Stripper girl fucking and sucking filmed with hidden camera

Stripper girl fucking and sucking filmed with hidden camera
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"LOVE TRAIN" CAW10 ENTRY by Hardrive The memory of that special day when a boy losses his virginity to a stranger on the midnight train to manhood." ------------------------------------------------------------- It was a stormy evening and I was standing at the door watching my wife Cindy getting into her car. She was on her way to visit her mother and as she entered the vehicle she turned and waved a final good-bye. Looking at the distant sky I noticed that the flashing lights had intensified and the volume of the thunderclaps was loader.

That indicated that the storm was coming closer so I stepped outside to caution my wife. It began to sprinkle as Cindy's car backed out of the driveway but she stopped as soon as she saw mouthing the words, 'Take care baby.' That made her smile and she threw me a kiss just as a bolt of lighting shot across the sky illuminating her face.

The image of Cindy's face behind the rain-speckled glass brought back a memory that made me jump and sent a chill up my spine.


Cindy must have thought I had been startled by the accompanying thunderclap but the shock came from seeing her shimmering face behind the rain speckled window. That image was very familiar and it brought back a flood of memories that were associated with the face of a girl I hadn't thought about in years.

Cindy waved one last time before backing the car to the bottom of the driveway and tuning it onto the street. Putting the car in gear she drove away and in less then a minute she disappeared into the night and I was left alone with my thoughts. I hadn't thought about Julie for years but now that her memory invaded my thoughts I decided to pour myself a drink, sit down in my favored chair and allow my recollection of that dark and stormy night to parade across my mind.

It was a special night. It was the night I lost my actual virginity. I say actual because prior to meeting Julie I'd gotten close but never went all the way with a girl.

Julie was my first. She was the first girl with who I consummated the act of intercourse. She was the girl who provided me with the most exciting and unforgettable sexual experience of my life.

As I recall, it was the autumn of my 18th birthday and I was riding the midnight train on my way home from college. I remember that it was late and the sky was stormy and dark as I boarded the railroad car. The train was full and almost every space was taken by passengers and their belongings.

Looking up both rows of seats I spotted what looked like an empty place at the back of the car. Moving quickly I picked up my overfilled bag and staggered up the swaying isle, marching to the beat of the clankity-clank of steel wheels rolling on steel rails. The lights in the car were dim and every so often they blacked out for several seconds making my unsteady trip up the center aisle even more precarious. It seemed like I was apologizing every couple of steps as I unwittingly bumped into and stepped on various passengers along the way.

Imagine my disappointment when I finally arrived at the back of the car only to find that the seat I was hoping to take was not really free. It was partially occupied by a pretty young woman's feet. In those days, train seats were actually long leather benches divided into three seats by retractable armrests. In this particular case, the seat by the window was occupied by a sleeping boy about four or five years old. A young woman sat next to him in the middle seat.


She was curled up and reading a book and to make herself comfortable she raised the adjacent armrest and extended her feet into the aisle seat. Not wanting to disturb her I started to walk away but she quickly withdrew her feet and dropped the armrest creating a place for me. I smiled, thanked her and shoved my bag onto the overhead shelf before the swaying train forced me to plop down onto the seat.

The young woman laughed and introduced herself. Her name was Julie and she seemed genuinely glad to meet me. After traveling all day with only the boy for company, she was glad to finally have the company of someone closer to her age.

We hit it off right away. Julie was an extrovert and within the first hour she told me her life story. She was twenty-two and a single mother but she was returning home to live with her grandparents. It seemed that after four years of cohabitating, her boyfriend decided to abandon her and the child. At first, she tried to make it on her own but after only three months of living alone she was hopelessly in debt and forced to accept her grandparent's help.

The young mother wasn't looking forward to living with them. They were very old fashion and very strict.

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She would have no freedom in their house. No music, no drinking, no parties and most of all, no men. She told me that I would probably be the last man she would be able to talk to for a good long time. I said that I totally understood since I came form the same kind of traditional upbringing. Then I conveyed a few stories of my own experiences with strict parents and she laughed.

