Extreme asian deep anal gangbang

Extreme asian deep anal gangbang
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I hope you all enjoy (; ----- "Hannah, can I see you in my office?" Katherine calls from her office. Her secretary, Hannah, walks into her office to meet the powerful blonde. Katherine gives her a sultry smile. "Have you done what I asked, Hannah?" The brunette secretary gives her a smile and bites her lip, closing the door behind her. Knowing exactly what was going to happen in the next few minutes.

"What would that be, boss?" Hannah asks, feigning confusion. Katherine narrows her eyes playfully and a smirk tugs at her lips. "You printed my papers that I told you about last night, didn't you?" Katherine leans back in her leather chair with her elbows on the armrest and her fingers locked in a fold.

She glares at the woman at the door. Hannah squirms under Katherine's glare and the smoldering look ignites a fire between her legs under her flattering tight skirt. "I-I don't think I did, Ms. Klein." Hannah stutters over her words. Katherine stands up, her eyes fixed on the brunette as she walks to her. Hannah presses back against the door and gulps. "You know what that means, don't you, Hannah?" Katherine looks Hannah up and down as she licks her lips hungrily. Hannah bites her lip as her boss steps forward.

She shakes her head. Katherine smirks and moves her hands to Hannah's hips. Hannah gasps softly at the touch. Katherine runs her hands up her side and pushes Hannah's arms above her head.

Hannah closes her eyes and shivers. Katherine holds her hands to the door with her left hand as her right-hand moves to the door handle, locking the door. Katherine presses her body against Hannah's and relishes in the barely audible moan that comes for the woman against her. Their lips are inches apart now. Hannah's breathing becoming heavier while Katherine's stays controlled and even, with practice.

Katherine leans in to kiss her but detours from her lips and slowly ghosts across her jaw to her ear. "You get a punishment." She says hotly against Hannah's ear. Hannah does exactly what she had hoped for. The submissive woman whimpers and helplessly arches into her body. Her legs spread wider to accommodate Katherine's body. Katherine gratefully steps into the space, making Hannah gasp quietly with pleasure. Katherine flicks her tongue against the arch of Hannah's ear, making her moan softly.

"W-W-What punishment?" Hannah stutters out with another whimper when Katherine sucks her earlobe into her warm mouth. Katherine moves her right hand to Hannah's chest, she touches her lightly then trails her open palm down her body until she reaches the hem of her skirt. Hannah was simply trembling from her touches by the time she reached her skirt. "I think I would rather surprise you." She whispers sensually.

Hannah shivers at her words. Suddenly, Katherine was propelling her forward. Hannah grunts in pain as her knees connect with the desk. Katherine is quick to follow behind her, pressing her front into Hannah's back. A hand finds its way into Hannah's rich dark locks and roughly jerks her head back, forcing a gasp out of her. Katherine's other hand finds one of Hannah's arms and pulls it behind her back into an arm lock, causing the woman to arch her back and whimper at the slight pain in her arm.

Katherine tilts her head to the left and slowly runs her tongue up Hannah's beautiful, slender neck. Hannah moans and uses her free hand to reach behind her and pull Katherine tighter into her.

Katherine moans in appreciation against Hannah's neck. "This is what you want, isn't it, Hannah? You want me to slap you around?" Katherine whispers harshly with a hint of affection and warmth. She grinds her center into Hannah's ass, pushing her hips forward and the edge of the desk bites into Hannah's thighs. The latter bites her lip to stifle another moan.

"You want me to manhandle you?" Katherine jerks her hair again, forcing a whimper from the hot brunette. She runs her lips down Hannah's neck to her shoulder. "You want me to force you?" Katherine says while finally releasing her hair and arm but her hands quickly find the hem of her skirt again. Hannah gasps as Katherine roughly pulls her skirt up to her waist.

Within seconds, Hannah's panties are down around her knees and her blouse is being unbuttoned by deft fingers. Katherine becomes impatient and simply uses her strength to rip open the blouse. Hannah gasps as a couple of buttons clink against the hardwood floor. Katherine finds her bra straps and tugs down hard on both of the straps and Hannah's shirt.

She keeps the bra around her body, effectively pinning her arms to her sides. Hannah quickly accepts the restraints and moans as Katherine bites the skin of her shoulder. Katherine releases the now bruised flesh and pushes Hannah down onto her previously cleared off desk. Hannah whimpers softly in the new position. She always loved it when her boss took her from behind on her desk.

Katherine uses her blunt nails to scratch up her legs from the back of her knees to her ass. Hannah moans and moves back into her touch. Katherine smirks and bites her lip. "Is that what you want, Hannah? Tell me. Now." Katherine demands. Hannah whimpers and lets her forehead rest on the desk. "Yes, Ms. Klein. Yes." Hannah barely gets out in a whisper. Katherine's teasing was excruciating. A hard smack on her ass makes her yelp but she manages to stay still.

"Louder. Like you mean it." Katherine growls, landing another resounding smack against Hannah's ass. Hannah gulps loudly. Two different red hand prints form on her cheek and Katherine lightly runs her fingers over the angry red skin. "Yes, Ms. Klein. That's what I want, please, don't stop." Hannah says louder, a natural submissive bottom to Katherine, who was a proud and very dominant top. Katherine smirks and smacks Hannah's ass again, eliciting a moan from the trembling woman bent in front of her.

