Jewels jade pure anal stretching

Jewels jade pure anal stretching
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Disclaimer: The following story is a work of fiction. It contains sexual acts between males who are of legal consent age.

There is humiliation, but rest assured, all parties eventually enjoy it. If this subject matter is offensive to you, please stop reading. This story is the property of the author and may not be used anywhere else without consent.

Training a Jock Slut Chapter 4 Brody's Saga continues Brody descended into his role as Coach's cocksucker over the next few days. He would blow his Coach every day in the morning before school started. Often, the blowjob would start in Coach's car as they drove to school together. Coach was still spiking Brody's water every day with BottomsUp, the drug that would make Brody's prostate and nipples more sensitive.

The drug, coupled with the fact that Coach had prevented his slut from cumming, kept Brody with a constant erection.

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Brody was under constant surveillance by both his tormenters. One watched him through the webcam in his room. The other would ogle at him straight through his bedroom window. Even so much as a graze across his bulge would result in a warning phone call for the hapless boy. And it did not help that Coach now demanded all his wrestlers to wear their full kit for every practice.

Brody tried to tuck his fat cock away in his jock so it didn't show too much in the spandex. But it was a futile effort. The other boys sniggered wildly the first time they saw him. Coach had a second of pity for the blushing slut. So he told the boys that his star player was on a new training regimen that prevented him from jacking off. This would divert all of the jock's testosterone to his wrestling instead.

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The younger boys started laughing wildly at the news. But they immediately became silent when told that if the news of Brody's new "regimen" spread, Coach would put the other boys on it too. Although the threat of bulging out of their suits kept the boys quiet, it didn't stop them from grabbing Brody's lewd package whenever Coach was not looking. And Coach made sure he had his back turned often.

Every day was torture for Brody. He was in a haze of horniness, unable to think of anything but jacking off. And the constant groping by the other boys in practice meant that he would soak through his jock with precum before school was even out.

After school, Brody's humiliation continued. He would get his daily prescribed spanking. The Reverend had given up all pretense of being a God fearing man. He reveled in the debauchery he was taking part in. He would knead Brody's ass like dough after each smack. And he would purposely rub his legs against the stud's throbbing cock.

The third day of spanking, Brody couldn't control himself and shot the biggest load of his life all over the Reverend's knee. This of course, delighted the Reverend. He extended Brody's spankings for another week. And Brody swore he saw the older man licking his fingers as he walked home.

Brody would spend the rest of the day only in his jock. He would mow the lawns of all three houses practically naked. His two tormenters would relax on their porch, barking orders.

They would order him to go over the same spot with the lawnmower multiple times just so they could see his sweaty juicy ass jiggle with every step. Speaking of his ass, Coach had started training his slave's other hole.

He had given Brody a series of seven butt plugs that increased in girth and length. The final plug had the girth's of Coach's own beer can cock. And it was half its length. Every two days, Brody would walk to the center of the circular driveway all three houses shared.

Both older men would be on their porches, leaking with anticipation of the ritual. After seeing the nod from Coach, the whimpering slut, clad in only his jockstrap, would pull out the butt plug that had been in his ass for two days straight.

He would then produce a slightly larger plug and try to slowly cram it into his cunt. Brody's entire body burned with shame as he saw his tormentors stroking themselves at his nasty display.

The entire ordeal would often take nearly 30 agonizing minutes. And after he had finally gotten the anal toy stuffed into his hole, he would be glistening with sweat, uncomfortable and panting. The two men took this as their cue to saunter over to their prize. They were stroking the entire way, sans pants.

Once they reached their target, Brody knew what he had to do. He would squat low on the asphalt, and tilt his head back with his mouth open. He had completely resigned to his fate. 'That's it slut, open wide." "Yeah, just take our hot man seed.

You know you love it. Just look at yourself. Leaking all over the place. There is no way you can convince us that you are not completely loving it." "God, he is such a nasty pig. He has been slurping up cum like a vacuum the past few days." Brody's eyes stung with tears at the two men verbally assaulting him. He saw their lusty sneers as they fisted their oily cocks. He was still ignorant of the sexual stimulant running through his veins.

