Family Role Playing With Groovy Step Siblings

Family Role Playing With Groovy Step Siblings
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So one day I'm just browsing on PornHub bored. Im just looking for new people to talk to as things had gotten a little stale. I scroll to the community page and see a post from a girl talking about how she needs new snapchat friends as the ones she currently had weren't getting the job done.

I see a lot of people commenting their names but i figure "what the hell, i have nothing to lose" so i drop my sc name. I check her profile to check her out. It says that she live on the east coast, is 5 foot even and 150 pounds. I go check her pics and can see that not a single pound has gone to waste as she is short and so fucking sexy. She has massive breasts, thick thighs, and a perfect ass. Me being 5'8", her body type is perfect for me and i dream about what i would do to her if i ever got the chance.

Sadly, i realize that it probably would never happen as i live in texas and she is so far away. After a few minutes on her profile i go on about my day. A few hours later i get a message saying "Skittles has added you as a friend." I go on to ph and see that the username is the same one as the girl from before.

I get excited but think that she probably added a bunch of guys so i calm down. I send her a message saying thanks for the add and she responds with a "no problem." A little later i post to my snapchat story me jerking off till i cum.

A few minutes later i get a message from skittles commenting on me cumming saying "I love this!!!" We get to talking and eventually i tell her that id cum for her anytime she wants.

We eventually start trading videos and i fall in love with watching her moan and squirt on her toy.


Her moans sound like a goddess and her pussy seems so tight and juicy. We start talking some more and she tells me her real name is Mia and she's a freshman in college and all the guys at her school do nothing for her. She tells me she hasn't had good dick in a long time and i just imagine me getting the chance to change that.

In my head i picture her in my bed naked. That thick voluptuous body spread out as i slowly walk up to her and get undressed.

I picture me kissing her from her feet to her calves to her thighs, past that sweet pussy, to her stomach, then her breasts until i reach her full lips. I kiss her deeply as i grab her arms and pin them down as i start to kiss her neck as she begins to moan that heavenly sound in my ear. Then i make my was down to her pussy and i start licking up all the wetness that has been built up.

I being to lick it up and down slowly as she grabs my hair to hold me in place but i have no plans on stopping. I stick my tongue in her pussy and taste all of her sweetness and reach up and grab two handfuls of her boobs.then i snap out of it as i hear the sounds of her calling me. I love talking to her because she has this soft, cute voice and a little country accent.

She has no idea how hard she can get me by just talking lol. As i am in my last year of school i start thinking about saving up some money so i can go see her if we eventually get closer. I let her know and she says she thinks that it is a good idea. So a few months go by and i end up graduating early and i plan on flying out to her to spend the weekend with her. I fly out early friday morning so we can spend as much time together as we can.

She told me that she lives in an apartment with 5 other girls and has to split her room with one of them that comes in and out of the apartment a lot so i get worried that i won't get as much time with her as much as i want. The plane lands after about a 4 hour flight and i start to get butterflies in my stomach as I'm finally about to meet Mia for the first time. As i get out off the plane and into the airport, i see her waiting for me and she looks way more beautiful that i could have imagined.

She has on a black dress thats not too tight but hugs her curves, and a jean jacket.

Her face is so cute and sexy as she has a nose piercing, glasses and long black hair and her sexy brown skin just glistens in the sunlight.

She sees me and i get to see her gorgeous smile as she waves at me. I go to her and hug her and her warmth feels amazing to me. She smells just like flowers and feeling her H cup breasts on my body makes me feel so great.

I bring her some flowers that i had bought from a stand in the airport and her eyes get wide and she has a big smile on her face. "Hey how you doing?" I say to her, sort of awkwardly as I'm too excited "Im good, glad you're finally here" she says grinning from ear to ear. As she's driving i can do nothing but stare at her. She's so beautiful and sexy that i zone out while she's talking to me.

I just can't help but to stare at those thick full thighs as she's driving. Then i look up and see those H-cup breasts just poking out and i instantly get an erection. I finally start to gather myself and start paying attention to her. "So theres a party tonight at this place close to campus. My roommates were all going so i wondered if you wanted to. We don't have to if you don't wanna." At this point there is nothing Id say no to her about so i respond, "Yeah, sure we can.

