Old anal gay sex videos full length Picking Up A Bottom To Fuck

Old anal gay sex videos full length Picking Up A Bottom To Fuck
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I could see her standing in the window of the hotel room, all I could see was a flowing white figure. She was watching me as I got things out of my car, walking back into the hotel I took the elevator to the 17th floor.

I walked slowly down the corridor toward her room.

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Swiping my card I let myself in. She still stood by the window, and was wearing a long flowing white gown, as she turned to face me; it was low cut her breast poured over the top.

Her black hair was spiked up and she looked very seductive. I kept my place by the door, letting her come to me. She wore white spike heels that made her at least 4 inches taller, closer to my height now. She stopped just within arm's length of me. Her long fingers ran over her face, down her neck and to the tops of her ample breast. She began putting her fingers down into the top of her white lacy gown.

I could see her nipples begin to protrude through the white lacy material. I stood my ground and didn't move as I watched her; I could feel myself become aroused. While her right hand cradled her breast, her left hand moved down between her legs. She massaged her little pussy through her gown, not satisfied with that feeling she raised the gown. To my delight she wore no panties; she spread her legs somewhat and dipped her fingers into her little plump pussy.

I watched as her fingers slipped in and out of her lips, she began to rub her hard little clit that was now sticking out from between the lips of her clit. I watched as those fingers rubbed gently over her dripping wet little clit. She moaned as she continued to squeeze her nipples with her other hand. My pussy had begun to throb as I watched her play with herself. She looked as hot as she fucked herself.

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I knew she was nearing orgasm, her breathing was becoming ragged, and I moved in and pulled her right tit out of her gown. As my tongue hit her nipple an orgasm ripped through her.


Her knees buckled as she fell into my arms as she quivered all over. We moved over to the bed, I eased her back onto the bed, and pulled her legs up, bending down on the floor beneath her, I spread her tight little pussy lips apart, my tongue ran over her clit, and down to her sweet little inner lips. I let my tongue move naturally and easily over her wet cunt. I moved my fingers into her as she began to move her hips in a circular motion. I slipped my fingers in and out of her pussy slowly and methodically, each time my finger came out my tongue circled her clit.

She moaned loudly as her hand found my head and pushed my face harder into her clit, which was now hard and red.

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Not changing my speed I continued to fuck her slowly and gently as she bucked her hips against my mouth. I knew that the longer I made her wait before she came the better it would be for her. I could feel the cum slipping out of her pussy all over my hand as I ravaged her pussy with my fingers. I loved the feeling of her little rings inside of her vagina gripping and squeezing my two fingers that fucked her little hole. I pulled out my fingers and replaced them with my wet hot tongue.

Her juices were so sweet and hot as they poured into my mouth. My thumb found her clit, as I rubbed; i let my tongue shove into her hole over and over.

I could feel her thighs tightening against my head as I continued to fuck her with my tongue. Quivering, she came in my mouth; her juices were thick and sweet. I moved back up her body, and kissed her fully on the mouth giving her all of her sweet cum from my tongue.

As her breathing slowed she turned me over and began to kiss me, I shoved her back down on the bed and began to suck at both of her tits at once. I pushed them together and began to suck and bite at her nipples. She pulled my hair trying to pull my head back, I didn't let up on her tits. My other hand moved down to her to her pussy and I began to rub her clit. Capturing her little hard clit between my thumb and finger and pinched and pulled as I bit her nipples. She moaned loudly as I moved my fingers into her tight little hole, I began to bang her pussy hard as she came again.

She tried to move away I started back at her clit, she said it was to sensitive, I didn't listen as I continued to rub it harder and harder. She wiggled underneath me trying to buck my hand off her clit. The rubbing intensified as I jammed my fingers into her, she came again.

Rolling off, I knew she needed to get her breath. I walked over to her suitcase looking for something to fuck her with.

I found her hairbrush. It had a long handle and was covered with a ridged rubber piece. I carried it to the bed. She lay still with her legs spread breathing hard. Her pussy was gapped open. Opening her little lips further I slipped the handle into her pussy, her eyes opened as she looked between her legs to see what she was being fucked with.

Her head went back as I pushed the hairbrush into her pussy harder and faster, rubbing her clit with my other hand. The brush slid in and out with little resistance, she moaned loudly as she pulled her nipples. I watched as the brush slid smoothly into her pussy hole, the inner lips stretched out over the handle each time it went in and out.

"Faster, please," she said. I moved it faster into her cunt all the way to the end of the brush, and back out, her hips thrust to take in more of the brush.

Sitting up her ass hung over the edge of the bed I fucked her harder as she sat up, she pulled at my hair and wanted me to kiss her. That was the last thing I would do as I continued to lick at her cunt. She began to cum, squirting her hot thick wetness onto my hand.

I pulled the brush out as a string of her cum clung to the brush. I took the handle and put it to her lips, as she licked all her juices off the handle.

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"Do it again, baby," she said. I plunged the brush into her pussy again, starting all over. I fucked harder, and faster this time, as my hand found her tight little brown asshole. It was tight usually but in this position I found it open and covered in her cum. I slid a finger into her as the brush fucked her pussy. She held onto my shoulders as I fucked both of her holes. I felt her go rigid as she came, her ass hole gripped my finger that was plunged deep inside her.

Finally, I let her lay back and catch her breath on the bed, looked at her, her chest heaved as she tried to slow her breathing. Her legs were spread, and her slick little lips were slick and wet from all of the cum.

I wanted to go back and let my tongue find her pleasure spots again, but she needed a break. I eased my hand into my pants, and began to rub my clit while I looked at her pussy.


Her little clit was hard and sticking out from between her lips. I stroked my clit until I thought I might explode myself. I continued to fuck myself as I stared at her dripping cunt. I felt the orgasm coming and I rubbed faster, I moaned loudly as it pulsed through my pussy. She turned and kissed me as I came her tongue deep in my mouth. I wanted her cunt again, immediately rolling over, I went back between her legs, my tongue finding her little clit I licked and sucked it.

Finding her hole again, I put in three fingers this time as I licked at her wet slit.

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I banged my fingers into her three then four, harder and faster. She tried to tell me it hurt so I managed to slip my thumb into her and eased in most of my hand.

My tongue worked over her clit, as I slid most of my hand into her cunt. I loved to see her spread out so far, her clit was stretched as far as it would stretch and was tender as I licked it, her inner lips were pulled far out and covered my hand. The pressure caused her little brown asshole to pucker out and open as I fist fucked her. When she came that hot little pussy sucked in my entire hand up to my wrist as all that wet cum slipped out around my hand. When I pulled it out, her pussy made a loud suction like noise, and that hole of hers was wide open.

I loved to fuck my lady in white, she was the hottest girl I had ever fucked.