Silke beim ficken mit Einems riesen schwanz teil 1

Silke beim ficken mit Einems riesen schwanz teil 1
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MY SEXUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY PART - 37 GETTING PREGNANT My dear friends! At the time of writing this part of MY SEXUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY, I am already mother of a cute baby boy. I become mother on a very very special day, 11 - 11 - 11 by a normal delivery. My son is now two months old and doing very well. For information of all of my friends, Name of my son is RAKTIM ( given by my father - in - law ) but everyone calls him RAJU ( RA from my husband's nameRamesh and JU from my name, Julee ) He does not give me much trouble and keeps smiling and playing whenever awake.

So, now I start the story. Enjoy. My life is a complete life of a woman with my husband. He is a real man and a loving, caring husband and made me feel as a goddess between his strong arms. But still, I wanted to become a complete woman. I wanted to be a mother, I wanted to feel love and affection of a child born from my own womb, I wanted my husband to give me gift of our love child. I must also confess that sex is more than sex within us, sex is.

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heaven, sex is life, and sex is the most valued gift of god to human being. Between my husband's arms sex means love, sex means melting, sex means passion and pure bliss. He opens to me fields of sensuality, helps me to climb peak of eroticism, swimming through rivers of juices and sailing on seas of ecstasy.

Making love with him is every time is a new adventure, a new experience, a new pleasure, a new discovery of my inner self, a new tight sweet link between us, a new overflowing wave of passion, of love. It is a pleasure to make love with him at any time, in any places and in any positions and always with the same ardor, with the same desire to melt, to crash into each other, closer, tighter, deeper, again and again and again. Hmmm. How I love him.

I love him! I do love him so much, so passionately, so entirely. We both decided to have a baby as this is the right time to become Mother and Father of a kid. Till now, we were having sex only for our pleasure and love.

Now we have decided to have sex with a purpose of becoming parents. I was so thrilled even about thinking of my pregnancy and becoming mother of my husband's child. We decided to have sex fuck without any protection from now onward. We were in our home town Goaat my in-law's house for holidays. It was the month of February. A lovely weather in Goa. Not too hot and not too cold.


According to my calculation and my experience, it was the night when I conceived. So, I am sharing the most important moment of my life with you. It was Saturday night and I was on the 12th day of my menstrual cycle.

I knew that 10th to 20th day of menstrual cycle of a lady is the days when a woman has the best chances of getting pregnant. I do not know, but on that day, I was feeling different which I am not able to express in words. We were busy during the day meeting different people as we were in our home town after too many months. My husband along with me also went to meet my parents in the evening. We returned to my in-law's house after having our dinner at my father's house.

My parents-in-law were waiting for us to return home. We all, me, my husband, my loving mother-in-law and my father in-law were sitting together in the drawing room and were talking on different subjects. At about 11.30 in the night, my parents in-law went to sleep in their bedroom situated in front portion of the house. Our bedroom is situated in back of the house. One of the doors of our bedroom opens in the lawn of our house. First floor of our house is having two guest bedrooms with attached bath.

The terrace of our house is surrounded by high walls. We came to our bedroom and we both have decided to go to terrace to play our game of love and fuck under the open sky. I have removed the clothes having on my body and just put a sexy transparent gown on my sexy body, without wearing bra and panty. I looked myself in the mirror, every curve of my sexy body and every part of my body were visible through my gown. I saw my husband, who also took his clothes off and was standing near me, watching me, wearing only his shorts.

We smiled seeing each other. We took a smooth carpet along us and went to the terrace through staircases near our bedroom. We were four members of the family at home. My parent- in-laws was sleeping in their bedroom and we were heading towards the terrace fearlessly.

We could behave as freely as we would like no matter to decency or all civilization's morals, as high walls of the terrace were enough to keep us away from every one form neighboring houses.

We spread the carpet on the floor of the terrace and sat on it. Blue sky clouds, full of stars and full moon night and the atmosphere was quite.

The night air was pleasant, cool and slightly moist.


The moonlight fairly illuminated the entire area. A perfect atmosphere for a loving young couple like us to play the oldest and most pleasurable game of love, sex and fuck. We were both relaxed and lost in thought, enjoying the atmosphere. He gave me a light kiss on my neck and his lips were like feathers. A shiver of pleasure ran along my spine. His second kiss, as sweet and ethereal as the first one, landed on my lips. I closed my eyes. He did not touch my body with his hands; he just kissed me tenderly on my neck, my lips and my shoulders.

