Burrying my dick hard in her Camel Toe

Burrying my dick hard in her Camel Toe
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The Knight and the Acolyte Book Two: Magic's Clash Chapter Six: The Grieving Mage By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 Note: Thanks to B0b for beta reading this. Journeyman Mage Faoril Esh-Esh, Magery of Thosi My head lay on the rough wood of the table watching the retreating barmaid. The world was blurry from my drinks. I couldn't believe this day. How could it keep getting worse? I failed my test, I lost my dream, I was broke, and now I owed an inn money for food and drink. They would throw me in debtor's prison.

I would have to perform menial, manual labor until my debts were paid off. I would wither away in drudgery. I deserved it. Tears beaded my eyes. A sob racked me. I turned and buried my face into the crimson sleeve of my robe. Red for a journeyman mage.

I would never wear the black of a master. How could I have messed up such a simple spell? Preserving cum was something so simple, the densest apprentice could perform it. I must be the worst mage in the world. Footsteps thumped closer.

I lifted my head from my sleeve. The barmaid returned with an ruddy-faced man, his brown hair balding, though he tried to hide it with a terrible comb-over. In his younger years, he was a fit man, but his gut had begun to lose the fight against middle age and expanded before him. "Good evening, Madam Mage," he politely bowed.

"Nishia claims there is some small mix-up with the bill." "No mix-up," I groaned. "I fear I have no money to pay." Darkness crossed his face. "Well, that is a small mix-up. I see no reason not to take trade for your meal and drink." "I have a bit of black chalk," I muttered. "Chalk?" Master Dalria lifted an eyebrow. I believed that's what the maid claimed his name was. "And what would I be needing with chalk?" "Well." I trailed off.

My head was still warm from the drink. "I could." What did I have to my name? A few changes of robes and some arcane trinkets. "Why, you could use your magic, Madam Mage," he smiled. "If you are a mage." "I am." It was hard to keep the bitter tone from my words.

"Good, good, perhaps a spell to clean my common room." I sat up. I could do that if I had any energy to power my spell. Did I bring any cum with me? No. I don't think I did. And I no longer had access to the Collegiate Tower's simulacrum. I would have to rely on regular men to provide what I needed.

"I could, Master Dalria," I said, "but I am all out of cum." My face fell and tears burned in the corners my eyes. A hungry smile crossed the innkeeper's lips. "So it's true what female mages crave." I nodded my head, heat crossing my lips.

"Well, you're in luck," he said, patting the crotch of his woolen hose. "Seems I have a cock right here. I can give you the energy you need." My cheeks flushed again. I was used to receiving my cum from the attractive, if hairless, simulacrum created in the Collegiate Tower. The innkeeper was.less than desirable.

But, I had a debt to pay. I slipped off my chair and knelt before him. "Well, I need to see you naked," he leered. "How else am I supposed to get hard?" A hot flush ran through me. My hands moved to the ties that kept my red robes closed. It was embarrassing stripping before this man. And somehow, that embarrassment churned in my pussy creating heat. My sex itched and grew wet as my robe fell open. I slipped the cotton cloth off my shoulders and sat naked before him, my breasts round and my nipples hardening.

I wasn't as busty as Saoria. I pushed my former friend out of my mind. "You were hiding some nice curves beneath those robes." He licked his lips as he pushed down his hose. A cock sprang out, half-hard and swelling before me, a pair of heavy, cum-ladened balls dangled beneath.

I licked my lips. The energy I needed for my magic was in those balls. Dalria groaned as my right hand seized his cock and my left massaged his balls. I stroked his throbbing shaft while my fingers played with his nuts, moving them beneath my fingers. My mouth salivated. I needed cum. I needed to feel like a mage. Even if I was a terrible mage.

I leaned froward, squeezing my thighs together as the hot itch grew in my pussy. My lips brushed the crown of his hard cock. Salty precum leaked out, a preview of the true delights to come. My tongue flicked out, caressing the crown of his cock while my hand stroked him faster.

"That's nice, little mage," he groaned. His hand grasped my head and ran his fingers through my short, light-brown hair. "Work that mouth." His words were somehow demeaning. Another hot flush rippled through me, tingling my nipples and clit. I squeezed my thighs again as I moaned. I opened my lips and kissed and sucked at the tip of his cock.

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Dalria groaned as my lips parted around his cock. I slid my mouth down. The head popped in. I sucked hard, my tongue flailing against the tip. My hand fisted up and down his shaft, brushing my lips while my other hand massaged those balls. I wanted his cum squirting into my mouth. Dalria's hand tightened in my hair as he grunted, "Suck my cock, little mage.

