Kehle ficken und cum swapping

Kehle ficken und cum swapping
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I own several Gentlemen's club in Dallas, I'm always looking for attractive women to be topless dancers. Beth came in to apply, she was brought to my office. I looked at her deciding she didn't belong here. In our conversation she told me; she is 24 never married and deep in debt. I asked her how deep in debt she was, she said " $40,000." I will give you the full forty thousand. " You will spend the weekend with me letting me fuck you as many times I want.

Don't fight me on this proposal, lets's have great sex. Let me make you cum multiple times on my big cock. Take me bareback like we both want and let me shoot you full of my seed. Beth, you want this and need this." " No. you have to wear a condom. Please." " No condom, Beth, but I will pull out if you can't go through with your desires. Beth, take me bareback." " Okay damn it, but not in my bed." " I will fuck you right in this window if you want." " No one will see, just put it in me, fuck me you goddamn Bastard." " Now we are talking!" I placed a chair in front of the window, I stood behind her pushing her skirt up.

I told her that I needed her to kneel up, put her arms up onto the back of the chair, present her ass back for the fucking of her cunt bitch style. Beth smiled, feeling so slutty, but so hot. Then I slide her panties down. I almost wished for more teasing foreplay with her. But there will be time later during the weekend.

I can't wait another second to get my cock planted up in her. With a grunt, I find her slit with the tip of my spear and then I penetrate her.

" Feel that nine inches of cock in your pussy now Beth." " Yes!" " Are you ovulating Beth, please tell me you are!" " John, you must pull out." " I want to hear you be honest with me Beth, I can tell you are." " I won't lie." " Tell me the truth Beth.

Go ahead. Tell me what will happen if I cum in you." " I will get pregnant damn it, yes, yes, fucking yes, I'm having my period." " Okay, shhhh, don't freak, feel my big bare cock in your hot little glove. Beth. You need my seed." " No, John." " Beth, shhh, feel me, I won't cum in you if you don't want this." " John, I can't." " Its nothing Beth." " I'm not married." " Oh my god." " Feel my cock, you don't want me to pull out." " It feels so dirty." " Good sex should feel dirty, Beth.

You love being barebacked by a big cock. Beth, I will fuck you like you have never been fucked before." Beth is facing the window as I took her from behind with my large cock barebacked into her fertile pussy. It is so irresponsible for her to let me breed her, but maybe it could be okay?

Maybe? " Do it, cum in me!" " Tell me what you want Beth, convince me." " Cum in me, please, I want your baby." I slammed my hard rod into her without warning, causing her to cry out. My cock is long and thick and filled her tight cunt painfully. " John! No!" she cried out as she struggled against me.

I held her tight, bracing her against the chair with my arm in the center of her back, as I begin to rut into her hard and fast. She whimpers as I attempt to split her on my thick cock. " Enough with your crying, Beth," I grunted harshly as I continue to slam into her hard, " Now keep quiet and take it, take it all Beth!

You know you love it hard! Don't you," I grunted, " Take it, yes baby that's it. You feel so good." Tears running down Beth's face as her body betrays her. Warmth spreads through her. She became wet against the forceful ramming cock. Almost by instinct, she begins to meet my harsh strokes, bucking her ass into my hard cock. " That's it baby, yes, that's it," I moaned, " You like that don't you?" " mmmmhmmm," she moans in her misery. Grabbing her hair by the root, I craned her neck to kiss her.

The pain caused her to cry out and I took the opportunity to invade her mouth with my tongue. Defeated she gave into my kiss, kissing me back as she cried. Gripping her hip roughly with my free hand, I slammed her hard into the chair.

I'm so close. Faster and harder I rammed into her, the sound of my grunts filling the room. " I'm so close, Beth, oh god, yes. Spread your legs wider for me. I want to really shoot deep in you," I moaned. She did as I asked, more out of her mounting pleasure than fear. As soon as her legs are spread I went wild, jacking my cock into her hard and deep, pummeling her womb with my stabbing cock. The pain is so intense driving her closer to orgasm. " Oh, god, John, oh god," she begged giving into the pleasure.