He cuddled me closely under the moonlit night sky, sparkling with millions of little stars, like a big velvet cloth sprinkled with diamonds. As always, I felt his arms holding me so tightly and so lovingly, keeping me warm. My body thrilled in his embrace. With one of his hands, he gently touched my face and ran his fingers through my soft hair.

His finger tips encircled a few strands of my hair. His fingers then tenderly moved from my hair and down towards my chin. With them on my chin, he softly moved my head around so that I was facing him. I stared deeply into his eyes for a few silent loving, deep moments, before closing them to the feel of his warm, moist hot lips upon my own soft, juicy and hot lips. His tongue licked softly upon my lips, tracing my lips. His soft lips brushed gently against mine as it probed into my warm mouth with his moist, soft tongue.

I felt the joy uprising in my soul as we kissed deeply and lovingly. I felt his arms warped around my cold, aching body, warming it up so much and made me feel safe and loved. I felt so comfortable within his welcoming warms, so loved. My fingers ran through his hair, as we explored each other's mouths.

I loved the feeling of his soft hair; it sent tantalizing electricity through me. We kissed passionately, our lips and tongue dancing in an amorous dance of which we only could feel.

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His kisses felt so good, so warm, so loving. It is my addiction, his love, his kisses. I had to have more as soon as the pleasure filled my heart. We kissed more, our lips softly massaging each others, our tongues playing together in our mouths. When we finally pulled apart to breathe, he stroked my hair lightly. He asked me to remove my gown.

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I understood his purpose. He wanted to see my breasts. He wanted to fondle them, kiss them bare. He wanted to see my nude sexy body in open air.

And to be very honest, I too do not like any clothes on my body and also on his body as far as possible. I blushed deeply, felt shy but did not hesitate at all. I looked around to make sure none were watching me. The place was absolutely secured. We were safe, we were completely safe, away from any one's eye and the stage is set to have a wonderful fuck under the open sky.

Under the full moon light I began to undress myself. I slowly removed the gown from my body. He was looking at me. My bare breasts were in full view to him. My breasts always attracts him, round, ample and firm, perfect breasts with brown nipples. I heard his gasp of pleasure at seeing my naked boobs under the open sky and under moonlight.

I did not stop. I did not want to show him only my bare boobs but I wanted to show him more, my full body, my treasures and all of mine which is his property. I parted my legs too and I felt so exposed under that moon light, in full view to him. My cute and clean saved pussy shone in the bright full moon light.

I am fully naked now, for him. The moon captured my completely unclothed body as a spotlight. I stood naked. I was fully offered to Nature, offered to Love, offered to him.

I looked at him. I saw his eyes focused on mine, looking over the curves of my naked body. "Wow, sweet heart! You look incredible in moon light! You are beautiful like angel from the haven. I blew a kiss to him and raised my arms proudly to the sky to better enhance and show him my naked and sexy boobs, my whole nude body.

He looked at me with love and desire melted. I cupped my own bobs, pressed together causing the large, light brown aureoles to pop out. I slowly twisted my nipples between my fingers. I placed my hands on the back of my head. Moving my body closer to him, I wiggled my boobs with erected nipples, right next to his face.

He could not keep his eyes off my bosoms. But I wanted to do more; I wanted to show him to the extreme, I wanted to show him how daring I could be for him, as always. Suddenly I was on my knees, thighs opened while arched back on my arms, head down on the ground. Every part of my hot, lovely, sexy and clean shaven pussy, my mound, swelled vaginal vulva and puffy vaginal labial lip were exposed to his eyes. I presented my treasure to him, to my lover, to my nearest and dearest, to my loving husband once again.

I offered him my boobs, my boobs were doing the dancing alone then and they were the only part of my body moving, breathing up and down. My pussy and boobs were so near to his hands, so near to his mouth. I was standing up in front of him.

He looked directly into my eyes and held my naked body in tight embrace. He enveloped my lips in a long, passionate kiss that took my breath away. He held me in tight embrace for a long time to feel the soft touch of my soft boobs with erect nipples on his bare chest. A warm sensation filled my body. Our passionate embrace seemed not ending.

Out of breath and my heart full of love, I looked at his radiant face. I took his hand and placed it on my boobs. I could feel the warmth of his palm on my boobs. His hands cupped my boobs and started to massage gently. He leaned closer to me as he massaged my round boobs, kneading the soft flesh between his fingers. He drew circles around my nipples with his finger, gently pinching and twisting the nipples.