Work that slutty mouth." I moaned and bobbed my head, taking more of his cock into my mouth. I sucked as I slid up his shaft, forming a tight seal with my lips. My cheeks hollowed as I worked up and down his dick. My ears filled with the wet, sucking sound of my blowjob. My pussy clenched. It was such an obscene sound. "Damn, you know how to suck cock," he grunted. "I heard all you little mages were whores at heart. You have to be to power your magic.

Mmm, and you're proving it with that sweet mouth." My eyes squeezed shut. I let go of his balls and shoved my hand between my thighs. My pussy was on fire. I shuddered as I ran my fingers through my neatly-trimmed bush and brushed the lips of my aching pussy.

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"Yes, you are a slut," he growled and ripped his cock from my mouth. "What?" I gasped. "I know you can take the cum in any hole," he growled and hauled me up by my hair. Pain flared across my scalp. I felt so dirty. I was his whore. I deserved to be treated this way. I was a failure. Dalria spun me about and pushed me across the table. I gasped as the edge bit into my stomach. My hard nipples rubbed on the rough wood, shooting tingles between my thighs. "You have a hot, hungry hole right here just begging for cum," Dalria growled as he thrust his cock deep into me.

"Yes," I groaned as the painful pleasure shot through my pussy. "I'm just a slut. I need cum." I savored the degrading words as I bucked my hips. I wanted him to fuck me and spill his dirty cum in me. I was already filthy. The pleasure roared through me.

My back arched and my pussy clenched on his pounding cock. Our flesh slapped together and he grunted every time he buried into my wet depths.

The table rocked beneath me as I worked my hips, I undulated. I wanted his cum. I needed it. My nipples rasped against the table. The almost painful tingles shot to my pussy. Pleasure churned in my core, growing and swelling through me. "Fuck me!" I hissed.

"Slam that dick in me. Use me! Give it to me! Fuck my filthy cunt." Dalria laughed. "Such a whore! All you little mages are sluts. I'm going to dump so much cum in you." His hand cracked down on my ass. "But why this hole?

You have another." His fingers spread my asscheeks apart, his finger dipping into and caressing my sphincter. "You're such a slut. I bet you would love for me to cum in your bowels." That was what I was now.

A slut. "Fuck my ass! I'm so filthy! A slut! A slutty, whorish mage." A failure. "Pater's cock," groaned Dalria as he ripped his cock out of my cunt, "and Biaute's divine ass." Hot pain and roaring pleasure shot through my body as he slammed his cunt-lubed cock into my tight ass. I grunted and panted as he slammed into my depths. My bowels clenched on his dick as he buried into my ass.

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He fucked me hard. Over and over he slammed into me. My ass relaxed, the pain fading, leaving only the pleasure. My clit rubbed on the table's edge when he buried into me. All the sensations mixed and churned, brewing a powerful storm inside me. "Cum in my ass!" I screamed as I thrashed on the table. "Flood my ass! Give it to me!" "Yes, yes! Fucking slut! You love it up your whorish ass!" "I do!" My orgasm exploded inside of me. Juices flooded down my thighs.

My bowels clenched down on his thrusting cock. My vision blackened and fuzzy lights danced before me. I gripped the table and screamed out my pleasure. Dalria slammed his dick into my depths. Hot cum flooded me. My body drank it up. Cum was energy. Life force. I absorbed it. The reserves of power filled me up. I could tap it and control the elements of creation.

The innkeeper smacked my ass before pulling out of me. "Okay, slut, clean my common room." I worked the magic, sending a combination of air and earth to gather up all the dirt. Wind swept through the room, gathering the dirt in a growing ball in the center.

I stood up on wobbly legs and controlled the magic, letting the energy course out of me. Cleaning took delicate work. I didn't disturb any of the plates, glasses, utensils, or mugs on the tables as I gathered the dirt. I swept up bits of food left on plates.

I added water to the magic, scrubbing the dishes clean. The ball of refuse swelled. "Where do you want it?" I asked. The barmaid gasped as she picked up a wooden plate. "It's spotless, Master Dalria." "Refuse bin in the kitchen," the innkeeper said with wide eyes. I nodded and stumbled to the kitchen. My ass burned from the hard fucking. I deserved it. I reveled in the degradation of submitting to the innkeeper's lusts.

I was a failure. This is what happened to pathetic mages. I found the bin and dumped the rubbish ball before returning naked to the common room. The innkeeper had a big smile on his lips.

"You seem to be in a bit of trouble, slut." I flushed and my pussy grew warm at that word. "Yes." "You work your magic on my inn, and I'll give you room and board." His smile grew and he grasped my ass like he owned it.

