Hollywood xxx horror movie in ebony dubbed

Hollywood xxx horror movie in ebony dubbed
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2nd Part Ernie`s first Time I had meet Merve at the Movies and he had taken me home after he fucked in the park, and yes I did enjoy it. The trouble was that he wanted me at his place on Saturday and as I live only with my Mommy, as Daddy left when I was 8 Y.O, I had to find some way to get around Mommy so she would let me go and visit Merve.

When Merve let me off at my place Mommy was still up, When I went into the bedroom Mommy said to me "did you come home in that car, and who was it" "Yes, Mommy it was the brother of a friend of mine at school his name is Merve, I met him at the Movies he was on his own, when the Movie finished he asked me if I wanted a lift, so I said yes so I could get home quicker so you wouln`t worry".

"You are a good boy Ernie, come here and give Mommy a kiss Good-Night", when I got near her, she pulled me onto the bed with her and as soon as I got near her I knew Mommy had been drinking, as I have on few occasions undressed Mommy and put her to bed, because she was drunk, so I let Mommy kiss me as she liked kissing me and making a fuss over meand I did like looking at her as she was very lovely, and she liked it when I told her how beautiful she was.

Then I said to Mommy, " Merve has invited me around to his place tomorrow, as I told him I was having trouble with my school work and he wants to help me, he said I could stay the night if it was alright with you, I know you wanted to go to your sisters (my aunty) so this would be a good chance for you".


"Oh yes my darling Ernie that would just work out good for me as you know I like visiting her, and I would stay overnight, and maybe your Uncle Bruce can come and stay with us as your Aunty is going away". We said good-night and when I went into my bedroom I couldn`t get my cloths off quick enough as I wanted to get nude so I could look at myself in front of the big mirrors, as soon as I did my cock started to get hard so I stood there in front of the full length mirrors and started to pull myself as Merve had shown me, but I was not satisfied I had to do something else, then it came to me what about something up my Bum as I pulled myself, so I crept along the hallway to Mommies room and I looked into her bedroom and her light was still on but she was asleep so I went over to her dressing table and in the bottom drawer was where she keep her vibrator, so I said to myself that is what I need.

When I got back to my roomI stood in front of the mirror and as I bent over a bit I tried to work the vibrator up my Bum but I was having trouble, so I did what Merve did to help his lovely cock slide into my Bum and that was to put plenty of baby-oil on the Vibrator, yes it worked with a bit of pain, as the vibrator was bigger than Merve`s Cock, but I thought if it is bigger, Merve will find it easier when he next Fucked me.

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I Fucked and pulled myself twice before I started to get into bed, it was so lovely perving on myself. No I didn`t get into my pyjamas I slept in the Nude, as I wanted to feel my nakeness in bed, it took me no time to go to sleep, and the dreams I had were of me and Merve Dancing around in the park Nude, also of him Fucking me.

When I awoke next morning I rushed the Vibrator back to my Mommies room and luck happened she was still asleep.


I quickly went down to the kitchen and made Mommy a cup of tea, as I know that she loves it after getting herself tipsy, when I arrived back to her room, she kissed me and told me I was her good boy and she was pleased she could help me last night, I said " I don't know what you mean Mommy, how did you help me last night" " didn`t you come into my room last night and borrow something out of my Dressing Table and then return it ".

With that I went as red with embarrassment, but Mommy held onto me, kissing me, Saying " don't you worry about it Ernie as I watched you enjoying yourself, you are just like your Daddy when he was here he loved going out and finding a man to have Sex with, I should have told you a long time ago what your Daddy was like, but I thought things would be different, but now I know how much you like other things I shall get you your own personal Vibrator, also I know you only just turned 13 years old, but how did you know what to do, has someone taught you, Ernie you can tell me, I wont scold you, I just want to make sure you are safe".

"Well Mommy you know I said Merve brought me home, well he did but he has no little brother, it was Merve who has taught me and Mommy I loved it very much what he did to me and I want more, that is why I want to go and see and be with him".

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" If that is what you want I will talk to him and see that he is alright for you". I told Mummy his name and where he lived and she looked him up in the phone book and rang.

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He came straight around and Mummy spoke to him then I came into the room and he came over and kissed me and we left to go around to his place, Mummy said " I will see you when I get back home and she smiled and said enjoy your time with Merve.

When we walked into Merve`s place he started to take off his cloths and I followedsheading all my cloths, when we were Nude, Merve carried me upstairs into what I thought was his bedroom, but instead it was his Daddies bedroom, as he had always slept with him.

