Lesbian babe fingered by euro dyke

Lesbian babe fingered by euro dyke
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After a great amount of thought I decided to pen down my story, you are free to judge me but this is the fact that happened, neither Vidya nor I talk about it but we haven't forgotten that cold, rainy August night either… It had been raining all day long and I was stuck at home because of a physics assignment which had to be submitted the next day, my friends too were busy because of the assignments and I spent the whole Sunday morning locked in my room trying to figure out Newton and Einstein's laws.

Neither of my parents nor my elder sister Vidya was at home, I was all alone. Vidya didi, my sister, she was just plain beautiful. She was 5'4" tall, her devotion to yoga had given her a curvy, hourglass shaped figure with 36-26-36 dimensions. She had a beautiful face with full, luscious red lips. Her piercing green eyes went well with her fair complexion. Half of our school had wet dreams about her, including me although the fact that she was my sister made me a little guilty.

I was bored because of the assignments and decided to have some fun. I went to her room and closed the door and crept in silently even though no one was home. I wanted to smell my sister's aroma and jerk off to it. I opened one of her drawers; sexy, lacy lingerie was kept neatly on top of each other, nah not interested.

I wanted something with her smell on it so went in the attached bathroom and went through the hamper in which she tossed her dirty clothes. After searching through salwar-kameez and a few night clothes, I found a pink panty with 'Tuesday' written across the front in curving letters, yes this would do.

I picked it up and smelled it inhaling my sister's bitter-sweet aroma. The smell of her pussy, its sweat and her juices invaded my nostrils giving me an instant hard on. I imagined my older sister naked in my mind and undid my pants, my 7" cock was rock hard now and I grabbed it in my hand and started masturbating.

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I slid my foreskin back and forth as waves of pleasure washed over me; I went out of the bathroom to her bedroom and stared at her photo on the wall as I pleasured myself. Her green eyes stared directly at me and I was ready to burst when I heard the front door opening. Shit, my pants were in the bathroom, in my haste I left the panties on the floor and as I swiftly got in my pants I saw the knob turning and Vidya walked in.

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I stood rooted to the spot; Vidya took a look at me and asked me what I was doing in her room. "Nothing Vidya didi, I just wanted some of your sketch-pens to decorate my assignment, nothing else." She smiled at me and opened one of the drawers and came up with a box of sketch-pens. "I will need them too, so give them back when you are done." She said, smiling at me, she had beautiful white teeth and I was distracted by them. Thankfully, she had not noticed the panties lying on the floor and I had kicked them under the bed when she was opening the drawer so I was saved, that was a close call.

Out of the blue, she asked me "Do you have a girlfriend Vikrant?" "No" I lied. "Why not? You are quite tall and good looking" she said. "I don't want a girlfriend" I said, "Are you a virgin?" she asked "Yes" I replied. That was true, although I had a girlfriend I was still a virgin.

She flopped down on the bed and patted the portion besides her indicating I should sit there as well, I sat down on the bed as her green eyes stared into my eyes. I had the same green eyes as her, my eyes drifted down to her chest, she was a little wet from her walk outside and her kurta stuck to her chest giving me a view of her perfectly round breasts, I looked up quickly in her eyes again, God they were beautiful. I could smell her perfume, it was sensual and I was pretty quickly hardening in my pants.

Somehow, the pink wallpapered room with posters of Backstreet Boys and other boy bands was suddenly charged with electricity. I was dizzy due to her smell and she probably felt the same. Outside, the thunder rolled and lightning whipped the sky but we were blissfully ignorant of it as we stared at each other. I was drawn to her, I was ashamed of the lust I had for my elder sister but I refused to get up and leave. She leaned in closer to me and kissed me full on the mouth, I was jerked back to reality, what the hell was happening?!

My sister who was 2 years older to me was kissing me! She kissed me lightly on the lips and ran her hands through my silky, jet black hair. I was getting more aroused by each passing moments. My Lee-Cooper jeans felt like a prison for my cock and it was ready to burst through it. Vidya didi placed her hands on my face, felt my stubble, nodded appreciatively and kissed me again. I responded by sliding my tongue in her mouth and exploring it.

I ran my tongue on her teeth like a pianist's finger playing the notes that fuelled our passion. She tasted wonderful with her wild cherry lipstick and minty fresh breath. I felt her hair and placed my hand on her back and slid it down to her bottom.

I had always loved didi's ass with its curves and tightness, I had wet dreams about having anal sex with her many times and now when I had the chance to feel her ass I wasn't letting it go. She got up and made me get up too; I rose to my full 5'10" height and kissed her again.