"You'll sleep in my bed, and I'll make sure you have all the cum you need. In fact, I know more than a few who would pay good money to fuck a mage." I would be his whore, his prostitute.

I was filthy, a failure. What did I care? Tears burned my eyes as I nodded my head. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knight-Errant Angela Outskirts of Esh-Esh, Magery of Thosi Xera gasped in elvish when we topped the rise and looked down at the grand city of Esh-Esh.

It was easily as large as Shesax. It was still miles away. We wouldn't reach it before the sun began to set. The gleaming expanse of Lake Esh dwindled into the distance. You couldn't see the far shore. The city of Esh-Esh was built on its eastern shore around a natural harbor.

Rising out of the heart of the city was a tall, white tower. It was higher than any building I had seen. The Collegiate Tower. At the top shown a golden beacon. It was almost a mini sun. Even in daylight. At night, I was told it lit the city. "I never knew it was so tall," Sophia gasped beside me. "That's where we'll find the mage?" Xera asked, her long ears twitching. The elf had been impressed by Norv and Allenoth, thinking they were true cities.

Both of those could fit in Esh-Esh with room to spare. "Yes," I answered. "Many master mages reside in the tower." Sophia let out a squeal, "I can't wait to meet her." "Or him," I countered. "The grieving mage could be either gender." Sophia grimaced.

"Let's hope it's a her." I winked at her. "Let's keep going. Sun is setting. We'll find an inn and then head to the collegiate tower in the morning." "Yes," Xera muttered, shaking her head, her green hair swaying about her naked shoulders.

Only her belt from which hung her quiver, a pouch of supplies, and a knife clad her body. "So many people." I heeled Midnight, my charger, and he trotted down the road. Excitement buzzed inside me.

I was happy to reach Esh-Esh. We had no further incidents since the fire two nights ago. If there was a mage trying to kill us, and why would there be, he hadn't made a new attempt. As strange as it was, I believed Xera. Who was our enemy? And why did he want to stop us? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fireeyes Yevix, The Magery of Thosi The Mermaid's Lover, a riverboat, sailed out of Yevix harbor. My magic billowed its sails, driving it up the Royton River north towards Lake Esh.


In a few hours, Angela would be in Esh-Esh. That was a dangerous place. The Magery Council wanted me dead and Esh-Esh was the heart of their power. I could work no magic against Angela so long as she was near the Collegiate Tower. Not without alerting those cowards that censored my research. I needed to get ahead of her. From my spying thanks to the garnet pendant King Edward had provided, I knew Angela planned to move north after Esh-Esh, heading for the orc tribal lands to retrieve one of the pieces of the High King's sword.

That meant Murathi, the holiest place to the orcs. If I sailed up the Royton and across Lake Esh, I could disembark north of Esh-Esh and wait on the highway to Allenoth. No longer would I have to use intermediates to kill Angela. She would face me in all my glory. I would flay the flesh from her bones. "Master," my simulacrum whispered, her hairless head bowed. She was naked, her perfectly formed breasts heaving. She handed me a vial full of her pussy juices.

Her thighs were wet. She had been masturbating. I would need energy to drive the Mermaid's Lover north and get ahead of Angela.


I drank her tart pussy juices, her sexual energy flooding through me. The sails billowed as my wind strengthened. I smiled. I was so close to Angela's death and winning King Edward's patronage. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Acolyte Sophia Esh-Esh, Magery of Thosi I woke up in bed cuddled up against Xera's back.

Angela was on the far side, her red hair spilling across her ivory shoulders and onto Xera's green-tinged skin. Angela was so beautiful, and Xera was always so sexy. I licked Xera's long, pointed ear peaking out her green hair. The elf shuddered, her ass pressing into my groin. A hot flush ran through my pussy. I pushed my hand around her hip and down her flat stomach, reaching for her hot pussy. "Wake up, Xera," I cooed in her ear. "I'm going to make you—" I grabbed something hard jutting from her groin.

It throbbed in my hand. I let out a shriek and threw myself back. I hit the edge of the bed and flipped off, landing hard on the wooden floor of the inn.

"What's wrong?" Angela asked, bolting up. I groaned, my poor butt sore. "Sophia?" Angela asked, crawling over Xera and peering down at me. Her large breasts dangled before her. Concern filled her blue eyes. "Xera has a cock!" I shuddered. "And I touched it." I felt so unclean. "I need a bath." I stood up and bolted from the room. I touched a cock. Even if it belonged to a sexy elf.