Sounds like fun." We eventually get back to her dorm room and i get to meet most of the other 5 girls there, including her actual roommate who doesn't seem to fully like my presence there lol. The night goes on and everybody is getting ready for the party.

As we're getting ready to leave i see what Mia has on and my jaw damn near drops to the floor. Its nothing truly special, just some black leggings and a black crop top, but the way the clothes cling to her every curve leaves me astonished.

The party is your usual college party. Loud music, lots of dancing and booze being drunk. Im not a huge drinker but i figure what the hell, if theres any time to let loose this would be it. So i drink pretty much anything i can get my hands on. Since I don't drink much, the drinks start to take a big effect on me and i start feeling tipsy. Its a feeling I don't usually have but i embrace it as much as i can and just let myself go.

I go up to Mia while she's with a group of her friends and pull her away and begin to dance with her. We were close to the edge of the room so I pull her close to the wall.

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She smiles and asks "You felling good huh?" as she chuckles. I smile back and turn her around and she begins to grind on me. Some song i never heard of is blasting on the speakers but in this moment she is all i can focus on as she grinds her plump ass on my crotch.

She knows exactly what she's doing as she gets my dick hard in seconds. She slowly goes up and down on me, teasing me. Then she starts fully twerking on me. Her ass is so fat that i have to hold the wall just to stand up lol but I'm in complete ecstasy. She knows twerking is one of my weaknesses and she is doing her best at turning me on. She bends over and puts her hands on her knees as she is twerking on me, teasing my dick to the point of eruption.

Her assist so soft, but firm at the same time and it drives me crazy. She turns and around and starts grinding on me face to face. She presses up on me and with her only being 5 feet tall, her boobs rub on my abdomen. She pulls her body as close to me ass possible and i reach around and grab two handfuls of her ass.

I honestly didn't know if i should have did it as we just met officially today and we are in a public place, but there was no backlash from her.

She actually let out a small moan as i did it. As we face to face i go for kiss and she lets me. At this moment we are the only two people in the room to me and i get completely lost in her. She breaks away from the kiss and surprisingly to me slides her hands down my pants slightly. Since I'm wearing black sweatpants. it gives her easy access. She starts to slowly jerk me off right there. We were in on of the corners of the room and were around a lot of people but the room was very dark.

I honestly don't think she cared if anyone was looking or not, and i definitely didn't. Her soft hands get me very close but then the song abruptly changes to some wild, loud song that snaps us out of it. She smiles at me and gives me a wink then goes back to her friends. The night goes on and nothing eventful really happens.

The party ends and we go back to her apartment. Mia is feeling tipsy which has her as horny as i was earlier. The bad news is that her roommate is still here. "I told her i needed the room this weekend, sheesh," she tells me.


I smile at her and say "It doesn't matter to me if we do anything. I just like being around you." She smiles and give me another hug, which is a feeling i will never get tired of.

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As we are are all tired, we all head to bed. Since its pretty hot, i sleep with my shirt off and just some basketball shorts on. Mia only has on a shirt and some lace panties on Her roommate falls asleep pretty quickly and me and Mia just lay there cuddling and talking.

Her soft skin rubbing on mine sends chills through me and she turn and puts her ass right on my dick. Because of what she did for me earlier, i want to make her feel good too. So i slowly slide aft get in her pussy.

She lets out a small moan and turns around and says "what are you doing, shell hear us." "Not if were quiet" i reply. I finger her slowly for a few seconds then i slide a second finger in her pussy as i starts to get wet.

She turns over so now we are facing face to face and i start to pick up my speed. With my free hand i grab on of her boobs while sucking on the other. Nipple play is something that turns her on and she begins to breathe heavily and starts to moan louder.

I see her roommate being to twitch and so i kiss her deeply to try to cover up her moans. Our tongues begin to dance in each others mouths and i finger her faster.

She breaks off the kiss and puts her face into the pillow as she begins to cum. I feel how wet her pussy is and it starts to tighten around my fingers. She pulls me in close and i can hear how hard she is breathing. I pull my fingers out and put them in her mouth so she can taste herself. She licks my fingers clean, kisses me one more time and lays on my chest until we fall asleep.