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I kissed her collar bone, her neck and grabbed her by the waist. She moaned and tilted her head back. Her hands went under my t-shirt and felt my football hardened stomach, "Didi, what are you doing?" I asked, "Shhh" she responded and removed my shirt, she kissed my abs, my chest and licked it as well. I groaned in pleasure and we kissed again. "Little brother, are you hard? I can feel it you know" she winked at me. I went red in the face and agreed I was lying down on the bed only in my jeans while my kurta clad sister sat atop me.

She pulled her kurta up and I could see her perfectly flat stomach with its sexy belly button and as she removed it I could see her black bra, even with her bra on I could see that her nipples had hardened, I pulled her close to me and kissed her belly button, I smelt its aroma and licked it with my tongue. She moaned in ecstasy and I moved ahead to kiss her breasts and my hand worked on the bra hook, finally unclasping it. I pulled her bra off, her breasts were perfectly round and she had light brown areola, she blushed as I saw them.

God, I was hardening more down there. I had to remove my pants, but her breasts distracted me I kissed her nipples and started sucking and biting them, I was in heaven as I cupped her other boob. Her nipples were hard and erect, wonderful, she screamed as I bit it hard. Vidya tilted her head back and moaned loudly, I was turned on by it and sucked it even harder. I spanked her ass, making her scream again, my hands explored each curve of her body while my tongue flicked up and down her hard nipple.

I rolled on the bed so that I was on top; I was going down kissing each part of her body, inhaling her sensual fragrance. My head spun as I undid the knots on her salwar and pulled it down. She had on black lacy panties which I swiftly removed, exposing her hairy pussy. She was pink from the pleasure I gave her and from being naked in front of her brother, she said "Little brother, eat me out" I loved being called little brother and I gladly obliged her.

I went down on my knees and pulled her closer to my face, she was lying on the bed with her hands playing with her nipples, pinching them and trying to lick them. The sight turned me on a lot, I felt light headed as my tongue made contact with her pussy. She had a pink pussy with hair all over it, I loved hairy pussies and seeing my sister's most intimate parts was too much for me.

I licked her slowly at first, tasting her wet juices, her pussy tasted very sweet. Just like the panties I sniffed, I ran my hands over her cold ass cheeks; they were smooth and just perfect like her.

I licked some more, she was moaning and sweating, she screamed "Oh my God! Aah, Vikrant it's too much! God, it hurts ooh!" as I inserted my tongue in her pussy and tongue fucked her.

She had had an orgasm and squirted her juices all over my face, I wanted an orgasm too. Moaning she got up from the bed, I guess she was dizzy too. As she got up, I grabbed her ass and parted her ass cheeks; she had a wonderful ass, short and sexy. I saw her asshole and licked it, it tasted a little bitter-sweet but not shitty like I thought an asshole would taste like. I inserted my tongue in her ass and then put in a finger too.


She was screaming all the time, her moans filled the room as she crashed on to another orgasm. I picked her up and made her lie down on the bed. One of my hands hungrily groped for her breasts and fondled them; I licked her all the way from her asshole to her pussy.

She grabbed my face and stuffed it forcibly in her pussy, "I want to come again! Do it harder!" she shouted at me. I licked her pussy and jerked my head side to side hard as she came once again, staining the white linen. She got up, her naked breasts heaving.

She was breathless as she stared in my eyes and kissed me again. I knew she could taste her juices at the back of my mouth. She groped for my crotch and got up from the bed. She made me lie down or rather pushed me on the bed as she unzipped my blue jeans and removed them; my white underwear was deftly removed by her in one single fluid motion exposing my big, thick organ.

"Wow, that's just big, oh my God!" she said, she grabbed my dick and started pulling it back and forth. Slowly and gently at first, then she peeled my foreskin back, I gasped as my pink head was exposed to the cold night air.

Immediately, she covered it with her warm mouth as she started blowing me, she started swallowing the whole of my organ but it had reached a little more than halfway down her throat when she choked on it. She started bobbing up and down on my dick as she repeatedly gagged on it, I felt cum throbbing in my cock, ready to burst but it wasn't done yet I could feel the pleasure invade me again.

What the hell was happening? My sister was sucking my cock like there was no tomorrow, I could see little stars on the back of my eyes as I was anesthetized by the pleasure. She stopped bobbing her head, licked my cock from shaft to head and stuck her tongue in the crack.

I groaned loudly as pleasure and pain crossed their boundaries, she cradled my balls gently and started pulling my foreskin back and forth. She licked my balls and swallowed them. She opened her mouth and licked beneath my balls. I was on cloud 9, I couldn't remain passive anymore as my latent hunger got the better of me, I grabbed her head and forced her to go up and down on my cock faster, sometimes she choked, at times my organ slid out her mouth on her cheek, like an out of control Grand Prix car.