I was sworn to never be with a man. I was a priestess of Saphique, devoted to the lesbian goddess. My stomach curdled as I burst into the bathing room. A bored maid lounged on a chair. "Miss," she gasped, jumping to her feet. "Hot bath now!" I snapped as my hand shuddered. "Hurry." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Xerathalasia I giggled as Sophia dashed naked from the room, her pretty, pale ass shaking. Angela joined me in laughter as she knelt over me, her breasts dangling above mine.

"That poor thing was frightened of this." Angela seized my hard cock. I groaned, pleasure racing up the tip. I was in heat.

The painful ache filled me. My giggles transformed into moans as Angela playfully stroked my dick up to the tip. She still laughed. I grabbed her breast and squeezed. "Ooh, you're feeling frisky this morning," Angela purred as her thumb ran across the tip of my cock. "And you are looking sexy," I grinned. "Mmm, so sexy." "You're just saying that because you want to fuck my pussy," Angela grinned.

"So badly," I panted. The first day of being in heat was the worst. My cock always seemed to have a mind of its own. Back in the Deorc Forest, I would have my wife's pussy to fuck or, as was usually the case thanks to my duties as an Elvish Hunter, another elf's ass or mouth. I couldn't fuck another Elf's pussy. That would be cheating on my wife. But a human's pussy was fair game. I couldn't impregnate Angela. With no chance of pregnancy it wasn't cheating.

And I loved fucking pussy. "Mmm, so what will you do for me if I let you fuck my pussy?" Angela purred, her grip tightening. I fingered her hard nipple. "Why, I'll make you cum so hard with my thick shaft." "Promise?" asked Angela with an arched eyebrow. "Yes," I moaned. Angela turned, straddling my head.

Her breasts dragged across my stomach as she leaned down and licked my cock. Her pussy was right above my head. She smelled so tangy. Human pussies had earthier flavors than elvish cunts. I buried my mouth into her silky flesh and licked. "Oh, yes," Angela sighed between licks of my cock. Her tongue swirled around the crown, sending a hot shudder through my body. "Mmm," I purred into her cunt.

My tongue licked through her folds. She had less crevasses than an elf's pussy, but she still was fun to explore. I thrust my tongue deep into her pussy's sheath as her mouth engulfed my cock. She sucked hard, trying to draw the cum out of my ovaries.

I bucked beneath her, cooing in delight into her hot pussy. My tongue licked and flailed through her juicy sex. Her mouth vibrated about my dick. I loved it. The humming moans from her lips shot wonderful pleasure through my body. My pussy clenched as I thrust up into her mouth. I gasped and moaned through her pussy, my tongue licking and sucking harder and harder. Her pussy undulated and ground on my mouth. I found her clit, attacking it, bringing even louder moans and causing stronger hums around the tip of my cock.

My hips thrust up, pressing my dick deeper into her warm mouth. "So good," I sighed in Elvish. My hands wrapped around her thighs. I caressed her pussy lips, coating them with her juices, before I went north. I slid them between her butt-cheeks and caressed her sphincter. She groaned, her asscheeks clenching around my fingers as they probed and prodded her backdoor. I pushed a digit into her tight, warm bowels. Angela moaned loud and long about my cock. My pussy clenched and the itch at the tip of my dick swelled in Angela's warm mouth.

I sucked harder on her click and pumped my slim finger in and out of her asshole. Her hips bucked on my mouth and her juices flooded from her pussy. I drank them down as she came. Her mouth sucked so hard as she writhed in pleasure. Her stomach caressed my hard nipples, sending shooting tingles to the tip of my dick. The pressure built and built. My finger stabbed deep into her bowels as the cum exploded from my cock.

My entire body shuddered with every pulse. I loved cumming with my dick. It was so much more intense than my feminine orgasms. My cock spewed blast after blast. The salty cum filled her mouth.

Angela swallowed with a hungry, eager need while her pussy smeared on my licking lips. "Wow," Angela sighed after my cock popped from my lips. "That was good." "Uh-huh," I panted, my cock still tingling. "And you're still hard," Angela marveled. "Sometimes, the first cum isn't enough," I moaned.

"I'm in heat. My body has been readying for this day for the last four weeks." Angela spun about, her lips salty with my cum. She leaned down and kissed me. I savored the salty treat as her pussy brushed my hard cock. Angela's hand grasped my cock and guided me to her dripping pussy. I groaned as she sank down my shaft. "Xera," panted Angela as she arched her back.

Her breasts jiggled before her, the bottom slopes brushing against mine. "Ride me," I purred. "Let me see those big, juicy tits bounce." A smile crossed Angela's face and her blue eyes gleamed.

