couple says nothing. They continue to stare at each other until the dutiful daughter attempts to move her pussy to see if she could expel its garaged male organ.

They are stuck as if with super glue. So keeping her eyes on his she starts to once again to grind. She thinks she has no cum left. With her eyes on her father's she rolls over as he rolls with her. She is on top of him. She then commences to rotate her front into his groin as hard as she can.

Now just the challenge to get him to spend results in feeling of a rush coming over her accompanied by another itch to her clitoris. "Jesus!" She has one hand under the nape of her father's neck while her other hand is gripping his back. This hand's finger nails dig into his muscles. She grinds her clit into him and tries to coax her vulva into one final attempt to suck out his warm semen.

"My God! &hellip.Oh my God!" Then she screams, "Ahhhhhhhh!" which wanes into a long soft moan, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Daddy's smile has not changed. Is he smiling because he succeeded in following through on the Chinese treatment and helping her, his daughter? She answers her own question. She understands now. Even with her swollen cunt, Pammy realizes she is more than rested she has never been as fulfilled and contented.

She is indeed at one with her father and in some way with all males. She realizes her anxiety is gone. Her Yin received her father's Yang. Whatever happened she savors these final moments of Daddy's still hard penis cemented in her cunt. Several minutes later there is a knocking at the bed room.

"Come in." says Dad, lying on his side with his head on a pillow. Mom walks in wearing a yellow sheer shimmering chiffon gown with nothing underneath.

She carries a tray on which there are two cups of coffee and the little red book. The room's Venetian blinds narrow the rays of the sun. There are some dust particles drifting in the streaks of sun light.

She places the tray on the dresser. The aroma of the coffee floats out over the room denting the scent of sex. She steps to the love nest, lifts the blanket and then the sheet.

She grins with her mind framing a snapshot of her two favorite people locked together. She leans over and kisses her daughter's forehead. She takes the book off the tray and walks to the head of the bed. She says nothing but points to a line in the book. Her husband and daughter read together softly: "Make the two of us unite and blend as the embryo is refined and the treasure is conserved." Mom smiles, "Can I pour?" Pammy, looks at her mother noting she is savoring the sight of her husband leaning on an elbow as he slowly starts to withdraw his still engorged cock from her swollen pink pussy.

She realizes that her cunt has never been more raw and sore. She needs salve or coca butter applied to her groin.

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Yet, she realizes her mother's priority with be to her own pussy and attending to her own mate's needs first. So she accepts after the coffee it will be time for her to depart so her mother and her father can offer each other some reward and relief. This will be a night for all to remember a night of balance and fulfillment the Yin and the Yang.