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My nipples were already hard before his soft caresses. A soft murmur escaped from my lips as the pleasure started growing inside me. He took my arms and laid me on my back, straddling over me, holding my wrists, kissing my face with delight. My breath caught as he worked his kisses down my body. He rubbed his chin back and forth over the sensitive skin of my globes. He kissed and licked the skin of my ample boobs. His eyes began to close as his mouth closed around my nipple.

He took one nipple in his mouth, lightly sucked and gently nibbled. He then went to the other. His sucking and nibbling was so pleasurable that I started to moan. His gentle lips meet mine again, and we kiss deeply, lovingly. We looked deeply in each other's eyes. After a few minutes of intense passion fueled kissing, he again moved his face down to my boobs.

His tongue flicked across my left nipple before taking it into his mouth and sucking it, as while as his hand gently played with my right. He pinched my nipple between his lips, bite with his teeth and tugged gently. I could see in his face the fun that he had in doing so. I was lying nude there in front of him, under the night blue full moon sky.

While he was caressing, sucking and pressing my breasts, I could not resist my legs to spread apart. While one of his hands was gently massaging my boobs, the other roamed the gentle curves of my body and came to rest on my thighs. I widened my legs more offering him my waiting womanhood.

I held his hand and placed it on my mound. My body shivered when his hand roamed around my mound and the puffy vaginal lips. My legs parted more and I leaned towards him, anxious for his hunt.

He begun to ran his fingers along length of my pussy crack, up and down. His finger found my clit, began to circle it, lightly, slowly increasing his pressure. I felt wetness intensified in my pussy as his gentle touch kept on stroking my clit. I moan out in pleasure, feeling passion and lust.

I moaned, I quivered, I shook, shouting my orgasm to the sky. He slipped one, then two and finally three fingers into my already dripping pussy hole. He continued thrusting his fingers in and out until I climaxed and wetted his fingers with my pussy juices. "I know you love this, Honey," he smiled at me before he dropped his mouth upon my face. He tongued my ear lobes. my cheeks. my lips. my breasts. my nipples. my belly.


my bellybutton. His tongue approached downwards to my vaginal region. His tongue brushed across my groin. my thighs. my bulged labia. my puffy inner pussy lips. he touched my swallowed clitoris and rested there for a while. A squeal of pleasure escaped from my throat as I felt his tongue flickered and caressed across my clit, circling it.

The pleasure was so intense; my wetness was so much. I started to breathe heavily. I responded to his play, thrusting my pussy at him. I felt him lick all around my clit button, my dripping pussy, my wetness. licking everywhere, licking every little nook and cranny that his tongue could reach, making me feel so good, so intense, the pleasure filled my body so much that I could not stand it. Shuddering, moving, twitching my body, I moaned loudly, feeling his tongue invade my pussy hole and lick faster and faster.

As I felt the intense warmness of another climax nearing, I gasped out. Soon I felt a sudden blast of pleasure as the explosion, fueled by my own passion, carried from my clit and radiated all across my body. He brought me to an explosive climax once more with his mouth. A relaxed haze gently washed upon my body after the pleasure subsided, and I lay there, my eyes closed, covered with sweat and my own juices and exhausted. I felt so hot, I felt so desirable, I felt so female.

I kept my eyes shut enjoying the pleasure he gave me. I knew he was looking at me, enjoying my pleasured, naked and beautiful beauty. When I finally opened my eyes, I saw his nude figure kneeling next to me, his long and thick dick rock hard and standing fully up.

I did not know, when he removed his shorts. He had been gently stroking it, as he watched me lying naked in my haze of pleasure. I smiled at him and pulled his hands off his dick, replacing it with my own. I gently stroked it, rubbing it around its crown. His dick is so big and hard, and it looked so hot and exciting.

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My hand slid up and down the skin of his hard shaft. I got more and more horny. He watched my play with his standing cock. I caressed his shaft delicately, circling my fingers over it. I felt that for me loves means to be also in charge, not to be only passive, I need to share, I need to touch, to press, to feel the other at the same time that I need to be taken, possessed. Without another thought, I laid him on his back and slowly leaning over him, kissed his cock crown.

I smiled at him, looking deeper into his eyes. I flicked my tongue across his cock head crown and watched his reaction as I stared into his face. Holding his shaft in my palm, I licked it. I took his cock crown into my mouth and sucked it, wrapping my moist lips around it.