A few hours later i begin to wake up. I reach to my side and don't feel Mia next to me but then i feel a silhouette under the covers. Thats when my senses begin to come to me as i see the covers go up and down. I feel warmth and wetness around my dick and let out a grunt.

I pull the covers up and see Mia's sexy face sucking my dick.


She looks up at me and smiles. "Hey sleepy head." she says and comes up and gives me a kiss on the lips. She then slowly goes down my body kissing my chest, then my abs, then all the way down to my dick and when she reaches it spits on it to lube it up.

She starts stoking my dick with one hand in a counter clockwise motion, and with the other in a clockwise motion.

And while storing me she suck the head making me feel the cold of her tongue ring on my dick which is a sensation I've never felt before. She starts to take more and more of me in her mouth slowly. I start moaning more and more as she is a wizard with a penis lol. She starts sucking the head solely and then suddenly takes my whole dick down her throat. My eyes almost rolled back in my head as she did it.

She holds in down her throat for a few seconds before coming up for air. She smiles at me and spits up the spit you can only get from deep down your throat on my dick and now its super sloppy. She goes to deep throat my dick again and when she gets to the bottom i grab her head and hold her there till her eyes water. I let her up and giver her a deep kiss before she goes back down on me and sucks my dick, going all the way up and down my shaft.

Then she starts jerking me off while taking my balls in her mouth. Im so close to cumming and she knows it. She looks at me in my eyes and starts to slowly take every inch of me down her throat. She picks up her speed second by second. "Im gonna& gonna&" i let out while i plump out string and string of cum down her throat. She makes some choking sounds and she swallows it all. My body starts shaking as this is the best orgasm I've ever had.

As i catch my breathe, she swallows it all then opens her mouth and shows me its all gone. "So now that Ive got your soul, you want some breakfast?" She slaps my leg throws on some shorts and leaves the room to head to kitchen. As i try to gather myself from the best blow job I've ever gotten, she brings in some egg and bacon sandwiches.

"Not only do you fuck good, you cook too?" She laughs says "Well that was just a warm up, when we finish eating i want that dick inside of me. My roommate should be gone the entire day and the other girls in the apartment don't bother me much so we should be fine.

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As we eat our breakfast as her roommate unexpectedly comes back to the apartment saying that her plans got cancelled so she has nothing to do. She grabs something to eat and sits in the living room. "Damn," I say, "I guess we'll need a rain check." "Fuck that" she says.

"Go to the restroom." I do as she says and after a minute or so i hear her tell her roommate she's gonna take a shower really quick. She walks in the bathroom and looks at me confused, "You're still clothed?" "What do you mean?" i ask. She shakes her head and turns on the water and says "I told you, I want that dick." I take my clothes off and hop in the shower. I turn around and finally get to see that sexy body of hers naked in real life. She takes off her shirt and i get to see those massive tits and then she drops her shorts and i get to see that plump, sweet pussy which gets me instantly hard.

She see my jaw drop and shakes her head and smiles and gets in after me, My back is to the water and she gets in in front of me. She puts her hands on my chest and rubs them on me from my chest to my back pulling me closer to her. I kiss her and she jerks me off with one of her hands thens kneels down and starts sucking me.

The feeling of the tongue ring on my head drives me crazy and when she is good and ready she turns around and bends over. I instantly drop to my knees and begin to lick that pussy. She tastes so sweet and i can't get enough of her. As i put my tongue on her clit from behind, i feel her body jump. I lick all around her pussy lips then begin to suck on them while grabbing her ass. I hear her moans get louder as i slide my tongue as deep in her pussy as i can.

"Fuck me daddy, i want that dick." I stand up and rub my dick on her pussy teasing her. "Don't tease me, please fuck me." I grant her request and slide the head of my dick inside her feeling how tight her pussy is.

Her moans become louder every inch i slide in her until i get my whole dick inside her. I stand there like that for a bit so i can adjust to how tight her pussy is but at the same time it seems like its just dripping from being so wet. I start to slowly thrust in and out of her. "yes baby fuck me. fuck me like that." I start to pick up my pace and grab her shoulder.