Katherine runs her hands over the skin that was starting to redden from her hand. "Good girl. Do you want me to fuck you?" Hannah shivers from Katherine's explicit language. It never fails to turn her on. "Yes." Hannah whimpers. She pushes back to find friction on her heated core. Katherine smiles at this move and grants the woman access to grind on her thigh, lifting her leg slightly. Hannah gasps in pleasure and eagerly grinds down on her thigh with a guttural moan.

Katherine moans and licks her lips as she looks down at her thigh. Seeing her secretary grind hungrily on her thigh like this was so hot. Hannah tries to stand up to feel more of Katherine's body but she is quickly pushed back down, her breasts and left cheek pushed against the desk. Katherine removes her leg, making Hannah whimper at the loss.

"No. Please, more. Please." Hannah whines, desperate for Katherine's touches, as always. Katherine sends a light tap to Hannah's pussy, making her jump in surprise. Someone was particularly dominant and passionate tonight. "I like this Hannah. Being over you. Do you like this, dear?" Katherine says seductively as she leans down and presses a lingering kiss to Hannah's exposed shoulder.

Hannah smiles and bites her lip. "Anything you want, boss." Katherine chuckles lightly and squats down behind Hannah, coming face to face with the delicious pussy she loves to ravish so much. She lightly runs her palms down Hannah's legs, relishing in the soft and supple feel of this magnificent woman's skin. She feels Hannah's legs start to tremble and smirks to herself.

Hannah starts to take shallower breaths, her bosses hands were out of this world amazing. Katherine leans forward and kisses the inside of Hannah's knee, she knows very well how crazy it drives Hannah. Hannah bites her lip hard and holds back a squeal as Katherine sinks her teeth into the back of her knee.

Katherine releases the bruised skin and kisses her way up the lean thigh, quickly reaching Hannah's heat. Hannah whimpers in anticipation and presses her forehead against her boss's cool office desk. Katherine smirks and moves her hands up to her ass, she spreads Hannah's ass cheeks and buries her hot tongue in her wet folds. Hannah lets out a strangled moan and tries to thrust back onto her tongue. Katherine smirks and stands up again, making the shorter woman whimper.

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But she swiftly replaces her tongue with one finger teasing Hannah's tight, wet entrance. Hannah groans and bucks back onto the torturous finger, taking the digit halfway into her before it is jerked away. "Katherine, I don't want to be teased." Hannah lets Katherine's name slip from her mouth with a frustrated growl. Katherine quickly rips off Hannah's bra, shirt and skirt, leaving the woman completely nude.

She pulls the shocked woman erect against her own body before pushing her past the desk and over to the closest wall. Hannah gasps and presses her palms flat against the wall as Katherine presses roughly into her back. "What was that Hannah? You want to be teased?" Katherine growls, her hands pressing over Hannah's.

Hannah gasps softly as she realizes her slip. She decides to press her ass into Katherine's crotch and wiggles slightly, earning a moan from the dominant blonde.

"No, Ms. Klein. No. I need you, please. Touch me. Feel how much I need you." Hannah begs. She knows how far a little begging can go with Katherine. Katherine does as expected, she trails one hand down the brunette's spine before dipping her fingers into her wet folds yet again. Both woman moan at the wetness the questioning fingers find there. "You're quite wet, Miss Hannah." Katherine says hotly into the brunette's ear.

Hannah shudders and nods her head feebly in agreement. Katherine pushes a finger into up to her first knuckle into Hannah's wet pussy. Hannah bites her lip to hold back a whimper. Katherine smiles. "You want to take all of my finger, don't you?" Katherine husks to Hannah. Hannah quickly nods her head and Katherine continues, knowing how dirty talk turns on her submissive little secretary.

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"You want more than just one finger, don't you Hannah? You want your tight pussy filled with my fingers?" Katherine's asks while slowly pulling her finger completely out of Hannah before pushing in again to the first knuckle. Hannah whimpers at this. "Yes. Oh, god, yes. Please, Ms. Klein." Hannah chokes out in a whisper and ends with a soft moan. Katherine smile and pulls out the teasing finger and pushes two back in.

Hannah moans and pushes back on the fingers until Katherine's knuckles are pressed against her pussy lips. Katherine hums softly.

"Mmm. Your pussy is already so tight for me, Hannah. Are you sure you want more?" Katherine teases, softly flexing her two fingers inside of Hannah. Hannah gasps and nods her head all too quickly.

"Oh yes. Please, Ms. Klein. Put more fingers in me. God, you feel amazing." Katherine smiles at her groveling. She removes her fingers and gingerly pushes three back into Hannah's tight center. Hannah lets out a high pitched moan. "Yes, yes, yes. Oh my god, Katherine. That feels.that feels amazing." Hannah whispers, oblivious to her name slip.

Katherine lets it slide, knowing how her secretary can get so wrapped up in lust and desire that her name often slips. Hannah moans again as Katherine starts to pump her fingers in and out of her. She spreads her legs wider and presses her ass out until she is bent over.

Katherine moans softly as her usual instruction is already being done without her say. She runs her free hand across Hannah's ass. "Good girl. You're learning well, Miss Hannah." Katherine says with a smirk. Hannah hums in unconscious agreement and balls her fists against the wall, tempted to reach behind her and pull Katherine closer but she knows what will happen if she does.