"Ooh, you naughty elf." Angela rose, her breasts thrusting before her, as she bounced on my cock. Those delicious orbs jiggled before me, slapping into her every time she slammed down my shaft. Her pussy was tight, caressing my dick with hot passion. I grasped her tits and squeezed. "That's it," groaned Angela. "Massage my tits. Damn, you are fucking sexy." "I know," I purred, my fingers finding her nipples. I pinched. Her pussy clenched on my cock.

Pleasure shuddered through me. The bed creaked as she rode me. I thrust my hips up, bouncing her on my cock. The pleasure swelled in my pussy.

Angela rode faster. The knight grinned and her flaming hair swirled around her beautiful face. "Yes, yes! I love your cock, Xera." I smiled at her. "And I love human pussy." "I bet you're going to get a lot today," she giggled. "You'll be walking through the city, your cock thrusting hard before you, and all those Thosian maidens will grow so wet and horny for you." My cock throbbed in her depths.

"Matar, yes. I want to fuck them all. So many pussies for me to enjoy." Angela laughed. She leaned over me, planting her arms on either side of my head as she rocked her hips and moved her pussy up and down my shaft.

Her breasts swayed in my hands as she rode me. She ground her clit into my pubic bone as she shuddered in delight. "Are you about to cum on my dick, human slut?" Angela's lips pursed in a smile. "I am, elvish whore." I squeezed her breasts and giggled. "Then do it. Cum on my cock. Massage my dick. I want to flood you with my cum." "Yes, yes, yes," moaned Angela. She slammed down on me. Her back arched as she ground her pussy against me. "So good. Mmm, yes. I love it." Her blue eyes squeezed shut and her mouth opened wide as she came.

Her hot cunt writhed about my shaft. Pleasure shuddered through me. My dick throbbed in her depths. The pleasure burst out of me.

I gasped as my cum flooded into her depths. Pulse after pulse of pleasure racked my body. I bucked up into her thrusts and joined her, moaning wordlessly. Our voice merged in an aria of pleasure. Angela shuddered, and then she collapsed on me and let out a big sigh. "Wow," Angela groaned, her pussy still writhing about my softening cock.

"That is a wonderful way to wake up." "Not for Sophia," I giggled again. Angela rolled off of me and laughed. "That shriek. Slata's cunt, that was hilarious the way she flew off the bed." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Acolyte Sophia It was hard to enjoy breakfast while Xera fucked the barmaid on the next table, the maid's pillowy tits jiggling with every thrust. Everyone staying in the inn gathered to watch. Even Angela kept glancing over at the pair. I could still feel that icky cock burning on my hand.

"Take my cum," Xera moaned, her hips thrusting forward. "Yes, yes, yes," fawned the maid. "Only an hour ago, the maid was licking my pussy in the bath," I muttered as I took a last bite of my porridge.

Even seasoned with honey, I couldn't eat any more. My appetite was gone. "It'll just be a few days," Angela smiled, patting my hand. "Then Xera will be back to normal." "I know." I pushed back my bowl.

"Well, we should get going. She's done with her fun." Angela leaned over and gave me a kiss. "Cheer up. We're going to meet a sexy mage who will join our adventure today." "What if it's a disgusting man," I pouted. "You'll see. She'll be sexy and beautiful and we'll make love to her together." I smiled at Angela. I did love her so much. "Thank you.

I do feel better." "Then let's go." Angela stood up, her armor clinking. "Xera?" "Huh?" asked the Elf. "You ready to go?" "Oh, yes." Xera had a big smile on her face. She pulled her cock out of the maid, who shuddered and let out an orgasmic sigh.

The elf left behind a pussy dirtied by cum. What a pity. "Yes, let's go and find our grieving mage." I stood up and smoothed my white robe. Xera was still naked, she was always naked, and I almost envied her. In the temple, I would have worn a wrap of flimsy cloth that bared my left breast, stomach, and pussy. Now I was growing used to being clothed all the time. Angela settled our bill as I strode outside. Esh-Esh bustled like Shesax, and the Collegiate Tower was almost like the Lone Mountain looming over the town.

But it wasn't as tall and didn't dominate half-the sky. Thosians had a similar coloring to Secarans, pale skin, though their hair tended to be a lighter brown, almost blonde. Probably from marrying with the neighboring Zeutchians. But the city was cosmopolitan, and I spotted ebony-skinned Halanians pressing shoulders with dusky-red-skinned Thlinians.

A woman with silver, shimmering hair walked by. She was all the way from the island Kingdom of Athlos.


