Frisky czech girl stretches her slim twat to the strange

Frisky czech girl stretches her slim twat to the strange
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it was 10:00 in the morning, and lady tsunade, the hokage of the hidden leaf village was just finishing reading a report on a mission that had gone badly. the team assigned to the mission was team seven, made up of naruto, sakura, and sai.

kakashi had not gone because he was on reconnaissance in the wind country, looking for signs of sasuke, who had defected nearly two years ago. according to the report, the team had been trying to infiltrate a rogue camp, but were found and defeated.

they managed to get back to the village, but sakura was unconscious, and naruto was behaving more strangely than usual. sai was still on bed rest, after carrying sakura all the way home. tsunade was scolding herself for not sending a more experienced team on the mission, when she heard a knock at her door.

"enter!" she said, almost yelling to be heard through the solid oak door. shizune entered dragging with her the growing headache of the village, naruto. he had a strange look in his eye, and was trying to grab shizune's shirt.

"anko told me to bring him to you. apparently he was trying to spy on her in the baths." said shizune.

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tsunade sighed wearily. "ok, leave him with me." shizune sat naruto down on the chair, and naruto's hand quickly groped her ass. shizune slapped him across his face as hard as she could, and left promptly.


when tsunade looked back at naruto, a bit of normalcy had returned to his face, and he was sitting still. "naruto, whats with the recent upswing in perviness? you're acting like jiraiya when he was your age!" tsunade asked.

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"i dont know, i've had the uncontrollable urge to just do these things since i got back to the village." something clicked in tsunade's memory, and she looked at naruto, who was starting to look crazed again. "naruto, were hit with any strange jutsu in your fight with the rogues?" tsunade asked.

"yeah, one of them hit with something that made me all tingly for a minute, but then i was fine." naruto said, as he started fidgeting again.

"naruto you weren't fine, and still aren't, you were hit with a lust jutsu. it makes the person effected have strong sexual urges, to disorient them, and keep them from fighting." a brief look of comprehension crossed naruto's face.

"how do i get rid of it?" he asked. " the only way to rid yourself of this is to fulfill your desires. you need to have sex to be normal again." tsunade said.

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"but i've never had sex before! who am i going to have sex with?" naruto asked. "well seeing as it is for the protection of the other women in this village, i guess it'll have to be me." tsunade said.

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naruto almost died. "you!? your'e going to have sex with me?" " yes naruto, but keep in mind it's only for the village." tsunade said as she stood up and closed the blinds of her office.


" now take off your clothes." tsunade said. naruto quickly obliged stripping out of his usual orange sweatsuit. as he stood there naked tsunade looked at his erect dick, and saw that it was larger than she thought it would be for his age. 'what do i do now?" asked naruto. " sit back down. naruto did so, but reluctantly. "i thought we were going to have sex." naruto said.

" we are." tsunade said.

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she started to strip out her robes, droping them to floor and standing there in her underwear. she walked over to naruto and knelt in front of him. "do you like what you see?" she asked. "yeah, i like it alot!" naruto said. " good." purred tsunade in her sexiest voice. she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, then held it there by the cups. slowly she pulled the bra away, revealing her massive breasts.

naruto almost came right then. tsunade looked amused, and then leaned forward taking his dick in her hand, and pumping it slowly.

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naruto closed his eyes and leaned his head back. tsunade put lips on his dick and gave it a kiss.from naruto's shudders she could tell he liked it. she slowly worked her lips around the head of his dick, then got more of it in her mouth at once. soon she was taking it all into her throat, and naruto was moaning.


all of a sudden naruto grunted, and came in tsunade mouth. she swallowed every drop, and sat back on her heels smiling at naruto. "did you like that?" she asked. naruto nodded vigorously and asked "what do we do now?" "now you do that to me." tsunade said, standing and taking off her panties. she turned and cleared of a spot on her desk, then sat on it and spread her legs. naruto stared at her damp pussy, and said "how do i do it?" she said "just lick it, and rub with your fingers." naruto got on his knees in front of the desk and did as she told him, and soon she was moaning loudly.

"naruto, put your finger in me!" she said naruto felt around until he felt an opening and said "here?" " oh, yes there!" as naruto worked his finger in and out, and licked her pussy. suddenly he licked her on her clit and she moaned loudly and shivered violently.

naruto stopped and watched her, and then panting she got fo of the desk and leaned over it saying "now, put it in me naruto." naruto stood up and put his finger in her again. "no. your dick." she said. naruto pulled his finger out of her and put his dick up to her opening, and pressed until his dick slipped in and settled against her cervix. "ow! naruto go slow at first." naruto obliged and slowly worked his dick in and out, relishing in the feeling of it.

tsunade moaned "harder!" naruto pushed further in and started pumping faster. he could feel his approaching orgasm and called out, "i'm cumming!" tsunade responded with a thrust back on his cock, and said, "cum inside me naruto!" naruto thrusted a few more times, and then felt his cum shoot into tsunade's pussy. naruto pulled out and sat in the chair. tsunade came over and knelt by naruto stroking his dick.

"are you feeling better?" "much. thank you."