Tub 8 com sex stories story

Tub 8 com sex stories story
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I'm one of those kids that either gets ignored or picked on in school.


I had no friends and girls considered me a loser and up until the event I agreed with them. The event changed my life for the betterI was sitting in history class when a bright black flash seemed to envelope me and when I woke up I was surrounded by other students and the teacher. Mr. Williams the history teacher was helping me up and insisting I go to the nurses office.

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That's when I discovered something was upI told him to back off and to go back to teaching and he did ignoring me he walked back to the blackboard and resumed teaching.

I returned to my seat and waited until the end of class. The bell rang and I hurried to my next class biology with the best looking teacher at my school. I stepped into the classroom and took my seat looking at Ms. Vickers a young red head with long silky hair and a nicely rounded rack.

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Once class started I tested my powers could I influence her just by thinking my orders. As Ms. Vickers turned to the board I thought at hertake off your jacket and I got excited when she did. Johnny Withers was the closest to the door I had him get up and lock it then he walked to the windows and closed the blinds.

Seeing him do this Ms. Vickers tried to say something to him but instead have her tell the class that today she would be teaching us about human biology and to call her Alyssa from now on.

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She then proceeded to strip in front of the class. She took off her white blouse showing us her beige lacy brathen she slid her black skirt down her legs and off after kicking off her back shoes. She now stood in front of the class in her bra and black lacy silk thong panties.


Alyssa unhooked her bra and let it drop to the floor and slid out of her panties. Then she sat up on her desk and spread her legs so everyone could see her beautiful pussy. The teacher then invited anyone that wanted to come up and fuck her senseless. After the thirteen boys in the class did that she lay on her desk naked and seriously dazed. The bell rang and that class filed out and the next class came in and seeing her on the desk they also fucked her and this continued with each class so but the end of the day eighty boys had fucked her plus four teachers and a janitor.

Things went well until my last class which was sex education with the next best looking female teacher at the school. Mrs. Taylor she was the school nursethe girls physical education teacherand a bitch. When we were seated I had a brilliant idealet's see what my range is as I concentrated on the principal and soon Mr.


Gant a large black man appeared at the door. I had Mrs.

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Taylor strip and Mr. Gant laid her across his lap and putting her top half on an adjacent desk he positioned her so his large penis was in her pussy and he pounded her ass until it was bright red and both had climaxed (addendum-nine months later she popped out a beautiful black female baby) and he left leaving her hanging over a desk as the large male dog I had summoned came in to the room and mounted her.

I had ordered everyone to delete the other videos but they could keep her with the dogvery appropriate for a bitch.

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Now to get myself some pussy as the school cheerleaders gathered in their four clumps and I gave order to the two best looking girls from each group to come to my home that night. When I got home my family ate and then I had my father take my younger brothers to the local theme park for the weekend that left me and my twelve year old sister and my sixteen year old sister at home with mom that I had go shopping at the mall so she would be gone for most of the day.

When the eight girls arrivedthey ranged from eleven years old to seventeen years old. I had all ten females now under my control to slowly strip and stand naked as I inspected them. Up until today I hadn't realized how sexy my sisters were becoming they were a match for any of the girls from school.

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Then I had my two crushes play with my cock as I had the other eight have sex with the four dogs I had called for that purpose.

I video taped all of them taking great pains to get their faces in the pictures of them getting fucked by and giving blowjobs to dogs. I loved watching my sisters getting itI laughed as a large dog took my bratty younger sisters three cherriesvaginalanaland oral.

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I then had my older sister kneel on all fours in front of me as I stuffed my cock into her pussy driving it as deep as I could at the same time I had a dog lay down on it's back and open his back legs so she could blow him.

The sex was fantastic and I think even the dog had a great time especially since after that the dog never left my sisters side if he didn't have to.

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When I walked into my home that night mom was stepping out of the bathroom after her shower. I shared a look with my sisters and we grinned at each other as we grabbed mom and forced her down onto her knees half on her bed and half off then my older sisters dog mounted mom jamming his dick into her pussy and pounding into as fast as he could.

Then once she was into it we recorded her and now we own her and the house