Charlee chase and bruce venture i

Charlee chase and bruce venture i
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You know what? Terrance Rodgers is a dumb bitch. A dumb sexy hot gourgous beautiful stunning BITCH. Hes the quarter back of our foot ball team.

He's perfectly built his chocolate skin so smooth and pure.Hes at least 6' 1" I love the way his abs are harder than rock. His eyes look like the eyes of an angel. Just by looking at him you would think he was the sweetest boy alive. BUT HE'S NOT hes a total ass hole that fucks every girl he see's. Im in the drama club here at Crewshaw high. Im about 5" 6'. My skin is a light caramel color.

Because my mother is black I have black thick curly hair that falls just below my shoulders. My eyes are hazel because of my italian father. I have a beauty mark a little past my left eye.

My name is Allyiah Wright. I drive my black toyota camri to school every morning. I have to drive my senoir brother Robert to school as well ever since his dumb ass got his car towed. I let the windows down and blasted my lil wayne cd as i speed through a red light. Robert reaches in his pocket and grabs a pack of cigerettes, lights one and puffs.

I have fourth period french with Terrance. Shit.

I walk down the hallway. Applying my lipgloss. I drop my books on my desk. I notice Terrance come into the room with his crew talking shit about the teacher. Miss sams. I roll my eyes. I hate these jerks. Terrance and his crew usually sit in the front of the room so they can look at miss sams ass, but today terrance came and sat in the seat right next to mine. His crew gave him a suspisious look as they took their seats in the front. My only thing that was running though my mind was: i hope my fucking eye liner isnt running.

"I like your skirt" I heard a deep sexy intoxicating voice say. I relized it was the voice of terrance. "stop bull shitting" i say nervously. This cracks him up. "No bullshit. You look nice today." He said softly leaning back in his desk with his eyes glued on me waiting for my responce. "what are you saying? That i looked didnt look nice yesterday?" i snapped.

"Nah. Today was just the only day i noticed." He said. "what the fuck ever" i said. "fuck did you just say to me?" he yelled. I looked around hoping nobody heard him. Luckily noone did. "Shut up" i whispered.

"Whatever bitch. I was going to let you suck my dick. But fuck it now" he yelled as he stood up and left the room slamming the door behind him.

I buried my head in my arms. Fanticising about his dick throbbing in my mouth. Him pulling it in and out of me. Him pushing it deep in my mouth each time. The thought of pleasing him in that way sent chills up my back.

Ding ding. School was finally over. HELL YEAH! I was walking to my locker to get my shit when i saw terrance waithing there for me. I wanted to smile but ill be dammed if i turned into another one if terrance's hoes. "im sorry" his intoxicatating voice filled my ears with pleasure i had no choice but to smile.

"why did you sit next to me in french anyway?" i said calmly. He shrugged. "Whatever" i said as i shut my locker and turned to leave. He grabbed my hand softly turning me around. I stared deep into my eyes with a look that i've never seen him give anyone. He moved in closer to my lips he gently touched my lips with his. Pushing me against my locker he slipped his tounge in my mouth.

He tasted like valentines day chocolate. We played with eachothers tounge as he ran his hand across my butt. The kiss was deep. It felt like the whole world had melted away.

I opened my eyes as he pulled away. His phone started ringing. "hello?" he said. The phone volume wasnt loud enough for me to hear what the person on the other linewas saying.

"Alright." he said into the phone. "Fucking lazy ass." he said before he hung up. "Terrance you good?" i asked him. He looked at me with an angry evil look. Awww shit. "fuck out my face" he said.

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"come on dont be like that" i pleaded. "Im tired of my sister with her lazy ass. She was my ride home. And i aint taking the bus. Only bums take the bus" He yelled. His face swelled up with madness. I rubbed my hand across his chest & he look at me deeply. "I'll take you" I said.

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He smiled. Not a nice smile more like a cocky smile. Like he knew he could get me to do whatever he wanted done. And he was right. I walked out to the parking lot to where my car was. I thought about how robert was going to get home.


He doesnt get out for another hour. I unlocked the car and got in. Terrance did the same. "i know" he said "i know you like me" He pulled out a blunt and lit it. "I would like it if you didnt smoke that shit in my car" i told him. " i would like it if you would start up the damn car and drive" he snapped. I started the engine. He puffed the blunt. I pulled out of the parking lot. "Terrance?" i said almost whispering. "what?" he said blowing out smoke.

