Horny college girl Brandy enjoys pounding by a big cock in a dorm room

Horny college girl Brandy enjoys pounding by a big cock in a dorm room
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I had just shut off the TV after the college football game I was watching had come to an end, when I looked at the clock and realized that it was getting late. Both of my parents and my three younger brothers were already in bed, and I had to get up to work in the morning. I was currently taking a semester off from college and living at home while I worked down at the local supermarket to accumulate some money.

Considering that I had to be at work by 8 AM, which was just seven hours away, I should have gone upstairs right there.

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However, I was feeling horny as hell and needed to get off. I opened up my laptop computer and went to my favorite porn website, where I quickly acquired a raging hard on from the movies I was watching. I pulled out my seven inch cock and began to stroke it as my eyes remained fixated on the scene of a young teen girl getting pounded in the ass by a massive dick.

At that point I was not sure if I would rather be the guy doing the fucking or the girl getting railed in the ass. I had recently come to grips with the fact that I was bi-sexual. If I was given a choice, I would almost always choose to have sex with a girl as opposed to a guy, but I would sometimes get these urges to take another man's penis.

I had never had much luck with the ladies, as for I did not spend much time around them. I went to an all boys' high school, and did not spend much time out of my house when I was not at school. I had spent so much time around guys that I guess they had started to rub off on me. Now back to the story at hand. I was beating my cock when I heard footsteps coming down the backstairs. I figured that it was my brother Matt, who was 17 years old.

Although he was three years younger than me, he was a couple inches taller at 6'4".

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He had short, dirty blond hair, tan skin, and a thin, muscular upper body which he had shaped from lifting weights. He had more success with women than I did, although I still had fantasized about having sex with him before.

Just in case he decided to come into the living room, I quickly slid my dick back into my pants. However, this action did not do much to hide my erection, as a huge bulge was still visible through the pant material. Since I really did not think he would come into the family room, I kept the porn movie playing.

However, he did open the door, stuck his head in, and asked what I was doing. I frantically raced to hit the mute button on my computer. "N-n-nothing. Just…nothing," I stuttered nervously.


He walked over to me, noticed the bulge in my pants, and then looked at the screen. "Looking at porn, are we now," he said. "He, everybody does it. I just gotta get off, you know," I replied. Now things took an unexpected turn.

Matt went on to say "Yeah, I know&hellip. and I would be willing to help you." As I turned towards him and gave him a very curious look, he said, "Well since you always get alcohol for my friends and me, and are always driving us around since none of us have cars, I really owe you a nice thank you.

And to tell you the truth, I just had some of that vodka you got for me last weekend and I am feeling kind of horny." Almost in a state of shock, I asked "Well, what did you have in mind?" "Well, you can keep watching what you were watching, and I can maybe suck on your dick a little.

"You will really give me head?" I asked. "Yeah, I mean, if you want it," he stuttered as he got down on his knees next to the couch.

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"You don't need to ask me twice," I responded as I hurriedly leaned back on the couch, put my legs up, and re-released my raging boner. I reached over to the laptop, which was positioned on a nearby chair, and turned the movie back on.

I held my cock until my brother took hold of it, and he starred at it nervously as he leaned in. As I looked down at him, he plopped the head into his mouth and pressed it up against the inside of his cheek. I let out a loud moan of pleasure as he started bobbing his head up and down on my fat penis. His warm tongue quickly covered my dick with his saliva, as he tried to take my seven inch cock deeper and deeper into his mouth.

I could not believe this taboo act was actually happening, but I was enjoying every second of it. I turned my head back towards the computer screen and continued to watch the hot blond teen take a beefy cock up her ass.

As I continued looking at the porn, my brother wrapped his hand around the base of my dick, wrapped his lips right around the head, and started sucking really hard. He took his head off for a few seconds, feverishly jerked my meat, and then started sucking on my head again. He repeated the process a couple more times, and then started passionately licking the end of my cock. He wrapped his lips around it and continued to lick, swirling his entire head around while his hand churned at the base of my rod.

I did not know how much longer I could last, as it felt like I was going to cum at any moment. I began pushing my hips up in the air, forcing my penis deeper into his mouth. As I slowly pushed my dick up, he tried his best to engulf the entire thing.

During his first attempt, he managed to take about half of it. However, after a few more tries he was making three quarters of my shaft disappear into his throat before he would start to gag and then pull his head off. After I felt my cock head get squeezed by his gagging throat on several successive occasions, I knew that I could not hold it in any longer. I put my hand on the back of his head and started pumping my meat into his mouth.

He kept his head in place and sloppily licked and sucked on my rod as it went back and forth between his lips.


I finally let loose, thrusting my hips upward one last time and sent shot after shot my sticky cum into my own brother's warm mouth.

With my hand still on the back of his head, Matt continued to lick around my penis, sucking out every last drop of my seed. Cum dripping from his mouth, he let my cock flop out of his mouth and gave it one more long, passionate lick from base to tip before getting off his knees and walking towards the door.