Her skin had a curious, bluish tinge and her neck had a graceful sweep. I even spotted a tiger-headed Rakshasa from the Queendom of Naith. Angela and Xera emerged from the inn, the elf still blushed and smiling, and we headed into the crowd. It wasn't hard to find the Collegiate Tower. You just walked towards the towering structure and you would reach the manicured park that surrounded the massive, ivory tower. Up close, the tower made me queasy.

It was as wide as the Temple of Pure and rose far above my head. Only magic could have allowed such a massive structure to be built so tall.

An awe-inspiring demonstration of the Magery Council's power. The grounds were well-maintained, the lawns verdant and the shrubbery pruned. Young men and women in blue robes scurried about, directing magic to cut the grass and gather up the clippings, or to sweep up the fallen petals from the peach trees dotting around small reflecting pools.

"The blue robes mean they're apprentices," I said, glancing at a young mage scurrying by. "Mmm, just like the novices in the temple. So cute." A smile crossed Angela's lips. Lying in our bedrolls, I had told Angela stories of the novices I loved to seduce. It always got me in so much trouble with the priestesses, but it was worth it to seduce such youthful girls. "And the red robes?" asked Xera, noticing the young woman in a red robe following us.

The woman blushed and looked away.

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"Journeyman," I answered. "Most mages reach that level. Only a few are allowed to wear the black of a master mage. Journeyman have the skills to leave the college and practice magic around the world. These here hope to become masters." I nodded, keeping my eyes peeled for any black robes. I saw none. We reached the tower's entrance. A bored young woman in red robes sat at a desk. "What business do you." Her words trailed off as she stared at Xera's half-hard cock.

I did not get the fascination. It was like a thick worm dangling between her thighs, always twitching and throbbing. "I am Knight-Errant Angela of the Order of Deute. Accompanying me are Acolyte Sophia of the Temple of the Pure and Huntress Xerathalasia." Angela made a good attempt at Xera's full name.

"Oh, my," the journeyman mage gasped. "I see. You are on a.Quest?" Angela nodded, "And I am in need of a master mage." "Very well." The mage, she was maybe a year younger than me, scrawled on a piece of parchment. "Apprentice." A blue robed youth strode out, gangly with a pimple-covered face. He ogled the elf until he noticed her cock and blanched. At least we agreed on one thing. He snatched the paper, glanced at it, then rushed away, his robes swishing around his feet.

"You may have a seat. I do not know how long it will take." I sat down on a hard bench. Xera and Angela preferred to stand.

The journeyman mage kept glancing at Xera's cock, her cheeks rosy. Xera's eyes fluttered at the girl and her ears twitched. I grimaced. Would I have to watch her fuck another woman today? "Madam elf," the journeyman mage said, taking a deep breath, "may I ask a question of a personal nature?" "You may," purred Xera, her cock fully hard. Other red-robed and blue-robed girls and young women gathered, peering out of corridors at the elf.

The mage manning the desk quickly stood up and raced to the elf, clearly afraid another girl would get to the elf's cock first. "Madam elf—" "Call me Xera." The mage flushed. "Xera, may I collect your cum?" "For your magic, right?" Xera asked.

"That's how it works." The mage nodded. "Elf cum is particularly good at working life magic." "Of course you may," Xera purred. The mage fell to her knees and opened her mouth, sucking on the tip of her cock. I looked at the other female mages gathered, many of them had greedy eyes. Did they want to experience an elf's cock or just gather her cum? I tried to ignore the wet, sucking sound and Xera's moans as we waited for the master mage to summon us. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knight-Errant Angela Sophia was clearly growing frustrated with the wait.

Noon had already come and passed. The young woman manning the desk only told us a master mage would summon us when he or she was ready to speak with us. "They are very busy," she said with a serious face, her lips tight.

I remembered those lips wrapped around Xera's cock. The elf was being blown again. The female mages were using magic to keep her hard, and the elf looked like she was in heaven as she came into another glass vial. The grinning mage, eighteen and wearing blue robes, capped her vial and scampered off. Sophia lay stretched out on the bench pretending to sleep.

She was not happy with waiting. During our trip through the woods, she had lost a lot of her spoiled pretension. She had learned that being pampered didn't help when a monster was trying to kill you, but some of her privileged upbringing still showed through.

I could almost hear her teeth grinding. "Knight-Errant Angela?" a stout boy in blue robes said, his face flushed. "Master Mage Saoria Nioamere will speak with you." "Thank you, Saphique," muttered Sophia as she stood and brushed smooth her white robe.

"Xera," I said. "No," groaned the girl working on the elf's cock as Xera pulled away. "She was so close." "Sorry," the elf said and followed after us. In a low voice, she whispered, "I am so glad. I never thought I could cum too many times. My dick's sore." Sophia snorted a laugh. We walked up the ramp that circled the tower. It was constantly pierced by tunnels as we moved up through the levels.

