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Flexible euro pornstar banged after yoga
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The Cottage by lookin2please True Story, Consensual Sex, Erotica, Incest, Reluctance Cam shivered as the hot water stop flowing. Quickly, he shot his arm out past the shower curtain and reached for the first grubby-looking, brown towel he could find, pulling it towards him.

The towel felt crusty and hard as he rubbed it against his skin, almost as if it had never been washed. He smiled regardless - he had the cottage to himself this afternoon. Exhausted after helping his father build a deck for the past three days, Cam convinced everyone to leave him behind on their shopping trip into town, claiming a rest was in order.

He jumped into the shower moments before they left, eagerly fantasizing about how he would spend the rest of the afternoon reading under the hot sun. Having tolerated the towel scratching him for long enough, Cam snapped back the shower curtain.

Panic struck him violently - his eyes never felt so wide in his skull. Standing just beyond the shower curtain was Emily.

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In an instant he tried to cover his damp, naked body with the embarrassment of a towel he was furiously clutching in his hand - but succeeded only in slipping on the wet shower floor, sending his towel flying whimsically in front of him, and both his hands shooting down in a clumsy effort to conceal his crotch.

Emily's cute, tiny, oval face turned red as she blushed. Her crystal green eyes fixated on what lay behind his hands. Cam could tell by her thin, rose-coloured lips slipping into a sly grin that she caught a peek.

Getting ahold of himself, slightly, Cam managed to keep one hand in front of his manhood as he lunged forward to grab the towel. Promptly, wrapping it around himself, he stepped out of the shower onto the old, moist rug in front of him. Just a foot from the shower opening, Emily didn't budge.

The cottage had just one bathroom. It was not much larger than a closet, but there was enough room for a toilet, sink and shower. There was even a window tucked inside of the shower stall, just high enough that you would only be able to see someone's head from the outside looking in. Normally, Cam felt cramped in there, right now he felt near claustrophobic.

"What are you doing in here?!" Cam asked anxiously. Emily, rooted to the floor where she stood, just looked up at him. Despite looking like one of the oldest, Emily was his youngest cousin, having just graduated high school. She was a gorgeous young woman - tall, athletic yet slender build, with a high hip-flare that accentuated her slight curves through the thighs and bum, bronzed skin, those crystal green eyes, sun kissed light-brown hair and the most attentive c-cup breasts - all contained within a red two-piece polkadot bikini.

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"Emily - you can't be in here." Cam's tone was matter-of-fact. If anyone else was there, he was in big trouble. After a few more moments of silence, Emily spoke softly, nervously, "I… I wanted to see it." He wasn't sure why, but in his mind he knew exactly what she was talking about. A new wave of anxiety rushed over him.


He felt it in his loins. "Emily, you can't just come wandering into the bathroom and try to see someone's penis - you're old enough to know that isn't how it works." He sounded like a father scolding a young child.

She looked down to the floor, redness growing on her cheeks, disappointment obvious on her face. "Look," Cam continued, "someone is going to notice you're in here, and I will get in tons of trouble if they do and I don't kick you out. So can you please step out? We can talk more once I'm dressed." He flashed Emily a nervous, yet reassuring smile. He had been where she was before, overcome with sexual urges and finding yourself doing irrational things.

A quick memory, of him watching his own Aunt in an outdoor shower while on vacation in Italy, flashed across his mind. "Ok." Emily sounded despondent. In a single motion, head still facing the floor, she spun around and drearily strode out the door. Relieved, Cam closed the door and leaned up against it, taking stock of himself. In all the commotion he didn't notice that his cock had become hard.

After finishing his post-shower routine, Cam emerged from the bathroom, towel firmly secure around his waist. Before entering his bedroom he did a quick survey of the cottage. It didn't seem like anyone else was there - no cars in the driveway, no one out back, no one on the deck.

Emily must've found an excuse for staying back, he concluded, perhaps she pretended to be sick. With no sign of anyone else, or Emily, he strode confidently into his bedroom and closed the door.

The room was small, just big enough for a queen bed to fit in the middle with two tiny end tables on either side, nearly touching the walls.

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There was a big window on the right-hand side, some pictures of seascapes on the walls and a small closet in the left corner. Despite the glorious sunlight shining in through the thin curtains, it smelt musty - the humid air doing its work to the linens. Cam threw himself onto the bed - it made a rather loud squeaking noise as he landed - and threw away his towel. He couldn't shake the image of Emily, standing there half-naked, from his mind.

He had always found his cousin attractive, and definitely noticed her staring at him as she grew older. She had caught him, more than a few times, returning the favour during this recent cottage trip. He couldn't help himself, she kept walking around in that bikini - showing off her firm, bronzed body - he was only a man after all.