As he was about to turn and leave, I asked, "Where are going?" "I'm going up to bed now," he replied. I rolled off the couch and got down on my knees in front of him and said, "I still have to return the favor." A smile came across his face as I started to unzip his tight blue jeans. I brought them down around his ankles, and they were soon followed by his boxers. His penis flopped out towards my face, and needless to say it was already hard as a rock.

I had never seen my brother with an erection before, and I was surprised at how well-endowed he was. Even though he was three years younger than me, his dick was already longer and a little wider than mine. I already could not wait to take it all of his tasty meat down my throat.

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I slowly started stroking it with one hand as I lustfully admired its beauty. What I was about to do felt so dirty, but so right at the same time.

I quickly snapped out of my trance and got ready to take my brother's huge cock in my mouth. I leaned forward and engulfed his head, tightly wrapping my lips around his bulging cock. As I began to suck, he instantly let out a loud moan and thrust his hips forward, feeding me more of his penis.

My mouth willingly accepted his manhood, and I started bobbing my head back and forth on his dick while I worked my tongue along its underside. I proceeded to wrap my moist lips back around his bulging head and moved my face from side to side as I passionately licked all around the end of his penis. After my tongue had given the end of his cock plenty of attention, I tightened my lips around his corona and brought my hand up to the base of his shaft.

I then began to vacuum suck the end of his meat as hard as I could while my tongue quickly flicked back and forth across his pee hole. My hand feverishly stroked his vein-covered rod as my brother moaned and tilted his head back in ecstasy. I quickly dropped my hand to the base of his shaft and began fervently bobbing my head up and down his pole once again, but this time I took almost three quarters of his huge penis into my mouth before I would slide my lips back out to his cock-head.

His knees buckled in pleasure as his moaning grew louder. He placed his hands on the back of my head and helped push my mouth down even farther on his cock as I eagerly licked and sucked him the best I could.

Sucking hard and licking even harder, I barely had time to breath as my mouth made passionate love to my brother's sizeable penis. After a minute of taking his ardent thrusts, I had to let his meat slide out of my mouth, as I seriously needed to catch my breath. As I sat on my knees panting for air, I realized that my mouth was already craving the taste of my brother's huge cock again.

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Slowly stroking it with one hand, I hungrily stared at his meat and imagined how it good it would taste once I put it back in my mouth. As I kneeled there, dripping with sweat, I began to realize how dirty and kinky it was for two brothers to be fervently sucking each off.

I could hardly believe my own brother's dick had been in my mouth, and I do not think the magnitude of what we had done had set in yet.

It was now at the point where we could not resist each other, and society's rules had just gone out the window. I had not blown another man in years, and I had forgotten how satisfying it felt. I needed my mouth to be filled with his rod once again, so I went back into action with a renewed zeal. I lifted up his bulging meat, licked around his balls, up the underside of his shaft, and concluded by licking his cock-head. I then leaned forward and pushed my face down on his penis until it hit the back of my throat.

I backed up slightly, relaxed my throat muscles and pushed back down on his dick again. This time I engulfed even more of his cock, and I continued to press down until my gag reflex kicked in and I had to back off again. However, I kept pushing his pole down my throat, and it was not long until my throat started to cooperate.

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I placed my hands on his ass cheeks and used them as leverage to force his massive penis further down my throat, until the point that I was completely deep throating him.

My nose was in his pubes, and I could feel his sweaty balls swaying up against my chin. I had learned how to deep throat by sucking on a few dicks in high school, and the skills were still serving me well tonight. My brother's moans began to get louder and louder, and he repeatedly thrust his meat forward into my mouth.

I was in a state of ecstasy, as I was tasting every inch of my own brother's beautiful manhood. As I squeezed on his hot ass to keep his cock down my throat, my brother placed both of his hands of the back of my head again and began to slowly fuck my face. With short, powerful thrusts he rammed his hot penis into my mouth as I sloppily ate it up. With saliva dripping out the corners of my mouth, I could hardly believe that I had fit such a large dick in my mouth.

He stretched out my mouth like no other man had ever before. His moans became louder and I felt his glistening body start to tighten up. I gripped his ass cheeks even tighter and prepared for impact. With one powerful thrust, he yelled out in pleasure and unloaded a massive load of cum into my mouth.

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I then felt string after string of his seed shooting through his dick as it filled my mouth to capacity. Swallowing as much of his man juice as I could, he continued to thrust his penis into me until it was running down my chin. Once his orgasm was through, I gave the head of his cock one last suck before I let it out of my mouth. With both of us panting for air and some of his cum still on my chin, he told me that I had just given him the best blowjob he had ever received.

I then stood up, pulled my body up to his, and began to passionately make out with him. We could both taste cum in each other's mouths and I reached around and I grabbed his ass once again. As our tongues and lips continued to interact, my cock got hard once again as it rubbed up against his leg. At last we broke our intimate embrace, and my naked brother went up the stairs to his room without a word.

I remained standing in the family room, shocked at what I had just done. I felt so unbelievably dirty, yet I felt a strong sense of satisfaction as well. After several minutes of silent reflection, I made my way up to my room and laid down in an attempt to fall asleep.