Both of us were sweaty and tired, as I came. I groaned loudly as the semen shot out of my cock, the first stream hit her in the eye, while the other, bigger ones, hit her face and splattered my semen all over her. "That was wonderful!" I exclaimed, Vidya looked me in the eye and kept a finger on her lips and said "Shhh!" it meant that I shouldn't talk about it. When your sister gives you a blowjob, you blow your semen all over her and when she asks you to not talk about it, you better shut the fuck up.

She said "Well, I need to take a bath, wash your semen which you blew on Me." and laughed, she looked too beautiful. It was just 8-00 pm but I felt tired and sleepy, I collected my clothes and headed to my room, I wanted to sleep and dream of Vidya's wet pussy and ass, I thought of what would have happened if she would have let go of her control. The rain continued to pour and as the night advanced, I just got what I wanted. I tired to sleep but the image of Vidya sucking my cock, her naked breasts bouncing, and her squirting on my face made it impossible for me to sleep.

Outside, the rain was pounding the roof and it looked like a thunderstorm was brewing. Lightning struck somewhere nearby, it caused a loud bang. I heard my sister's door opening and the door of my room opened. As if on cue, the lightning struck again and I could see her naked body in its blue glow. "What do you want Vidu?" I asked 'Vidu' was her nickname. I wouldn't have dared to use it but the events tonight had changed my behavior towards her completely.

"I couldn't sleep, lightning scares Me." she said, "Can I sleep in your room, on your bed just for tonight? Mum and Dad aren't home either." "Of course" I said and switched on the light, it was a yellow light and she looked vulnerable and beautiful in it, with her long brown hair untied and a scared look on her face, she was wearing nothing more than her birthday suit, seeing her breasts, which had no sag and somehow defied gravity, blood rushed to my head (You can guess which head) I hardened again.

She got in bed with me and hugged me, on feeling the softness of her body; I felt tiny electrical tremors on my body.

She kissed me without any provocation and soon the blanket was off and we were kissing and feeling each other. She placed her hand on my cock, arousing it even more. "Mm. Huge and wet. Just like I love it" she murmured. I picked her up; she was light as a feather in my strong muscular arms and placed her on my face. I ate her out, I dug in her delicious pussy for sometime, using my fingers and my tongue I brought out all her juices, she tasted wonderful; she moaned and was slippery wet down there.

She closed her legs, made a face and said "I want to blow you!" I gladly obeyed her, brought her down on the floor, and she stared at my cock lustily and started sucking it in long, languorous strokes. This time, she deep throated me without choking and I could feel her tight throat muscles on my cock. She removed it from her mouth, gasping for a breath and sucked me some more.

She played with my balls, swallowed them and cradled them; I went weak in the knees and felt ready to cum, God! Where the hell did she learn to blow like that?! I was surprised, because Vidya looked like a really innocent girl who wouldn't even know the meaning of a blowjob. Somehow, the girls who look innocent and sweet are just demons in bed! I stopped the bobbing of her head with a stiffening of my hand, pulled her up by grabbing her hair and kissed her full on the mouth.

I licked her neck, her breasts, bit her nipples, she was moaning. I was just getting hornier; I spanked her ass and licked her asshole again. Wow, I wanted anal big time. I slapped her ass a few more times, it turned cherry red and I licked her ass cheeks. "Ooh stop it, lets fuck!" she moaned. She sat half-propped up on the bed and opened her legs wide, "I am ready for you honey" she purred. Her pussy was wet and wonderful, I wanted to put my cock in her pussy and drive her crazy.

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I was about to put it in her, when she said "Wear a rubber, for God's sake you idiot!" and laughed again. I opened the night-stand and brought out an ultra-sensitive condom. "Wait! Let me put this on you tiger" said Vidya, I liked being called 'tiger', and it just was a turn-on for me.

I sat on the bed with my organ all ready and my sister putting a rubber over it.

She delicately put on the condom on me and rolled it all the way to the base of my dick. "Now am ready!" she said. "Be gentle, please, am a virgin" she beseeched.


"Sure, now stop talking and let me fuck you" I said. I propped her head up on the soft pillows, kept a pillow beneath her waist and lay down on her.

I directed my cock inside her pussy, shattering her hymen, "Aaaahh!" she shouted as the pleasure became painful and I went painfully in her.

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As I wore the rubber I couldn't really feel what her vagina felt like, but I could tell that it was warm and wonderfully tight and wet as I could slide my cock in and out easily. I kissed her slowly and started loving her, she was moaning, I was sweating. At the beginning I did it slowly, my strokes were slow and long and she was moaning pleasurably, I wanted it harder so I grabbed her leg and half hoisted it up and I fucked her hard, "Be gentle tiger!" she screamed with pleasure, her eyes had rolled back in her head in her ecstasy as she screamed "Aaaahh!