A punishment would be put under way, no doubt, though, Katherine's punishments were pleasurably painful. The thought of touching her becomes stronger in her mind as Katherine rakes her nails across her ass and the blonde's skirt covered thigh presses hard against her own.

Hannah gulps loudly and moans. Katherine, knowing Hannah's body perfectly well, notices the woman's struggle. She smirks and removes her fingers, earning a very disgruntled moan from Hannah. "Stand up, Hannah." Katherine all but orders.

Hannah does as she says and Katherine turns her around, quickly pushing her against the wall. Hannah looks up into Katherine's eyes, silently begging for her to touch her again. Katherine steps back and licks her bottom lip slowly as she unbuttons the top button of her black blouse.

"You wanted to touch me. Am I wrong?" Katherine sees the start of a smirk on Hannah's lips and she continues to unbutton her blouse. Hannah watches hungrily, biting her lip with her arms crossed to make sure she didn't try to reach for Katherine. Katherine watches Hannah's perky breasts as Hannah's eyes, in turn, watch her with growing intensity as she pulls the blouse down her arms and to the floor.

She maintains her slow and torturous pace as she reaches to unhook her bra. She lets it fall limply from her arms before working at the button of her skirt on her hip. Her skirt falls to the floor and Hannah's eyes ravish her nude body, Katherine having had discarded her panties before Hannah had walked in. Katherine studies Hannah. They have been doing these sexual antics for the past seven months, each session growing with intensity and roughness. She couldn't help but think this woman was ready.

Katherine steps forward yet again and Hannah's hand simply act of their own accord. She reaches out and trails her fingers across her boss's taut stomach. The blonde's body erupts in goosebumps before she reaches out and takes Hannah's hand. Hannah looks up at the taller woman to find a small and warm smile, the lust and desire still playing in her eyes.

"I want to show you something." Katherine says softly. Hannah stares into her eyes for a few more seconds before nodding her head. She trusted Katherine.

Katherine leads her over to her locked double doors. Hannah had always wondered what those doors lead to and it was a common and frequent gossip at the office. Hannah had only asked once about the doors where Katherine had told her that one day she would most likely find out.

After that, she had forgotten about the mysterious doors. Katherine grabs a small silver key from her desk, she turns back to the doors and unlocks them with a swiftness and pushes them open. Hannah gasps. Out of all of the rumors, there was one she had hoped was real.and wow, was it real. Katherine Klein had her own and fully equipped.bondage room.


Hannah swallows hard as her eyes flick over the room. A deep red color fills the walls and floors. Different tools of pleasure lines one wall opposite of a black X standing on the opposite side of the room, red straps hanging from each end of the X. Her eyes move to the king sized bed draped with the same deep red color as the walls.

In the ceiling of the room were chains with handcuffs with red fur on the inside and black leather on the outside, a metal loop hook connecting the cuffs to the chains on the ceiling. Her eyes finally rest on the metal loops bolted to the wall with red rope hanging from them. "Woah." Hannah says to herself. "Get in." Katherine says. Hannah snaps her eyes to her, still stricken with surprise. She hesitates. "Uhh." Hannah says quietly. Katherine hears the uneasiness in her voice.

Her eyes soften from their earlier desire. "You're going to have to trust me on this." Katherine says softly. Hannah looks back to the bondage room. Katherine sees a glint of excitement in Hannah's eyes.

Hannah briefly reaches down and steps out of her stilettos. Hannah walks into the room, her feet falling on the soft carpet until she reaches the middle of the room. She turns back to a curious Katherine. "Where will you have me, Ms. Klein?" Katherine smirks and a devilish glint appears in her eyes. Hannah licks her lips as she feels her arousal start to pool between her legs. Katherine closes and locks the doors before making her way to Hannah.

She stops in front of her and cups the smaller woman's chin to keep their eyes locked together. "In this room, you will call me Mistress. You call me JUST by that. You can and always will be able to stop me whenever you want. We will have a safe word, temporary for tonight until you pick your own safe word, and this." Katherine gestures to the room with her free hand.

"Stays strictly and discreetly between us. We can sort the rest out tomorrow. Is that clear Hannah?" Hannah smiles and nods her head. "Yes." Katherine raises an eyebrow, her grip tightening on Hannah's jaw, loving how a fire sets behind her eyes at even the smallest amount of roughness.

"Yes, what, Hannah?" Katherine asks seductively. Though usually she would call her submissive's by pet, slut, whore, minx or hussy. But figuring this was Hannah's first time, the young woman's name and 'dear' were going to have to do.for now, of course. Hannah quickly catches on, a look of clear excitement on her face. "Yes, Mistress." She whispers with lust.

Katherine smirks and nods her head in an appraisal. She looks around the room after letting go of Hannah's chin, then back to Hannah. "Since you are eager and this is your first time you may choose where you would like to receive your pleasure." Katherine informs Hannah. The smaller woman smiles and her eyes are immediately drawn to the ropes on the wall. Katherine sees her eyes light up. "I would like to be tied to the wall, Mistress." Hannah says, turning back to Katherine.

Katherine looks to the wall and smiles. "Bold choice, my dear. Go on then. Back to the wall, arms up to the restraints." Hannah scampers over to the wall and quickly gets into her Mistress' desired position.

Katherine watches her hold the position for a few long seconds before walking over to her. Katherine grabs the rope weaved through the metal ring connected to the wall. She makes a quick knot before using the rest of the length to gingerly tie around Hannah's wrist, not wanting to push the woman too far on their first bondage session. "You can tie it tighter, Mistress.