With my hands I stroked the base as I gently sucked him. I took more of him in my mouth and felt him twitch from the pleasure.

I moved my head up and down, having him go slid in and out of my moist mouth. My mouth was stuffed full of his hard dick! It is hard, but velvety smooth. As it got wet with my saliva, it slid easily between my eager lips. The feeling for both of us was incredible. I really loved this! I played with his balls. After a few minutes, I slid his cock out of my mouth and looked at him.

I knew it was necessary for me to take him half way by my hand and mouth treatment on his hot cock as he takes a long time to cum.

I wanted him to shower his sweet warm cum in to my pussy along with my orgasm so that I can take a chance to become pregnant in that night, under blue sky with full moon. After some time, I lie back down on the carpet and spread my legs apart, still glistening and wet from the orgasm I had before, my wetness dripping down onto the carpet, where a wet spot had been forming.

He sat between my thighs. Leaning over me, he brought his face to mine and kissed on my lips lovingly. I could see his gorgeous cock swinging slowly between his thighs, and I knew that this lovely cock will soon be buried deeply and powerfully into my pussy, as always.

We did not speak. His kisses were going down my body, little by little. He kissed the upper part of my boobs again. I could feel his hot breath on my nipples as his lips started circling on my fully erect nipples. He sucked them gently, one after another. I moaned. He gripped my nipples with his teeth and gave a gentle bite. I moan louder. The tip of his tongue then circled my navel, followed by his tender lips.

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I moaned and squirmed. I myself fully offered me to his lips and tongue, to his caresses, to his sex and he knew it. It was a wonderful feeling. He once more held my boobs with his hands, fondled them, pinched nipples, tugged them.

He positioned himself over me and I lifted my hips to meet him. His swelled saliva and pre cum slicked glossy hard shaft touched my pussy lips. He parted my inner pussy lips and brushed the head of his cock between my pussy lips, wetting his cock head with my juices. The pressure of his cock against my pussy lips was incredibly arousing, as always. I pulled my knees up and began to grip his erected cock with my soft pussy mussels as he slowly slid his hot rod further and further into my juicy pussy.

My fingers clawed across his back, a lust for him consuming me, fucking me once again. The pressure of his cock in to my pussy, against my clitoris, against my velvety pussy mussels was so smooth and so incredibly erotic and so arousing that I moaned out loud.

My hips knowingly worked towards him. I felt him filling my pussy tunnel with his hot, erected, long and thick cock. My pussy drenched, squeezing around his manhood.

He too felt so good in me. My eyes were burning with desire. with passion. with lust. He started to penetrate his long cock in to my pussy, slowly, powerfully pushing himself in deeper and deeper inside me, my pussy hole stretched apart with his bigness. He pushed harder until I felt his entire dick buried itself deep inside my pussy, his cock crown kissed my cervix and his balls slapped against my buns.

I felt my pussy tunnel completely filled with his long and thick cock. He slowly slid himself back until only the head of his hot, long and thick cock was inside my pussy, and then slid it back deeply inside with a great force.

He repeated it. Repeat. repeat. and repeat. With each forward stroke his supreme majesty forced, rammed, and caressed the sugary walls of my sanctuary.

I screamed out my pleasure as I feel his cock deep in to me. His rhythm and strokes got faster and faster, pumping his hard cock in and out of my wet tight pussy, his shaft repeatedly rubbing my clitoris at each forward and backward stroke, sending waves of pleasure across my entire body. Cool breeze touching to our naked bodies, particularly on my wet pussy and his wet cock was making us so happy that I am not able to express in the words.

What a wonderful fuck it was. I was being fucked by my loving husband on the terrace of our house under blue skied full moon night. I love the force he used and the power of his fucking, it is truly delicious. Oh he is so good, so strong, so powerful, I always feel so lucky, so taken, so female, in every fuck game with my husband. My breasts swayed furiously before his eyes with each of his wild thrusts. We merged our bodies on the link of the universe.

I rotated my hips. back and forth. up and down. side to side.

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with his strokes. He pulled my legs over his shoulders which heightened our intimacy. I felt like a sex goddess. Cupping my proud young boobs with his hands, he continued to fuck me, sometimes slowly, some times faster and harder, keeping me in a high state of erotic pleasure all the time.

