The biggest squirt of the Isle of Man TT

The biggest squirt of the Isle of Man TT
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It started out as another day for me. My name is Damon. I'm about 5'11 and 14 with a long buzz cut that is brown with blonde natural highlights in the front with blue eyes. I'm not skinny because I weigh 155 pounds but has a big natural chest and broad shoulder.

I had an average sized gut but could see the two abs. I also had a lazy eye and wore glasses because I was near sighted. I got up at the regular time as always 5:30 in the morning,went in the other room,got my phone,put it on porn since no one ever got up with me and never is up, and watched it with my 8" hard as a rock. I heard a tap on my window and froze instantly.

I felt a slow cold shiver go up my spine as I heard rustling of the bush by my window. I didn't move till I had to get dressed which I did. I wore baggy khaki pants with a blue collared shirt with blue shoes.I grabbed my bag, walked outside which was little lit ,And walked to the bush by my window. I didn't see anything at first but looked closer to see prints of what looked like dog feet but bigger than a dog.

And there was only two prints then it faded into the grass. I looked around and saw nothing but I knew something was watching him but couldn't tell what it was. I shrugged it off"probably nothing" I said trying to reassure himself. I got on the bus and during the ride heard that people had been mauled and partially eaten.

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This got me wondering even more.the prints.maulings.I was trying to sum it all up but my friend named Tayla nudges me"hey Damon you okay?" I looked at her and smiled"I'm fine just thinking of a test I got today"trying to lie She must've bought "okay just don't forget to place the stuff on the stage" "since when have you cared?" "since I now have to be on that stage!"she moved her hand around.

Tayla was a big girl with huge boobs(from a large C to large D). She had the best black ass a man could want and her lips were fat juicy.

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I would know this because we used to make out and grab each before I got a girlfriend. Damn I loved those days! When we made out I would grab her breasts under her shirt and flick my thumbs over her nipples till that were huge!

And even rubbed her pussy through her skirt and panties a few times.

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I knew she liked it when she protested because she only got wetter, but she would never do anything more which only pissed me off. While on the bus I talked to everyone saying I was good friends with everyone, but there was one downside. Since I was in 9th grade the upper grade girls wouldn't talk to me.

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They thought I was inferior but as soon as they were horny they came to me. They always came. They knew I had a fat 8" cock that was always ready yet one thing made them always come to me.that I had more stamina than any other guy in school.

I was living the life. On top of the sex life I had a great girlfriend. Her name was Emily and She had deep brunette hair with natural blonde tips that always smelled like roses. She turned all the guys heads because her face was always bright,sexy,and happy.

Her chest had 32 C cup and for a 14 year old I'd say that is pretty good. Her ass was a little bit more on the small side but was muscular due to all of the sports she did.

Her eyes were cinnamon brown which could melt anyone's heart when she did the puppy dog eyes and her skin was naturally tanned. She was 5'9 1/2 and did modeling sometimes. I walked up behind her and pulled her to me and kissed her neck"hey angel" She jumped and turned around and kissed me on the cheek"hey baby" "how did you sleep last night?"I said as we started to walk down the hall. She was wearing a tight shirtwith a mini jacket thing that girls wear with a black skirt. Our school made guys wear dress pants and a collared shirt whereas the girls had to wear decent clothes with A skirt that went below or to the knees.

She said in her graceful voice"I didn't sleep to good. I had a nightmare again" I stopped"what was it about this time" She looked at me with a fake smile"it's nothing baby" "if it has to do with you it is now what was it about?"I made sure I had the sound of command in my voice. "you and me were together at a party in the woods.we heard a howel and everyone stopped dancing and looked around. We all saw glowing eyes in the woods and we all gathered in a circle as they closed in.

Some of the things in the woods were standing on two legs and some on all fours. They slowly came into the light and looked like a werewolf like you see in movies.


