One of my favorite past times

One of my favorite past times
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--"Finally! So close to being with her!" She thought to herself and giggled somewhat naughtily. Laying back her head Jennifer said to herself, "Ooooh, it's driving me crazy just thinking about it!" as her eyes closed and her petite hands wandered to her perky, firm tits around a B-cup, fondling them, pinching the nipples ever so gently. Her hands then betrayed her and started slowly roaming down her smooth stomach, then ever so gently along each hip bone making her shiver in pleasure.

Slowly, those hands pushed the blanket down exposing a petite, soft, hourglass figure. Her right hand continued its path while her left returned higher to her right tit, massaging it while tweaking the nipple. Meanwhile, her other hand slid further down to start making gyrations on her clit. As a small moan snuck out from between her full lips as she thought, "Oh God!

I can't wait till she gets here!" Then her hands betrayed her further as her middle finger slid in and out of her tight, wet little pussy. Her finger slowly glided in and out, gradually increasing in intensity, as her other hand grew rougher with her tit and her nails dug in some. Now her body was starting to tingle and tense with pure pleasure and anticipation for what could only mean one thing. --Surges of pleasure flooded through every inch of her body, making her spasm and breaths come in small gasps.

She could feel her juices running out over her fingers, cumming so hard it almost hurt.


It felt like a thousands pounds of pressure lifting off her pussy, letting the blood flow back in and out of my soft folds.

When it finally faded away she started gently licking it off her fingers just as the door cracked open. --She froze with my middle finger in my mouth, gently biting it. She was laying there with my legs spread wide for her lover to see every inch of her glistening pussy and smooth legs.

--"H-hey honey." --- --I smoothed out my pinstripe, black suit, and messed up my short strawberry blonde hair some more for my beloved bedhead look. It worked since all my hair was only about an inch long.

Then a closed my office door and locked it, dropping the key into my briefcase and pulling out my car keys. --It had been another fulfilling day of helping the loony.

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I just couldn't wait to get home to something normal. Get a good workout in and get some sleep. --I quickly hurried into the elevator just as it was closing with one of my male patients inside. Nervously I moved to be standing beside and behind him somewhat.

He was a very unstable man that was being ordered by the court to come see me. They chose me because the judge found me to be an intimidating woman who he would not try to get the upperhand on. ---"Miss Cole! What are you doing in here so late?" He asked, licking his lips. This was not the type of man any woman should be alone around no matter how tough she was.

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He had a history of rape and abuse but no woman ever had sufficient proof. --"I'm heading home. Why are you still here Rick? Our session ended an hour ago." I asked as I gripped my briefcase. These were typical predator actions. Waiting for the prey in hiding until they are separated from the herd. Humans really aren't so different from any other creature. We are just smarter so therefore more of a threat. --The dreaded words came out of his mouth in what I imagined was a slick tone to him, but was just haunting to me, "I was waiting for you.

You worked later than you should have." He said, moving closer. --"I had paperwork Mister Lonax." I used a formal name to show a discreet message of how the only relationship there was between us was patient doctor.

"You know that I only discuss matters in the office, you should go home." I looked at the digital number, 5 out of 1. Almost down. --"Well, I was actually going to ask you to have dinner with me." He said moving closer again, making me step back into a corner so I had swinging room.

--I laughed a little, standing up straight so I was at eye level with him to show my confidence that I was pretending to have, "No, I will be having dinner with my partner tonight and most every other night, now if you will excuse me," I said as the door began opening, "this is very inappropriate and we have discussed proper ways to approach a woman." --I tried to push by him but he put his arm in front of me, looking a little angry, "You won't regret it if you do.


I'm sure your business partner can wait." --That was the final straw. I swung my briefcase and knocked his arm away, grabbed him by his gross greasy long hair, and pushed him to the floor. "Not business. Lover. Don't mess with me, I don't bat for your team. You keep this up and it will be more than enough proof that you are a lost case and I WILL tell the court you are at maximum mental health possible but not safe to be released into the public." --At that I released his hair, stepped over him and walked out of the elevator into the lobby.

All eyes were on me but I walked proudly through as if nothing had happened and went to the parking lot. --As soon as I sat in the car I finally let out my breath and started the car shakily. That was one of the scariest few minutes of my life.

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That's a patient who needs a male doctor. I pulled out and lit a cigarette, happy for the stress reliever.

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--I hurried home and as I walked in the door I could hear a slight moaning coming from the bedroom and a huge grin spread across my face. My Jennifer was in there ready to be ravished.

I dropped my bags and listened at the door for a minute and could hear the bed start to squeak a bit as she was gasping for air between her soft moans. Just knowing what was going on in there had me soaking through my panties.