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"why do you mess with every girl at our school.?" i asked. He was silent for a minute. But then he coughed. And said "because .i've been waiting to meet a girl like you." he answered. Butterflies started to fill my stomach. I pulled over at a nearby gas station and cut off the engine. "Fuck is you doin' alliyah?" he asked. "I want us to do 'it'" i demanded.

He coughed as he puffed his blunt. "Do what, Alliyah?" he asked. "you know exactly what." i responded. He started laughing. he threw his blunt out the window.and We both climed into the back seat.

He took off his shirt. And i rubbed my hand on his 6 pack. He leaned back a little as i licked his chest. I reached down to feel on his sack as i spelled my name on his chest with my tounge. I looked up at him. I could tell he was high. And for some reason it turned me on. He unbuckeled his pants i pulled them down. I blew my warm breath onto his under wear. I was hungry for his dick. I finally took his under wear off. His magnificant dick sprung out. It had to be at least 9 inches.

He snickered as he saw my jaw drop. "suck it" he demanded. He didnt have to tell me twice. I swirled my tounge around the head of his dick and. Masssged his balls. He groned loudly as i took his dick into my warm wet horny mouth.

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I tickled his dick with my tounge which made him tremble. Before i knew it i was deepthroating him. i gagged pulling back. But he forced his dick into my mouth with his hand on the back of my head he fucked my mouth. I felt pre cum hit the back of my throat. I was so excited i wanted him to cum in my mouth. I put my cum hungry mouth on his balls and massaged them with my tounge. "ahh shit im about to cum" he groaned. I filled my mouth with his dick and waited almost immediatly 6 shots of warm salty sweet smooth cum filled my mouth.

I was eager to swallow all of it. I didnt want to lose a drop. "Damm.

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Lliyah." he moaned. He pressed his lips against my roughly. Too roughly. But i couldnt protest this was what i wanted. He ripped off my shirt. And raped my nipples with his tounge.

"mmmm. Yeah" i moaned. As i started grinding towards him. I unbuttom my jeans and slip them off. He kissed my pannies. I was sure he could feel the wetness that my pussy was spitting out. He yanked my pannies off. I felt like i was giving myself to him. I felt like i was to serve him.

He split open my pussy lips revealing my clit and circled his tougne around it. I couldnt keep still. I couldnt stop moaning and groaning. I had never experienced so much pleasure in my life. I felt like i loved him. Or did i just love the way he ate me out?

He stuck his tounge inside my vagina hole and i lost it. "ahhhhhhhh shittt yeahh ughhh hmmmm" i moaned as i squirted my juice all over his mouth.

He licked me clean. "Put ur dick in me" i told him. "bitch dont tell me you ask me" he said. "cant i have it?" i begged. "Hell nah." "whyy? pleeeasse" i begged getting hornier and hornier.

"I didnt bring no fucking condoms." he said. "come on" i said opening my legs and guiding his dick toward my pussy. He gave in once he felt how tight i was. He pushed his hard pole into me with no mercy this was the roughest sex i had ever had. "ahhhhh terrance deeper ahhhhhhhh shit right ther right there faster faster aghhhhhh" i screamed and moaned.

He gave me his hand to hold on to as he put his whole nine inch cock inside of my tight pussy. I screamed.

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" damm you wet babe" he groaned. "ahhhhhhhhhhhh" i replied. Suddenly theres banging on my car window. What the fuck. I pushed terrance off of me so i could see who it was. Immediatly i pulled my clothes back on. Terrance did as well. I reconized the girl that was still banging on my damn window her name was mariah finley.

A popular cheerleader at my school.


I opened the car door and got out. "problem?" i asked her as i grinned. "damm fucking right its a problem hoe! Terrance is my boyfriend and my babies daddy" she pointed to a stroller behind her that i didnt even notice. Aw shit i think to my self. I glance at terrance who is still in the car high as fuck.

Then i glanced at his baby momma who was still screaming to the top of her lungs but not really saying shit. Right then i knew that my relationship with terrance was about to be alot more complex than i hoped.