" Yes, Beth, fuck, fuck, ugh!" I cried out.

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As I slammed into her one last time, my cum shot into her cunt hard, filling her womb with my seed. I convulsed hard into her throwing her over the edge. She cries out, her cunt milking my pulsing cock for every last drop. " Oh, fuck, oh fuck," she panted as she came down. " Yes," was all I said, breathlessly. I stayed pressed up against her for several minutes as we caught our breath.

When I could breathe again, I put my lips to her ear, kissing it softly, then whispering, " From now on Beth, you are mine.

You will do as I tell you. Do you understand?" " Yes, John," she promised. I'm everything she had needed in her life that other men weren't able to give her. Other men were wimps, as I told her, other men would never satisfy her the way I could. I would dominate her, which is what she always wanted and needed. " I am yours, John," she said wistfully.

" There will be rules that I expect you to follow, Beth, and if you disobey me I will punish you. Are we clear?" " Yes," she said drunk with passion. Beth and I left the club going to my condo. She was laying on the bed naked sleeping, she is startled awake by me grabbing her ankle. She kicked away from me but I held tight pressing my body over her petite body.

I'm also naked. " Be quiet now Beth." Is all I said as I held her down on her stomach and spread her legs. She feels me spit on her shaved pussy then I'm pushing inside her. She screamed. I'm pushing, grunting, and heaving as I thrust in and out of her, holding her down with my weight. " Please! Please!" Beth whispered. I pushed harder raising my hips with my hands so I can go deeper.

And then She feels me cumming inside her. She hadn't felt that before. She closed her eyes and waited for me to finish. I held her down kissing her back and neck and finally pulling out of her. She watched as I took a small bottle of lube out of the drawer. " Get on all fours Beth," I said.

My voice is calm. She didn't know what I had in mind, she did as I said and it made her feel so exposed. Her ass is up in the air and her pussy is aching. Beth looked toward the bed's head board, waiting, every nerve ending in her body primed.

She hears me squirting lube, plift, out of the small tube and imagined it coating my cock.

Then she feels my fingers, I'm massaging her ass. No, not just her ass, but around her asshole. " Oh my god, no one's ever done that before." She whimpered as she feels one finger push against her, and as she inhales her body yielded. I'm fingering her asshole. Beth moaned. " You're a beautiful woman, Beth," I said. " I'm going to ask you to keep your eyes closed and start touching your pussy. Touch it just the way you do when you're by yourself at night and no one is around to hear you come.

Can you do that?" " Y-y-yes. But, I'm, I-I'm afraid." " I'll be gentle with you Beth," I said. " If you need me to stop--" " No," she said. " Please, don't stop." " I'm afraid, afraid I'll be torn open if you fuck my ass with your cock, but I don't want you to stop." She said. She kept touching herself, feeling my fingers gently probe and massage her body in a place she'd never dared explore.

She feels herself.enjoying it. Maybe one finger isn't enough, she thought. " More," whispered Beth. " What's that?" I said. " I'm not sure I hear you." I had a look on my face that is almost—smug. As though I knew that Beth would beg for what I had to give her.

" That's all right, baby doll. I have more where that came from." She feels more pressure, then slight pain as she widened to accept my offering. She found herself pushing her ass back around me as I pushed a second finger into her. Her control withered further as she realized that this, this is one of those sexual acts she never thought she'd dare attempt because it is too-- taboo. She never tried this because good upstanding women don't allow themselves to be fucked in the ass.

She hears the sound of the lube once again (pfft, pfft), and as she turns around she sees that I'm greasing up my shaft. I'm grinning at her, that twinge of fear came back. It isn't just the size of my cock that worries her. Maybe it is the slight darkening she sees in my eyes. As though I'm finished playing nice and now, now they are going to get down to nasty business. She is afraid of me and wants me at the same time. If only I were fucking her pussy again. That would feel nice too, she is sure.