He knew it was wrong, but he kept thinking to himself that in that moment, he could've done anything he wanted to that girl - touch her, kiss her, strip her, even fuck her. His cock grew hard as these thoughts danced through his head. Maybe it was the fact that he and his wife were in a tiff, and haven't had sex in weeks, but he couldn't contain himself; Cam quickly checked to make sure the door was closed and wrapped a hand around his cock.

He couldn't have been stroking himself for more than a minute or two when he felt someone else climb onto the bed.


Cam didn't have to open his eyes to know it was Emily. But he did anyways, and was greeted by the same young woman from the bathroom, this time completely naked. Her hard nipples caressed his skin as she pulled herself up his chest, stopping as she came to gaze directly into his eyes. He could feel her heat against the head of his cock. "I'm sorry," she whispered, perhaps trying to hold back tears, "I can't help myself." Cam was paralyzed - he couldn't figure out his next move.

He was horny, he wanted to fuck this girl; but he was married, this was his cousin - and his wife, along with everyone else, could be home any second. But Christ, he thought as he shot a glance down, she was beautiful. Her perky breasts showed the tan lines from their bikini top, her hips and crotch the tan lines from her bottoms. Her pussy, barely in view, appeared to be sparsely covered with light-brown pubic hair.

With a trembling hand she reached down and touched his thigh, passing her hand up to the base of his cock. It was the most careful and delicate of touches, like a gentle whisper against his skin. Her fingers met his, still firmly gripping his cock. Reluctantly, he pulled his hand away. The bed groaned as he shifted his weight. She wrapped her fingers around his penis, feeling its warmth against her palm, a quick smile flashing across her face - she had never touched one before.

Cam responded by flexing his hips upward, instinctively. Her delicate touch drove him wild. Emily began to stroke his cock with her hand, then, with slightly more confidence, brought her other hand to join in. Cam was lost in ecstasy. He placed his hand on her soft, smooth skin and pulled at her shoulder, motioning her to turn over so her bum was in line with his face.

Without words she obliged, still stroking his cock. Once in front of him, Cam parted her legs slightly and pushed his fingers into her pussy. It was the tightest pussy he had ever felt. Luckily, it was dripping wet, otherwise he was certain that he would've been unable to fit more than the tip of his finger into her - but he managed to throw two in. Emily couldn't take it. She threw her head back, squinted, and began to moan - loudly, her mouth open wide - her body squeezing down hard on his fingers, her hips thrusting forward involuntarily.

Unable to focus, she released his cock. "It… it tickles…" she panted. With a force that surprised even him, Cam used his free hand to grab Emily by the back of the neck and pushed her open mouth down onto his cock. He was possessed by lust - he didn't care who could come walking through that door - he was taking this girl right here, right now. She gagged on his dick. He pulled her back up.

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She spat out saliva, her face and eyes now red. He just looked at her. She nodded feverishly, not bothering to look back at him - she knew what he wanted, what she wanted.

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He pushed her back down on his dock. Her throat gave way momentarily, but she began to cough violently once again. He pulled her off of his cock and, hand still gripping her hair, pulled her head towards his.

She came eagerly. He threw her, gently, onto her back and climbed on top of her. Looking into her eyes, he lined his cock up to her pussy, feeling the tingling sensation of her pubic hairs touching his tip. She was heaving.

Her small breasts moving up and down with each breath. Her eyes looked directly into his. She spread her legs wider for him and nodded definitively - she wanted this.

Cam pushed himself into Emily. It was the tightest pussy he had ever fucked.

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It felt like a vice grip was around his cock, gripping it fiercely as he began to motion in and out. He looked down to see her opening stretched to it's capacity - her clit spread across the girth of his penis. This drove him wild - forcing his intensity to grow. Emily bit a nearby pillow and arched her back.

Cam steadily built speed, feeling her pussy slowly adjusting to accommodate his cock.

In no time, he felt her cervix. Shortly thereafter, he lost her - she was a squirming mess of moans, groans and long limbs wrapping themselves around him. He began to fuck her furiously. Cam pounded her, lifting her off of the bed with his powerful thrusts into her. The sound of slapping flesh grew to its apex. The smell of sweat and sex filling the room. Then, he felt it building inside of him. For a brief moment he thought about pulling out, about doing the right thing, but he was lost to this moment, to his carnal desires.

He already crossed the line, why stop there. With a final thrust, he pushed himself as far into Emily as he could. Her eyes burst open. Her arms and legs wrapped around him - locking him into place. Looking flush, her expression turned to a confused look as he came inside her, it was clearly the first time anyone had done that to her. She could feel his cock spurting sperm into her previously virgin womb. As the two unlikely lovers fell back onto the itchy bedsheets behind them, both smiling stupidly, Cam heard the unmistakable sound of a door closing downstairs.


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Are you feeling better dear?" Cherie, his aunt - Emily's mother - was coming up the stairs.