Como se llama la mujer

Como se llama la mujer
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Please Rate and comment Prior: The School Girl Pinata Prior: The School Girl Pinata STOP THIS CRAZINESS Prior: The School Girl Pinata The Gangs All Here Prior: The Captive (School girl is taken for a gang member's birthday party to be used for their entertainment.]. Her abuse continues and then she is held captive for the needs of the gang.) The door opened again and Hector walked in carrying a 12 pack.

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Jenna looked back to see who was coming. "What the Fuck You doing?" Screamed Miguel. He grabbed Jenna by the hair. "Who told you to stop." Terrified Jenna pleaded. "I am sorry, I am sorry." "Shut the fuck up, stupid bitch, get your mouth back down." Jenna lowered her mouth on Miguel's cock.


She was terrified that she had messed up. Worse yet Hector was there. Laughing Hector threw Miguel a beer. Jenna shuddered when she heard Hector's voice. He was the worst, a sexual sadist. Miguel could show some kindness to Jenna when they were alone but with Hector there was no kindness. Hector was a brutal thug who loved abusing the teen. "Hey what's this food over here." Asked Hector.

"That's was dinner for the bitch, but go for it if you are hungry." Laughed Miguel. Jenna's head popped up and turned around. "No!


I am so hungry, Please don't eat my food. I haven't eaten anything for so long." Miguel screamed. "Did I talk to you." He reached out to slap Jenna but she ducked back down on his cock. Jenna realized her mistake, but she was so hungry she started to cry. Hector sat down on the couch with the food intended for Jenna. "HMMM, this is good burger and the fries are the way I like them.

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" Jenna could barely keep from looking at him eating her dinner. "OH look the bitch is crying, nothing to eat." Laughed Hector as he munched away on a big burger. "This is fucking delicious. Dam is this good." Hector pulled down his pants and leaned back. "Hey Miguel, if the little whore is hungry, have her lick my asshole. Clean it up." Miguel grabbed the crying teen by the hair and pushed Jena's face into Hectors butt hole. "That's it, lick it clean.

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You can watch me eating with your mouth in my asshole ." Laughed Hector. Hector held part of the burger in front of the girl's face while she was being forced to clean his butt.

"Look up at me Bitch." "Open you eyes and look at me." Jena was gagging licking his ass as she forced herself to look up. Her mouth in his ass she looked up to see the thug laughing munching on her meal. "Dig that tongue into my hole." "Let me see your tongue." "Kneel Bitch, raise your head." His butt licked clean Hector made the helpless teen kneel in front of him.

Hector pulled his pants completely off and removed his belt. He looped the belt through the buckle and put It over Jenna's head letting the strap fall between her young pert breasts.

Miguel took his belt and did the same. The two belts hung over the bitch's neck as she knelt between them. Jenna knelt, sobbing, unable to move she was so terrified. "Look what we got here. " "A Double Belt Neck Tie party." "What are you going to do?" Cried Jenna in a panic. She started to get up but Hector grabbed one belt end and Miguel the other belt. They pulled in opposite directions choking the bitch.

Jenna desperate, reached up with her hands to hold the belts but there was little she could do against their strength. Finally she gave up, kneeling on the floor between the two leering gang bangers.

Miguel and Hector wrapped the strap ends of their belt around their fists. They pulled tight as the bitch struggled to breathe. Jenna's face was red from the strangulation and her neck already reddened from the belts. Hector pulled her one way with his belt and the Miguel the other way. As Jenna was ready to pass out they let loose the belt. Jena gasped for air, her body heaved as she regained her breath.

SMAAAACK. Hector wacked the bitch across the head with the strap end of the belt. "You gonna listen better now." Hector pulled his belt tight pulling toward him.

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Miguel pulled the other way. Again Jenna began to choke. "Fucking cunt, you are going to do exactly what we say." Miguel let loose of his belt while Hector led her back to the couch and pulled her head down on his dick with the belt. "Now that's it, all the way down. Suck it hard. Fuck yea." Hector laughed as Jenna's head bobbed up and down on his rod. "Take it deep, all the way in that little whore throat. " Hector grabbed the belt right at the loop and held her mouth down on his cock.

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As she thrashed he let her up, her face purple and spit and slime dripping down her face and running down her chest. Hector relented and let Jenna catch her breath. "That's a nice little pig, now suck on it." Tears streamed down Jenna's red face. Desperate she sucked on the cock. If she could keep them happy maybe they would let up. She did not want to do anything to make it worse.

She felt Miguel's hands on her ass. She knew it was coming. She was so helpless, just a school girl. She should be home, not here. His hands were over her ass and then probing inside her cunt. As she sucked Hector she felt Miguel's fingers probing her pussy. Miguel and Hector were laughing. "Bro, fuck the little whore." Miguel ran his cock up and down her slit. " Hector's cock was deep in her throat while Miguel pushed himself deep inside her pussy. Brutally Hector held her head down on his dick while more slime dripped from her mouth.

He pulled her head up. "Look at me!!!" He was shooting photos and a video of her." He pushed her head back down and began to pump her mouth harder and harder. Miguel grabbed her ass and leaned into her screaming as he pumped his cock inside her Hector jerked her head up and down as his cum filled her gut. She choked up his cum and slime even as Miguel continued to pound her pussy. Jenna jerked back and forth as Miguel held her hips pumping her cunt.

"AHHHNO NOOOOOOOOOO" Jenna screamed Hector Screamed. "Fuck her to Death.

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Jenna screamed for mercy but she shook violently as Miguel grabbed her hips, smacked her ass and screamed while he filled her pussy with his cum.

Jenna lay sobbing, crying. Hector grabbed one of the belts and pulled her by the neck. "Oh Please no more Please." Hector laughed and slapped her red swollen face with his cock. He shoved her head down on the slime and cum on the floor and smeared her face around it.

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Hector pulled her head up by the belt. She could see he was already hard again. To Be Continued.