I want this. I expect nothing less than the full treatment." Hannah says to a surprised Katherine. Katherine smirks then ties the ropes tight around the woman's delicate wrist, moving to copy the same tightness onto her other wrist.

She pulls the rope through the metal rings until the submissive woman can barely touch the balls of her feet to the floor, using mostly her arms to stay upright.

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Katherine steps back to look at Hannah. She looked absolutely stunning. The red rope contrasted beautifully with her skin and the clamping of her thighs made her seem impatient, almost childlike. Katherine walks over to another door and opens it. She walks inside her 'special' closet. Hannah briefly wonders if her boss would leave her in such a way. The thought completely flies from her mind as Katherine steps from the closet with a red leather push up bra and red leather skin tight pants.

Hannah groans deeply from the sight and stares noticeably at the swell of Katherine's breasts. Katherine smirks and walks to her. "Like what you see, dear?" Katherine husks to the brunette as she comes to a stop in front of her.

Hannah nods her head. "Oh yes, Mistress." Hannah breathes out. Katherine moves closer to her. "I know you want the full treatment but one does not simply jump into my bondage.

You have to be trained so to speak. Luckily you already know how to beg, follow orders and cum when told. The first phase is done though you will need some tweaking in this new environment.

You won't have any problem with going through it again, will you?" Katherine asks while trailing her fingers across Hannah's chest. "No Mistress." Hannah shivers from Katherine's fingers, making the latter smirk. "Good. Remember to always address me as Mistress in this room. Spread your legs." Hannah does as instructed. Her toes barely touching the floor and using her arms and the ropes to hold herself up even further. Katherine steps forward and runs her hands over Hannah's thighs.

She looks into her eyes and steps forward. Katherine kisses her softly and faintly hears Hannah moan as she kisses her back. It doesn't take long for the kiss to become heated and Katherine's fingers dig into her thighs, making Hannah whimper. Katherine suddenly breaks the kiss and pulls Hannah's legs around her hips.

Hannah gasps into her mouth and grips onto the rope as tight as she can. Katherine takes away some of the weight by using one arm across Hannah's lower back before pressing her to the wall. Katherine couldn't wait any longer, she moves her hand in between their bodies and plunges three fingers into Hannah's wet core. Hannah moans loudly and throws her head back against the wall in wanton lust. Katherine quickly pumps in and out of her and doesn't waste any time on pressing her thumb against Hannah's swollen clit.

Hannah jerks her hips to take Katherine's fingers deeper. After multiple powerful thrusts, Hannah could already feel herself becoming close to the edge.

"Are you going to beg for it slut?" Katherine questions the writhing woman against her, forgetting her previous notion to specifically NOT call the younger woman that. Hannah moans at Katherine's language and pants and bucks her hips hungrily on Katherine's hand. "Please." Hannah whispers. She was becoming so close. Katherine relaxes some as Hannah seems to accept and even like the term.

"Please what Hannah?" Katherine teases. She feels Hannah start to clench around her fingers and she realizes she may not get to hear the woman beg if she continues her pace. She slows her fingers to a steady rhythm and removes her thumb from her clit. Hannah whimpers softly at the light thrusts.

"Please Mistress, let me cum." Katherine smirks devilishly. She speeds up her thrusts only to slowly them down again. Hannah lets out a frustrated moan. "I don't think you want it enough." Katherine smirks as Hannah closes her eyes and tries not clamp around her now speeding fingers. God damn, she was close. "Oh god. Please, Mistress. Please let me cum for you.

Fuck." Hannah pleads desperately. Katherine concedes and leans forward until her mouth is against Hannah's ear. "Now." She husks to Hannah while pressing her thumb hard against Hannah's clit again. Hannah lets out a mix of a scream and a moan.

Her body arches and her muscles squeeze Katherine's still thrusting fingers. Her knuckles turn white as she holds onto the ropes with a death grip.

She let's out gasping whimpers as she comes down from her climax. Katherine breaks her dominant role to pepper Hannah's neck and shoulders with light kisses. Hannah sighs and Katherine pulls out of her before setting her back on the floor. Hannah leans against the wall until she can stand on her own again.

She looks up at Katherine as she unites the ropes and lets her arms rest at her side. Katherine decides to let her rest her feet for a while. "Go to the bed and lay on your back." Hannah does as she is told, stumbling slightly the first few steps.

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She lays down on the bed and waits for Katherine, grateful for the warm silk sheets. Katherine walks to the side of the bed carrying similar handcuffs that hung from the ceiling with chains attached. She wraps the cuffs around Hannah's wrists before locking them to the metal ring bolted to the headboard that Hannah hadn't noticed before.

Katherine moves to the end of the bed and takes the same type of cuffs that were chained to the base of the bed posts. She wraps and tightens them around Hannah's ankles. The bonds allowed her to bend her legs if she so wished but nothing further.

Katherine moves back to the side of the bed before trailing one finger up Hannah's wet slit. Hannah tries not to shudder at the touch but fails, trembling as her finger just barely grazes her clit. Katherine smirks and removes her hand. She walks to the wall of toys and grabs one of her favorite cat-o-nine tails whip and a 4-inch vibrator. She walks back to a restless Hannah. Hannah bites her lip as she sees the objects Katherine was carrying.