I say fuck it and just start fucking her harder. "yesssss baby fuck me fuck me." The sensation of the hot water on my back and the wet pussy on my dick is amazing. She has the best pussy I've ever had by a landslide. I fuck her harder and herder. She puts her hands up against the wall and i begin to spank her while i fuck her. I slap both of her cheeks as hard as i can while she moans. I grab her hips and begin to fuck her as hard as i can.

"Yes baby take this dick. Give me all of this pussy." I look down and see that she is creaming all on my dick. Take this dick baby, its yours" i tell her as i feel my balls begin to tighten. I give her a few more strokes and pull my dick out and cum all over her ass and back. I fall back and sit down letting the water fall over me and i watch her as her body goes limp.

She lets the water wash the cum off of her and crawls over to me. I kiss her neck up to her mouth and grab her tits as we just sit and let the water wash over us.

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"That was amazing" she says. "Right back at ya. That pussy is so tight." "Yeah well not many guys get the chance to get it" she says as she stands up and begins to actually shower. I get up and help her, rubbing the soap all over her sexy body from her massive boobs to her thighs and she does the same for me, rubbing my abs end my dick.

We wash off and get out the shower. As we leave the bathroom, one of her roommates sees us, smiles and goes off in her room. We smile at each other and go back to her room. We eventually leave the apartment to go for a walk around campus. We talk and laugh with each other and go grab something to eat.

As we come back to her apartment we realize that we are pretty much all alone. Theres one girl still there but she never really comes out her room and Mias roommate said she won't be home till late that night. I go to the kitchen to throw away some trash i had and when i turn back around i see Mia standing there naked. She teasingly walks in her room and i follow her. When i get there i see her laying down on her back on her bed. I close the door, take my clothes off and slide on the bed with her.

I kiss her from her feet, then her calves, then the inside her thighs. Then when i reach her pussy, I give it a couple of soft kisses then begin to lick it up and down. I slide two fingers in her while i suck on her clit and play with her nipples.

I get up and put my middle finger and index finger inside her and pump them as fast as i can while arching them up. "Your gonna make me squirt. oh my god" she yells.

I keep going then suddenly she starts to squirt all over my hand. She starts shaking and i give her a moment to gather herself. She slaps me playfully and says "I didn't put down a town you asshole" and turns me over on the bed and straddles me.

I lay back and let her go to work as she teases me first, grinding her pussy on my dick. I feel how wet she is then she slide the whole thing inside her as she lets out the sexiest moan. She starts bouncing on my dick and i start moaning like I've never done.

Soon, she's putting all her weight into it as she's bouncing on me and as our bodies collide they begin to make a loud clapping noise.

I reach up and with one hand grab her boobs and the other choke her a little.

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I pull her down to me and hold her close as i begin to fuck her back. "Yes fuck me fuck me fuck me oh my gods" she moans in my ear. I flip her back over and get behind her doggy again. I grab a hold of her hips and begin pounding away at there pussy.

I start fucking her so hard she begins to fall of the bed a little. I grab her hair some and bring her closer to me and whisper in her ear that "I want you take all this dick." and thats when she cums and i feel her whole body shake.

She thrashes around a little while my dick is still inside of her. Seeing her like that gets me closer to my own nut. She turns around and lays on her back and puts her legs up in the air. I oblige her and put her legs over my shoulders and slide deep inside her dripping wet pussy.

As i start plunging deep inside her she brings me close and tells me how she wants me to cum inside her. The way her pussy feels i have no problem with that. I pin her legs down as hard as i can and begin to start fucking her with all my power.

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She's is pretty much screaming at this point "Yes cum in me cum in me oh my god please fuck me fuck me. "Fuck…I'm cumming.ahhhh." i scream. And with that, i pump what seems like a gallon of cum inside of her. I grunt as each string pumps out of me and i hold her close to me pressing her tits against my chest. My body starts shaking and she just keeps holding on to me.

When my orgasm is finally over i lay next to her and we just take in what just happened and fall asleep in each others arms.