He carried me over to the King size bed and layed me on it, by this time my cock was nice and hard so Merve took hold of it and started to suck it, in no time at all I had a big thrill.


Then Merve said your mommy told me you borrowed her Vibrator last night and Fucked yourself with it, I think you like being Fucked, so if that the case roll over onto your belly as you are in for a great Fucking time with a lot of surprises. I couldn`t roll over quick enough to get Merve`s cock up my Bum, this time it didn`t hurt so I backed onto his cock and he was really fucking me hard, we were both enjoying fucking and being Fucked when all of a sudden the room was well lite, and there was Merve`s Daddy ( his name Ken) with a movie Camera, filming us Fucking also there was another man there who was Merve`s uncle, (his Name Pete) they were both Nude and I smiled at them both as I looked at there cocksPete came over to the side of the Bedand I edged over so I could take hold of Peters cock and while Merve was Fucking me I was sucking on Peters bigger than Merve`s Cock, and at the same time Ken was filming us, then Merve exploded his spunk up my bum, oh that felt so good and with that cock I was sucking on as I pulled myself off, I was the 13 y.o.

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nude Fuck to be gangbanged by three men. Pete told me to take it a little easy sucking him as he wanted to cum a few times with me, so I decided to put on a show for them, Merve had told me his Father had bought him his own personal Vibrator when he wanted to be Fucked more, this was what gave me the idea about my Mummies Vibrator, when I wanted to Fuck myself last night, so I said to Merve will you get me your Vibrator so he took it out of the Bedside Drawer.

While Ken had the Camera on me filming me, I started to Fuck myself, and the more I Fucked the horner I got, I said to Merve if I am staying here this weekend you will have to get more cocks for me as you three will not keep me satisfied the whole weekend. With that Peter said " I will ring a few mates up we should get you about 15 to 20 " " Thanksthat might be enough but will you see about getting me a big Black Cock to Fuck me as I want to finish on something nice and big.

They loved perving on me, here I was a 13 y.o Nude Boy, with three men naked, with nice big Hard Cocks ready to Fuck little me, then it happened I shoot my first wad of CUM and Merve was first to lick it up for me, but he let me taste a little of it, which tasted just nice and salty/sweet.

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Ken handed the camera over to Merve, and told his son to film him Fucking his little Fuck, so while his Son was filming, there was Daddy with his Big Cock up my Bum, his was the biggest cock but he poked it into my Bum with no trouble at all, Merve`s Daddy lifted me up off the bed, and held me so he could lower me down on his cock, he judged it perfect as his cock went straight up my Bum Hole, OH what a feeling it is, he fucked me that way for a lot longer than I thought he would, and I was so pleased enjoying that Cock, Ken knew I was so happy getting his Cock into me, that is why he would slow up so he wouldn`t CUM, that way he could enjoy me more.

Then he put some pillows on the bed for me to lay on so my Bum was right up in the air, he lowered himself down on me as he slid his Cock up my Bum, he rode me well Fucking my Little Bum, "yes Merve`s Daddy could really Fuck well and I think Merve watching his Dad Fuck me really was getting turning him on, because his cock was rock hard again, but he continued to film us bringing the Camcorder in for close up shoots of his Daddy cock slidding in and out of my Bum.

Then what happened next was just wonderful, Ken said to his Son "don't miss this get close shots as our dainty little 13 y.o.

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Fuck, he is going to enjoy swallowing all my CUM, with that he pulled his Big cock out of my Bum and told me to suck it. I got his cock into my mouth before he started to CUMhe pulled my head hard down onto his cock just as he started to blew big lots of spunk into my mouth I swallowed his CUM as fast as I could but some was leaking out the side of my mouth.

When he finished he took hold of my little cock and started to suck me the strength of his sucking on my cock was wonderful, as he was trying to suck my cock right down his throat, his son gave the camera to his Uncle so they could keep filming us.

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Then Merve was behind me rubbing his cock up against my bum, I loved the feel of a cock against my Bum and as soon as his dad sucked me off I was laying on the bed with my bum in the air so Merve could get more of his cock up my Bum, which I knew he liked. Then it was his turn to fuck me, I said to Merve "the more you fuck me the more I want to be with you all the time as I am starting not to like you but to LOVE you, also I want to be your fuck all the time, your BUM-BOY if that pleases you, so fuck me teach me how to do everything Sexy for you".

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With that Merve started to Cum and fill my Bum-Hole with his hot spunk, I backed onto him as hard as I could so I wouldn`t miss a drop. Will Ernie be able to take on all the other men and a big black Cock See the 3rd part