For a while we passed the time telling each other stories of how we circumvented our parent's constant scrutiny. Julie was older and more experienced so her stories were more explicit. She spoke frankly about her sexual adventures not realizing that I was just a boy of 18 and a virgin at that. She treated me as an equal, that is to say, a sexually experienced adult. I went along with that perception by agreeing with everything she said and occasionally falsely claiming that I had similar experiences.

As the night went on Julie continued to excite me with her intimate stories. It seems she and her boyfriend had quite an active sex life but it all ended about a month before he left.

They had a big fight and he started sleeping on the living room couch. This really pissed Julie off since she didn't see why they couldn't disagree during the day but keep on having sex at night. The girl had quite a sexual appetite and though she didn't like her former boyfriend she sure missed having sex with him.

When Julie finally ran out of conversation the silence seemed awkward so I pulled out a deck of cards and asked if she wanted to play. She agreed and pulled up the armrest that separated our seats.

Julie then reached up to turn on the overhead spot light and pointed it between us. As she did she put on a bit of a show. You see she was wearing one of those loose fitting sleeveless blouse with no bra so as she extended her arm to adjust the light, I caught a glimpse of her subtle breast and exquisite nipple. The sight of her breast made me freeze like a deer caught in the lights of an approaching tank, so I didn't notice when she turned her head and looked directly at me.

When I felt her eyes I quickly averted my stare, but it was too late. To my surprise, Julie didn't say a word, she just smiled and placed a folded train-blanket between us to use as a table. "What do you want to play?" She asked with a coy smile that made me unsure if she was talking about playing cards or something else. Being a sexual novice I didn't pick up on her hint so I just dealt us a hand of casino, but before we finished the first hand her conversation returned to her sex life.

Julie spoke in hushed tones as she described the things she liked to do with her boyfriend. Listening to her talk was like getting oral sex in your ear and as her stories became more graphic I got more and more turned on. Soon my hands began to tremble from the sexual tension. Julie asked if I was cold and offered to cover me with the blanket.

I told her I wasn't cold just uncomfortable in the seat. She suggested a remedy. Asking me to watch, she turned in the seat to face me with her legs crossed Indian style. Julie was wearing a short skirt that, while standing, fell just above her knees, but in that sitting position the skirt elevated to her upper thigh and gave me a brief peek at her white cotton panties.

Pretending I hadn't seen, I thanked her for the suggestion but insisted I'd be more comfortable sitting as I was. Actually I wasn't lying. I had a huge erection and if I attempted to get up to alter my position it would have become obvious to her in a second.

We continued playing cards but every so often Julie turn to look over her shoulder at her sleeping child. As she leaned back, her knee would lift just enough so that I could see up her leg all the way to the pit of her crotch.

As horny as I was I couldn't help but look. On one of these occasions, she suddenly looked back and caught me looking again. I tried to avert my eyes but I was too late and I fully expected that she would adjust her skirt before she went back to attending to the child but she continued as if nothing happened.

The night progressed and her skirt kept creeping up higher and higher. With each turn to check the child the view up her skirt got better and lasted longer. Eventually the view became a permanent fixture as her skirt crept up to the top of her thigh and stayed there. My trembling became more pronounced and I began to sweat and stammer. My playing became erratic and I was just a mess. All the while Julie just kept smiling and talking about her sex life pretending she couldn't see what she was doing to me.

Then it dawned on me and I finally realized that she was purposely teasing me. She knew I could see up her skirt and she knew that her conversation was driving me crazy. She knew it and she was enjoying every minute of it while I sweated, trembled and stammered. Once I knew she was playing a game, I decided to join in and give back as good as I got.

I stood up on the pretext that I needed to stretch and I let her get a good long look at the bulge in my jeans. The bulge was obvious but just to make sure she got the point; I adjusted my erection by positioning it along my thigh so she could see the full length and girth of my boner.

When I sat down Julie looked down at my lap and then up to meet my eyes. She gave me a knowing smile and leaned over to whisper that she was glad she wasn't a boy.

"Girls don't have to worry about getting a bulge in their jeans when we get horny. We can keep our excitement secret unless we want someone to know. In that case we let them see the wet spot on our panties." With that she discreetly pulled up her skirt and leaned back to reveal a small wet stain at the base of her underpants.