The slope wasn't too steep, but I was wearing armor. I ignored the burning in my legs and kept walking. "I think I'm going to die," Sophia groaned behind me. "You spend too much time on your horse instead of walking," laughed Xera. Sweat trickled beneath my armor by the time we reached the right floor. The stout boy, who seemed only slightly out of breath, led us through tunnels to a room.

He rapped smartly and waited. "Yes?" a magnified, feminine voice spoke through the door. "A woman," I grinned at Sophia.

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"Knight-Errant Angela and her companions, Master Mage," the boy answered. The door opened by magic, or so I presumed. A woman sat at a desk in a small room, clothed in black robes. Her dark-brown hair spilled down the back. She set her quill down and turned on her stool. Her eyes were blue and flashing, her lips pursed in a smile. Not our grieving mage. "I was so curious by your arrival," Master Mage Saoria smiled. "Please, come in and let's speak." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Acolyte Sophia "That was a waste of time," I muttered as we left Saoria's room.

The woman had been pleasant enough, but she had made it clear that no master mage in the tower had any interest in going on a quest. "We have far too important work to do than aide a knight to kill a dragon," she had laughed. "We serve kings and delve into the mysteries of the universe, not assist in something so mundane." "Well, she did suggest we could find a journeyman mage to join us," Xera pointed out. It turned out that an accomplished journeyman could cast the Ritual of Reclamation with the same skill as a master mage.

"Those journeyman who have taken the test to be a master and failed still have the skill for this ritual," Saoria had said, her tone dismissive and her smile sickeningly sweet.

"You can seek them out in the market. This is a task more suited to their.achievements." "We'll scour the market," Angela nodded as we walked down the ramp.

I grit my teeth. That sounded dreadful. My feet were already sore. I was the daughter of a duchess. I shouldn't have to wander a marketplace like a common housewife to seek out a desperate mage to accompany us. "I hope Las jerks off all over this tower," I muttered, invoking the God of Lust's misfortune. He was always spewing his cum everywhere. So many monsters and unusual races were birthed by his falling jizz. Angela laughed. "At least on pompous Master Mage Saoria." I nodded my head in agreement.

My mood was even worse when we reached the base of the tower and headed out across the ground. Blue and red robed mages, all female, flocked after us, begging Xera for her cum. The elf ignored them despite her hard cock. There had to be a better way than searching the marketplace for the mage. Maybe I could use a prayer. I didn't know all the magic I could cast. Saphique had gifted me with magic earlier. Normally, I had to achieve the rank of priestess to work her magic, but the Goddess, in her loving wisdom, knew I would need it for this terrible quest.

My steps faltered. There was a prayer that might work. "Angela," I said. "You and Xera head to the marketplace. I want to try a different method." "Oh?" Angela frowned. "There might be a prayer that could work.

Saphique could guide me to the right mage." "But you're not sure?" My cheeks burned. "Well, I may not have paid as much attention during that class as I should have. The prayer may not do what I think it does. I might waste the entire afternoon searching for the wrong fox." Angela's forehead furrowed. "You'll be alone in the city." I rolled my eyes. "Esh-Esh is perfectly safe." "In some areas," Angela continued.

"I'll be fine. I have my goddess and my dagger." I drew it out. It wasn't glowing. "See, no danger." "Fine," Angela sighed. "We'll meet back at the inn at sunset." I nodded my head. "Good luck." We parted when we reached the end of the tower's grounds. First, I had to find somewhere private. I wasn't about to expose myself before the men streaming around the Collegiate Tower. I looked around and spotted an alley. I ducked down it and hid behind an empty cart.

I took a deep breath as I unbelted my robe. I pushed a pair of fingers into my pussy. I was wet—my usual condition—and I clenched down on my fingers. I took a deep breath and concentrated on my goddess. "Saphique, I pray that you find what I seek." My pussy grew warm around my fingers as the spell worked.

I pulled my digits out, coated in my cream, and I brought my fingers to my right nipple. My body buzzed as the Goddess touched me. "Guide me with your loving wisdom." Breast milk squirted out, coating my pussy-stained fingers.

I gasped, a shuddering orgasm rippling through me as the prayer completed. My fingers tingled, drawing me away from the tower. I held them out and they turned me and pointed through the building.

I was tracking something. I quickly belted up my robe and left the alley, walking around the building. I pointed my fingers and followed them through the city, my heart racing. Had the spell found the grieving mage? Or was I tracking something else? Like food. I was hungry. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Journeyman Mage Faoril The man came in me. My body drank up his cum and the sexual energy contained in his seed.