Oh my God, fuck me harder, faster, and deeper!" "Didi I'm trying I shouted!" beads of sweat formed on my neck as I was thrusting my organ as fast as I can. She screamed in pleasure but it must have hurt her because she was crying. Seeing my beautiful sister cry slowed me down, she was bleeding a little but that was because her hymen split and we went at it again. This time I controlled myself and did it gently, letting her moan and she came again. I was exhausted from doing it and she wanted to be in charge so I lied down on the bed while she sat on me.

She took my cock and put it in her pussy, and started going up and down on me, moaning all the while. "Aaaahh… Vikrant am coming!

Oh… ooh!" she squirted all over the mattress, and my pubes. She bent down, kissed me and continued doing it. I groaned as I felt semen building in my balls, waiting to be released. I withdrew my penis out of her, took off the condom and jerked off using my hand. Now this was completely unexpected but she opened her mouth, like a dirty porn star, waiting to swallow my juices.

I reached the point of ecstasy, the whole world spun around, stars blurred my vision and blew off half a dozen shots in her mouth, and she swallowed them. Good God! "Vidya your boldness… is quite… overwhelming" I said. She threw her head back and laughed heartily.

"Come here you horny bastard, fucking your sister" she said laughing and kissed me on the mouth. My cock was flaccid because of the heavy load I had blown, but I could feel it hardening again. I placed my hands on her ass, and parted her ass cheeks, hoping to finger her asshole. "Mm…" she moaned as my tongue found its way in her now familiar mouth. "Let me sleep you horny guy… You are a bastard Vikrant, you made me cry and tired me out" she said, "Am sorry but c'mon Vidya didi, how about a second round?" I groaned.

"Later, you have tired me out now" she said and pretended to fall asleep. I was tired and quickly fell asleep, there was pleasure in my loins and I had placed my arm on Vidya's breasts, her warm, soft body felt nice in my arms.

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Somehow, I was hardening down there again. It was unintentional but my cock poked her vagina, waking her up. She started all of a sudden, and stared at me. Then realizing what had happened, laughed and said "God you are such a horny guy Vikrant!" She kissed me, she was moaning and giving me a hand job.

I groaned in pleasure as her soft fingers encircled my stiff cock and pulled my foreskin back and forth. She pushed me on the mattress and started sucking my cock again, she put it in her soft and perfect breasts and moved up and down staring at me the whole time, and I was mesmerized as she did her job. I grabbed her, kissed her, and made her go on all fours on the bed. I wanted to fuck her doggy-style; I put my hard organ in her pussy. She screamed loudly as I penetrated her deeper than ever.

I went as fast as I possibly could, she was screaming and moaning uncontrollably as she crashed on to more orgasms. I grabbed her by her hair and went faster, riding her like a pony. "Aaaahh! Ooh! I am going to… ooh! Am. Coming!" she shouted, I could feel her juices squirting on my penis; we were going without a condom so I could feel her vaginal walls clinging to my penis too.

I was ready to shoot my seed in her but I wanted her ass, I took my cock out of her and pushed down making her lie flat on the bed. I parted her ass cheeks and sought her asshole, I licked and fingered it.

She knew what I was going to do, she said "Vikrant, anal will hurt… A lot, lets use lube, please" I got some Vaseline and applied it in her ass, I rubbed it all in her ass, and on my cock as well. It was slippery now and I was ready to fuck her in the ass. I lay down on the bed and placed her on top of me, slowly I put my cock in her ass. She screamed as her body protested against it and hurt her. Ignoring her screams, I went in and she gasped as a new kind of pleasure shook her.

It was too tight, her asshole had closed around my cock and I could neither move it in or out. Slowly, it relaxed and I could pull my cock in and out of her slowly.

She was moaning in pleasure and I rubbed her pussy with my hand as I fucked her ass, her nerves were tingled with pleasure. I put my hand in her mouth letting her taste her own juices, and increased my speed. "Slow down, slow down, oh no! Aaaahh!" she shouted. We were really tired by now, but I wanted to finish this and I fucked her tight asshole hard. She screamed at the top of her lungs as she came, she squirted her juices all around.

I was gasping as I was nearing my climax, I wanted to cum in her ass but she refused to let me do that. I removed my cock out of her asshole and let her milk me. She used both her hands to pull my foreskin up and down, I went weak in pleasure and I could feel the semen erupting out of my cock, it splattered over her belly, her breasts and we sealed another kiss as we embraced sleep's waiting arms.

She was sleeping next to me, but when I woke up the next morning she was in her room. I tried talking to her about what happened but she didn't want to talk about it, she said she did what she wanted to but we were keeping it a secret and not talking about it anymore and definitely not doing it again. She is friendly and sisterly towards me, but she hasn't forgotten about what happened either. As a matter of fact, we did it again, but that story is for another day…