"Have you ever been whipped, Miss Hannah?" Katherine asks seductively. Hannah swallows the lump in her throat before answering. "Yes, Mistress." Katherine smiles and dips her fingers into Hannah's obvious arousal, coating the tip of her fingers.

She brings those fingers up to her mouth and sucks all of the sweet juices, moaning and closing her eyes to put on a show for the captivated woman staring at her. Hannah lets out a moan of her own before Katherine opens her eyes with a devious glint. "Excited, my dear?" The silky tone of Katherine's voice makes Hannah shiver.

"Yes, Mistress." She responds quickly. Katherine glares at her as she decides to test Hannah's vocal limitation. "I don't want to hear a word from you. Not even the slightest moan. Understood Hannah?" Hannah nods her head without saying anything.

Katherine runs the whip across Hannah's stomach. She brings the whip down on Hannah's thigh without warning. Hannah holds back a gasp and a moan, loving the sting of the whip. Katherine smirks and brings the whip down onto the other thigh. She sees Hannah's thigh tense before it relaxes again.

"Do you like to feel my whip on you, Hannah?" Katherine smirks devilishly before brings the whip down on Hannah's stomach. Her muscles jump and she smiles. "Yes, Mistress." Hannah breathes out, completely forgetting her orders. Katherine snaps the whip particularly hard across one breast, making Hannah yelp quietly. Of course, Katherine had wanted her to make noise. "I said not one word from you slut. You will be punished later for your infraction." Katherine says harshly.

Hannah doesn't know what is in store for her punishment but she shivers in excitement nonetheless.

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Katherine whips her other breast with the same sharp snap of her wrist. Hannah holds back a moan of pleasure and pain. The whip had hit her nipple just right. Katherine sends a few more whips to Hannah's red thighs and stomach, avoiding her rose colored chest with the whip.

Stopping every couple of whips to pinch and twist Hannah's nipple until she felt her sub shiver under her fingers. Katherine sits the whip down on the bed and moves in between Hannah's legs. Hannah squirms against the restraints.

Her body was extremely aroused and she could feel her juices seeping down to her ass. Katherine chuckles quietly and runs her hands over Hannah's welted thighs, loving the way she twitches under her palms.

"You may speak now." Katherine says with a small smile. Hannah moans softly. "Thank you, Mistress." Katherine grabs the vibrator. Hannah raises herself up as much as she can to look down. Katherine shoots her a smirk. "Would you like to watch pet?" Hannah quickly nods her head and Katherine moves up the bed to put two pillows under Hannah's head. She gives Hannah a quick kiss before bringing the vibrator to her pink lips.

Hannah takes the vibrator between her lips as she keeps the intense gaze with Katherine's fierce blue eyes. Katherine moans softly as she sees Hannah's tongue peek out to lick at the plastic rod.

She pulls the vibrator from Hannah's mouth and quickly replaces it with her tongue. Hannah moans and kisses her back. It is a tangle of tongues and a clash of teeth and lips. Katherine pulls back for air and smirks as Hannah does the same.

She moves down her body to her chest and roughly cups her breasts, taking a swollen nipple between soft lips.

Hannah moans loudly as Katherine lavishes her nipple with warm strokes of her tongue. Katherine switches to the other nipple and, this time, she brushes her teeth against the sensitive nub. Hannah gasps softly and pushes her chest harder into Katherine's mouth. Katherine smirks but denies her the pleasure and moves away and back between Hannah's legs. Hannah grumbles in annoyance. She will still have to be taught discipline, Katherine thinks. Katherine turns the vibrator on low and looks back up to Hannah.

"You will need to be taught how not to argue with your Mistress. Even if it is silent." She glares daggers at Hannah who silently nods her head. Katherine puts her hand on Hannah's inner thigh and brings the vibrator up to press lightly against her clit.

Hannah moans and immediately grinds into the vibrator. Katherine pushes down on Hannah's hip to keep her pinned to the bed. "Stop moving slut." Katherine hissed. Hannah whimpers and Katherine moves the vibrator in circles around her swollen clit. She continues this until Hannah was whimpering and desperately trying to get more friction.

Katherine removes the vibrator to turn it up to high before pressing it harder against Hannah's clit. The brunette lets out a gasp of pleasure and jerks her hips up again. "Oh yes. That feels so good Mistress." Hannah breathes out.

Katherine smirks and pulls the vibrator away. Hannah whimpers at the loss of friction. "We are going to play a game my little pet. Three means you are aroused, two means you are close, and one means you are going to climax.

You will tell me which one you are currently at. Do you understand Hannah?" Katherine explains as she watches Hannah, making sure she takes in her words. Hannah nods her head. "Yes, Mistress." Katherine brings the vibrator back to Hannah's clit.

Hannah moans and shuts her eyes. Katherine rubs her clit faster and relishes in the small gasp that falls from Hannah's lips. "Three Mistress." Hannah breathes out. Katherine watches Hannah closely, loving how she jerks up to the vibrator and swallows hard to hide her moans. "Oh wow.t-two Mistress." Hannah stumbles out. Katherine smirks.

Throughout their time having secret sex in her office, Hannah had always stumbled before reaching her orgasm and Katherine thought it was the most adorable stutter she's ever heard.

Katherine, determined to get this writhing woman to shout one, thrusts one finger into Hannah. Hannah moans loudly at the forceful, yet very welcome intrusion.

