Cogida a chava de la calle Itzel

Cogida a chava de la calle Itzel
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A short intro just to clarify a few things.


This story is part fiction and the names have been changed for obvious reasons. All persons in this story are at least 18 years old.


A bit about me, I'm 18yo, 6foot and around 170 lbs, decent looking but not overly sporty. Pete is a cyclist, also 18yo, 5f8in and around 180 lbs. This takes place in a high school locker room. We just finished our PE class and since it was the last of the day everybody was hurrying to get home. I made it all the way to the locker room before realising I ahd forgotten my keys in the gym. "Great" I thought to myself as I ran back, hoping to catch the teacher before he locked the place.

I made it, just. I then returned to the locker room to find most of my friends already gone. Jason just pulled his pants up as I walked in but I got a fleeting glance at his package before he zipped up.

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He just smiled at me and walked out. Glancing around the room I notice just one pile of clothes left and a distant shower running. It seemed that Pete and I were the only ones still here. I started to change out of my sweaty clothes when I heard the shower stop. I smelled Pete before I saw him. His shampoo was always strong and reminded me of strawberries somehow. As he walks in I am down to my briefs and socks so I sit down on one of the benches to get my socks of.

But the real reason is so that I can watch Pete, hoping to see a glimpse of his package in those lovely tight white boxers. The fact that he was still somewhat wet from the shower made his boxers almost transparent so as he turned to his bag to fold the towel I was awarded a marvelous view of his ass.

I could feel my dick throbing at the sight of his strong legs, beautiful wide back and cute butt. Not wanting to get caught peeping I quickly remove my socks and turn around rumaging my bag for a fresh pair. I was leaning over my bag trying to find fresh clothes when I feel a hand on my butt gently massaging me. I jerked up suddenly and turned around coming face to face with Pete who had a broad smile. "What are you doing?" I ask, no wanting to give away the fact that I wanted nothing more than to feel his touch again.

"You have a nice butt, I just wanted to feel how firm it is," says Pete still smiling.

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I was lost for words. We just stood there for wht seemed like hours when Pete slowly leaned forward and planted a gentle kiss on my lips. I was in such shock I could barely breathe nevermind kiss him back. Probably sensing my confusion Pete leaned forward again this time placing his right hand on the back of my neck pulling me in. He kissed.

It took me a few seconds before i joined him. It was wonderful. Soon we added out toungs to the mix and in no time we were kissing passionately with hands roaming around pulling us closer together until I could feel his erect nipples on my chest. We went up for air and I used the chance to look down. His boxers were straining to contain his cock which seemed a good 6 inches to me and was rock hard.

My own 5,5 was also stretching the fabric of my briefs as if trying to reach Pete's bare skin. I looked up again to see Pete still grining widely. "I always knew you were up for this," he said "I just wanted to get you alone one day." I was in shock.

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He was hot for me! Oh if he only knew the number of times I jerked of thinking of him or looking at his pics. And here he was, slowly grinding his cock up against mine, our chests pressed together and the taste of him in my mouth. In that moment I could have died of happiness. "Wanna try some more?" he asked me and all I could do was nod. He embraced me once more before he let his hand trail down to my butt and squeezed me. I jumped up a bit and smiled at him. We kissed again and he slowly pushed me back against a wall.

Once he had me pinned he started grinding his groin against mine. God I loved it. It wasnt long before I also started to move. It was like a slow dance. His hands on my butt, mine around his neck and our groins grinding against each other in rythmical motions.

This went on for a few minutes and then I finnaly managed to relax enough to want to try something new. So I let go of his neck and lean my hands on his shoulders.

We stop grinding and I kiss him on his chin before starting to lower myself. I wanted to kiss every inch of his bare skin but I wanted to see that treasure pole between his legs so i trailed my kisses down the middle of his chest, pass his belly button and finnaly reached the waistband. I hold his hips with my hand and without hesitation start to lick his cock through the thin fabric.