For a long time I just stared at the spot while my mind visualized what I knew was on the other side of that cotton cloth. She had certainly upped the ante and it was now my turn but I didn't know what to do.

We were on a crowed train and though it was dark and most of the passengers were asleep and facing away from us, what I had in mind would have gotten us thrown off the train. Thankfully, Julie took the initiative. She turned off the overhead light and asked me to sit back.

When I did she threw the blanket over my lap and said, "I feel responsible for putting you in that condition so let me do something to help you out." With those words she put her hand under the blanket and took hold of the bulge in my pants. Then she began to squeeze my dick rhythmically making it get even bigger and harder.

Julie's touch felt great but I was worried that someone would see what we were doing so I looked around at the passengers around us. Most of them had their backs to us except the people directly across the aisle.

Sitting across from us there was a young teenage girl and her parents but they were asleep. Still, I felt apprehensive and gave Julie a worried look. She smiled and asked if I wanted to touch her. Of course I did, but I was too shy to answer so she took my hand and placed it between her legs.

Then she put her hand over mine, parted her thighs and pushed my fingers down hard pressing them into her crotch. I was both delighted and shocked. Looking around I kept checking to see if anyone was looking and when I was sure it was safe I reached under the soft cotton fabric of her underpants until my fingers found the moist crack of her vagina.

Repeatedly stroking her cleft I moved up and down her silky crack but didn't dare do anything else. Julie sensed my timidity and encouraged me to probe more aggressively by spreading her legs. We did that for a while and I guess all that petting got Julie really hot, because she suddenly jumped up, put her hand under the blanket and began to unzip my pants. She struggled to release my cock but when she finally got it loose, it popped out like a jack in the box.

Once she had me out, she skillfully stroke my shaft. Her grip was strong and I had to stifle a groan as she rhythmically squeezed my dick while pulling up and down on my foreskin. Each stroke made my wet bulbous cockhead swell and ooze a stream of pre-cum that ran down her hand as she continued to knead and fondle my dick.

It felt wonderful and I thought we had gone as far as we could go but Julie managed to surprise me. She suddenly scooted away from me, leaned forward and put her head under the blanket.

I wasn't sure what she was going to do but when I felt her soft wet mouth cover the head of my cock I knew it was going to be good. It felt wonderful but this bold new move scared me. Anyone that saw us like this would know exactly what she was doing, so I sat up, put my hands over her head and tried to conceal the bobbing motions under the blanket.

Looking to my left I checked out the passengers sitting across from us and to my horror I saw that the teenage girl sitting in the aisle seat was looking directly at me. Her expression was very serious and I expected that as soon as she figured out what we were doing, she'd alert her parents and we'd be in a world of trouble… but she didn't.

She just looked at the moving blanket on my lap without saying a word. For a while I wondered if she really understood what was going on but as soon as I noticed that she had her hand between her legs, I got my answer. I had never been in such a situation. On my right I had a girl sucking my cock and on my left I had a girl watching me getting a blow job while she rubbed her pussy.

It was strange but I found I liked being watched. Being watched made what Julie was doing feel even better and in less time than I care to admit, I felt myself at the very edge of reaching climax.

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Holding her head, I tried to stop Julie's slow up and down motions but she wouldn't stop. "Oh please," I leaned forward and whispered a warning. "I can't hold back any longer. If you don't stop now I'm going to cum." Julie stopped, lifted her head and peeked up from under the blanket.

"That's okay," she said with a coy smile, "I want you to cum." Then she went back to what she was doing. As Julie continued to suck my dick, I looked at the girl across the aisle. Her eyes looked dreamy and I could tell that she wanted to see more, so I lifted a corner of the blanket to let her get a better look. The girl didn't change her expression but her focus became more intense as she watched Julie's mouth go up and down the length of my cock. I could tell that she was really getting turned on by the way she licked her lips and how she increased the speed that she was stroking her pussy.