I love every minute of fucking. It was so good to feel, so arousing, I climaxed powerfully, jerking against his hard cock. His stroke was powerfully, his penetration was deep. He is so male, so strong, so. a wave of pleasure, stronger, bigger, overwhelmed me. I lost control; he grasped me as I could hear his moan. A crescendo of tingling electric shocks centered inside of my pussy, running down the inside of my legs, the soles of my feet and the tips of my boobs. I cupped my own tits and twisted my hard erect nipples!

As he thrust against me, driving deep inside, I reached to take his balls in my hand, squeezing them tenderly, rubbing and massaging them, almost worshipping them as I watched the passion burn in his eyes. My play sent his cock deeper and harder into my pussy, his body trembling and I felt his need for release building, and he took a nipple between his teeth biting gently, pulling and sucking until my body flashes with uncontrollable sparks as he took me over the edge again.

He pulled back his cock and reinserted it all the way into my pussy with one hard push. He repeated it again and again. He continued to ram into me violently until his dick started throbbing inside my vaginal orifice with sexual excitement.

A wonderful feeling! My another climax began to peek and I begun to moan with almost each breath, my breasts bouncing within inches from his face. My pussy started to convulsed uncontrollably contracting and releasing around his cock, milking it. He buried his cock deep in my pussy and I lifted my ass up off the ground and we seemed to be hanging there in air supported by my shoulders, neck head and feet!

I felt spasm of his cock inside my pussy. His cock exploded and I too reached to another strong orgasm. We both finished together. He came in a wild frenzy.

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I could feel his warm gooey sperm splashed deep inside me. filing me up, making me a complete woman. It was incredible. His cock wasshowing his love juice in to my pussy with a dance on every jet of cum fire. I looked at him with love and I could see all the love he had also for me in his eyes. I smiled at him as I felt his cum jet deep inside me.

He leaned forward pressing his chest against my soft bare breasts. He kissed me once again. No words needed, our naked souls were telling each other through our gazes all that was needed. It was my feeling immediately after fuck that he may have put a foundation to make me a complete woman, to make me a mother. He collapsed in exhaustion on top of me; his cock was still inside me, his head upon my cleavage.

We cuddled our nude bodies together, still covered with sweat and juices from our passionate, lovemaking, wonderful fucking. Both of our chests were heaving, we were gasping for breath, our bodies soaked in sweat, the smell of our union drifting me, intoxicating me. None of us spoke; he smiled into my eyes as he kissed me again, his fingers stroking my hair softly. We lay there, holding each other tightly and after a few minutes he rolled on his back and brought me to lie on top of him; his hands roamed across my back and traveled its length.

I kissed him gently pulling him into my desire as we snuggled together, lying there on the terrace, on the carpet, feeling the air blow across our nude bodies under the open sky.

I shivered slowly, but his warm arms around me and his skin next to mine warmed me up. Our lips fused together, tongues swirled into each other's mouths, sucking on lips, nibbling, caressing. I turned my head around stared up into the sky dotted with tiny little crystals, sparkling and shining. "Isn't it beautiful?" I whispered. "Yes, but not as beautiful as you," he murmurs into my ear. We lay together, still connected together, still connected as one. We were one, together and always, forever.

We were not two bodies, but connected together as one, as one soul, one body. Love, love, love, again and again, deeper and deeper, better and better. My sexy and naked body was shining in the cool light of the moon, beautiful, long, hard and so smooth, oh yes, so smooth. He took my hand and we began to walk naked together down towards our bedroom, with my gown, his shorts and the carpet in our hands. I could see his eyes running along my body, admiring gentle swaying of my boobs, moving of my ass rounds in a sexy way with each step towards our bedroom.

That night, I felt so female, as it was a special fuck for us making me proud. I was feeling something special within my body and I was sure that I must have conceived, But I had to wait till the time of my next period which was 18 days away.

We both were in Goa for a week and have enjoyed a lot every moment of our stay there. We were playing our regular fuck games daily in the nights and also during the day whenever we got chance to do it. After a week, we returned to Delhi together and I was waiting for the moment when I give a good news to my husband. A day before my monthly period, I told my husband to bring urine test strips to get tested myself in the next morning.

I was really excited to note that I missed my periods. It was confirmed that I am pregnant. I waited for another two days and to my good luck, to my husband's good luck and to my family member's good luck, my urine test on test strips was POSITIVE. And later it was confirmed by the doctor too. My husband did not wait to inform this good news to my parents and his parents and all felt very happy, very proud. Within two weeks, my parents and parents in law could not resist themselves and they visited us in Delhi to shower their blessings on me for making them grandparents.