"Ah! Oh, my god! One! One Mistress! One!" Hannah yells, her orgasm starting to crash down on her. Suddenly the vibrator and Katherine's fingers were gone and Katherine's hand was smacking down hard on Hannah's thigh. Hannah yelps at the sudden sting.

Katherine sends another smack down onto the other thigh. Hannah's orgasm is successfully reduced from the stinging pain on her thighs, which creates a nice heat between her thighs.

Katherine smiles and brings the vibrator back to Hannah's clit, slowly rubbing the small nub of flesh. "How about now slut?" Katherine says with a defiant smile.

Hannah swallows hard.

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"Two Mistress." She says hoarsely. Katherine brings two fingers to Hannah's entrance and pushes them inside of her wet cunt while simultaneously pressing the vibrator harder against Hannah's throbbing clit.

Hannah moans loudly and bucks against the vibrator and fingers once again. She arches her back and her hands ball into fists, her toes curling in pleasure. "One Mistress! One! One! One! Oh my god!" Hannah pushes her head back into the pillow as her back arches higher and her nails make half moon marks into her skin. Katherine licks her lips at the sight of Hannah writhing and moaning against her fingers and vibrator. She's waited so long to see her like this.

Hannah's body trembles as Katherine slows down her thrusts and completely removes the vibrator, turning it off before setting it on the bed. Katherine eases the aftershocks of Hannah' orgasm with her fingers as Hannah desperately gasps for air. Katherine pulls out her fingers, eliciting a groan from Hannah, and getting off of the bed. She unties the woman's wrists and ankles. Hannah slumps on the bed before opening her eyes and looking up to Katherine.

She smiles softly and Katherine smiles back. "Usually, I wouldn't give my submissive a choice but if you so wish, we can stop now and you can receive your punishment for your insubordination tomorrow or you can receive it now.

Which one would you like to do, Hannah?" Hannah's eyes light up at the mention of her punishment. She props herself up on her elbows. "I would like to continue, Mistress." Hannah says before biting her lip innocently. Katherine groans and lets her eyes wander the younger woman's body. "Yes, well then.get off the bed and stand under the cuffs linked to the ceiling." Hannah quickly does so. Katherine watches her for a few seconds. Her hands were obediently behind her back and her legs spread for her lustful hands to touch her heated core.

Maybe she has done this before? Maybe she has had another Mistress? Or a Master? She shakes her head. Those thoughts were for another time. Hannah was hers in this moment.

Katherine walks behind Hannah and steps closer until their bodies were touching, enjoying the way Hannah leans back slightly to touch more of her skin. She moves Hannah's hair to one shoulder and leans forward, dragging her lips across her skin. Hannah's breath hitches and her eyes flutter closed. Katherine scratches her nails up Hannah's side until the woman in front of her shivers.

She smiles and plants a small kiss behind Hannah's ear. Hannah moans softly at the feel of soft lips on her skin. "Have you had a Mistress before Hannah?" Katherine whispers hotly into Hannah's ear. "No, Mistress." Hannah says softly. Katherine cocks her head to the side in curiosity.

She crouches down behind Hannah and locks similar cuffs around Hannah's ankles as she talks. "Enlighten me then. How do you know so much about being a good little slut for me?" She stands back up and reaches for the cuffs chained to the ceiling. She pulls them down from where they were wrapped around a rotating pole.

She tugs the chain to lock it in place. She waits for Hannah's answer. "I-I watch a lot of submissive bondage porn Mistress." Hannah says, her cheeks burning red with embarrassment. Katherine chuckles at her admission. She grabs Hannah's wrist and lifts it to wrap the cuff tightly around it, same with her other wrist. "Oh really? Do you touch yourself when you watch these videos, Hannah?" Katherine asks before walking to her wall of toys and grabbing a spreader bar and another item.

She walks back to Hannah and snaps the bar in place between her ankles. "Yes, Mistress." Hannah says softly. Katherine stands up and walks in front of Hannah. She runs her fingers down to Hannah's wet core and gently probes her pussy lips. Hannah moans softly. "Does watching a submissive slut being tied up and dominated by her Mistress make you wet and bothered?" Katherine teases with a smirk as Hannah bucks against her fingers.

Hannah was aroused and needing a release with a passion. Her eyes shut tight as she compliantly answers Katherine. "Yes, Mistress." Katherine removes her hand and uses both hands to slide the blindfold she had grabbed over Hannah's eyes. Hannah gasps softly before licking her lips, trying to hide the smirk that had graced her lips.

Katherine steps forward, her body pressing against Hannah's and hearing a small moan escape her lips. "You wished you were that submissive little slut, didn't you, my pet? Did you want to be dominated by a Mistress?

Tied up?" Katherine husks against Hannah's lips, her nails running across Hannah's quivering tone stomach. Hannah swallows hard and her breathing becomes labored. Her whole body was turned on and her senses were heightened. She could feel everything Katherine was doing to her.

Her words making her clit throb and her thighs tense in almost painful anticipation. "No, Mistress." Hannah answers shakily. Katherine widens her eyes in surprise. "No?" Katherine asks. Maybe she was right about a Master instead of a Mistress? Hannah shakes her head, her chest heaving with panting breaths. "No, I wanted to be dominated by you, Mistress." Hannah whispers. Katherine moans softly and licks her lips. She reaches up and cups Hannah's chin in a tight grip.