--I took off my blazer and hung it on a chair, unbuttoning my shirt as I opened the door to see the most beautiful pussy I have EVER seen. Dripping wet with her bouncy tits heaving and her licking her fingers clean. --At that I groaned deeply, pulling my shirt off and taking of my pants as I walked in, letting my clothes just fall to the floor.

--I rushed to between her legs, gripped her hips and pulled her to the edge of the bed. I gazed at her glistening pussy until I couldn't hold back any longer and buried my face deep. --I starting licking at her opening, wanting to taste every drop of her fluids before they were gone. Nibbling at each lip I slipped a finger to be rubbing on her back door.

Then I moved to her rock hard clit and starting sucking on it, making circles with my tongue, flicking it, and nibbling, letting it slip between my teeth over and over so that she was moaning so loud that surely the neighbors could hear.

--My nipples were so hard that the fabric of my bra felt like sandpaper so I leaned back and unhooked it, pulling it off quickly so that my buoyant C tits bounced out, already covered in sweat from pure arousal. As soon as it was off and I felt the cool air brush my breasts, I dove back in. It felt like I just couldn't get enough of her pussy. She was grinding against my face, gripping the sheets and moaning louder and louder.

She was ready for me but I wasn't ready to stop. --I slipped a finger into her pussy, then another and started wiggling them and pounding in and out while I kept sucking, nipping, and licking her beautiful little bead.

Finally she came all over my face nearly screaming my name in pure ecstasy, "Lisa, oh god baby!" and it was like I had be dehydrated for days and there was pure glistening water there for my taking. I lapped up every bit I could then wiped my face.

--"Oh god baby that was so amazing." She said as she leaned up and I kissed her deeply, letting our tongues dance and I pressed my panties to her pussy. She reached down and pulled them off of me. She rolled on top of me and starting kissing my tits, nibbling my nipples, and moving down. I felt like I was ready to burst before she even got near my pussy. --When she did she used what we had learned together and went crazy on my clit. She knew me so well, knowing I didn't like to be penetrated very often and didn't need to be.

Finally I could feel myself swelling with pleasure, "Oh Jennifer, baby don't stop, I'm so close." Then the slight pain hit that always comes before the climax. --I let out a sigh of relief as spasms of pleasure rocked my body. "Oh god yes baby right there. Now now now!" And she drove her fingers into my pussy, wiggling then like crazy so that I was cumming so hard I couldn't of held still if I had tried.

--As soon as it eased off she crawled up beside me and started kissing my neck.

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I rolled back over onto her, holding my body off of hers, "Are you ready?" --Jennifer nodded, biting her lip. So, I pulled the chest out from under the bed and held up a few different dildo's in multiple colors, "Your pick." --She seemed to think for a minute then pointed, "That one, the pink one." I grinned and set them all down.

I dug in a bit more till I felt leather and pulled out my harness.

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I winked at her. --"You get to put it on me baby." She grinned back at me and got up close, nipping my firm toned stomach as she did so. I lifted each leg for those straps and she buckled it in the back, grabbing my ass as she did so.

She slid the ring onto the dildo then snapped it in place. --Jennifer then began sucking it. Oh I could only imagine what that would feel like if it were truly mine but just seeing her with my rubber cock in her mouth was too much and I pulled back and pushed her onto the bed. --I climbed on her again as I swung her legs so she was laying right on the bed. I slid it into her, watching it disappear into her folds as she gasped in and gripped my hips, pulling me all the way into her.

--We moaned in unison, grabbing each others' asses as I started pounding her. Just feeling the pressure was enough to feel amazing. Knowing how much I was pleasing her was enough to make me moan with her, making a beautifully orgasmic song. --I started kissing her deeply again so that our moans were muffled as I kept sliding my rubber cock in and out of her tight little pussy.

I could feel her juices running down into the leather harness, mixing with mine.


I moved and started nibbling her nipples. --"Oh yes Jenn, cum for me baby. Come on bitch. Let loose." At that she did cum and started racking hard with orgasms. "AHHH!! LISA!!!!" --The sight, with the pressure, feeling her juices on me, and her screaming my name was enough to make me start cumming too so that we were clinging to each other, her nails clawing at my back only making me cum harder.

Finally it stopped and I dropped onto her, us both breathing hard, covered in sweat. --I rolled off onto my back and unbuckled, the harness, dropping it onto the floor as Jennifer rolled over and snuggled up to my side nuzzling my breast. I wrapped my arms around her, holding her close, pulled up the covers over us, and drifting off to sleep, playing with her hair.