But now she wants to know, what does it feel like to have a man, to have me, slide my cock up her virgin ass? " I'm not sure John, you're so big, and I don't know. Maybe this is too much. I mean--" " I'm a man of my word, Beth. If you want to stop we can stop right now. We'll go to bed like nothing happened. Is that what you want?" It's her choice. If I say yes, I'll be the one who invited him inside my ass. There's no deflecting this one. If I say yes, whatever happens next is at least 51% my fault.

Is that something I'm ready to live with? Do I want this? She looks at me, my magnificent hard-on. She didn't know whether she'd be my opponent or my lover. Maybe she'd be both. There was-- only one way to find out. Say yes and be the whore. Say yes and be the whore.

Say yes and be the whore. Say yes.

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Beth didn't need to speak her reply to me. She gave her signal through a not so subtle demonstration of body language. In yoga they might call it the 'dirt star to the sky pose.' She presented her ass to me like a sacrificial offering.

The desire to have me inside her, to strip her of that piece of her dignity, outweighed her fear of the unknown, her fear of the monster cock that can split her in two and send her screaming in pain. She wanted me more. " That's good," I said. I'm behind her now.


My calm voice has returned. She feels my cock press against her ass, and then, slowly, she feels me slide inside. She winces.

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But the pain lasted only for a brief second, and then she feels a sense of being full, of having given herself to me completely. That is when she found herself rocking her hips, back and forth, feeling pleasure building inside her that she didn't know existed. " Relax and touch that clit, baby," I said.

I'm measuring my thrusts, as though I knew just how long I can extend that moment before I, too, would no longer be able to hold myself back. She put two fingers to her clit in that old practiced way that girls never tell their mothers and fathers they know.

The first wave of orgasm came like a wave that she didn't expect, a wave that rose up to consume her suddenly. Beth stared into the eye of that wave asking it to take her. She is ready for it to wash over her, through her.

" Oh my god, oh--" Beth moaned. She wanted to speak, to tell me to keep fucking her ass because it is the hottest, dirtiest thing she'd ever felt, but she is incapable of doing so.

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It is all too much, too overwhelming for her to process. All she can do is follow me. Do what I ask. " Oh god, oh oh oh oh --oh ahhh--" she said.

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Her back arching and stiffening, as I took a handful of her hair and held her chin up, exposing her neck tome, making her aware of her vulnerability. I'm above her, my hips driving my cock into her ass. Her nipples are so hard as I fuck her. The tremors and convulsions brought her to a great dark, unknowing place of ecstasy.

While she thought she'd approached the edges of that strange place before, she'd never felt so thoroughly consumed by it. It is like being thrust into the darkest night she'd ever seen. Beth's mouth opened and her breathing seemed to stall for several seconds.

I sway my hips to rock her gently from behind, my cock deep inside her ass. Then retreating with each movement. Her face contorting and her body is trembling.

Oh, She's coming. Sound finally comes from her open mouth. It is as if it had been there all along but I didn't hear it. There are no words, just noises. Like you'd hear in the woods at night. Not human. Her hips undulating as her climax gripped her, forcing my cock in and out of her ass.

I grip her hips.


" Fuck!" I coming before I have a chance to fuck her. The contractions from her orgasm causing her rectum to clamp down on my cock so hard it tipped me over the edge. " Fuck!" Every muscle in my body locked in place as I spewed my seed into her ass.

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" Fuuuuuck!" Beth yipped, I took the opportunity to slip out of her. She groaned and then a sigh. It is over. I glanced down at her ass. I have something more important to do. I wrap my arms around her in the same position we'd just been in. " Your a complete woman now, Beth. I will give you a check." " Thank you, John." I search her face for any sign of regret. There is none.


Just the same satisfied expression she'd had when I was seated inside her. It told me everything I needed to know about our future. Our very interesting future.