"You will only be dominated by me, my slut." Katherine whispers before crashing her lips against Hannah's. Hannah lets out a moan into Katherine's mouth. Katherine plunges her tongue into Hannah's open mouth. Katherine kisses her until she breaks away for both of their sake. They pant for air. Katherine walks over to the wall of toys again and looks at her options.

After a few seconds, she picks the leather flogger. She walks behind Hannah and runs the leather strips across her back. Hannah shivers and bites her lip, waiting for the sting of leather against her skin. Katherine pulls back the flogger and runs the leather against her palm before bending her knees and snapping the leather against Hannah's calf.

Hannah hisses at the sting. Another snap to her other calf makes her moan. Soon her ass and the backs of her legs were covered with red stripes. Hannah was moaning and somehow the flogging has brought her closer to the edge.

Katherine steps in front of her and reaches her hand in between Hannah's legs. Hannah moans loudly as Katherine slides her fingers in between her wet and aroused folds. Katherine smirks as she finds a generous amount of wetness there. "Oh, Hannah.Mmm.You are quite wet, my dear. Does my flogging turn you on?" Katherine asks teasingly. Hannah moans again and tries to fuck herself with Katherine's fingers. She forgets her place and simply hums and nods her head. Katherine snaps the flogger against Hannah's thigh, making the submissive woman jump and moan in heat.

"Oh! Yes, Mistress. Please, Mistress, I need you." Hannah begs. At this, Katherine removes her hand from Hannah's heat and steps behind her again. "Not yet my pet. Patience is virtue." Katherine whispers into her ear. She hears Hannah's little sigh of disappointment. She snaps the flogger across what Katherine knows as an erotic spot for women, the small of her back.

The flogger hits her skin harder than before and Hannah cries out in painful pleasure. "Ah! Yes, Mistress!" Katherine smirks and sends another snap of her flogger slightly above the spot she had just hit. Hannah bites her lip hard and moans in pleasure. Katherine continues to strike Hannah's back until every part of her body is covered in pink if not red stripes below her shoulders.

Hannah pants for breath and hangs her head in exhaustion. Her back felt like it was on fire but it was a good kind of fire. Almost like the fire between her legs. God, was it a fire. A raging fire. Katherine tosses the flogger onto the bed and steps around in front of Hannah. She looks at her for a few seconds, noticing her fully erect nipples and now pink thighs from her earlier whipping.

She leans down and kisses her tenderly and slowly. Hannah moans at Katherine's tenderness. Katherine pulls away and moves her hand in between Hannah's thighs. Hannah moans surprisingly loud as Katherine probes her dripping folds, making Katherine smirk.

"Do you like it when I touch you like this Hannah? While you're all tied up and your legs are spread like a whore? You like to be flogged and touched by your Mistress?" Katherine teases her, dipping her fingers down to her entrance before moving them back to massage her pussy lips. Hannah whimpers. "Yes, Mistress.

Please make me cum Mistress. Please." Hannah's body jerks to press harder against Katherine's fingers. Katherine smiles and flicks her clit with her finger.

Hannah gasps softly then moans deeply. "Have you learned not to talk when your Mistress tells you not to talk?" Hannah desperately nods her head.

"Yes. I have Mistress. I am so sorry I spoke without your permission. Please don't stop touching me." Hannah says with a small moan.

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Katherine smiles devilishly and pushes two fingers deep into Hannah. Hannah's body jerks at the forcefulness of the thrust as she moans loudly. Katherine moves her free hand to wrap around Hannah's neck, just tight enough to make Hannah gasp in surprise. "Don't fucking cum without my permission, slut." Katherine says harshly, her fingers continuing to pump mercilessly into Hannah's wet cunt.

Hannah whimpers and bucks her hips rapidly against Katherine's fingers. The flogging and occasional touches had brought her tortuously close to the edge. She flings her head back on her shoulders as her muscles start to clench around Katherine's finger. "Please, may I cum, Mistress?" Hannah asks through pants, hastily trying to stop the bliss starting to run through her body. Katherine gives her an outright answer.

"No." She growls. Hannah whimpers and bites her lip. She tries to clench tightly to stop her orgasm but Kathrine's thrusts push past the tightness and it nearly pushes Hannah over the edge.

"Oh fuck! Please, Mistress! Please, may I cum? Please?" Hannah pleads with a shaky voice. Katherine smirks and grips her neck slightly hard. She leans in and presses her hot lips against Hannah's ear.

Hannah shiver and moans. Her muscles continuing to clamp on Katherine's fingers. "Cum. Fucking cum, slut. Cum for me." Katherine whispers hotly into Hannah's ear. Hannah cries out in ecstasy and shakes in her bonds.

Hannah's fingernails again jam into her palms to create half moons on her skin. Her toes curl and her breath is stuck in her throat. The unbelievable orgasm washing through her in waves. Katherine releases her grip on her throat and replaces it with her lips, leaving soft kisses where her hand had been.

Hannah sighs and truly hangs her head in exhaustion. Katherine removes her fingers gently, making Hannah whimper. Katherine wipes her hand off before walking to a door. She steps into the bathroom and grabs the healing lotion she had in there. She walks back to Hannah and pours the lotion into her palm.

"I'm going to put some healing lotion on your back and legs.


Okay, darling?" Katherine asks softly. Hannah basks in the caring tone of Katherine's words, silently nodding her head. Katherine applies the lotion to Hannah's back and legs and soon Hannah was completely lathered in lotion.