I was getting into it too and soon found myself unable to hold back any longer. Closing my eyes and biting my knuckles, I began to moan as my hips rouse higher and I got closer and closer to reaching climax. Then my dick started to twitch and I shot my load right into Julie's mouth. As soon as she felt me coming, Julie's sucking got faster and as I pumped shot after shot into her mouth, I could feel her sucking and licking it all up until there was nothing left.

When she was done, Julie sat up and snuggled close to me.

Then she whispered in my ear. "Did you enjoy that?" I nodded that I did. Then Julie added, "Did letting that little girl watch us make it feel better?" I was surprised she knew about that but I was too embarrassed to answer. "That's okay, I liked being watched too." Then she winked at the girl across the aisle and sat back in her seat.

For about five minutes we just sat there, holding hands while I caught my breath. Then Julie stood up, and whispered that I should wait a few minutes and follow her to the back of the train.

She said she would be in the restroom waiting for me. I was to knock twice and come in. After Julie left I stuffed my still partially erect dick back in my pants and pulled up my zipper. Then I pulled out my shirt to conceal the still visible bulge.

As I stepped out into the aisle I looked down at the girl that sat across from us. This time she smiled at me. I smiled back and I guess she took that as an invitation to touch my crotch because she reached under my shirt and took hold of my dick.

That kind of surprised me and it felt good too but there was no way this could go any further so I excused myself and headed to the restroom. I got to the door, knocked twice and waited for Julie to respond. When the door opened I could see her standing there with one finger over her lips to indicate that I was to be silent.

Taking hold of my shirt she pulled me inside the tiny room. Once inside, she closed and locked the door. It was really cramped in there with almost no room to maneuver. Julie reached up and kissed me. She slipped her tongue in my mouth and gave me the most passionate kiss I ever had.

I returned the kiss with equal adore and squeezed her buttocks while pulling her up against my swollen dick. After several kisses, Julie turned her back to me and I could hear the rustle of her clothing as she pulled up her skirt and pulled down her panties. Then she leaned forward resting her hands on the wall over the sink. I was a novice and had never fucked a girl before but I recognized an invitation when I saw one.

Reaching down I felt the soft round flesh of her sweet little ass. My fingers ran down the crack of her butt cheeks to the soft wet pit between her legs. "Hurry." She whispered as she pressed her ass against my crotch.

Nervously I unbuttoned my pants and pulled down my shorts. Even though I had cum within the last 10 minutes, my stiff wet cock had grown to its full seven-inch length and I was ready to go again.

I wanted to start fucking her right away but the restroom was so small and cramped that I couldn't back-up enough to get the head of my cock into her vagina. I had no room to back-up and Julie's legs were already up against the sink so she didn't have any room either. These railroad lavatories were not designed for fucking. Once again Julie took the initiative. She swung her hips to one side while simultaneously reaching back to grab my cock. She pulled my dick down below her ass and got up on her toes.

Taking a hint from her maneuver I bent my knees and got my dick below her pussy. However, being a virgin I wasn't exactly sure about the location of her opening so I began by plowing the middle of her crack. After a few moments of that, Julie got tired of my fumbling and reached down between her legs to guide me to the right position.

Placing the head of my cock against the soft folds at the back of her pussy, she pushed back against me and the head of my dick popped right in. Eagerly I pushed up and the rest of my cock slipped into her vaginal canal like a hot knife slicing into a tub of butter.

It felt great. I had never felt anything like that before. Julie's pussy was soft, warm and wet and when she contracted the mussels of her vagina, her tight grip sent waves of coital bliss through my body. At long last my cherry was popped and I was no longer a virgin.

I finally knew how it felt to be inside a pussy and the feeling was better than anything I ever felt before. With my dick firmly inside her vagina, I was ready to start some serious fucking but the close quarters were still a problem. There just wasn't any room to move and all I could produce was some very shallow pumping motions. No mater how hard I tried, I just couldn't get a good fuck going.

It was really frustrating but Julie came to the rescue again. She just started to gyrate her vagina around my cock. That girl began to churn and turn her hole around my dick like she was mixing up a batter of pancakes.