Then I performed a simple spell, gathering up his clothes and bringing it to him. The man chortled, pleased he fucked an actual mage. I wanted to vanish into the blankets. A week ago, I thought I would be a master mage by now. Instead, I was a whore. I would cry, but I was out of tears. This is what I deserved. If I couldn't perform a simple spell, how could I expect to be a mage. "Damn, what a fuck," the man laughed before heading out.

I dressed. I needed to work the common room. I had to earn my food and board. Dalria expected me to work. My red robes on, I slipped out of the small room and headed downstairs to the boisterous common room. Men drank and other whores perched on their knees while the barmaids scurried through the room. I scanned around, wondering who would fuck me next. I really didn't care. "It's you," a woman breathed, stepping before me, her green eyes wide.

A silver tongue stud flashed as she spoke, "I found you." "You must be mistaken," I said. "No," the woman said. She cupped my face. She wore white robes like she was a priestess.

"Look at your eyes. Oh, you poor thing. What has happened to you?" "Nothing," I muttered. "I need to get back to work." "Work?" The woman frowned. "What work has a mage in a place like this?" My heart ached. There was such pity in her green eyes. It stirred something in me. My eyes burned. I turned away. "I'm no mage." "But.you're dressed like one." "Hey, don't be bothering my workers," Dalria said, ambling over.

"Worker?" the priestess asked. Dalria put his hand on my ass, pulling me close. He squeezed. My cheeks burned and I looked down. Why did this woman have to appear with caring eyes? Why did she have to witness how filthy I was? "She's my best girl. No one earns better than her." "She's a prostitute?" asked the priestess. Dalria squeezed my ass again. So possessive. Did he own me? He sold my body whenever he liked. I guess he did. "Yes. This is the only inn where you can fuck a mage.

Then she'll demonstrate her arcane arts. She's skilled." The tear rolled down my cheek. It was so much easier when no one really looked at me. The men who bought me only saw my body, they didn't look into my eyes. That was easier. I could let them rut on me and sometimes I enjoyed it. I could forget what I was. What I used to be. The priestess touched my cheek and brushed the tear.

"How much?" And now she was buying me. Money changed hands. I took the priestess's hand and led her to my room. The moment I was inside, I unbelted my robe and let it drop off my naked body. I stood before her trembling. She hugged me. "Who hurt you? Who made you grieve?" Her words were soft.

"No one." "I can see it. You're who we've been looking for." "What?" I blinked blurry eyes. "What do you mean?" The priestess cupped my face and turned me to stare into her eyes.

"My name is Sophia. What's yours?" "Faoril," I answered. "Journeyman Mage Faoril Lesibourne." Her thumbs wiped away my falling tears. "Tell me what happened to you? You don't belong here. You don't deserve to have these men use you." "I do," I croaked. "I failed. I'm worthless." Sophia shook her head. "I don't think you are." Her lips touched mine.

They were soft and sweet. None of my clients ever kissed me. Her fingers stroked my cheeks as her gentle kiss warmed my body. I shuddered, more tears flowing. My arms wrapped around her. I clung to her. I cried out my story. As I told her about my dreams and ambition and how my simple mistake led me to failing the test, she guided me to the bed.

We sank down onto it. She smelled so sweet and clean, not like the men I had been with. "You poor, poor thing," Sophia whispered. "So you made a mistake." "It cost me everything," I groaned. "I failed." "I bet you won't make that mistake again," she smiled. I froze.

"What?" "Everyone makes mistakes," she laughed. "So did you. So what? I made them all the time in the temple." "This wasn't a little mistake. I could have died." I squeezed my eyes shut. "They won't let me retake it." "Unless you do something spectacular," Sophia grinned. "Prove that you are worthy.

I spoke with Saoria today." I flinched at the mention of my former friend. "Yes, she was a bitch," Sophia nodded, "but she also said you could cast the Ritual of Reclamation." "Saoria said I could?" I frowned. "Well, not by name. She did say a mage who failed the test could do it." Sophia smiled. "Help us restore the High King's sword.

We need you. The Oracle said we needed the grieving mage. You can cast the ritual, right?" "The Ritual of Reclamation?" I frowned. "Yes.

I can. And the High King's Sword? What are you talking about?" Sophia grinned, and then she told me all about her quest with the Knight Angela. Something changed in my heart.

I could prove myself again. I could journey with them and reforge the High King's sword. It would be a momentous quest culminating in one of the hardest pieces of magic. I would prove I wasn't a failure. I could retake the test. "Yes, I can cast it," I said, my back straight. I felt.confident.

I had forgotten what that felt like. To be continued.