They all came at us and started to tear everyone to bloody pieces. You saw an opening and we both ran; as we were running we heard noises behind us and saw them chasing us. We kept running but one jumped from a tree and caught you. I stopped and watched you as you died."she started to cry. I pulled her to me and embraced her in my arms."that's not all.when they stopped mauling you they stood by your body and you slowly got up and started laughing.

You looked at me with blood red eyes and turned into one of those things!" she started to cry even harder. I held her even closer"nothing will ever happen angel. If anything does I'll be your guardian angel and if I'm not an angel then I'll be your guardian demon" She chuckled which brought my heart to ease a little"you better be or I'll bring you back to life and kill you myself".

I smiled and kissed her forehead and wiped away her tears gently."I need to get to class baby"she said slowly. "okay angel I'll see you later"I let her go and watched her go.

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My mind went to thinking about school. I walked down the hall,got my books,and walked toward my class. Suddenly someone jerked me into the bathroom as I walked by it and locked the door and pushed me against the wall. I was startled and pushed the person away. "what's wrong? Don't want me now?"the female said It was Veronica,I call her Ver for short."Damn Veroniva! Least you could do is let me know a little ahead of time before you grab me and slam me against a wall" I rub the back of my hand where I can feel a bump now.

"sorry. Maybe I should make it up to you"she unbuttons her blouse and exposes her B cup breasts. She wasnt wearing a bra. For a 11th grader she was only 5'4 and her breasts were small but she made up for in her ass which was huge. Her craziness in sex helped also."c'mon are you gonna fuck me or stand there lookin at me?" I said.

"oh challenge accepted"She walked up to me swinging her hips. She slowly rubbed her small hand down his shirt and gripped the top of my pants as She smashed her lips into mine and forced her tongue into my mouth as their tongues fought for dominance over the other.

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With ease I won and moved from the wall and then pressed her against it. I lifted her up with one arm and grabbed her right breast with the other. I was able to cup her entire breast in his hand which made her moan through the kiss.

I pulled away from her warm mouth and set her down to allow her to get what she really dick. She undid the Khaki pants and unzipped my pants to see his huge erection bulging through my boxers."yummy" she said as she pulled it out and licked the tip of my tool,as she did this it pulsed uncontrollably.

She slowly put her lips around it engulfing the head which brought a moan from me. She looked up and had a smile and went farther down my rod till it was completely engulfed. It was like heaven,out of all the girls she could suck the best. She started to suck which made me want to cum right there but I stopped myself. Her left hand moved to her pussy which she started to play with and the right hand began to fondle my balls. I was loving it and grabbed her head and began to push in and out of her mouth syncing with her sucking movements.

I could tell I was about to cum because of the feeling of my balls churning. Apparently she could tell as well as she started to suck harder and faster. I looked down as I heard more and more soft moans from her,she was fingering her self fast as hell which made me cum then. I yelled"I'm CUMMMING!!! Fuck!!!!" I blew my first rope of cum in her mouth which she swallowed with eased; rope after rope of thick,creamy cum filled her mouth but she swallowed it almost instantly.

She stood up and licked her fingers as my cock was getting soft. I brought her up to my lips and kissed her gently tasting my own cum mixed with her taste of her own juices made it delicious. I lifted her up to the sink and sit her down and got on my knees and looked at her glistening slit which was practically gushing with juice.sweet,delicious juice. As you can imagine I dived right in licking the deepest recess which brought loud moans of pleasure from her.

As I was licking I brought my fingers to her flit and started to play with it: pinching,pulling, and even flicking it which made her cry in pleasure"Oh my god!!!!!

Ohhhhhhh". She pushed my head in as far as possible. As she said this her body tensed and squeezed my tongue. Juices flowed out which I drank as if I were a man who hadn't had water in weeks. She became limp but my cock was at full attention. She opened her eyes and saw I had lined it up to her entrance"yes please give me that fat cock!".