Evidently this really felt good for her because with every turn she gave out a breathy moan. Soon she had a good rhythm going as she cried out "Ahy, ahy, ahy," with each rotation of her pussy. I had to admit that Julie's circular motion felt good but not as good as the sensations I was use to giving myself during masturbation. The action of my fist moving my foreskin up and down was what I craved, and the best way to get that feeling during intercourse was the good old fashion in and out.

That's the motion I craved so in desperation I put my hands on Julie's hips and started to vigorously push and pull her back and forth while I moved my hips in a synchronous motion. The procedure worked well, though it was a bit noisy. Not that I gave a flying shit. Hell, I was lost in a world of sensation and my whole being was wrapped up in the joy of making love to Julie.

And even though my ass kept slamming into the restroom door, and our love-making was beginning to sound like the 1812 Overture, I didn't care because I was in heaven and all my focus was on Julies hot and juicy pussy&hellip. so you can imagine how totally surprised I was when the lock on the restroom door gave way and I suddenly found myself falling backward into the train's corridor.

As I fell back, I instinctively held on to Julie's hips and we both went crashing through the lavatory door and onto the floor. Apparently all the noise we were making attract a lot of attention and when we looked up we saw a small group of passengers that had gathered outside the restroom doors to see what was going on. I'm sure they must have thought that one of the wheels was coming off the train but what they found instead was me lying on the floor with my pants below my knees and Julie sitting on my lap with her panties around her ankles.

It didn't take them long to figure out what we were doing. For a while we just sat there in total silence but when some old lady started to scream, Julie quickly jumped to her feet exposing my erection which only made the old bad scream even loader.

Someone said she was going to faint and one of the men filled a cup with water from the sink and threw it in her face. That shut her up. There was nothing left for me to do but stuff my erect penis back into my pants while Julie pulled up her panties and adjusted her cloths.

Humiliated, we walked back to our seats without looking at anyone, but that didn't stop most of the on lookers from giving out catcalls and hoots as we slithered back to our seats. All this was bad enough but it was about to get worst.

It seems that all the commotion alerted the conductor and he came by to ascertain the situation. First he inspected the broken lavatory door and then talked to the passengers that were still standing near the restroom. We felt like everyone was looking at us, and I guess we were right because the next thing we know the conductor walked down the aisle, stopped by our seats and ask us for our tickets.

He kept the tickets, told us to pick up our stuff and asked us to follow him to the next car. There we waited until the train got to the next station. The whole incident had been a total disaster and a great embarrassment.

The only good thing was that the boy had slept through the whole incident and was completely unaware of his mother's shame. The conductor escorted us off the train and took us to the stationhouse office.

He told the clerk that he was kicking us off the train for willful vandalism and asked that we be banned from riding his train again. Then he returned to his post and the train left the station.

After he was gone we talked to the station manager and tried to tell him our side of the story. We didn't tell him everything but we admitted that we caused the damage but denied that it was willful vandalism.


It was an accident and we offered to pay for the repairs. Then we begged the manager to let us finish our trip because we had no other way home. After making a few phone calls the manager decided to allow us to continue our journey under two conditions. First we had to pay for the damages. Then he told us our old tickets were forfeited and we had to buy new ones.

Julie didn't have any money so I ended up paying for everything. Unfortunately I didn't have enough to pay for myself, so when I gave Julie her tickets I didn't tell her I was going to have to hitch-hike home. Instead I told her that part of the deal I made with the station manager was that we wouldn't travel together.

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The station manager overhead us talking and gave me a nod. It was a silent gesture of approval from one man to another. When the next train arrived, I walked Julie to the gate and helped her and her son climb aboard.

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From the platform I watched her walk through the cars until she found a seat. Once she was settled we stared at each other through the window knowing we would never see each other again. Then, as the train began to slowly roll out of the station, it started to rain. Julie waved good-bye and pressed her lips against the glass just as a bolt of lighting flashed across the sky. That was the last time I saw her, but the image of her face shimmering from behind the rain-speckled glass burned itself deep into my memory.

Pouring myself another dirk, I stopped to reflect for and moment before lifting my glass. "Here's to Julie," I said, "and the memory of that special day when I lost my virginity to a stranger on the midnight train to manhood." If you like this story please leave a comment and a positive vote.

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