His own hard cock confused him. Maybe he did like this. The toy inside his bowels made him feel full. Stretching his ass to its limits. It would occasionally rub a spot inside him that made his eyes roll back.

In a perverse way, Brody was starting to like what was being done to him. The Coach's conditioning was starting to work. The drug combined with the mental manipulation was turning the stud into putty.

Ready for remolding by Coach. Just then, Brody heard loud grunts above him. Cum spurted at him from the two cocks.

The Reverend had aimed his load directly into Brody's mouth. Coach decided to paint the slut's face with his cum instead. "Now get home and clean yourself up. What would your father say if he saw you like this?" Brody's turned red at the Coach's words.

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He swallowed the load in his mouth, got up slowly and walked home. He was slightly bowlegged because of the large intrusion in his ass. And his face was still coated by a thick layer of white spunk. Brody becomes a fully fledged whore After 14 days of Brody's anal theatrics in the driveway, his ass had been stretched to max capacity. He had gotten the final plug firmly lodged inside his jock cunt. Coach was giddy with excitement. Both the slut and his master knew what this meant.

The stud was ready for his first dicking with a real man's cock. Coach wanted the memory of being filled by his hot piece of meat to be seared into the slut's mind.

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Brody had to remember this moment for the rest of his life. Coach finished making his final touches when the doorbell rang. "Right on cue." Coach was relishing the moment. He had waited to sink his gorilla dick into the jock's ass since the moment he laid eyes on it. And the time had finally come. He opened the front door expectantly and was not disappointed.

The slut knew how to follow orders, that was certain. A trembling Brody waited nervously.


He was wearing his wrestling suit as ordered. He was panting from the five mile run Coach had made him do. And all this was done with the boy's cunt stuffed with the butt plug. Coach had the foresight to make Brody drink water that had been spiked with twice the amount of the stimulant. And boy was he glad he did. The sight of the jock almost made Coach cream his pants. It was like Adonis himself was submitting himself for Coach to use as he pleased. The muscle whore was shiny with sweat.

His spandex suit clung to him like paint. And the drug, along with the plug in his ass had made Brody rock hard. His thick cock was clearly visible through the suit. "Get in", growled Coach. He licked his lips as his slut walked up the stairs to the bedroom. His luscious ass swayed as he walked. Coach wanted to rip off the jock's suit and fuck him right there on the stairs.

But he controlled himself. "Everything in time," Coach thought. He needed the first time he deflowered his slave to be done properly. Brody had reached the room and turned around, scared out of his mind. He knew this was the moment it was all over.

His last shred of manhood would be gone forever. He would be Coach's complete pussyboy. And the fact that his cock was rock hard the entire made Brody well up. Maybe this was what he wanted. Brody didn't have any more time to go through an existential crisis. He felt Coach's hulking body press against his damp body from behind.

Coach's hot cock was pressed against his spandex clad ass. He could feel it pushing into his ass crack. "Mmm, my boy smells ripe and ready", Coach whispered into his slave's ear. His massive hands groped Brody's body, paying special attention to his pecs and nipples.

Brody's pink quarter sized nipples became hard instantly. The drug Coach had been feeding Brody was working tremendously. They had made his nipples so sensitive that just grazing them caused Brody's cock to start leaking faster. Satisfied that his slut's nipples were sufficiently raw and puffy, Coach moved on. His hands found themselves down to Brody's perfect ass. The jock's breathing quickened as Coach started manhandling his ass. He felt his full hole being spread open.

Coach used his thumb to push the plug in the slut's ass even deeper. Brody's eyes rolled back into his head at the plug brushed past his swollen prostate. The drugs had made him ready for Coach's training. Without warning Coach tore the suit right along Brody's ass crack. Coach's rough hand reached inside his suit and ripped out the butt plug in one swift move.

Brody cried out at the sudden action.

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His ass burned in pain. And yet he felt strangely empty.