I was more than obliged as I slid on fully to the hilt. Her arms and hands shot out and went behind her to brace herself against the mirror as she moaned loudly.

I quickly set up a pace which her moans became simultaneous with. She pushed back matching my thrusts only making her moan more and more. Her body became tight as her pussy tightened around my cock and she moaned load to where it was almost a scream. This sent me over the top as I came again filling her pussy with hot cum which made her moan as the vibrations through her body lessened. This is where my reputation came. I pulled out with a pop and pulled her off the sink and made her bend over.

My cock was already hard again as I looked at her ass. Since my cock was already lubricated with her juice I lined my dick up to her asshole."no! Not there.

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I've never been fucked up the ass. It'll hurt too much". "it'll get better. Trust me" since it was her first anal I went slow. I put the head in which made her tear up and wince in pain. Her ass muscle was squeezing my head to the point of almost pain but upmost pleasure. I slide my rod in a bit more till fully buried deep in it.

Her winces became more of moans as it got deeper and her muscles relaxed which allowed me to move. I slowly moved in and out which made her moan more.

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I don't know if it was my imagination or not but it seemed like she was pushing back into my cock. I didn't care either way,I was fucking this ass whether she liked it or not. I got faster to where I was slamming hilt deep into her and her moans became louder than ever.


I reached my hands under her to cup one breast in each hand as I fucked her. She moaned in approval as I fucked her ass. I was getting close to cumming after about 20 minutes of this. I grabbed her waist after letting go of her breasts as my breath became ragged which allowed me to slam harder and deeper. She moaned and moaned and moaned till I pushed harder than ever into her ass as I moaned and shot my thick load into her ass. She passed out due to the pain,pleasure,and cum.

I picked her up and put her in a stall with her panties and skirt down around her ankles to make it look like she was going to the bathroom which also allowed the cum to ooze into the toilet. I picked up my pants and put them on and slowly went out the bathroom feeling better and proud of myself. I went through the rest of the day normally and got off my bus. The walk to my house was 1/2 mile and woods were between me and my house.

I was walking the road as it was getting dark. I had the feeling from the morning that someone or something was watching me.

I stopped and looked around till I was satisfied no one was watching. I started walking a little faster still feeling uneasy. I heard a howl from behind me which made me start running. I then heard something hitting concrete, through the running I looked back to see a huge wolf running towards me which made me run faster. I was almost home when the wolf jumped on me and made me fall to the ground with a shatter.

I was out of breath as I looked around to see the large brown wolf. It looked like a wolf but it wasn't somehow. It charged at me,in the second I had I rolled out of the way and lifted myself up to start running.


I took only a few steps and felt a sharp pain in my leg. The wolf had clamped on my leg which made me fall down. I rolled over and kicked the dog square in the nose which made it yell in pain but growl and jump on my body. It was tryin to bite my have but I was holding it away but it was able to clamp on mt shoulder when my hand slipped from the side of its face.

I screamed in agony as I started to savagely punch the wolf. It didn't let go at all but started tearing. I looked to my side and saw a rock. I grabbed it quickly and hit it upside the head which caused blood to seep through its fur. It jumped back and was getting ready for another attack when I heard a howl. It hesitated but growled at me and ran into the woods. I quickly got up and ran home.

My mom had to work double shifts so wouldn't be home till 3 I the morning. I was an only kid and I never knew my dad so I was home alone. I locked the door and grabbed the machete out of my room and checked all the doors and windows. Once I felt safe I took a shower screaming in as I felt the wound burning. Once out I bandaged it up,but it was getting hard to concentrate on things now.

I set the house alarm and with my machete went to my bad and went to sleep. I had nightmares of what happened earlier that day. I awoke the next morning with a pain in my shoulder where the wolf bit me but other than that I felt fine. I walked in the bathroom and turned the light on. What I saw made me scream.

That's the first part. Depending on rating and views I'll keep it going.