Pete lets out a slight moan and starts to stroke my hair. As I trail down his shaft to his balls I let my hands drop as well trailing his strong thighs and finnaly reaching for his butt. At that point I look up to see a face full of bliss on Pete. Grinning I reach under his waisband and pull his boxers down. His cock jumps up next to my face and I immediately start to stroke it with one hand and fondle his balls with the other.

Pete moans ang urges me on. The sound of his voice makes me want him more. I decide I must taste his cock but just before I am able to put his head in my mouth Pete stops me and pulls me up. "My turn" he says before he dissapears below my chin. His kisses send shivers down my spine. They feel like little volcanoes erupting with pleasure on my skin.

He doesn't waste any time with my briefs and just yanks them down. I stand naked before him. He starts kissing around the base of my cock before moving down to my balls. He takes one of them in his mouth and swirls it around then replacing it with the other.

I shoot out with my hands grabing the wall for support as the massive tidal wave of pleasure flows thorugh me.

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I can feel my cum boiling, ready to blow. But just before I open my mouth to warn him Pete stops and stands up. "That. Was. Amasing." I manage to say before we plunge into kissing again. "Wanna go on?" he asks me with a smirk.

"Anything with you." I answer grabing his cock and slowly slide my hand up and down on it a few times. Pete grabs my hand and forces it away then gently trips me over on my back easing me onto the floor. He lies on top of me pressing our cocks together and starts to grind again. I kiss his forehead as he plays with my nipples. Then all of a sudden he stops and stands up.

Fearing I did something wrong I ask "What is it?" Pete just smiles and goes over to his bag and pulls out a condom.

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I turn to my side and watch him as he rolls it down the lenght of his rod slowly stroking myself. He comes down next to me, kisse me again and props himself sitting against the wall. "Get onto me" he says and I crawl over ot him. I kiss his feet and up his legs, bypassing the throbing boner this time until I reach his mouth.

I kiss him deeply as i position my butt over his cock.


He guides his cock to my opening and slowly pulls me down. When his head pops in the pain peaks and I squirm a bit. Pete stops and lets me ajust to him inside me.

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The feeling is truly incredible. After a few moments i start to push down again and he slowly slids all the way in.

My thighs rest on his and he hold my head in his hands. "Are you okay?" "Yes Pete, I'm great. Just give me a minute before we start moving." He nods and flashes that sexy smile. When I feel myself relax I start bobbing up and down a bit. Pete grabs my hips and soon starts to meet me with his own thrusts. Oh joy. I use one hand to support myself on the wal while playing with his nipple with the other. Pete starts to grunt and moan soon joined by me. We were probably heard by at least half the school but we neither knew or cared.

All we wanted was eachother and nothing else mattered. Pete moves one hand from my hip to my cock and starts to stroke me. With his own tool in my butt massaging me it doesn't take long for me to come close. "Pete, I'm gonna cum real soon." I manage to gasp. "Me too, don't hold back." he yells at the top of his lungs. His scream pushes me over the edge and I squirt at least six massive globs of cum onto his belly, chest and face. This in turn pushes Pete over as well and I can feel him filling the condom with searing cum.

Exhausted I lay on him. For a few minutes we say nothing just breathing in tune with one another and trying to calm down a bit.

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Without another word I lean forward untill he pops out of me then sit back down resting my cock on his. "That was great" I tell him before leaning in for another kiss. After the kiss we stand up and hug. Nothing erotic, just one of those hugs that tell everything. Then he motions for me to join him in the shower "Gotta wash this stuff away before we go" he says and pulls me into the cubicle.

We were spent and just managed to wash each other. When we came out we got dressed in silence and Pete went and flushed the condom.

When he came back we were all set. Just before we left he leaned over and whispered in my ear "Next time we're gonna be a bit more sporty okay?" A quick kiss and we part our ways hoping that "next time" would come soon. This is my first story here so please be gentle with criticism and try to keep it constructive.

There's more to come if this turns out well.