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Coach then lumbered over to his bed and laid down, his massive leaky cock pointing at the ceiling. Using just his finger, Coach beckoned his slut over. Brody suppressed a sob. He knew what was going to happen next. Coach had given him one final blow to his ego. Brody clambered onto the bed, still in his tight suit, and stood over the massive tool. Slowly, Brody lowered himself. Despite being stretched for the past two weeks by the ass toys, Brody let out a gasp as the first inches of hard man meat entered his hole.

It was thicker than anything he had tried before. And the heat it spread into his ass was actually soothing. But his initial relief was quickly replaced by pain as Brody struggled to force the rest of the cock into him. He was only 5 inches in when he had to stop.

He was starting to sweat buckets.


He bit his lip as he realized he reached his limit. He could not take the rest of the Coach's monster. Unfortunately for Brody, Coach was never one to shy away from a challenge. He reached up, placed his hands on the jock's shoulders, and slammed him down in one push.

Brody screamed in agony. He had completely bottomed out on Coach's cock. Tears started to flow freely down his handsome face. His constant erection had finally subsided. Coach on the other hand, was in heaven. Never in his life did he think his dick could feel this good. He knew at that very moment that he was hooked. He would need his star player's ass all the time. It was hot and velvety. And deliciously tight. "Now fuck yourself on my cock boy!" Coach bellowed with an evil tone in his voice.

The tears finally stopped flowing for Brody as he moved his taut ass up and down the unbelievably large pole. It was the final act of humiliation bestowed by Coach.

Brody was effectively taking away his own virginity. After several minutes of punishing the slut's hole, Coach made Brody strip completely. He wanted to see every part of his jock whore before he ordered Brody to resume fucking himself on the slick cock. With remarkable strength, Coach lifted up Brody, with his cock still in the ass, and threw him onto the bed facedown.

Then, with a complete disregard for Brody's comfort, Coach started jackhammering the jock like a rabid animal. "FUCK YEAH!! Now that is what I am talking about. Who knew you had been hiding such a hot pussy right under my nose.

I should have got to you earlier." Brody just kept grunting through the dirty talk aimed at him. The rhythmic stuffing of his ass was starting to hurt less now. And the grinding of coach's salami against his prostate was causing his own cock to harden. "I KNEW IT! All that struggling was an act.

Look at yourself. Getting hard while a real man plows you like the girl you are. I bet this ass has seen lots of action already. A hundred guys couldn't keep this hot ass satisfied." Brody teared up again.

Then without warning, Coach picked up Brody by the armpits and started fucking him standing up. Coack walked over to a wall where there was a mirror. Brody watched in horror as he saw his muscled frame being impaled by the giant cock. His own thick meat was flopping around everywhere as Coach pile drove him up and down the long shaft. Over his shoulder Brody could see the lust crazed look in his coach's face.

He knew at that moment that this was his life now. Being Coach's plaything. He could only hope that it was not forever. "Yea slut. Look at yourself riding my cock. Look at how my meat just slides into your cunt like it was made for it. And look at your own cock leaking like a tap. Damn boy. If you wanted this so much you should have just asked." To his horror, the pressure against his prostate proved too much for Brody.

His cock started spurting stream after stream of hot teenage cum on its own accord. The sight proved too much for Coach as he too starting shooting his thick load deep into Brody's guts.

Coach dumped Brody's sweaty used body onto the bed. He was spent. Coach walked over to the closet and pulled out a video camera from above it. "Smile for the camera kid" Brody's bugged out his head as he realized he had just been deflowered on video. He buried his face into the sheets, trying to block out the shame he was feeling.

Just then the door bell rang. Someone had entered the house and was already halfway up the stairs. "Who is that?!", Brody asked as he panicked. He tried to get up and get his clothes when Coach pushed him back down. "Sit down boy. That is just the good ol' Reverend. A hot cunt like yours needs to be shared. I am just doing my civic duty", Coach added with glee. Brody saw the Reverend enter the room.

His plump cock was already out of his pants. Brody lay defeated on the bed. He couldn't do anything except take a second dick in his ass the same day he lost his virginity.

"I won't be quick boy. I'm going to wear your hole down", snarled the Reverend. Brody felt the hard cock enter his wrecked pussy. He sobbed as his own cock started swelling up again.

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