Mi amiga y yo nos enfiestamos nos emborrachamos y terminamos follando

Mi amiga y yo nos enfiestamos  nos emborrachamos y terminamos follando
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Since the time my sister was 15 and started fooling around with guys, she has told me everything. From her very first blow job, to all the times with her girlfriends.

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One day I jokingly tried to talk her into "practicing" her blow jobs on me but she obviously said no and laughed it off.

I have often had fantasies of her and I going down on each other, mutual masterbation, and sex. The day she came upstairs naked, these fantasies multiplied and became uncontrolable.

I was hoping that she was home alone (which she wasn't) and I would have taken her down stairs to her bedroom and start softly kissing her and carressing her voluptuous tits. I kiss down her neck slowly and work my way to her pierced left nipple. I take the nipple ring in my mouth and slowly and gently start sucking and licking it. I lay her on her bed and move to her right tit and start working her nipple with my tongue. I start working my way down, kissing her chubby belly and teasing her.

I kiss down and around her pussy, but I never touch it. I kiss down her right thigh, behind her knee and to her feet. I then pick up her left leg and start at the tip of her big toe and lick her all the way up until I can smell the sweet smell of her now dripping wet pussy. With out notice I plunge my tongue deep into her pussy and lick all the way up to her clit. I start making out with her pussy like it is the last time I will ever get any for the rest of my life.


I insert my pointer finger in her pussy and start to work it, and then I slip in my middle finger and start doing the "come here motion." I feel her start to squirm under my mouth. She lets out a low moan and starts to tense up.

I start working my fingers harder and faster while I suck on her clit like a straw in a triple thick milk shake. She starts to scream and gyrate. I can taste her pussy start to gush into my mouth and the she goes limp. She is laying on her bed smiling and blush. She tells me that she can't believe that I just did that to her and that it was the most intense orgasm she had ever had. As I start to get up and get dressed she pulls me back on the bed and takes my raging hard on into her mouth.

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She starts sucking me slow, working her hand up and down my 6 inch shaft as she licks the head with her tongue. She then goes down and deep throats my cock. She tells me to fuck her face when she grabbed my balls and started playing with them.

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With her other hand she starts playing with my asshole. As I am pumping my cock in her mouth she works her finger in my ass and starts moving it around. She takes her free hand and grips the base of my cock tighly and starts moving it up and down ever so slightly. She keeps telling me to fuck her face.

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I start thrusting harder into her mouth and realize that she now has two fingers in my ass. The feeling is incredible and I can't hold back anymore. I start cumming in her mouth.

The first string of cum shoots straight down her throat. She pulls back and tells me to cum all over her face and chest.

I shoot 3 or 4 more strings of my hot sticky cum all over her face and on her tits. After I am done cumming she takes her fingers and gathers the cum on her face and licks them clean. Then she takes the cum that is on her tits and starts rubbing on her pussy. Her pussy is still wet from the tongue lashing I gave it so her cum soaked fingers slide right in.

I see my cum disapear into her twat and she starts to cum. From the sight of this my cock starts to grow. I start rubbing cock slowly as I am watching her rub and finger her pussy with my cum as lubrication. She looks at me and tells me that it would feel better if she had my cock in her hand and my hand on her pussy.

So I position myself so I can rub her wet sticky twat while she jacks me. I lean forward and start to make out with her. I can taste my cum in her mouth and it is the best thing I have ever tasted. I tell her that and she said that there is plenty more cum in her pussy wating to be cleaned up.

I switch ends of the bed so I can have her pussy in my mouth and my cock is at easy access to her.

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As I start to lick her pussy I can see my cum smeared all over her pussy and a little bit leaking out of her lose love hole. She starts to take my cock into her mouth and I tell her to just lay back and enjoy. She says ok and starts to just jerk my cock as I am eating and licking my cum out of her pussy.


The faster and more aggressive I lick the harder she jerks. She tells me that she is about to cum, which is perfect timing because I feel my balls start to tense. I tell her that I am going to cum and she takes my cock into her mouth as she starts to moan around it. I can feel her start to cum in my mouth again as I start shooting my load into her sweet mouth. I tell her not to swallow and after I am sure that she is spent, I move up to her and start making out.

She shares my cum with me and we just lay there on the bed wrapped in eachother's arms.