She unlocks Hannah's cuffs from her wrists and ankles, along with the spreader bar. Katherine removes the blindfold and tosses it onto the bed. She smiles softly and cups Hannah's cheek. She leans down and gives her a lingering kiss. Hannah moans softly and moves her hands to Katherine's hips, pulling her closer.

Hannah breaks away first. "May I please you now Mistress?" Hannah asks. Katherine would say she looked innocent if she didn't know any better.

Katherine smiles and leads Hannah to the bed. She takes off the leather pants before sitting down on the edge of the bed as Hannah immediately drops to her knees in front of her. Katherine bites her lip at the sight of Hannah on her knees. We'll have to try a couple of positions with her on her knees, Katherine thinks. Katherine cups Hannah's chin and forces her to look up at her, a smirk spreading across Katherine's lips.

"You know what to do my pet." Katherine husks. She leans back on her hands and smiles as Hannah instantly reaches up to grip her thighs and reverently kisses her aroused pussy lips.

Hannah snakes her tongue between Katherine's folds and licks her clit firmly. Katherine moans and thrusts her hips harder into Hannah's mouth. Hannah gets the hint, her Mistress wanted a quick, hot, dirty orgasm. She had learned Katherine's signs throughout the months they've been having hot work sex. Hannah doubles her efforts and moves two fingers to Katherine's entrance.

Hannah looks up for Katherine's permission and as soon as their eyes connect Hannah pushes her fingers inside of Katherine's wet pussy. Katherine moans loudly and falls back on the bed. She bites her lip and shuts her eyes. Hannah thrusts harder into her Mistress, taking the dominant woman by surprise and making her gasp quietly. "God, Hannah." She grunts out.

One hand moves down to Hannah's brunette hair and grips her brown locks tightly before pushing the submissive woman deeper into her wetness. Hannah moans and starts to suck Katherine's clit lightly, knowing how the woman above will quickly tell her lust filled instructions.

Katherine's nails dig into her scalp with a groan. "Fuck! Harder! Suck me harder!" Katherine growls out. Hannah moans and does as she's told as she slides Katherine's thighs over her shoulders. The new angle makes Hannah's fingers rub against Katherine's swollen G-spot. Katherine moans and bucks against Hannah's face in orgasm, her thighs capturing Hannah's face between her legs.

Hannah releases her hypersensitive clit but continues to thrust gently into Katherine to bring her down from her high. Katherine lets her legs slide from Hannah's shoulders and sits up to look down at Hannah. Hannah smiles shyly at her before taking her fingers from Katherine's pussy and putting the cum coated fingers into her mouth. Moaning and closing her eyes as she swirls her tongue around her slender fingers. Katherine groans softly and leans down, removing Hannah's fingers and plunging her tongue into the submissive woman's mouth.

Hannah whimpers and kisses her back. Katherine pulls Hannah up with hands on her elbows that quickly move down to her hips, pulling the smaller woman against her. Hannah moans and wraps her arms around Katherine's neck and standing on her tip toes to kiss her deeper. Katherine slowly brings down the kiss and parts from Hannah with a soft smooching sound. Hannah licks her lips to savor the taste of Katherine before opening her eyes. Katherine smirks. "You are a very good submissive Hannah." Katherine purrs.

Hannah blushes and looks to the floor. "Thank you, Mistress." Hannah responds softly. Katherine cups her chin and brings her brown eyes up to her blue ones. Hannah smiles softly. "I mean that Hannah." Katherine says genuinely. Hannah nods her head slowly. Katherine looks at the clock near the door. She sighs and looks back to Hannah. "You should be heading out Hannah. I had an amazing time. We will talk tomorrow, I promise." Hannah frowns as she realizes her adventurous night has come to an end but nods her head in understanding.

"Yes, Mistress. What time would you like me here tomorrow?" Hannah asks with a curious tilt of her head, excitement sparkling in her eyes. Katherine smiles and gives her a light kiss on the lips. "8 am darling. Get some rest. It's midnight after all." Hannah smiles and nods her head. She walks out to the office and grabs her clothes and quickly puts them back on. Katherine walks out with her clothes on.

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Hannah looks up as she exits the bondage room and locks the door. Katherine turns around and smiles as she sees Hannah holding her blouse in her hands, multiple buttons missing from the shirt, and standing in her heels, skirt and bra. "I'm sorry about your blouse. I will get you another one." Hannah chuckles lightly and shakes her head. "It's okay. I bought multiple from the last time you tore off my shirt." Hannah says with a smirk.

Katherine nods her head and smiles. "That's smart." There is an awkward silence for a while as Hannah puts on her blouse as much as she can. She walks over to Katherine after she is done and kisses her softly. She places one hand on her shoulder, feeling the fabric of her silk blouse under her fingers.

She pulls away with a smile. "Anything on your body that doesn't consist of leather seems like a crime." Katherine and Hannah both are thrown into a fit of giggles. Hannah kisses her one last time before stepping away with a small smile. "I'll see you tomorrow Mistress." Hannah says softly and shoots Katherine a wink. Katherine smirks as Hannah turns and walks out of her office with a sway in her hips.

Katherine sits in her chair and sighs contently. "Tomorrow, my pet, you won't know what hit you." Katherine says to herself with a smirk. ----- There may or may not be a part two.

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